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  • Just like the Suite Life Series.

    This is another Disney channel hit. Its pretty popular, I watch it on occasions. Its a sitcom, but on of the ones you can fit into televisions history. It also matches all ages and families.
  • Ah yes a GOOD FAMILY show and it's starting to bring back memories of the good old days when Family Matters,Full House,etc were on

    Ah yes,Disney Channel,A never ending roller coaster,with ending,and canceling most of their previous cartoon shows like "Kim Possible" "American Dragon:Jake Long" "The Proud Family" etc they have lost TONS of sadly they though they could replace those cartoons with new cit coms like "Hannah Montanna" or "Shake it up" and even "Sonny with a chance" The only reasons these shows are still on is because of all the young girls who THINK that these shows give good lessons and the characters in reality they Wizards of Waverly place is different then most shows,it's still got a lot of people that like it and it's pretty cool if you actually get into Good Luck Charlie is just plain feels like I'm watching the good old classic family show like "Family Matters" and "Full House" It's reminds me of those good old days,and sadly that's a feeling that the new generations kids won't experience
  • One of the best family sitcoms on television, and the only show on Disney Channel that's decent, not to mention one of the last shows aimed at entire families.

    The moment you see the formula that made TGIF (a block of family sitcoms that aired on ABC in the '90s) so popular being used again in the pilot episode, you know this one's gonna be juicy good. The show focuses on a middle-class family named the Duncans, who now has a firstborn baby girl named Charlie. You also have the characters that make up a typical family that was used in the TGIF formula, the caring parents, the annoying older brother, the rebellious teenage girl, and the bumbling older brother. The sitcom is now in its final season, and will in later episodes, feature two lesbian parents whose daughter befriends Charlie in her toddler years, which keeps our interest but lowers the bar a little. What would have been a great show is just darn good, but it's still worth your time.
  • Eh...

    This show, unusually, isn't as bad as it could be, and has some moments from time to time, but like many other children's shows today, it suffers from some poor jokes, the "live audience" shtick, and the fact that it could have more heart and thought into it. Plus I think it's just a way of showing off a baby so everyone will think it's cute.

    It could be better.
  • While it lasted

    Good luck charlie was Disney's only hope but now their going to showcase a gay couple and kill themselves going against God its asking to have your channel ruined! Parents may not even want their kids seeing this are they crazy?! quit shoving this crap in our faces!

    Anyone else notice a couple of the similarities Glc has to Full house

    Car in the house

    Charlie and Michelle

    pj and dj

    teddy(michelles best friend) teddy charlies sister

    bob's an exterminator jesse is an exterminator

    joeys a bad cook amy's a bad cook

    Theyve stolen alot from Full house its not even that orignial but at least the actors are good
  • Stupidest show ever

    this show has a bunch of teens in it that act like they are 5 and 6 year olds they need to take this garbage off of tv

    It's just plain stupid, it just focuses on Teddy and NO ONE ELSE. It's a full house ripoff. I'm happy it's ending
  • AWESOME!!!

    This is the best show on Disney channel!!!
  • Awesome Show

    Best show on Disney Channel, sad that its ending!!!!
  • The only show kids can relate of

    This is the only decent show without rich people. Kids today have bigger families and they all have to deal with the hardships of babies and the family growing, so honestly it's the only one kids relate to. I, myself, don't like Teddy as a character because she is annoying, but you can get a message from it for the most part, although I hate they made fun of nerds just for 'being in chess club' and smarter than them. Overall, it's decent for the most part.
  • Awesome!

    This is my favorite show on Disney, and I think it will always will be. I can relate to lots of siblings, especially younger ones, and the Duncan family is hilarious, entertaining, and at times, heartfelt. Too bad I heard it's getting cancelled at the end of the fourth season. Disney doesn't realize Good Luck Charlie's true worth.
  • Love it!

    This show is my favorite on Disney channel since the ending of the suite life on deck and wizards of waverly place. I hope it's on for good!
  • Time to close the book?

    A half of a decade ago this show would have been known as crap,but since disney has changed this show is the best on has had a good run the last 4 years but I believe wont last much cast is getting older and the writers are running out of idea's .Is it time to close the book on Good luck charlie?
  • I love it !

    I think it's a pretty nice show ! I laugh all the time to it (surprising cuz I hate 90% of Disney shows) its disneys last hope. Even tho it's kinda like full house. It's not that bad. They picked perfect actors for it and humor is hilarious. I hope this show gets picked up for another season
  • Straight-Up Entertainment

    Wow. I have to give mad props to Phil Baker and Drew Vaupen for taking a format that seems to have been forgotten-the family sitcom-and bringing it back on Disney Channel. This is by far the best show on that channel (I rated Austin & Ally a 10 only because the storylines there entertain me more than Good Luck Charlie, but it's not the better show). Gabe is easily the best character (too damn funny) and then you have Amy with her semi-arrogant personality. All in all, Good Luck Charlie never fails to disappoint me. It's witty, it's humorous, and it can be dramatic when it wants to. And now, in a future B-plot, it's going to have lesbian parents. Even though that's not going to be the main thing of the episode, it's groundbreaking for a children's show to do that, and actually reminds me of something they would do in 1993. Like the title says, Good Luck Charlie is straight-up entertainment.
  • Cringe-worthy

    Like much of the crap Disney's been coming out with, this show takes a barely original idea and refuses to take it anywhere interesting. It features a stereotypical Disney sitcom family and puts them in stereotypical Disney sitcom family problems. Charlie, the baby, is easily the most intelligent person in the entire show, and the rest of the cast, especially the mom, will make you grind your teeth in irritation every time they open their mouths. Good Luck Charlie is a show that will either bore you or make you cringe.
  • great show!

    i really personally hate disney channel because of their sh*tty commercials, but good luck charlie more than makes up for it! it is a funny sitcom about a large family living in Denver and always being just plain funny! this show deserves more than a 10.
  • Best show EVER!!!

    Best show on Disney hope they continue with a fourth season. A well-casted, heartwarming TV show about your ordinary family living in Denver, Colorado. Love every episode. This generation's Full House :D
  • Good Luck Charlie

    Good Luck Charlie is probably the only show with top ratings and the reason why most people tune in to Disney Channel. Let's face it, 95% of those shows suck except this one. It's sad that Good Luck Charlie is on its last season.
  • I hate Disney Channel. This show isn't horrible. I don't mind it.

    So it's pretty much about a family that surrounds around a baby named Charlie. The family is very realistic, it's not that fake cliche' family that's perfect, it's almost a funny dysfunctional suburban family. The character's personalities are pretty good, although I don't watch it much, it's not too bad. 7.0
  • Disney Channel 2013

    Good Luck Charlie is the BEST show on Disney Channel at the moment. It is SOO BEYOND AMAZING!!! The characters are so hilarious and have so much personality. The storylines are so well-written and extremely captivating. It's pretty sad that Season 4 will be its final season. Disney should renew it for a short 10-episode Season 5... :D
  • Great show

    Most shows on Disney you think to your self yeah that would never happen in real life, but not Good Luck Charlie. This is a great show and I really really hope season 4 is not the last. Best Disney channel show I think that has ever been on this channel. LOVE IT.
  • Good Job Disney!

    You made a good show for once. It's not like the other crap on right now like Jessie, Shake It Up, ANT Farm, Austin & Ally, or even Dog With a Bog. That is actually a good show for once. Please Disney, make more shows like these! With this show, Phineas and Ferb, and Gravity Falls in the bag, I hope Disney makes more good shows that aren't crap! With season 4 coming up, I heart it might not be the last, I hope not! They should just cancel Shake It Up instead.
  • Good Luck Charlie and Disney today overall

    Good Luck Charlie is far the best show and the only good show on Disney Channel today. It had it's funny moments, the characters, the plot, and the show in general is really good. It ranks number 1 Disney show of today.

    Disney Show Ranking: Luck Charlie- The quality of the show it's up to par with old Disney shows & Ally- This show is decent but it's character has flaws like Austin's cockiness, Ally's shyness and weirdness, Dez DON'T GET ME STARTED WITH HIS IGNORANCE, CAUSES MOST OF THE CONFLICTS IN THE PLOT OF THE EPISODES, AND HE''S GINGER, the best character is Trish because she dosen't put up with Dez's crap Debby Ryan plays a role of being a mentor to the kids and decent plots, and Peyton List who is gorgeous because she's the same age as me It Up- It's more proper for teens but many teens including me don't like the show I don't like Cece is somewhat pretty but I don't like her in general and Rocky is bland character and the male characters are decent

    5. Dog With A blog- I guess Disney run out of ideas so they come up with this show out of random things and I really hate the little girl she is so annoying and she's a ginger but it;s sorta watchable

    6. ANT Farm- The worst show on Disney Channel by a large margin because of it's ridiculous plots annoying, boring, stupid, and stereotypical Characters

    This generation of Disney almost entirely sucks, if there was no Good Luck Charlie Disney will go down the drain. The writers of these shows should take notes from the Old Disney Shows it teach good morals, no major characters flaws, no idiotic plots, it was most of the time funny, and it was memorable for many people like me who grew up in the 2000's.

  • Good Luck Charlie: LOVED

    I love Good Luck Charlie since the 1st episode. I'm glad there is a Season 4 on the way I hope it gets another season after that and another after that. This show and Jessie are the two shows that I like now on Disney as well as the 2nd season of Austin & Ally.
  • Season 4, here we come!!!

    YES! Good Luck Charlie returns April 28th!!! I cannot wait! GLC is the BEST show on Disney Channel!!! LOVE everything about it.
  • Another run of the mill show from Disney

    You know this show is terrible when it's named after a horrible Dane Cook movie.
  • Good Luck Charlie

    I love this show. Disney's BEST show right now. The story is fresh, acting is amazing, and characters are funny lovable.

    Thank you for creating such a delightful and entertaining show, Disney. I love the fact that it's based around a wacky family in Denver, Colorado, something that anyone can relate to. The acting is top-notch, Bridgit Mendler and Leigh-Allyn Baker are such AMAZING actresses! The plot-lines are extremely entertaining and satisfying. Overall, Good Luck Charlie is a winner. I cannot wait for season 4 to premiere.
  • Alright, one thing:

    That, erm, scene from whichever episode where the mom Amy throws a glass of water on the ground and pretends she is in labor? Not entirely sure thats funny. Especially not for kids.
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