Good Luck Charlie

Season 2 Episode 2

Something's Fishy

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Feb 27, 2011 on Disney Channel

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    We got a lot of feel good moments on tonight's episode of Good Luck Charlie. And I love how this show seems to be getting back to it's roots in the first season cause honestly, it was sleeping at the end of the first season, so it's nice to see this show get back on track.

    We got the common story line of Teddy going over her phone bill, and her resorting to getting a job (as if getting a job were that easy, but I digress). Her scene with her father was really great, and I just loved the Full House-type family moments this show seem to have from time to time. Separates this show from the other Disney shows.

    The Gabe & Amy story line was definitely the best though, we got a lot of great gags between the two. The PJ story line was watchable, his stupidity wasn't as exaggerated as it was in the first episode, so overall, a successful installment of Good Luck Charlie.