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  • I love this show!

    When I watched the first episode, I hated it and I thought it was boring. But, I still decided to give this show a chance and I kept watching more episodes, and I wasn't disappointed. I love this show so much and it is one of disney's best and my second favorite show after Austin and ally. This was one of the last good Disney shows. Gabe is my favorite and he is so funny and Charlie is sooooo cute. This show is worth watching.
  • Awesome show!

    This is an amazing and creative show that always makes me laugh. The characters are really funny, the acting is amazing and the plots are always interesting! This show is a show you must watch!
  • u guys are great

    I love good luck Charlie but I still wish it was still on Disney channel bc that was my favorite show on there. U guys are the best.
  • I have fun watching the show.

    I have fun watching the show. This family is very funny.

    Music in the show is merry and amazing. Also,the characters tell

    hilarious jokes. Besides, Charlie and her brother Toby look very

    sweet. Finally, I like the plot changes! You can watch this show with

    your family.

    so original and fun to watch I really love this show and I think I watched every episode there was to watch!

    I hope this show continues for a long time! you rock Gabe!!!
  • Actually Watchable!

    One of the only watchable Disney Channel shows- The jokes are actually funny, it actually has a plot, and has more than just potty humor. Good Luck Charlie is the show most like Thats so raven since TSR Ended.
  • So sad it's gone

    This is/was the only good disney show since all the old shows ended. My family always watched it together and it's the only show I actually thought was funny
  • More.. More.. More

    I sooooo love this series, I started following them on youtube... Too bad not all episodes were there.. Well anyway, the casts are AWESOME!!! They never fail me to laugh at every single episode!!! They're so talented and natural in the way they do... Disney if ever ur reading this pls pls pls make a Good luck TOBY this time... It will be so much love to see this family rock on \m/ one more time...
  • Good for kids and parents

    This show is good for both kids and parents alike. It is funny and it is based on things that can happen in real life. Kids and parents can relate to this. The plots are creative and interesting and not reused over and over again. The people can actually act, unlike every other Disney show. This show might be on its 4th season but you can't tell they are running out of ideas. But the show has to end soon..... After Disney gets rid of this, there will be only Phineas and Ferb and Gravity Falls. And Phineas and Ferb needs to end. Don't end this show now! Get rid of "ANT Farm" if you have to get rid of a show.


    Update 2-21-14 NOO! IT HAS ENDED AND GOT REPLACED BY I DIDN'T DO IT! I didn't do it is by far the worst show on Disney, and worse that Austin and Ally and Shake it Up combined!

  • THE BEST SHOW ON DISNEY BY FAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My household is devastated that this show is ending!!! I understand that the kids are getting older and story lines may be harder to come by. But I had to say my peace and say how truly sad we are that this great show is ending! The new shows ~ Liv and Maddie... I didn't do it ~ these shows are not great.. nor are they always appropriate for my 8 yr old daughter! I am truly sad to see it go.. Please Please Please leave on re-runs so we still have something appropriate and great to watch on Disney!!
  • What the?

    That picture needs to be updated because Toby isn't in it.
  • One show of disney I like

    This show is one of my favorite shows it better then that dum shit like shake it up. this show I really like cause it teaches children some lessons and its really funny. Also the show has some good acting and good ideas to make the show better. Out of all this is a good TV show that many people should watch on Disney.

    I think that this show is funny, original, and realistic! The characters in this show are so funny, I love the mom!! All the problems that happen in the show are realistic and result good problem solving for kids! I think this show is like a good show for all ages! I am 13 and I watch this show and same with all my friends and my two siblings! I am so sad that this show is ending in a few weeks!:(
  • AWESOME!!!

    This is the best show on Disney channel!!!
  • Awesome Show

    Best show on Disney Channel, sad that its ending!!!!
  • Awesome!

    This is my favorite show on Disney, and I think it will always will be. I can relate to lots of siblings, especially younger ones, and the Duncan family is hilarious, entertaining, and at times, heartfelt. Too bad I heard it's getting cancelled at the end of the fourth season. Disney doesn't realize Good Luck Charlie's true worth.
  • Love it!

    This show is my favorite on Disney channel since the ending of the suite life on deck and wizards of waverly place. I hope it's on for good!
  • great show!

    i really personally hate disney channel because of their sh*tty commercials, but good luck charlie more than makes up for it! it is a funny sitcom about a large family living in Denver and always being just plain funny! this show deserves more than a 10.
  • Best show EVER!!!

    Best show on Disney hope they continue with a fourth season. A well-casted, heartwarming TV show about your ordinary family living in Denver, Colorado. Love every episode. This generation's Full House :D
  • Good Luck Charlie

    Good Luck Charlie is probably the only show with top ratings and the reason why most people tune in to Disney Channel. Let's face it, 95% of those shows suck except this one. It's sad that Good Luck Charlie is on its last season.
  • Disney Channel 2013

    Good Luck Charlie is the BEST show on Disney Channel at the moment. It is SOO BEYOND AMAZING!!! The characters are so hilarious and have so much personality. The storylines are so well-written and extremely captivating. It's pretty sad that Season 4 will be its final season. Disney should renew it for a short 10-episode Season 5... :D
  • Great show

    Most shows on Disney you think to your self yeah that would never happen in real life, but not Good Luck Charlie. This is a great show and I really really hope season 4 is not the last. Best Disney channel show I think that has ever been on this channel. LOVE IT.
  • Good Luck Charlie: LOVED

    I love Good Luck Charlie since the 1st episode. I'm glad there is a Season 4 on the way I hope it gets another season after that and another after that. This show and Jessie are the two shows that I like now on Disney as well as the 2nd season of Austin & Ally.
  • Season 4, here we come!!!

    YES! Good Luck Charlie returns April 28th!!! I cannot wait! GLC is the BEST show on Disney Channel!!! LOVE everything about it.
  • Good Luck Charlie

    I love this show. Disney's BEST show right now. The story is fresh, acting is amazing, and characters are funny lovable.

    Thank you for creating such a delightful and entertaining show, Disney. I love the fact that it's based around a wacky family in Denver, Colorado, something that anyone can relate to. The acting is top-notch, Bridgit Mendler and Leigh-Allyn Baker are such AMAZING actresses! The plot-lines are extremely entertaining and satisfying. Overall, Good Luck Charlie is a winner. I cannot wait for season 4 to premiere.
  • Best disney show

    i really love this for me it the best show ever

    Good Luck Charlie is the BEST show on Disney Channel right now... I cannot wait for season 4... The season 3 finale was just PERFECT!!! <3
  • the second best show ever

    this show always reminds me from the old days because the humor is awsome and comedic and also its interesting and entertaining this show is good for disney channel.
  • Good Luck Charlie!

    I say that it's my favorite on DC. It's a great show for the family to watch, and has great laughs here and then. If you want to watch it with your little sister or brother or child, then it's okay except there are some innaproppriate words and flirting with the teens, other than that I say your child would enjoy it. Oh, and Mia who plays Charlie on there is so adorable
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