Good Luck Charlie

Season 2 Episode 2

Something's Fishy

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Feb 27, 2011 on Disney Channel

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  • Another superb episode

    Teddy dives head first into the job pool in order to earn enough clams to pay for her whale of a cell phone bill. Amy tries to school Gabe in video tennis. P.J. dates with Kayla keep turning into play dates for her and Charlie. A superb episode again, It looks like the show got back to its roots after the season 2 premire because most of the episodes in the second half of Season 1 weren't that perfect. Season 2 is definitely is better than season 1 because there's no slow episodes expect for Ditch Day. This episode was enjoyable for most of the parts expect for Gabe/Amy's plot, although it did made me laugh like twice...but nothing special. The other two plots were very funny, Overall, a superb episode of GLC. 9/10
  • This episode was a rough brownie.


    This episode was a rough brownie. I love Good Luck Charlie was this episode was kind of dull. OK the main plot is what ruined it. I found it kind of boring and not funny at all. The PJ/Charlie/(I forgot the girl's name) plot was pretty funny, but it got weird at the end. The Amy/ Gabe plot was hilarious. I laughed almost everytime it came on. Overall a fair Good Luck Charlie 6/10

  • perfect

    What i liked: PJ's date only seeing him so she can see Charlie, Teddy and Bob talking to each other at the end of the episode, the entirety of the sub plot with Gabe and Amy, amongst other things.

    Good episode. Not one of my favorites of the show but it was pretty funny and had a good plot, so A+ is my final grade.
  • 202

    We got a lot of feel good moments on tonight's episode of Good Luck Charlie. And I love how this show seems to be getting back to it's roots in the first season cause honestly, it was sleeping at the end of the first season, so it's nice to see this show get back on track.

    We got the common story line of Teddy going over her phone bill, and her resorting to getting a job (as if getting a job were that easy, but I digress). Her scene with her father was really great, and I just loved the Full House-type family moments this show seem to have from time to time. Separates this show from the other Disney shows.

    The Gabe & Amy story line was definitely the best though, we got a lot of great gags between the two. The PJ story line was watchable, his stupidity wasn't as exaggerated as it was in the first episode, so overall, a successful installment of Good Luck Charlie.
  • Another superb episode

    Last Sunday was the Season 2 premiere of "Good Luck Charlie" and I thought it was superb. This episode was also superb. So far, I have been delivered 2 superb episodes of "Good Luck Charlie" in a row... the second season started off really good and I hope it continues to go that way. This episode was funny like when Bob told Teddy that she had to get a job because she went over her texting limits. I thought Amy beating Gabe was also funny but I didn't like how she was gloating to Gabe and says things like "you're my loser" or "are you gonna cry home to your mommy?" (which made my score a little low) but it was funny when Gabe said "you are my mommy". Teddy and Bob being stuck in that tube at the kid's playground in that restaurant Teddy was working in was hilarious. I also thought it was funny how Charlie keeps saying words like "i wove PJ" "I'm sorry" and the others was cute and hilarious. I also think that this episode is when Charlie said the most words. It was also hilarious that Charlie hung up on Bob when he called for help. I didn't like PJ's plot that much because that new girlfriend of his only wanted to be with Charlie (which took away another five points in my review) but I am happy that PJ dumped her and when that EX-girlfriend of PJ said "Charlie, say something", Charlie responds "bye bye" and then says to PJ "I'm sorry" and then PJ says "I can't stay mad at you". Overall, despite Amy being competitive and the subplot with PJ's girlfriend wanting to be with Charlie, this was a superb episode of "Good Luck Charlie". 9/10