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  • Best show EVER!!!

    Best show on Disney hope they continue with a fourth season. A well-casted, heartwarming TV show about your ordinary family living in Denver, Colorado. Love every episode. This generation's Full House :D
  • An actual Disney sitcom with no stupid drama, no bad premise, and no stupid or annoying characters? I must be dreaming.

    It's about time Disney got a good live action show going. After stupid sitcoms like a wizard family, a pop star trying yo lead a normal life, living at the White House, a dancing show with bad dancing, and a show that is an All That wannabe, we are finally given a great sitcom. Good Luck Charlie centers around a family named the Duncans, and they have a new baby in the family. However the parents are busy constantly and the kids, Teddy, Gabe, and P.J. have to take care of the baby, Charlie. I like how the show's premise is actually really good, and it's a show that kids and adults can appeal to. The acting is really good. All of the members give plenty of effort, no one overacts or underacts, and they all give the right expressions and feelings at the right time. The characters themselves are really good, and have plenty of personality and depth to all of them. No one is just generic or anything like that, but there is actual story to them all. The stories are really good and even though some are rehashes there is new material added to the mix, and some of the stories are actually original and very creative. There is also plenty of humor in this show that while most of it seems to appeal to kids, it can also appeal to older audiences as well. Even the laugh track knows when there's a funny moment in this show. This is an actual good Disney sitcom, and there is real effort put into this show. No stupid drama, no bad plots, no unfunny moments, and no bad premise. It's a real good show, and by far the best non cartoon on Disney right now. I hope this show will continue to prosper, and not be canceled so soon. Maybe Disney can continue shows like this, because this is a show that rivals Even Stevens in terms of greatness, and if you haven't seen it yet check it out.
  • Good Job Disney!

    You made a good show for once. It's not like the other crap on right now like Jessie, Shake It Up, ANT Farm, Austin & Ally, or even Dog With a Bog. That is actually a good show for once. Please Disney, make more shows like these! With this show, Phineas and Ferb, and Gravity Falls in the bag, I hope Disney makes more good shows that aren't crap! With season 4 coming up, I heart it might not be the last, I hope not! They should just cancel Shake It Up instead.
  • Season 4, here we come!!!

    YES! Good Luck Charlie returns April 28th!!! I cannot wait! GLC is the BEST show on Disney Channel!!! LOVE everything about it.
  • Good Luck Charlie

    I love this show. Disney's BEST show right now. The story is fresh, acting is amazing, and characters are funny lovable.
  • AWESOME!!!

    This is the best show on Disney channel!!!
  • Good Luck Charlie: LOVED

    I love Good Luck Charlie since the 1st episode. I'm glad there is a Season 4 on the way I hope it gets another season after that and another after that. This show and Jessie are the two shows that I like now on Disney as well as the 2nd season of Austin & Ally.
  • Disney Channel 2013

    Good Luck Charlie is the BEST show on Disney Channel at the moment. It is SOO BEYOND AMAZING!!! The characters are so hilarious and have so much personality. The storylines are so well-written and extremely captivating. It's pretty sad that Season 4 will be its final season. Disney should renew it for a short 10-episode Season 5... :D

    Thank you for creating such a delightful and entertaining show, Disney. I love the fact that it's based around a wacky family in Denver, Colorado, something that anyone can relate to. The acting is top-notch, Bridgit Mendler and Leigh-Allyn Baker are such AMAZING actresses! The plot-lines are extremely entertaining and satisfying. Overall, Good Luck Charlie is a winner. I cannot wait for season 4 to premiere.
  • Good Luck Charlie and Disney today overall

    Good Luck Charlie is far the best show and the only good show on Disney Channel today. It had it's funny moments, the characters, the plot, and the show in general is really good. It ranks number 1 Disney show of today.

    Disney Show Ranking: Luck Charlie- The quality of the show it's up to par with old Disney shows & Ally- This show is decent but it's character has flaws like Austin's cockiness, Ally's shyness and weirdness, Dez DON'T GET ME STARTED WITH HIS IGNORANCE, CAUSES MOST OF THE CONFLICTS IN THE PLOT OF THE EPISODES, AND HE''S GINGER, the best character is Trish because she dosen't put up with Dez's crap Debby Ryan plays a role of being a mentor to the kids and decent plots, and Peyton List who is gorgeous because she's the same age as me It Up- It's more proper for teens but many teens including me don't like the show I don't like Cece is somewhat pretty but I don't like her in general and Rocky is bland character and the male characters are decent

    5. Dog With A blog- I guess Disney run out of ideas so they come up with this show out of random things and I really hate the little girl she is so annoying and she's a ginger but it;s sorta watchable

    6. ANT Farm- The worst show on Disney Channel by a large margin because of it's ridiculous plots annoying, boring, stupid, and stereotypical Characters

    This generation of Disney almost entirely sucks, if there was no Good Luck Charlie Disney will go down the drain. The writers of these shows should take notes from the Old Disney Shows it teach good morals, no major characters flaws, no idiotic plots, it was most of the time funny, and it was memorable for many people like me who grew up in the 2000's.

  • FINALLY... Something that is not horrible.....

    Is Disney Channel finally paying attention? After Disney learned from epic fails such as Wizards Of Waverly Place, Shake It Up and previous ones, they make a good family sitcom. The characters are not annoying, the plot is not last minute crap, and DECENT jokes. This should be a good example of an innocent show.


    Teddy is the main character. Unlike most girl main characters, Teddy is actually funny at times, and can act like a normal teen. She always makes video diarys for her baby sister, Charlie, at the end of every episode. She also doesn't suffer from a sterotype, and Bridigit Mendler is a good actor.

    . is the oldest son. Although he acts as the idiot of the show, he makes it work, and is actually not annoying, unlike other dumb characters, like Max Russo, London Tipton (biggest idiot ever), Gibson, and TONS more. . also acts like a child most of the time, but who cares, IT WORKS!

    Gabe is the middle child. He used to hate Charlie, and is always mischevious, espacially with the Duncan's neighbour, Mrs. Dabney. Like everyone else, I have no problems with Gabe, and I think he's best character in the show.

    Charlie is the newborn child and is probably the only show with a real baby. Charlie takes the position of Gabe when Toby is born, but Charlie is still good.

    Amy is the mother. Everyone in the family is scared of her. She's also a nurse at the same hospital where all her kids were born. She's funny and better than most sitcom moms and cares for kids, although she is obessed with acting and being a star.

    Bob is the father of all the children. He acts like a normal father, and funny. He works as an exterminator and prefers to not have kids. He, too is scared of his wife.

    The other ones, like Ivy, Emmett, Spencer and are amazing too.


    The jokes are funny, even though they are the same reused ones over and over. But when a show has good acting, you end up overlooking that.


    The show is very realistic and makes sense. Basically since the mom and dad both have jobs, the kids need to help raise the baby. The plot is the best in any Disney sitcom


    The acting is the BEST. Nothing much to add. The acting is amazing and excellent.


    This is the best Disney sitcom. WOW. Never though I'd say that. This show should be used as an example of how future shows should be like. Unlike shit family sitcoms like WOWP, Cory in the House and others, and shit sitcoms in generel, like Shake It Up, Jessie and TONS more, this should be seen. Seriously, watch this. Also, this is my first Disney review that didn't get a 1, and the highest score so far.
  • Hmm... it's a Disney Channel show that's not about wizards, celeberties, or dancing... It's worth a shot. Good Luck Charlie is worth a shot.


    Now we all know the tragic story of Disney Channel. Hannah Montana came, than Wizards of Waverly Place, and then came Shake it Up. We all lost complete hope, but then Good Luck Charlie came. Family comedy is finally back. I have a few compliments and problems for this show, but overall it's fantastic.

    Compliment #1 Cast- The cast in this show is soo likeable. Compared to other Disney Channel shows, this show has a little personality from everyone. There's some stuff from a dad's point of veiw, and from a mom's point of veiw. Teddy (played by Brigdet Mendler), is extremely likeable and a good actor, making the show bearable to watch. PJ is pretty good, and Gabe is exceptinol. The adults in this show are also very good at their parts.

    Compliment #2 Humor- This show brings a wonderful mix of sarcasm, stupidness, and slitgh adult humor. Some people are saying that this show is on the border of being to inappropriate for kids, but the jokes are safe. If a kid dosen't understand them, (but most will), than they're not harmed, they just don't get it. There is also lots of sarcasm and funny little humor. Also good about this show is the laugh track. Like in old shows, the laught track sounds like a studio audience becuase funnier moments get bigger laughs, instead of one identical laugh playing every single time.

    Compliment #3 Plot- The main plot of this show is very realtible and funny. It reminds me of Full House or Family Matters. Unlike Hannah Montana, which just is tacky and unrealtible, Good Luck Charlie can bring back family memories for you, or just make you laugh. There's no vampires or popstars, just funny family situations.

    Unfortunatley, there's a few problems in the show.

    Problem #1 Charlie- I think Charlie is very cute, and is a great addition to the show, but when she "talks"it is very annoying. This is because it just plays a recording of Charlie saying something. Her mouth dosen't actually move... It's strange. o.o

    Problem #2 Plots- The main plot of this show may be good, but a few of the episodes fall flat. One of these episodes is the first one. It's just sort of boring to watch Teddy's bf come over and they study. There are some unique twists in the plot, but it stills falls flat. Although, other plots like when Teddy and Ivy ditch school and go to Super Adventure Land, are extremely creative and funny. So don't get me wrong, this is just a minor issue.

    Ok, so overall, this show is very very good, for Disney Channel. Say that you only have Disney Channel on your cable, (which makes no sense at all,) Good Luck Charlie is a good #1 choice to watch. Hope this reveiw helped! :P

  • Disney Channel is finally bringing back Family shows!!!

    GLC is a big departure from these type of shows and Disney Channel is doing something they haven't done in a VERY long time ,probably since the early and mid 90's,they are bringing back the sort of show that parents can actually watch with their kids without feeling like a total idiot. Those of us who are old enough to remember a time when Disney Channel was actually for the entire family and not for young girls , will probably see GLC as a glimmer of hope that it is the beginning of the Disney Channel slowly going back to the way it once was,before it was invaded by Hanna and the Likes,when great shows with family value like "The Torkelsons" "Almost Home" and "Home Improvement" (Heck even early episodes of "Boys meet World" had its moment) were on. GLC is not perfect , it's laugh track can at time get a bit too present and there are small moment were the show nearly goes into "Sweet life" type of humor, BUT it is so refreshing to have that sort of show back that it is easy to get past its minor fault. The show succeed because of the great chemistry between the cast and the amount of belly laugh per-episode , the show has a very innocent sort of humor that remind me of some 80's sitcom. Also there is a great supporting bunch of characters like the grumpy neighbor and the best friend's mum (She's hilarious). Yes,11 episodes on and so far Good luck Charlie got great potential!Now lets just hope that with an original TV film in the work and the second season shooting at the moment the show wont loose track of what makes it stand out from the other shows in the Channel. So please Disney Channel don't Screw up , don't make a "Good luck Sweet Hanna" special or the likes.Keep this show away from your other line up,keep it grounded in real life,always include the entire family in your story lines and it will do just fine!
  • Great show

    Most shows on Disney you think to your self yeah that would never happen in real life, but not Good Luck Charlie. This is a great show and I really really hope season 4 is not the last. Best Disney channel show I think that has ever been on this channel. LOVE IT.
  • Finally a Dinsey show about something EVERYONE can relate too.

    So instead of creating more stuff like being a superstar, living in a hotel/cruise, being a wizard, living on the freaking white house, being called to be a regular on a TV show or being hired as dancers ona show, Disney makes a hoswabout a Normal family with Normal situations. The Duncan family consists of Bob, a bug exterminator, his wife Amy and their 4 kids; rockstar wannabe PJ, normal teen Teddy, troublemaker Gabe & recently born Charlie. Charlie & Teddy are girls, don't let the names fool ya. We allso got Ivy & Emmett, Teddy & PJ's black BFs respectively. The show main theme is Teddy taping a videodiary for her baby sister about evnets happeining in the family.

    Overall: It's a great show, very funny and with great characters & situations. 9.5/10.
  • A show that the whole family, regular or disfunctional can enjoy. One of the few Good shows on Disney Channel. And it's a sitcom. Sure the laugh track can be annoying, but it has a little bit of everything for everyone. A brilliant work of art.


    Now, what can I say about this show? This is not just a good Disney Channel show, it's a great show period! And after several years of repulsive shows, Disney brings in some talent and gets good again. One of these shows is Good Luck Charlie, a satire of family life. Sure, this has been done before, but this show does it wonderfully.

    The Duncan family are the stars of the show, as they adjust to the newest addition of the family, a young girl named Charlie. Their daily foibles and screw-ups are what make this show so realistic and humorous. Almost every few lines there is something that makes my gut burst from laughter.

    But there are also heartfelt moments. The moments are when something goes wrong, and someone is down, and it shows that your family will always love you. This is acted so well it seems like they actually are related. And all of the insecurities and problems they face are relatable, and that gives it more charm.

    In my opinion, this is an excellent show, and a blessing to Disney Channel.

    My Grade: A+

    Good Luck, Good Luck Charlie! A bright future lay ahead!

  • Life with Derek, without annoying characters? I've gotta be dreaming...

    After the Life with Derek fiasco everyone whined about back in the old days, I thought Disney couldn't pull off another sitcom-y family show with kids in it that didn't rely on some big giant twist (Wizards, anyone?). Unlike Derek, Charlie has potential to last longer and keep everyone's sanity in check at the same time--if only it didn't rely so much on the staple kids' shows have: the laugh track. Once again, telling us when to laugh and killing the best jokes (and trust me, Charlie has a ton of good ones). If they would only get rid of that, the show would be the most twist-less, average-is-funny show ever, and I'd have much more fun watching it., Good Luck, Charlie!

    b. impson
  • Whoever greenlighted this show deserves a medal.

    Let's face it: Disney Channel sucks. It's filled with corny sitcoms with dumb premises, bad crossovers, and pop singers. But in April 2010, a beacon of hope shined its light upon them, offering redemption from their crappiness. That beacon of hope was called "Good Luck Charlie."

    Good Luck Charlie centers around Teddy, PJ, and Gabe Duncan all trying to care for the newest child (Charlie) while dealing with everyday life. The "wacky family" plot isn't very original, but it's way better premise than a family of wizards or a pop-star double life.

    The characters of this show are all pretty likeable and have their funny moments, even though they can be annoying sometimes. Despite the title, the series' main character is Teddy Duncan, the teenage daughter of the family. She makes video dairies to prepare Charlie for her teenage years (that's where the show's title comes from, she signs off every video with the phrase "Good luck, Charlie"). She's a little cliched, but likeable nonetheless. Other characters: PJ Duncan, the oldest child, a little dumb and conceited; Gabe, the troublemaker; Amy, the mom, caring yet egocentric; and Bob, the dad, pretty much your usual TV dad (except much smarter). There's also Ivy Wentz, Teddy's best friend, also a little conceited, but nice.

    As for the humor, it's a little hit-and-miss. However, MOST of it is hit. While most of the jokes are clever and humorous, some of them are a little corny and overused. When you watch the show you might notice that it uses crude humor once in a while (it has a baby in it, so I expected that). Normally, that's a bad thing. But in GLC, it works. For crude humor, whether it's good or not is all about execution, and this show executes it well mostly.

    Despite it's shortcomings, Good Luck Charlie is a great family sitcom and worth watching. It's not enough to make me LIKE Disney Channel, but it shows that the network has a little bit of hope left.
  • Awesome Show

    Best show on Disney Channel, sad that its ending!!!!
  • Why you should watch Good Luck Charlie!

    This show can be enjoyed by either ideal or dysfunctional families. Disney was inspired by family sitcoms like Full House and all others. Good Luck Charlie is the best Disney Channel besides Phineas and Ferb. I love Good Luck Charlie (Hannah montana was my favorite too bad it's cancelled.)
  • BEST show on Disney Channel right now, period.

    This is my first review in years, but I just had to review this wonderfully hilarious show. "Good Luck Charlie", Dare I say Disney Channel's BEST show since "Lizzie McGuire". The show is currently in its 2nd season and there hasn't been one bad episode yet, in my opinion. Bridgit Mendler (Teddy Duncan) is a lovely, charismatic, comedic actress is doing a GREAT job in the lead role. Leigh-Allyn Baker as Amy Duncan has got to the funniest Disney Channel mom of all time. The rest of the cast works well together and the scripts are very well written. There is honestly nothing bad I can say about this show. Basically, If you grew up watching family-based sitcoms like "Growing Pains", "Full House" "Family Matters" and "Step by Step", You Will LOVE this show.
  • Straight-Up Entertainment

    Wow. I have to give mad props to Phil Baker and Drew Vaupen for taking a format that seems to have been forgotten-the family sitcom-and bringing it back on Disney Channel. This is by far the best show on that channel (I rated Austin & Ally a 10 only because the storylines there entertain me more than Good Luck Charlie, but it's not the better show). Gabe is easily the best character (too damn funny) and then you have Amy with her semi-arrogant personality. All in all, Good Luck Charlie never fails to disappoint me. It's witty, it's humorous, and it can be dramatic when it wants to. And now, in a future B-plot, it's going to have lesbian parents. Even though that's not going to be the main thing of the episode, it's groundbreaking for a children's show to do that, and actually reminds me of something they would do in 1993. Like the title says, Good Luck Charlie is straight-up entertainment.
  • Another Great Disney Show

  • Amazingly done right!

    I thank Disney for bringing back an old childhood memory of family shows like lizzie McGuire ;) thanks Disney I agree with those that like the show :)
  • best show on disney.

    this show is the best show on disney. all the characters are really good actors. specially gabe.

    one thing i dont like is how they make bridgit mendler sing i mean she good but not that not her fault thogh disney is making all of their actors sing. all the shows' theme songs are the main characters singing. just like selena gomez she's a really good actress but she cannot sing at all.
  • I love it !

    I think it's a pretty nice show ! I laugh all the time to it (surprising cuz I hate 90% of Disney shows) its disneys last hope. Even tho it's kinda like full house. It's not that bad. They picked perfect actors for it and humor is hilarious. I hope this show gets picked up for another season
  • Best disney show

    i really love this for me it the best show ever
  • Good Luck Charlie!

    I say that it's my favorite on DC. It's a great show for the family to watch, and has great laughs here and then. If you want to watch it with your little sister or brother or child, then it's okay except there are some innaproppriate words and flirting with the teens, other than that I say your child would enjoy it. Oh, and Mia who plays Charlie on there is so adorable
  • Season 3 is ending; Season 4 is going to be GREAT!!!

    Love this show. Period.
  • Make more eps. Disney

    This is a very good show, I watch it almost everyday but there's kinda a problem, they haven't been making new episodes so....I want Disney to know that we want more episodes (except for the people who aren't fans of this show)

    yes they r making new eps now :D
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