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  • Enough Favoritism

    I am sick and tired of everyone talking about how much they love this show (not really an issue), and then proceeding to shit on other Disney and Nick shows, too, for "not living up to this (which include, but are nowhere near limited to: Drake & Josh, iCarly, Shake It Up, Jessie, Austin & Ally, I Didn't Do It, as you can see the list of TV shows that suffer from these Good Luck Charlie fanatics' trash talk and favoritism is endless really it is) Good Luck Charlie is the only one on Disney or Nick that this is the case. So, just for that, here is a long, true list about why this show sucks for a fact.

    1) I have seen character like PJ, Gabe, and Amy (the mother) everywhere. Same with that one character, Joe, that shows in several episodes. Ooh an evil little girl! Where have I seen THAT before?

    2) It's too boring to bother watching.

    3) Charlie is supposed to be the main focus, but is often used more as a prop for the show.

    4) Bridgit Mendler cannot act.

    5) On Good Luck Charlie, none of the jokes are funny at all. Actually, Good Luck Charlie has a lot of gross-out humor. Meanwhile, on Victorious, the jokes are actually funny.

    6) PJ puts on the usual dumb act in most situations, and yet he can drive and date girls, dress himself and so dumb is he?

    7) The show tries too hard to make Teddy act boy obsessed.

    8) The parents act like idiots and they let their kids make fools of them. Meanwhile, on Jessie, they don't make fools out of the adults.

    9) The kids are rude and obnoxious and use language more than just Meanwhile, on Jessie, there is no obnoxious talking back to adults.
  • Gets old fast

    The plot is so cheesy. I mean, Charlie is supposed to be the main focus, but she's more of a prop for the show. Teddy smiles way too much, not saying smiling is a bad thing, but when Bridgit Mendler is just not very cut-out for the role, it grates on my nerves a bit. There are a lot of moments that gross me out, such as in the first episode: the Dad licking his armpit, a kid getting a fishing hook stuck in his lip and PJ pulling at it on-screen, and Charlie vomiting, and in the dentist episode: I was grossed out by the scene where Gabe is covered in baby food because Charlie won't eat. This show also is just way too predictable for my tastes, and recycles characters and stories we've already heard. Not saying I hate this show, I don't, but I will say it's a huge disappointment for me. I'm writing this as a 17 year old, but really my parents, and 2 younger siblings don't have much interest in this show either. There are plenty of other Disney shows that are much better than Good Luck Charlie, and a lot of them like Jessie, Austin & Ally, Liv and Maddie, and Girl Meets World are actually really good.
  • I have fun watching the show.

    I have fun watching the show. This family is very funny.

    Music in the show is merry and amazing. Also,the characters tell

    hilarious jokes. Besides, Charlie and her brother Toby look very

    sweet. Finally, I like the plot changes! You can watch this show with

    your family.
  • I actually give it better.

    It is actually better than I thought it was. I'm sorry for the stupid review before, it's OK now that Gabe is in a relationship, so his flirty attitude is only on one woman. I do not like Charlie's attitude with Toby. They should make PJ a little smarter because it's sorta not cute of how dumb he is at his age. Bob is pretty funny. Amy is like the main machine of the house, I just wished they would have payed quality attention to Gabe. Teddy is OK. She is portrayed by a very cute actress and Teddy also deserves a little better of a name and a little better of a life. Overall I think they didn't need to add Toby, but whatever. Fix PJ he's stupid.
  • Its great

    I really liked this show. I loved the cast and the episodes. And all the haters are stupid and shouldnt waste there time writing bad reviews!


    so original and fun to watch I really love this show and I think I watched every episode there was to watch!

    I hope this show continues for a long time! you rock Gabe!!!
  • It hurts that this show has an 8.7 yet Full House (a show it completely rips off) only has an 8.5

    Not the worst, but people make it out to be some kind of Disney saving grace, but with shit like Austin and Ally and Kickin it on the channel nothing could save it. Toby is an unnecessary he ruins the plotline by taking over for Charlie, the characters act really stupid in some episodes and the parents are ignorant.
  • Great show for all ages

    I'm 17 and I like to watch this show.. Its funny and entertaining! Everyone has there funny moments! My favorties are teddy and Gabe! I'll admThere should have been more show time on Charlie since she's the one that's has the name in the show! But overall its great show to watch and its sad that it over :( they should play a lot more reruns more often
  • Full House Ripoff

    Believe it or not this show is a total ripoff of Full House (on nick) I don't like this show, (Don't dislike me for this, this is MY opinion and if you can't respect it you are breaking the 1st amendment of the United States look it up) Anyway, Teddy tries WAY too hard to be funny, PJ is just plain stupid (It's insulting that his stereotype is dumb blonde) Gabe can be so annoying at times. Although there is nothing wrong with Charlie and Toby. Kids today have no taste in TV, Music, and some times Movies.
  • Satisfying and Humorous.

    A great show that's clean, funny, and family-oriented.

    Clean humor, character development, and funny storylines: all the things that I look for in a show and I find with this one. The characters did not stay one-sided and have developed likable personalities. Teddy went from the slightly stuck-up know-it-all to a spunky and slightly crazy teenage girl with teenage problems. PJ is no longer just the dumb character. He is also learning to love the culinary arts and he even has his own place. Gabe went from just the troublemaker to the troublemaker with a great sense of humor. Even Bob and Amy have matured as characters. Bob's love for bugs has been explored and Amy's obsession with the spotlight is hilarious. Charlie? Well, she can walk and learned to talk as well

    My only grip with this show is that the show doesn't focus enough on Charlie and all I'm seeing is her physical growth. Since the show is named after one, it would be reasonable to think that there would be more focus on her least more than there has been. Regardless, the show is still very entertaining, most of all, because it focuses on morals and actual family issues rather than slapstick humor and toilet gags. Granted, there are some in this show, but because they are not the forefront of the focus, I feel it has contributed to this show's success. Unlike most shows, I feel like the quality of the episodes actually improved with the progressing seasons.

    It's far from a perfect show, as sometimes I find they over exaggerate the personalities a bit as well as some of the story plots, which irk me personally. But all in all, it's a really enjoyable show that gives you a lot of laughs without cutting corners and using mean-spirited humor. It's a shame that it succumbed to Disney's "4 season rule" because this is a show that really could have lasted much longer.

  • Actually Watchable!

    One of the only watchable Disney Channel shows- The jokes are actually funny, it actually has a plot, and has more than just potty humor. Good Luck Charlie is the show most like Thats so raven since TSR Ended.
  • So sad it's gone

    This is/was the only good disney show since all the old shows ended. My family always watched it together and it's the only show I actually thought was funny
  • Thank Neptune this show is canceled!

    Seriously, this show is overrated.
  • More.. More.. More

    I sooooo love this series, I started following them on youtube... Too bad not all episodes were there.. Well anyway, the casts are AWESOME!!! They never fail me to laugh at every single episode!!! They're so talented and natural in the way they do... Disney if ever ur reading this pls pls pls make a Good luck TOBY this time... It will be so much love to see this family rock on \m/ one more time...
  • Good for kids and parents

    This show is good for both kids and parents alike. It is funny and it is based on things that can happen in real life. Kids and parents can relate to this. The plots are creative and interesting and not reused over and over again. The people can actually act, unlike every other Disney show. This show might be on its 4th season but you can't tell they are running out of ideas. But the show has to end soon..... After Disney gets rid of this, there will be only Phineas and Ferb and Gravity Falls. And Phineas and Ferb needs to end. Don't end this show now! Get rid of "ANT Farm" if you have to get rid of a show.


    Update 2-21-14 NOO! IT HAS ENDED AND GOT REPLACED BY I DIDN'T DO IT! I didn't do it is by far the worst show on Disney, and worse that Austin and Ally and Shake it Up combined!


    This show can't be compared with the other pathetic shows on Disney. It actually has a plot and its so fun and entertaining! I actually do laugh when they crack jokes, and I like it! Its literally the only show that hasn't stunk at all, its still going strong! The characters are so fun and humorous, and its a pleasure to watch! I enjoy every single episode and I'm never gonna regret saying that. I love Good Luck Charlie!
  • THE BEST SHOW ON DISNEY BY FAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My household is devastated that this show is ending!!! I understand that the kids are getting older and story lines may be harder to come by. But I had to say my peace and say how truly sad we are that this great show is ending! The new shows ~ Liv and Maddie... I didn't do it ~ these shows are not great.. nor are they always appropriate for my 8 yr old daughter! I am truly sad to see it go.. Please Please Please leave on re-runs so we still have something appropriate and great to watch on Disney!!
  • What the?

    That picture needs to be updated because Toby isn't in it.
  • The Only Good Live Action Show Of Disney Channel

    This Show Is Awesome

    The Jokes Are Good, I Give It A 9/10

    The Acting Is Great, I Give It A 7/10

    The Plots Are Good Made, It Should Be Stay Here, I Give It A 10/10

    Final Rating: 10/10

    "Great Show What It Should To Stay"

  • One show of disney I like

    This show is one of my favorite shows it better then that dum shit like shake it up. this show I really like cause it teaches children some lessons and its really funny. Also the show has some good acting and good ideas to make the show better. Out of all this is a good TV show that many people should watch on Disney.

    I think that this show is funny, original, and realistic! The characters in this show are so funny, I love the mom!! All the problems that happen in the show are realistic and result good problem solving for kids! I think this show is like a good show for all ages! I am 13 and I watch this show and same with all my friends and my two siblings! I am so sad that this show is ending in a few weeks!:(
  • Meet The Duncans

    The story is about the Duncans, a family that has some rather insane adventures. Charlie is their baby if your wondering, by the way, and her older sister, Teddy, makes video dairies for her baby sister to watch due to the families luck. The place where the story takes place is usually their house and feels realistic. Good Luck Charlie is a great show with nice characters with well voice-acting, great environments, a wonderful story and set-up and the music fits well. The word that describes this show is just 'enjoyable'. Nothing else. It is just enjoyable. Go watch it and wish Good Luck for Charlie.
  • One of the few Disney Shows worth watching.

    When there's nothing else on TV on, I usually watch this. It's a pretty good show. Bridget Mendler is a super great actress and she is very pretty. Too bad it's going to end next year. :(
  • 40 year old Charlie watcher!

    I Love this show and I am 40!! Even though this is a disney show for kids, Its very entertaining for parents. Not only do I feel this way I have many parent friends that feel the same way. Its purely entertaining and brings a smile to your face. It sometimes is silly but its not irritating or dumb.
  • Just like the Suite Life Series.

    This is another Disney channel hit. Its pretty popular, I watch it on occasions. Its a sitcom, but on of the ones you can fit into televisions history. It also matches all ages and families.
  • Ah yes a GOOD FAMILY show and it's starting to bring back memories of the good old days when Family Matters,Full House,etc were on

    Ah yes,Disney Channel,A never ending roller coaster,with ending,and canceling most of their previous cartoon shows like "Kim Possible" "American Dragon:Jake Long" "The Proud Family" etc they have lost TONS of sadly they though they could replace those cartoons with new cit coms like "Hannah Montanna" or "Shake it up" and even "Sonny with a chance" The only reasons these shows are still on is because of all the young girls who THINK that these shows give good lessons and the characters in reality they Wizards of Waverly place is different then most shows,it's still got a lot of people that like it and it's pretty cool if you actually get into Good Luck Charlie is just plain feels like I'm watching the good old classic family show like "Family Matters" and "Full House" It's reminds me of those good old days,and sadly that's a feeling that the new generations kids won't experience
  • One of the best family sitcoms on television, and the only show on Disney Channel that's decent, not to mention one of the last shows aimed at entire families.

    The moment you see the formula that made TGIF (a block of family sitcoms that aired on ABC in the '90s) so popular being used again in the pilot episode, you know this one's gonna be juicy good. The show focuses on a middle-class family named the Duncans, who now has a firstborn baby girl named Charlie. You also have the characters that make up a typical family that was used in the TGIF formula, the caring parents, the annoying older brother, the rebellious teenage girl, and the bumbling older brother. The sitcom is now in its final season, and will in later episodes, feature two lesbian parents whose daughter befriends Charlie in her toddler years, which keeps our interest but lowers the bar a little. What would have been a great show is just darn good, but it's still worth your time.
  • Eh...

    This show, unusually, isn't as bad as it could be, and has some moments from time to time, but like many other children's shows today, it suffers from some poor jokes, the "live audience" shtick, and the fact that it could have more heart and thought into it. Plus I think it's just a way of showing off a baby so everyone will think it's cute.

    It could be better.
  • While it lasted

    Good luck charlie was Disney's only hope but now their going to showcase a gay couple and kill themselves going against God its asking to have your channel ruined! Parents may not even want their kids seeing this are they crazy?! quit shoving this crap in our faces!

    Anyone else notice a couple of the similarities Glc has to Full house

    Car in the house

    Charlie and Michelle

    pj and dj

    teddy(michelles best friend) teddy charlies sister

    bob's an exterminator jesse is an exterminator

    joeys a bad cook amy's a bad cook

    Theyve stolen alot from Full house its not even that orignial but at least the actors are good
  • Stupidest show ever

    this show has a bunch of teens in it that act like they are 5 and 6 year olds they need to take this garbage off of tv
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