Good Luck Charlie

Disney Channel (ended 2014)





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  • Satisfying and Humorous.

    A great show that's clean, funny, and family-oriented.

    Clean humor, character development, and funny storylines: all the things that I look for in a show and I find with this one. The characters did not stay one-sided and have developed likable personalities. Teddy went from the slightly stuck-up know-it-all to a spunky and slightly crazy teenage girl with teenage problems. PJ is no longer just the dumb character. He is also learning to love the culinary arts and he even has his own place. Gabe went from just the troublemaker to the troublemaker with a great sense of humor. Even Bob and Amy have matured as characters. Bob's love for bugs has been explored and Amy's obsession with the spotlight is hilarious. Charlie? Well, she can walk and learned to talk as well

    My only grip with this show is that the show doesn't focus enough on Charlie and all I'm seeing is her physical growth. Since the show is named after one, it would be reasonable to think that there would be more focus on her least more than there has been. Regardless, the show is still very entertaining, most of all, because it focuses on morals and actual family issues rather than slapstick humor and toilet gags. Granted, there are some in this show, but because they are not the forefront of the focus, I feel it has contributed to this show's success. Unlike most shows, I feel like the quality of the episodes actually improved with the progressing seasons.

    It's far from a perfect show, as sometimes I find they over exaggerate the personalities a bit as well as some of the story plots, which irk me personally. But all in all, it's a really enjoyable show that gives you a lot of laughs without cutting corners and using mean-spirited humor. It's a shame that it succumbed to Disney's "4 season rule" because this is a show that really could have lasted much longer.