Good Luck Charlie

Season 3 Episode 1

Make Room for Baby

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM May 06, 2012 on Disney Channel
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  • Make Room For a Cliched Episode

    Since Disney is completely obssessed with cliches and predictability. Guess what, I am going to say bad things about this episode! Here we go, first of all this episode started off interesting. But as the show went on I noticed a few problems like for instance the Washington bit was good except for the ending. Note: leave the hip hop to the ones who are already perfected, popularized, and made it is today. The bit could have done without the so-called "chopped and screwed" because it didn't cool it looked stupid and completey fake. The main plot was good but I could not stand the fact that Amy decided to move because she raised for kids inside the house and she wants the next baby to enjoy the house to. It was stupid and predictable. I knew the moment she said, "I forgot something inside the house" that she was going to flake out on the move". That was enough to prove my point. Then came the sad music and the expression on her face,the tears, and the montage sequence of flashbacks which made it more cliched. As I sat there and watched I was like "Oh gosh please don't tell me you're changing your mind about the move, C'mon you have too many people in that house already! I wanted to pop through that TV and tell her you have to do what is necessary for your family and if moving is what's best then thats what you have to do. It's okay I understand that you and your family have had many good times in that house but that is no reason to give up what needed to be done.

    I'm starting to agree with some of the negative reviews of this episode about Disney-made shows are starting to become more predictable and cliched.

    If they would've gone through with the move this episode would've been better.

    Actually a one is way too generous. I'm only going to give this show a 1 because that's the lowest the scale will go but in my opinon this ep. deserves a negative 20,000 rating. Since you TV. com fans like cliches so much, I won't be surprised if I come back and see that more people disagree than agree with this review. Anyone who rates this above a 1 is young, clueless, naive, and under 15 years of age.

  • The Duncan family move to a new house for the preparation of the new baby on this Season 3 Premiere

    The Duncan's move to accommodate for the new baby. Well, it's been like 5 months with no new episodes of GLC after waiting for a while, new episodes return as this is already the third season of "Good Luck Charlie". Good to see this show back with more new episodes. I really thought that this was a perfect Season 3 Premiere of "Good Luck Charlie". This Season 3 Premiere already made me laugh hard in a bunch of parts which means that this show is still strong with humor, storylines, and fun all over. So apparently, this third season is where the family get ready for the new baby to come as Amy did announce that she is pregnant in "Good Luck Charlie: It's Christmas". I laughed at bunch of parts in this episode and I literally cracked up at every single on them such as Bob telling the kids to NOT say "no" to whatever question Amy asks since she is pregnant, Gabe talking off his cap and being bald around the top which is a prank by Mrs. Dabney, the delivery man looking at Gabe and Mrs. Dabney when they both laugh at each other and then Gabe tells the delivery man "It's a complicated relationship", Amy's line "The baby will be sleeping under the stairs.... like Harry Potter", Spencer (dressed up as George Washington) and Teddy (dressed up as Benjamin Franklin) kissing each other and the audience opening their mouths all shocked, and many more. The storyline to this episode was very nice as well and I also thought the ending was touching when Amy was looking back at all the memories of the kids growing up in the house which makes her decide that she doesn't want to move anymore. Although, I actually would've loved to see them move to that house for the rest of the series but the Duncans staying at their home is nice though. PS The Gabe/Mrs. Dabney relationship still continue to amuse me. Overall, a perfectly well written Season 3 Premiere of "Good Luck Charlie"... I hope the rest of the season will be just like this episode and won't lose touch as it goes on. 10/10moreless
Madlyn Horcher

Madlyn Horcher

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Patricia Belcher

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Shane Harper

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