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Good Luck Charlie

Season 1 Episode 19

Sleepless in Denver

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Oct 24, 2010 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

Charlie rebels after her parents replace her crib with a toddler bed. Gabe's sleepover turns out to be a disaster. P.J. starts having nightmares about his future.

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • Superb (almost perfect) episode

    Charlie rebels after her parents replace her crib with a toddler bed. Gabe's sleepover turns out to be a disaster. P.J. starts having nightmares about his future.This episode was superb. It made me laugh so hard especially Gabe's plot. My score is lower because PJ's plot wasn't the best and it was boring on most of it. The only parts that made me laugh in that plot were his dreams and then when he hurts himself. The others parts that made me laugh are Charlie saying no because she doesn't like her new bed, Gabe walks on through this sleepover thing, Charlie writing on the wall, Gabe's friends acting unique, Gabe annoyed at Amy, the boy getting pizza, the boys' sleepover at the tent, Liam scared of upstairs, the boys chasing Teddy sleeping on Charlie's room, the boys watching a zombie movie, and a couple more. Overall, the episode was hilarious, but almost perfect. 9.5/10moreless
  • PJ's pointless plot is the reason why my score is a little low

    I thought that this was a superb episode of "Good Luck Charlie". It would have been an excellent episode but PJ's plot had to ruin my score just a little. This is the only PJ plot out of the entire show that I don't like. I just found PJ's plot to be very pointless, unoriginal and ridiculous. Everyone tells PJ that he is going to get fat if he keeps eating unhealthy. PJ then has nightmares that he is very fat. Okay, the nightmares in PJ's plot is what ruined the plot the most. The only thing about PJ's plot was when Bob woke up PJ and then PJ drops the weights on Bob's foot. Gabe's plot when wanted to have a sleepover was definitely very funny. Gabe's friends were so funny in this episode. It was hilarious when one of Gabe's friends wants more pizza. Gabe's friend (who has overbite teeth) having a phobia of going "upstairs" definitely made me laugh so hard... one of the funniest and best parts of this episode. Bob laughing hard at a monkey movie that is for ages 3 and up was very funny as well. I was also laughing when the sprinklers went out was wetting Gabe and his friends. It was also pretty funny when Gabe and his friends think Bob is fun pretending to be a zombie. As for Teddy's plot, it wasn't my favorite plot but I thought it was executed very well and it's better than seeing Teddy focus on Spencer. Overall, this episode was superb but it would have been excellent if PJ's plot didn't ruin it. 9/10moreless
  • Superb episode!

    Gabe and his friends have a sleepover and when they stay up and watch a scary movie, they later have trouble sleeping. Meanwhile, Charlie refuses to sleep in her new big girl bed, so she starts acting up on the day Teddy has an audition for a school play. PJ has dreams of what might happen if he becomes too fat and too strong.

    Gabe/Friends' Plot: I thought this plot was great! The sprinklers going off was funny. Them being scared was funny. Everything was funny about this plot. Oh, and I loved the fear of "upstairs", however it didn't make sense to me, because there is "upstairs" in schools.

    Charlie/Teddy's Plot: I thought Teddy's face being ruined by Charlie was funny. However, it didn't make sense to me how Teddy didn't notice that her face was ruined.

    PJ's Plot: This plot was so boring and bad, which is what ruined the whole score.

    Overall a superb episode. The one thing that didn't make sense to me in Gabe's plot removed 2.5 points of the score. The thing that didn't make sense to me in Teddy's plot removed another 2.5 points of the score. PJ's plot removed 5.0 points from the episode score, bringing a 9, which is superb.moreless
  • 119

    A bit of a lackluster episode of Good Luck Charlie tonight. I really hated the fact that the Wheezy Girl returned. She was not funny when she made her first appearance, and things were no different the second time around.

    PJ's dreams were quite idiotic, I actually only think I liked the Gabe & Amy plot. They always seem to have the best interactions. Gabe was hilarious. I think this is the point where Teddy really started getting on my nerves.

    It was also a pretty pathetic attempt at showcasing Bridgit Mendler's singing career, does every Disney Channel have to have a record deal as well? It seems like that's definitely the case nowadays. Overall, fair episode, nothing to write home about.moreless

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