Good Luck Charlie

Season 2 Episode 26

Return to Super Adventure Land

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Oct 23, 2011 on Disney Channel

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  • Perfect ep


    Plot for this episode: Gabe and Amy stars in acommercial. Emmett try to get Teddy a job.

    A super hilarious of Good Luck Charlie. The story line's plots were really funny. I liked/laughed at: Amy trying to be in thecommercial(even though she's no longer in it), Teddy's dream, Teddy trying to kiss Emmett, Bob's friends doing PJ's homework, and that's pretty much in all parts in PJ/Bob plot (it made me laugh as much as the other's plots). Overall, this episode gets 10/10.

  • perfect


    what i liked- Amy rewriting the script so she has a lot of lines and Gabe only has one (which was originally Amy's line), Teddy's dream of kissing Emmett, the entirety of PJ's plot, Emmett quitting his job after talking to Teddy, Amy being out of the commercial and trying to sabotage it, etc.

    pretty good episode. I have not watched this show in a while, but this was a decent enough episode to make me start watching more often. A+

  • Amy and Gabe do a commercial for Super Adventure Land. Emmett gets Teddy a job at Super Adventure Land. Bob loves PJ's cooking and wants PJ to cook dinner for him. :D LOL


    I loved this episode of "Good Luck Charlie". I know I've been saying to a lot of Season 2 episodes of "Good Luck Charlie"... maybe it's because this show is gosh darn hilarious BUT this is one of the best Season 2 episodes I've seen. Of course, since most of the episodes of this show have three storylines. I will go storyline by storyline and tell you what I liked about it. There was nothing I hated about all three storylines. They were just pure hilarious and enjoyable. The family go to Super Adventure Land, a man asks Gabe if he wants to do a commercial for Super Adventure Land and Amy is part of it also since it is the commercial for the son/mother. Gabe and Amy rehearse their lines for the commercial. The funniest part in this storyline was when Amy is changing the script gives herself most of the lines. Amy trying to be in the commercial after they replace her was also hilarious. Here comes the second storyline which is....... Teddy wants to get a job to save money to buy a new car, Emmett already has a job at Super Adventure Land so he helps Teddy get the job. Emmett being the frog and Teddy being the princess was very funny. The funniest part in this storyline was definitely when Teddy was forcing Emmett to kiss her and Emmett didn't want to kiss Teddy because he was worried that it wouldn't be perfect. At the end of this storyline, I totally new that Spencer would be Emmett's replacement as the frog. Come on, who else would it be? while it was COMPLETELY predictable, it was kinda funny. Now here is the third and final storyline which was that Bob loves PJ's cooking and he wants PJ to cook dinner for him. The funniest part of this storyline was Bob wanting PJ to cook for him but PJ needs to do his homework but one of Bob's friends does his homework. PJ's line "Bob Duncan... you are so lucky I bought extra beans" made me laugh hard as well. Overall, just an all-around hilarious episode of "Good Luck Charlie". 10/10