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  • Disney's best show that isn't animated (actually just period)

    This show is about a family, the Duncans, adjusting to life after the birth of their fourth child, Charlie, and her teenage sister, Teddy, fears she won't be around as much when Charlie's growing up, so she makes Charlie video diaries, so that when she grows up, she has something to remember her by. I like this show's humor and many of the situations, and I like how this is something EVERYONE can enjoy, rather just appealing singlely towards kids or towards adults. From what I've seen, this is definitly the best show airing on Disney Channel at the moment. 9.5/10 A
  • Finally a show on Disney an average family can relate to.

    Besides life with Derek that was canceled Good Luck Charlie is the only show on Disney Channel that someone can relate to. Unlike Hannah Montana about a girl who has a double life as a popstar and keeps it a secret, Suite Life on Deck about kids going to school at sea with a rich hotel owner's daughter, That's so Raven about a girl who can see the future, Cory in the House about a kid who lives in the white house with the president and Wizards of Waverly Place about a wizard family. Good Luck Charlie is a show about a typical middle class family of kids and 2 working parents. This show is what really goes on in an average life not like the shows mentioned above. This Show has many funny lines and the cast is amazing. The Jokes are funny and some of them are toward teenagers which is funny. I love this show.
  • Sound family entertainment

    I have to say, despite my earlier expectations, GLC has "turned out to be" a good source of family entertainment. Almost every episode teaches a relatively sound moral principle or gives reasonably good advice, with the semi-responsible older sister, Teddy, summing up the moral of each adventure. It is refreshing to finally see a Disney show that features the family as largely responsible, with each of the characters in GLC constantly putting aside their assorted differences in order to pave the way for the youngest member of their family and to make sure that said member receives sound advice about what to do and what not to do while growing up. This show also has some of the base essentials that would make a teen want to watch it as well (such as hot girls (Teddy), music (the jingle episode), the occasional dirty joke (usually involving farts), and a sizeable amount of hair-brained (and yet paradoxically well thought out) schemes).Good stuff, GOOD stuff.
  • One of the best shows on Disney right now!!!!!!!!

    Good Luck Charlie is a great comedy about a family called The Duncans. There's Bob: the father, husband and exterminator. Amy:The mom, wife, and nurse.
    P.J: The oldest child. He works for a restaurant called Kwikke Chickey. Teddy:The oldest girl and main character. Gabe:The trouble maker of the family, and finally... Charlie:The newest addition to the family. She's only 1. Good Luck Charlie is one of the greatest shows on Disney Channel right now, along with Phineas and Ferb. The show is all about getting used to having the new baby around, while Teddy makes a video diary for her, so Charlie can see how she was as a baby when she grows up.

    This is an overall great show, and I have seen every episode.
  • This is a great show for so many reasons.

    At last the Disney Channel has produced a slice-of life live action comedy where the family has no secrets to keep, no superpowers, and no celebrety status. They are just a plain, ordinary run-of-the-mill, middle class family that we can all relate to. The episodes in it are pretty funny, and the cast is pretty good. In my humble opinion, the best thing about this show and the best character in it is Charlie herself. Not only is she adorable, but she also is an excellent actor for a baby. I must recommend that both you and your whole family watch "Good Luck Charlie." If you want to find a better family show, all I can say is "Good Luck, Charlie."
  • Why I like this show

    I like this show because it reminds me of Full House. I dont know why it does. I never had missed an episode yet. my favorite character is Teddy. She seams like a really nice person. Charlie is so..... cutie. I love her smile. I cant wait to see the next episode. I hope it is a good one. Gabe is a little crazy. Pj would be a nice brother. Good Luck Charlie is not my favorite show. But I do give it a 10. They act so good, they act like its real. They do a very good job.
  • I really, really love this show!

    I love this show because the characters are relatable. It reminds me of a modern Even Stevens or Full House. The characters are likeable for the most part, and the acting is really good for a Disney Channel show. Brigit Mendler is such a great actress! I also like that it's a show about a normal family -- NOT a family from the future with wizard powers or the main girl living a double life as a pop star. This show reminds me of Disney in the 90's and early 00's which I (and many other people) adore. This show is great and funny. Watch!
  • I love it!

    This show is totally awesomest and heart-warming. This is only one that Good Luck Charlie is most best series ever written in this season. Good Luck Charlie opening sequence is totally great because that's like iCarly opening sequence. I'm surprise that Jason Dolley is in Good Luck Charlie. So... I saw Jason Dolley in "Cory in the House" show. I wish I would like to watch that many time every night at 7:00 P.M. til' 9:00 or 10:00 P.M. I enjoy the sound of "coccyx" when Teddy's father is saying "coccyx" in "Study Date" episode. This is so totally cool!
  • A new Disney favorate, maybe?...

    Okay, so I like the idea for this show. About a very special, little girl named Charlie growing up in a somewhat "normal" family. While dealing with typical family issues in a house full of kids, their only hope is that dispite all the craziness, Charlie will turn out all right. The whole "wackey family" thing isn't all that original, but I love the concept of growing up. In today's sitcoms, how long has it been since a baby took center stage? I do love Bridget Mendler, but I mostly used to her playing the immortal vampire on "Wizards". Her role here is more comical, and just hope that doesn't interfer with her acting. I just don't need a another show involving annoying teenage girl steriotypes (ex. "Hannah Montana"). And I think this really gives Jason Dolly some real potential as an an actor, considering his character on "Cory in the House" was mainly an idiot (the comedy can only go so far). Well, not really that much potential, but it's a lot fun seeing him on another show. Anyway, this show kind of brings me back to the old days of Disney Channel that knew a thing about family-focased entertainment. It seems like a pretty good family show, and I hope Disney doesn't screw it up. So, I guess Good Luck...Charlie;)
  • could be quite decent

    this show only just premiered a week or so ago, but i think this could be a popular show on Disney Channel. i like the humor so far just from the first episode, and i think the plot is unique, it has not been done before, which is always nice. I think unlike some other shows I will give this a chance, it actually seems like it could be a good show on disney and i am actually hoping it sticks around for a little while. my overall grade is a B+/A-, and hopefully it will rise to an A+
  • Kinda like a "Full House" parody?

    This show has some laughs and Disney Channel is actually not making it a funker. The characters seem really similar to "Full House" though. I don't think it'll be a m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m a a a a a r r r r r r r r v v v v v v e e e e e e l l l l l o o o o o u u u u s s s s s show, but it is not going to be extremely bad like "Hannah Montana" crap and stuff.
  • Is "Good Luck Charlie" worth the time to watch. I say it is. Read my review for more.

    "Good Luck, Charlie" is perhaps the best new show to come off the Disney slate in a long time. FInally we have a real down-to-Earth sitcom with a real family. The show is marketing its' two biggest stars, Bridgit Mendler and Jason Dolley as an audience grab. Is it working? Yes. Watch for newcomer Bradley Steven Perry to be the next big thing. Bridgit and Jason need to take him under their wing. Anyways, if you are looking for wizards, pop stars, or a High School who's sole academic is singing, then you are at the wrong place. This is real-life situations, albeit in some cases exaggerated. This is a family comedy which echoes "Full House".

    The Duncan's are your lovable middle-class family, yes they have their problems but they either act on the situation and when things become overwhelming they will talk to each other. Mom and dad are a nurse, and exterminator respectively, who along with their three kids are now raising their fourth, Charlie. Yes as you can imagine Charlie is the centre of the show, but that doesn't always make her the focus. Big sister Teddy is recording video diaries to help Charlie when she is not around. Younger brother Gabe when we first meet him is going through a classic case of "middle-child syndrome". Gabe is resourceful, and diligent. I want to watch this character grow, there's so much story potential. FInally, there's the older brother PJ. I'm going to have to come back to him later because he's going to need a paragraph on his own.

    Two things worry about this series the first is the obvious focus on Charlie. Yes she's cute now, but what's going to happen four years down the road? The whole concept of adapting to the new kid is either going to be overplayed, or unneeded. Yeah in life this happens but at some point everyone is going to get used to the new status quo. Second issue is the video diaries. For now I enjoy the concept, but I can see them getting tiresome as the series ages. Will there really be a need to record such diaries when Charlie is capable of oral comprehension and talking in full sentences? This remains to be seen.

    Okay so now I'll talk about PJ. First let me say I really like this character and I identify with him the most. The character is resourceful, smart (although he tends to suppress his intelligence), creative, has ambitions, and knows what he wants out of life. Give him a task and it will be accomplished; distract him and problems will arise. Now why I point these out is because Disney has the opportunity to take this character into a realm it has not gone into before. If they are going with real-life situations then one episode should have PJ revealed to be bipolar. His character traits are already steered in that direction. As most don't know bipolar disorder can hit you anytime in your teens and most go undiagnosed for years. It is a mental condition that needs to be acted upon immediately. Many suffers can be manic or violent depressed. Depression can lead to suicide. This is why there needs to be a role-model, and PJ fits the bill. There are very few bipolar's on television and those that are not geared towards the under 18 market the one group that needs the most awareness. So I hope this is something Disney can consider, and done tactfully. This could be an award winning episode.

    There is lots of potential for this show. Although its' got the audience it just needs to find its' place and evolve into the show it will be remembered for in history. I for one will watch the Duncan family every chance I get. I suggest you do the same.
  • Great show, keep it up!

    I've watched many shows over the years, "Good Luck Charlie" is one of my fav. The idea is new; i mean 90% of the shows today r about killers, doctors, vampires. . .etc. so that is definitley new, i luv the characters n i believe that someday they will be more famous esp. Teddy n the 2 boys.

    I just need to mention that some ideas aren't really sutable for kids even if they were a few. All in all, great show n keep it up. I wish i can see the second season soon!

    . . . Good luck (:
  • A Disney-fied "Full House," "Cosby Show", or "George Lopez"

    Good Luck Charlie adds to the long list of family oriented television shows that lean on comedy and wit to drive the story. Unlike other Disney sitcoms, Good Luck Charlie doesn't have a gimmick like being a pop star, a wizard, or psychic.

    However, in my opinion, this series has great acting and hilarious laugh out loud moments, reminiscient of That's So Raven. Viewers will find that the best part of the show is the prospect of being relatable, realistic and rememberable. It can appeal to the whole family; the episodes often include adult scenes that mimick adult problems. The teenagers are likeable, and other teenagers watching are likely to relate to the issues on the show.

    All in all, Good Luck Charlie  is a new series that I can see going past two or three seasons. 
  • I thought it would suck, it blew my mind away, its such a throwback to how shows used to be. Great character interaction...

    Wow. I first heard about and I didn't want to like it. I thought it was gonna be another modern day comedy with no character development and pure reliance on random moments and slapstick humor. Boy was I wrong. First of all, I started watching it because my sister had it on. I realized that its the first show on Disney in a while with good characters and good character development. Its such a throwback the way the family reacts to each other. Each character is likable, even the side characters. Also I noticed each character gets involved another, so that no one character hogs the spotlight. You see the dad with the daughter in one episode, or with his sons in another, or the mom with the daughter or her sons with another, so this show has great character interaction. The titlar character Charlie, isn't a main one, but each episode ends with the main character Teddy making a home video of her lesson learned that day, telling Charlie to not repeat her mistakes ending with "Good luck Charlie."
  • A return to the golden age of Disney Channel

    Disney Channel has really gone down the tubes the last couple of years because the shows are all about one thing: being famous. Kids with no talent who are inexplicably by themselves and engaging in not funny hijinks that aren't fun to watch. But finally DC gives us Good Luck Charlie, which brings us back to the golden age of DC, the days of Lizzie McGuire and Even Stevens. Why was this the golden age of Disney Channel? These shows were about a family. They were shows parents could watch with their kids without worrying they were giving kids bad ideas. Good Luck Charlie is like these shows.
    It's about a family raising their new baby. That's it. No gimmicks, no one trying to be famous, no crazy storylines with no continuity. And it takes place in Colorado, as opposed to the cultural wasteland that is southern California (although both Lizzie McGuire and Even Stevens took place in California, but not in Malibu or L.A. or Beverly Hills). Good Luck Charlie is fun to watch because it seems like a real family and it's believable. There are no out-of-this-world plots that make you want to throw something through your TV and there isn't any terrible acting. And another thing it has over shows like Wizards of Waverly Place or Suite Life is they keep up their storylines. If one of the kids start dating someone in an episode, we see them again and they break up onscreen, as opposed to on Wizards of Waverly Place where they'll be dating and in the next episode they'll have conveniantly moved away. The only thing and this is so small but the entire cast look like they could be related except for the younger son. But this is so small and he works so well with the rest of the cast it doesn't mattter.
    This shows brings us back to the golden age of Disney Channel, and it's actually a pleasure to watch.
  • BEST show on Disney Channel right now, period.

    This is my first review in years, but I just had to review this wonderfully hilarious show. "Good Luck Charlie", Dare I say Disney Channel's BEST show since "Lizzie McGuire". The show is currently in its 2nd season and there hasn't been one bad episode yet, in my opinion. Bridgit Mendler (Teddy Duncan) is a lovely, charismatic, comedic actress is doing a GREAT job in the lead role. Leigh-Allyn Baker as Amy Duncan has got to the funniest Disney Channel mom of all time. The rest of the cast works well together and the scripts are very well written. There is honestly nothing bad I can say about this show. Basically, If you grew up watching family-based sitcoms like "Growing Pains", "Full House" "Family Matters" and "Step by Step", You Will LOVE this show.
  • Life with Derek, without annoying characters? I've gotta be dreaming...

    After the Life with Derek fiasco everyone whined about back in the old days, I thought Disney couldn't pull off another sitcom-y family show with kids in it that didn't rely on some big giant twist (Wizards, anyone?). Unlike Derek, Charlie has potential to last longer and keep everyone's sanity in check at the same time--if only it didn't rely so much on the staple kids' shows have: the laugh track. Once again, telling us when to laugh and killing the best jokes (and trust me, Charlie has a ton of good ones). If they would only get rid of that, the show would be the most twist-less, average-is-funny show ever, and I'd have much more fun watching it., Good Luck, Charlie!

    b. impson
  • A great show! Charlie is really cute!

    I like this show just like every disney show that's currently on. It's funny, and the baby, Charlie, is really cute! It's like the modern "Full House" (which I also love). Everybody can relate, the parents and the kids. I think it's nice that Teddy is making a video for Charlie to watch in the future so she can hopefully not make the same mistakes her family members had made, and see herself as a cute, healthy baby. I like the theme song. Mia, the baby that plays Charlie, is great. It's amazing that only she plays Charlie. In live-action shows and movies I know, twins play the same baby so if one gets tired or something, they have a backup. Mia is great, and I;d love to see her in more if she wants to contiue being an actress.
  • Possibly Disney's most offensive tv show, but it entertains me.

    like I said in my summary, I find this tv show to be some what offensive to Disney channel because it has so many crude jokes and elements. There was another reviewer on here that talked about this same subject. The reviewer pointed out that it was hard to say what age group that this show is aimed at. I agree because most of the stuff in the show is child-like humor and has the young person appearance, which is for the younger audience, but it has some crude jokes and elements that should be for older viewers. I will give it credit for actually having a cool family and it works as a good family show. I don't know if I would let young kids watch this. In fact I would probably not want my children (if I had any) to see this show until they were 13 years of age. I am sorry that I can not fully explain why I feel how I feel about this show, but yeah, it is entertaining. I am beginning to like it quite a bit.
  • Disney Channel is finally bringing back Family shows!!!

    GLC is a big departure from these type of shows and Disney Channel is doing something they haven't done in a VERY long time ,probably since the early and mid 90's,they are bringing back the sort of show that parents can actually watch with their kids without feeling like a total idiot. Those of us who are old enough to remember a time when Disney Channel was actually for the entire family and not for young girls , will probably see GLC as a glimmer of hope that it is the beginning of the Disney Channel slowly going back to the way it once was,before it was invaded by Hanna and the Likes,when great shows with family value like "The Torkelsons" "Almost Home" and "Home Improvement" (Heck even early episodes of "Boys meet World" had its moment) were on. GLC is not perfect , it's laugh track can at time get a bit too present and there are small moment were the show nearly goes into "Sweet life" type of humor, BUT it is so refreshing to have that sort of show back that it is easy to get past its minor fault. The show succeed because of the great chemistry between the cast and the amount of belly laugh per-episode , the show has a very innocent sort of humor that remind me of some 80's sitcom. Also there is a great supporting bunch of characters like the grumpy neighbor and the best friend's mum (She's hilarious). Yes,11 episodes on and so far Good luck Charlie got great potential!Now lets just hope that with an original TV film in the work and the second season shooting at the moment the show wont loose track of what makes it stand out from the other shows in the Channel. So please Disney Channel don't Screw up , don't make a "Good luck Sweet Hanna" special or the likes.Keep this show away from your other line up,keep it grounded in real life,always include the entire family in your story lines and it will do just fine!
  • Good luck, Good Luck Charlie.

    Well, it seems like after four years or so, Disney Channel finally got a decent series. No, it won't live up to their classic stuff. However, I must say that Good Luck Charlie definitely exceeded my expectations and is much better than the stuff Disney Channel airs nowadays. I do think that this is a funny show, and some of the jokes do make me laugh. The humor isn't just for kids-like most of the other stuff Disney Channel airs on their network. Best of all, the comedy is original, and it even has some innuendoes hidden in there-in fact, I was even shocked by some of suggestions they put in some of the episodes. The episodes' plots are usually unique, and finally they're not a rip-off of stuff that other shows already created. Charlie, I don't know the actress her plays her, is adorable and reminds me of Michelle Tanner, but I think Charlie is a little cuter. My complaint, though, with this show is Teddy. She's funny, but she's just like the other Disney Channel girls: boy-crazed, girly, and a little shallow. But the actress, who plays her, Bridget Mendler, does a good job at her role. I just hope Good Luck Charlie goes well for Disney Channel, and hopefully it won't go downhill as the seasons go along. If it doesn't, it may ever well be a good sign that Disney's is becoming a good channel again. Hopefully, that's the case. If so, good luck Good Luck Charlie.
  • Disney's Best show!

    I love this show. After years of Disney being unrealistic,they finally have a show Kids (6-14),Teens(15-17),and Adults(18+)can all relate to. Its shows like this that have been missing from Tv for a long while. This show has many innuendo's that will shock even long time Disney viewers. Bridget Mendler helps the show with her good acting,her realistic take on a real life older sister,and her lovely wit. Jason Dolley also adds to the show,he has many funny subplots. Bradley-Steven Perry,A new comer to Disney amazes me with his realistic approach of the average tween boy,experiencing puppy love and sports. He's a cute little kid with a bright future. The baby Charlie is adorable and the parents aren't half bad.

    Good Luck Charlie!
  • A very funny disney comedy.

    A very funny disney comedy.It is a refreshing look at the Duncan family trying to juggle their normal lives as well as new baby daughter Charlie. There's smart, savvy Teddy (Bridgit Mendler) who is creating a video diary for Charlie, in hope that it will help her survive their wacky family, including her brothers, Dimwitted rocker PJ (Jason Dolley), and smart-ass Gabe and their parents, Amy, a night nurse who has just gone back to work, and Bob, an exterminator,or Pest Control Specialist. I really enjoyed the pilot. I even watched a special preview episode on The show is funny, well written, and has jokes for everyone to get. Does it divert from Disney channel's traditional formula? A little. GLC concentrates a bit more on the family dynamic. These characters are just regular kids. They aren't wizards, or rock stars, or a star on a sketch comedy show. So there's not really a gimmick to fall back it. That's why it seems like it would fit into ABC's TGIF block (may it rest in peace). The acting is top notch, and Mendler and Dolley are familiar faces for Disney Channel fans. I am just glad that Disney is trying something different, and I hope it lasts for years to come.
  • An actually good Disney Channel sitcom!

    I really can't stand Disney Channel anymore with the junk they have been putting on the air recently. Wizards of Waverley Place, Hannah Montana, Jonas L.A., Sonny With a Chance. Blah! But along comes "Good Luck Charlie", an actually enjoyable show that has it all. It has good humor. The show is packed with humor kids of all age can understand. The story's are normally smart and make you want to keep watching. The acting is pretty good, not bad, but not great. And Charlie is pretty darn cute. That's definetaley one of the main highlights you could say about this show.

    Overall, very satisfying. Thank you for making an actual good show Disney Channel! (Besides Phineas and Ferb)
  • Kid Friendly but has jokes teens and adults can get!

    Wizards of waverly place is funny, But, Disney ahs finally come out with a great show both kids and teens will like. It's fun for the whole fmaily. Jokes like: Have Fun ... But Not To Much Fun .... we do't want naother baby .... is great. it's like saying something dirty without saying it! I love home the endings are so unrealistic and funny. If u didt watch it because u thought it would be a stupid baby disney show . . . . your wrong! so watch Good Luck Charlie every sundays at 7 : 00 on disney channel
  • I LOVE this show, but that doesn't mean I have no problems with it.

    I mentioned that I LOVE this show. It doesn't mean that I have no problems with it though. Here's some reasons why I LOVE this show. The characters get equal parts (although sometimes they focus too much on Gabe & Amy). In most shows, they make parents in the background while they focus on the teenagers. But with this show, the parents get the same amount of screentime as kids. The show may use plots that has been used on other series, but this show has a reputation of turning it into their new original, creative way of the plot. They also always put twists into the plot, not always re-using the solution from other shows.

    Now, let's get to my problems with this show. In the first few episodes, they focus on Charlie (since she's really the main part of this show) and the "baby-issues" so Teddy does the video diary to make sure she doesn't do the baby-issues again. However in later episodes they focus on the kids' lives, completely ignoring Charlie. Now they focus on the kids' lives and Teddy does the video diary to make sure she NEVER does it. I know it's the same concept, but I wish they would do more baby-issues instead of lots of teenage problems.

    I love Amy, even if she can go past the line a lot of times. I wish she was like an ordinary mom, giving advice, caring, loving, not all selfish.But I still love her.

    Gabe and Amy get too much screentime/plots about themselves. I wish they were like in the background for sometime like having a few lines in an episode.

    I forgot to mention another reason why I LOVE this show, there's never an episode where one family member doesn't appear. I LOVE that fact because it never feels good to see a character not present in an episode (unless you don't like the character).

    I'm wrapping up my review of this amazing, creative show. I don't hate it, I LOVE it. If I were to review any episode (I don't review episodes, I'm too lazy), I would give each episode a 9 or a 10. The show never has any bad episodes.
  • A Disney Channel show worth watching. Too bad, it's SO friggin predictable.

    Have you ever seen Good Luck Charlie, it's one of those shows that will make you laugh and chuckle a little. I wasn't surprised when I learned part of the crew who made That's So Raven also made this show. I'm not going to lie. I like the characters. I'm not in love with them but just like them.

    Teddy brings her own sense of humor; Gabe is a cynical little troublemaker; P.J. is just plan stupid (but these days when you cast Jason Dolley into any kid role...he's always playing the stupid kid); the parents have developed personalities. Oh, the black recurring characters who come in every once in a while to fill in minority quota. (lol)

    Overall, each episode will make you chuckle and laugh but rest assured that you are going to see every twist and turn in the story before it even happens. It's a funny, predictable show.
  • One of the best sitcom on Disney

    This show is about the Duncan family in Denver, Colorado. It stars Bridgit Mendler as Teddy, a teenage girl that makes video diaries for Charlie, Leigh Allyin Baker as Amy, a nurse, Bradley Steven Perry as Gabe, the youngest son of the family, Mia Talerico (?) as Charlie, the youngest Duncan children who causes trouble at times, Eric Allan Kramer as Bob, an exterminater and Jason Dolley as P.J. Also starring in this show are Ivy, Teddy's best friend, Mrs. Dabney, the Duncan's neighbor, Spencer as Teddy's former boyfriend, and a few others. In this show, Teddy oftens do the video diaries for Charlie at the end (sometimes in the beginning and middle) most episodes (expect Dance Off). I like all the main characters in the show. However, Amy can get a bit annoying sometimes escipally the way she acts. I like how Bridgit dresses very pretty. The most funniest Duncan is possibly Bob. He was very funny in Up a Tree, Teddy Rebounds, and a few others. This show has a lot a humor and it is actually one of the best non animated show on Disney Channel. IMO, this show has some negative stuffs, though I liked most of the episodes. Season one was great and so was the current season. The music is not bad. Overall, this show is mainly awesome and it is one of the best on Disney Channel. Despite the few negative stuffs on the show, I'm giving this show a 10 for obvious reason.
  • A perfect show to air on Disney Channel

    I love this episode and it's one of the funniest Disney Channel shows I've seen. I love all of the characters in this show and their acting is good and they are all funny. I enjoy most of the episodes that "Good Luck Charlie" gives us. "Good Luck Charlie" is a show for the whole family to get a good laugh at. Although, sometimes this show adds humor that little kids wouldn't understand and it would be inappropriate for them to know if they are suspicious about the humors. Despite, some humors that only teenagers and adults would understand, this is a perfect show. I also think that Teddy (Bridgit Mendler) is a very pretty girl. I don't have problems with the characters or the storylines. Of course, I also think the "Charlie" scenes are so adorable and it makes me say "awwwww". The writers always manage to make this show have well-developed storylines that make me laugh so hard. Not only does it star Bridgit Mendler but it also stars Jason Dolley, Bradley Steven Perry, Leigh Allen-Baker, Eric Allan Kramer. The characters always crack me up and I think that the writers are so creative. Yes, the storylines are predictable sometimes but this show is hilarious and I would definitely consider "Good Luck Charlie" to be one of my best Disney comedy shows I've ever seen. Overall, "Good Luck Charlie" (this show), "Wizards of Waverly Place", and "Fish Hooks" are my all-time favorite Disney Channel shows to watch that are still on the air right now. 10/10
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