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  • Great show!

    I think Good luck Charlie is a great show, one of the best on Disney channel since Thats So Raven/Lizzie mcguire because alot of the other shows on Disney after that like Shake it up/Austin and Ally/Jessie aren't very good. But i simply love GLC(good luck charlie), im obsessed! lol =) But sometimes i think the episodes could be based around Charlie a little bit more because after all her name is in the title. =)

    Thanks for reading my review!! GLC rocks!!
  • BEST Show Ever!

    Good Luck Charlie is the only reason why I watch Disney Channel. This is actually fun, witty, and the characters are likeable. For example, Ivy, Teddy's best friend, she is always hilarious and the show is just family fun. Good Luck Charlie is realistic, unlike Shake It Up and Austin & Ally. Amy is HILARIOUS!!! A must-watch. I never miss an episode.
  • A show with great effort

    Very good show and makes disney channel more popular. Toby isnt seen much but this show is great disagree with me all you want
  • OMG!!! For the first time... a show actually not about bieng famous

    This is the most entertaining show in Disney and the jokes are actually funny! The plot is very realistic, the characters are reasonable, and everything is very humorous. I don't like disney shows as much as I used to but this is incredible! But the reason why this has 7 rating is the fact of the young brother, Gabe who is not a very good character or actor
  • A Disney Channel Sitcom that's NOT about being famous?!

    Jokes that are actually funny from time to time?


    Wow. This is really impressive, especially for a DCS.

    PLOT: A teenaged girl makes videos for her baby sister, usually at the end of every episode, reflecting on what happened earlier. It's actually pretty smart.

    CHARACTERS: I love the mom, Amy. She's probably my favorite character, and Gabe is up there too. PJ isn't anything I haven't seen before, Teddy is okay, but she falls kind of flat as a character, and Bob, well... I don't have a problem with him.

    Moving on..

    HUMOR: Hit or miss.

    ROMANCE: Annoying and typical, but... whatever. It's a sitcom, so I guess I'll let is slide.

    Good Luck Charlie is pretty good for my tastes. It's up there with the better shows of Disney channel, like "Gravity Falls" and "Phineas and Ferb".
  • Got to admit:

    This show is one of my FAVORITE shows being Victorious #1 and Good Luck Charlie #2... Very clean jokes and great character personalities. Sweet plot and very good morals. Only one bad thing... I DISLIKE her relationship with Spencer. They should not have gotten back together after what happened but besides that, GREAT.
  • Thank You Bridgit Mendler and cast!

    I just want to thank Bridgit Mendler and the cast for bringing the interest in Good Luck Charlie to me!!!!!!
  • Awesome Show!

    Its really good and super funny. I actually laugh at this show! One of the best shows running and I hope disney makes more good shows like this one! I love how crazy the mom is! Shes crazy but not too crazy. And gabe is bad but he does know right from wrong. Like the time he diddnt steal the doll. And Pj is stupid but its funny. And i love how cute charlie is and the new baby. I love teddy and the dad too!
  • MEH!

    I perfer the old shows, this one is ok, it atleast has a lot of conflicts, and tips on how to deal with life, but some parts are weird, WHY DO ALL YOUR NEW SHOWS HAVE COMPLETE IDIOTS?! it would be good if PJ showed development and change! :)
  • Best Show On Disney!

    I really like this show, because the humor is actually funny and the show has more relatable characters than others. I kind of think that Toby was going a little too far, though. Charlie is turning into a little bit of a brat, too. Gabe and Amy (and sometimes Bob) are hilarious. Even my parents watch it, and that's saying something! One of the only good shows on Disney. I like Fish Hooks and Gravity Falls, too.

    The show is really really up and down. WHY ISNT CHARLIE THE STAR!!!!! SHE IS SO FRICKIN CUTEE!!
  • The only good show left on Disney.

    This show is really good. I can actually relate to it and it focuses on characters they haven't really used before (Pop star, Wizards, Actor, Regular family, WITH NO PSYCHICS, where there's only one parent, etc. etc.) and this one seemed to work really well. Anyone else notice how this show isn't on the New Disney pictures? That's cuz this show is as good as the Old Disney.

    All you people are complaining about how the laugh track gets annoying, but most of the episodes are actually live, according to Bridgit Mendler. Occasionally, they won't be able to use live audiences if the episode is too big.

    First of all, Teddy's awesome. She's basically a regular teenager that gets annoyed by her brothers and loves her sister the most. The unique part is that she makes video diaries. I haven't actually seen or heard of a show that has someone do video diaries. She's likeable and pretty which is one of the reasons this show is so good. Amy, is hilarious. Sure, she's self-centered and talks about herself a lot, but that's what maker her so funny. The fact that she'd do all kinds of crazy stuff to get attention makes me die laughing every time.

    Gabe is totally someone I can relate to-a teenage boy. I love how he's basically the smartest in the family and outsmarts everybody. PJ is super dimwitted and every good show needs that kind of character (Cat Valentine, Max Russo, Chelsea Daniels, LONDON TIPTON). Bob is totally clueless and kinda like Jerry Russo in a way.

    The new baby was a little unnecessary but I still think they're gonna make something good out of it. I'm a little sad cuz it's on the 3rd Season and Teddy's gonna go to college and eventually end the series (unless Gabe takes over with his "Good Fortune Toby") but when it does end, they shouldn't make the same mistakes with the other good shows by quit airing it. The other Disney shows need to either go to Disney XD or be more like this one.
  • Why you should watch Good Luck Charlie!

    This show can be enjoyed by either ideal or dysfunctional families. Disney was inspired by family sitcoms like Full House and all others. Good Luck Charlie is the best Disney Channel besides Phineas and Ferb. I love Good Luck Charlie (Hannah montana was my favorite too bad it's cancelled.)
  • It's pretty good

    I really like Good Luck Charlie. It's the best Disney Channel TV show after WOWP and Suite Life ended (boohoo). It's followed by Jessie, Shake It Up!, A.N.T. farm and Austin and Ally. It's very realistic and I like it a lot. A.N.T. farm and Shake It Up! aren't realistic at all. Well, a bit, yeah. It's really good IMO.
  • The Last good Disney Show?

    I found that this show is an oasis amid a flailing sea of Disney sitcoms. I actually thoroughly enjoyed it. It has good plot lines and is actually relate-able even to me, a 15 year old. I would suggest this show for a range of ages- it's something to watch as a family as it is relate able on several levels.
  • This is my show

    This my show Good luck charlie is like the only good show on Disney Channel plus Disney Xd is way better

    I love this show! I'd say it's the best on Disney Channel now, but this show cheered me up from WOWP and the Suite Life ending...
  • Okay show:)

    This is one of the best shows on DC right now. All the other shows either have really bad actors(Austin n Ally), have really bad jokes(Austin n Ally), really cheesy plots(Austin n Ally and Ant Farm), or all of the above (Austin n Ally). As you can see i despise Austin n Ally. You should read my review for it:) Anyways, I think this show has realistic plots and decent jokes. Obviously there have been much better shows like Thats So Raven and Lizzie Mcguire but to be honest, right now the bar is set pretty low cause all the other shows suck. Teddy is a very decent actress and her outfits are actually reasonable and what i mean by that is shes not dressed like shes a super model every episode like on Shake it up i mean what real teen dresses like that?? So i have a little bit of respect for this show. The only thing that is a little annoying is when Spencer came back on the show! Hes a total tool and it frustrates me that Teddy got back with him. Also, hes really ugly! Also, they just had ANOTHER baby and thats kindy iffy cuz its like, been there done that, soo its like were watching charlie being born all over again! Overall all though, decent show that i dont mind watching all though id rather watch Pretty Little Liars or something haha:)
  • Good for the Family

    We love that Good Luck Charlie is a show that our whole family can enjoy. Except for occasional inappropriate words or comments (like calling someone stupid) for our five year olds. It is a great show that we regularly watch and enjoy all together!
  • Burn Notice

    Good show
  • is good could be better..

    this is how to make it Great! Teddy is a little bit of an over actor fix that. Gabe is WAY too much of a brat make him more kind but stil funny..Pj is too dumb.its better to make him book smart and common sense stupid..Momma LOVE her great actress but quit making her act like sh needs to be center of attention she does not need it to be funny and quite frankly its annoying..fix thos problems an the show would be a 9 and not a 7.5
  • Boy or girl

    I think the fifth baby is a boy because in the episode "name that baby" at the end she said in the future when your here with your brother hotdog
  • Finally a Disney show that great!

    I adore this show.The episodes are interesting and educational,The characters are funny and Charlie is so adorable.The only problem I have is how come this show focuses on Teddy like all she does is go or do random stuff with her friend ivy or whatever,Charlie should be more focused on.Beside that ths shows cool.
  • An actual Disney sitcom with no stupid drama, no bad premise, and no stupid or annoying characters? I must be dreaming.

    It's about time Disney got a good live action show going. After stupid sitcoms like a wizard family, a pop star trying yo lead a normal life, living at the White House, a dancing show with bad dancing, and a show that is an All That wannabe, we are finally given a great sitcom. Good Luck Charlie centers around a family named the Duncans, and they have a new baby in the family. However the parents are busy constantly and the kids, Teddy, Gabe, and P.J. have to take care of the baby, Charlie. I like how the show's premise is actually really good, and it's a show that kids and adults can appeal to. The acting is really good. All of the members give plenty of effort, no one overacts or underacts, and they all give the right expressions and feelings at the right time. The characters themselves are really good, and have plenty of personality and depth to all of them. No one is just generic or anything like that, but there is actual story to them all. The stories are really good and even though some are rehashes there is new material added to the mix, and some of the stories are actually original and very creative. There is also plenty of humor in this show that while most of it seems to appeal to kids, it can also appeal to older audiences as well. Even the laugh track knows when there's a funny moment in this show. This is an actual good Disney sitcom, and there is real effort put into this show. No stupid drama, no bad plots, no unfunny moments, and no bad premise. It's a real good show, and by far the best non cartoon on Disney right now. I hope this show will continue to prosper, and not be canceled so soon. Maybe Disney can continue shows like this, because this is a show that rivals Even Stevens in terms of greatness, and if you haven't seen it yet check it out.
  • Great show

    This show is a great show full of great plots and touching moments. My favorite character would have to be Gabe. He lives life to the fullest, and he enjoys amusement parks, and video games. My second favorite character is Teddy because of the abundant technology she uses. I also love her friend, Ivy, and their unique best friendship that makes them different from other best friends. I like P.J. because he is very adventurous. Charlie is so adorable, and it is so sweet to me that Teddy is making video diaries for her. The parents, Amy and Bob live very interesting lives and often are left having to deal with the kids. I think this show is great, and the plots are so interesting, I sometimes can't wait to see what happens next. I am looking forward to the new episodes that await me in the coming weeks.
  • Meh... another lousy family sitcom

    This show did not move me in the least. It wasn't horrible, but it wasn't good either.

    It was just dumb, boring and generic.

    And the excessive laugh tracks...

    Seriously, it gets monotonous and pathetic after awhile how many times they use it.

    This is why we need to have live audiences brought back again. It would force these lazy and greedy writers to have to come up with good jokes instead of asinine one liners that a 5 year old would think of.
  • Make more eps. Disney

    This is a very good show, I watch it almost everyday but there's kinda a problem, they haven't been making new episodes so....I want Disney to know that we want more episodes (except for the people who aren't fans of this show)

    yes they r making new eps now :D
  • LOVE IT!

    I wonder who the new baby will be acted out by? so excited!
  • Another Great Disney Show

  • pretty good show

    this is a pretty good show. i think its better than some of the garbage on disney. this is not one of my last resorts when im watching t.v. though if i see something better on i'll pick it.
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