Good Luck Charlie - Season 2

Disney Channel (ended 2014)




Episode Guide

  • Good Luck Charlie, It's Christmas!
    The Duncans are planning a big Christmas trip, with their bags packed and their tickets purchased. Things go awry when the family ends up separated. Baby Charlie (Mia Talerico) tries to put up with her well-meaning but bumbling father, Bob (Eric Allan Kramer). Meanwhile, Charlie's mother (Leigh-Allyn Baker) and sister (Bridgit Mendler) try desperately to get back with the rest of the family in time for Christmas.moreless
  • Teddy on Ice
    Episode 30

    Harry gives Teddy the cold shoulder after she destroys another one of his prized possessions.The Duncan brothers become hookedon the drama and intrigue of Mrs. Dabney's favorite soap opera. Bob and Amy's ears are burning when they hear Charlie's new colorful vocabulary.

  • 11/20/11
    The Duncans invite Bob's dad, Frank, and Mrs. Dabney to Thanksgiving dinner. Unfortunately for Bob and Gabe, the two invited guests really hit it off. Meanwhile, Teddy and Ivy decide to go Black Friday shopping for the first time, and PJ tries to convince Amy to let him help cook the holiday dinner.moreless
  • Story Time
    Episode 28
    Bob is excited to talk to the kids in Gabe's class on career day. However, Gabe doesn't share Bob's enthusiasm. PJ gives great marriage advice to a couple he met while delivering chicken. Meanwhile, Teddy and Amy are busy competing against each other to impress a local children's book publisher.
  • 11/6/11
    PJ is devastated when he finds out his real name isn't PJ, and it's all Bob's fault. When Emmett loses his job, Teddy finds out Spencer is his replacement. Since she and Emmet worked together, Teddy worries about seeing Spencer at work. Meanwhile, Gabe struggles to find a birthday gift for his oldest brother.moreless
  • 10/23/11

    Return to Super Adventure Land is the twenty-sixth episode in the second season of Disney Channel's Good Luck Charlie. The Duncans are taking a trip to their favorite amusement park. While they are all excited, Gabe is by far the most excited of the bunch. Amy and Gabe are given a unique opportunity, but Amy goes overboard. Meanwhile, P.J. impresses Bob with his cooking skills.

  • 10/9/11

    A mischief making boy wreaks havoc on Charlie, Teddy and Ivy's evening of trick or treating. P.J. goes over to the dark side for his new girl. Gabe strong-arms Mrs. Dabney into paying him to "protect" her home from "an unknown vandal" that strikes every year.

  • Alley Oops
    Episode 24
    Alley Oops is the twenty-fourth episode in the second season of Disney Channel's Good Luck Charlie. The Duncan's neighbor, Mary Lou Wentz, wins a competition to sing the National Anthem at a professional basketball game. However, Teddy must come to her rescue when things don't go as planned. Bob is competing in a bowling tournament, but must save Gabe who is in an awkward predicament. Amy is disappointed when her children won't accept her online friend requests.moreless
  • Ditch Day
    Episode 23
    After being branded as the ultimate goody two-shoes by her classmates, Teddy decides to ditch her rep by skipping school. P.J. hopes to turn his home economics' grade from drab to fab by creating a dress for Charlie. Bob and Amy argue over a poem that she saved from an old beau.moreless
  • 8/28/11
    The Bob Duncan Experience is the twenty-second episode in the second season of Good Luck Charlie on Disney. P.J. breaks Bob's record, the only record ever made by Bob's band, The Bob Duncan Experience. In hopes of making it up to his dad, P.J. reunites the band and encourages them to make another record. Gabe and his buddy, Leo, work together at a homemade lemonade stand, but end up breaking up and competing against each other instead.moreless
  • Termite Queen
    Episode 21

    Termite Queen is the twenty-first episode in the second season of Good Luck Charlie on the Disney Channel. Teddy agrees to go to an exterminator convention with Bob. Amy allows P.J.'s friend to stay at their house, but soon regrets it. Gabe makes Charlie the star of his monster movie.

  • Amazing Gracie
    Episode 20
    Amazing Gracie is the twentieth episode in the second season of Good Luck Charlie airing on the Disney Channel. Teddy buys a car from Ivy's father, but quickly destroys it. P.J. and Gabe desperately try to find Bob a friend, so they don't have to go with him on a fishing trip. Amy encourages Charlie to make a scene when she is dropped off at preschool.moreless
  • Sun Show, Part Two
    Episode 19

    Gabe tries to keep his promise to God by helping P.J. get his confidence back. Things go from bad to worse for Amy. Bob scrambles to find a stand-in for Amy after being informed that both the husband and wife must attend the time share sale pitch. Teddy searches for Charlie.

  • Sun Show, Part One
    Episode 18

    Sun Show, Part One is the eighteenth episode in the second season of Disney's Good Luck Charlie. Bob surprises Amy by taking the family on a Hawaiian vacation. Amy is shocked that the normally cheap Bob has splurged on such an extravagant trip. However, Amy doesn't know that Bob has agreed to attend a time share seminar to earn the trip. Meanwhile, Amy thinks she has cursed the entire family and Charlie goes missing.

  • P.J. in the City
    Episode 17

    P.J. in the City is the seventeenth episode in the second season of Disney's Good Luck Charlie. P.J. is devastated when Skyler leaves for New York. Unable to deal with his feelings, he sets out to find her in the city. Teddy takes up a part-time job to earn money for the perfect outfit, even though it means working with Spencer.

  • Monkey Business
    Episode 16
    Monkey Business is the sixteenth episode in the second season of Good Luck Charlie. Teddy takes Charlie and her neighbor's daughter to Make a Monkey. Later Teddy realizes she lost an expensive earring and fears it is in one of the monkeys. Gabe plays a mean prank on his parents. Skyler's dad begins to make P.J. feel uncomfortable.moreless
  • Bye Bye Video Diary
    Episode 15
    Bye Bye Video Diary is the fifteenth episode in the second season of Disney Channel's Good Luck Charlie. Teddy is devastated when the video diaries she has made for Charlie seem to have been destroyed. Amy agrees to help Teddy redo all the videos in one night. With P.J. gone for the weekend, Gabe realizes he does not like sleeping in their room alone.moreless
  • Baby's New Shoes
    Episode 14
    Baby's New Shoes is the fourteenth episode in the second season of Good Luck Charlie. Amy splurges and spends $400 on a new pair of shoes. However, she intends to return them after she has worn them to a party. Teddy uses her brother, Gabe, and his friend to earn herself an internship. P.J. begs the forgiveness of a former classmate.moreless
  • 6/5/11
    Charlie Shakes It Up is the thirteenth episode in the second season of Disney Channel's Good Luck Charlie. This episode is also a crossover show to Disney's Shake It Up. Amy, Teddy and Charlie are taking a trip to Chicago to visit a relative when they are accidentally mistaken for the famous dancing Duncan Sisters. Instead of clearing up the confusion, Amy begs the girls to play along so she can take advantage of the opportunity and appear on television. Meanwhile at home, Bob is engrossed in a television series and P.J. and Gabe take advantage of the moment by having a garage sale.moreless
  • The Break Up
    Episode 12
    Teddy comes to terms with the fact that she and Derek are not meant to be, but she can't bring herself to tell the boy that it's over. P.J. convinces his Kwikki Chikki co-workers to go on strike, after they realize their boss isn't paying them a fair wage. Gabe learns how to a fierce hockey player from Amy.moreless
  • 5/8/11
    Teddy tells Ivy off after she questions what Teddy sees in Derek. Troublemaker Gabe bets his parents that he can act like an angel for a week. P.J offers to be Bob's personal trainer.
  • Meet the Parents
    Episode 10

    Meet the Parents is the tenth episode in the second season of Good Luck Charlie. Gabe talks his older brother, P.J., and his sister, Teddy, into posing as his parents for a conference with his teacher. Amy is determined to impress Bob, by building Charlie's playhouse all by herself and P.J. and Skylar have their first date.

  • Teddy's Bear
    Episode 9
    Amy lets her temper get the best of her when Mr. Piper refuses to admit he was wrong. P.J. decides to have a man to man talk with Skyler's old beau. Charlie's first ballet lesson may be her last after Bob breaks one of the class rules.
  • 4/10/11

    The Singin' Dancin' Duncans is the eighth episode in the second season of Good Luck Charlie on the Disney Channel. Amy recruits the family for a dancing competition to benefit the hospital. However, the majority of the Duncan family is rhythmically challenged. Teddy suspects Ivy is intentionally leaving her out of things. P.J. and Gabe gather up old junk around the house and try to sell it online.

  • 4/3/11

    Battle of the Bands is the seventh episode in the second season of Good Luck Charlie on Disney. Teddy and Skyler are competing against P.J., Emmet and Spencer in a Battle of the Bands. However, when P.J. begins to develop feelings for Skyler it affects everyone. Bob makes Gabe return an expensive gift, but then has second thoughts and Amy takes credit for one of Charlie's paintings.

  • 3/27/11
    Teddy regrets feigning interest in Evan's favorite pastime, when she learns how deep his geeky obsession really goes.
  • Duncan vs. Duncan
    Episode 5
    Jo and Gabe bond over their mutual dislike of cotillion classes. Amy refuses to apologize to Bob for humiliating him at the grocery store, prompting P.J. and Teddy to play peacemakers for their own parents.
  • Appy Days
    Episode 4
    Teddy uses technology to help her and Ivy pull off one of the oldest cons in the teenage play book. Bob comes up noticeably short when he tries to compliment P.J. good traits.
  • Let's Potty
    Episode 3
    Bob attempt to remove several toys that Charlie flushed down the toilet by himself ends in disaster.
  • Something's Fishy
    Episode 2
    Teddy dives head first into the job pool in order to earn enough clams to pay for her whale of a cell phone bill. Amy tries to school Gabe in video tennis. P.J. dates with Kayla keep turning into play dates for her and Charlie.
  • Charlie is 2!
    Episode 1
    The quest for the perfect birthday gift for Charlie lands all of the Duncan family in jail.
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