Good Luck Charlie

Season 3 Episode 7

Special Delivery, Part One

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Jun 24, 2012 on Disney Channel
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  • Special Delivery, Part One

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  • Thanks

    Charlie had a F-ed up birthday tbh. The Duncans can never do a good party for any of their children...Thanks for the information and success.

  • Hopefully

    Hopefully the show will still focus on Charlie since a new baby came now so a new baby might mean that they will pay less attention to Charlie which kinda worries me but we will see how...Thanks for the information and success.

  • Heartwarming

    Well, Charlie had a F-ed up birthday tbh. The Duncans can never do a good party for any of their children. The name Toby is okay, not my favorite name, but it does fit in with the rest of the Duncan's names. I don't like that he was in an ice cream truck either.

    The scene near the end where Teddy is showing Toby around and the song played, while they showed the family photos almost put me to tears! So beautiful. I think the new baby does kinda kill the show's title and format a bit. I mean, Teddy will have to do "Good luck Toby" now too and if she doesn't, that'll make Toby feel bad in the future.

    Overall, a good episode with a touching endingmoreless
  • Ladies and Gentlemen!!! Welcome the newest member of the Duncan family ____ ______ (Name revealed in the review)

    This is the 1-hour "Good Luck Charlie" episode and it's the episode where the new baby of the Duncan family is finally coming. Hopefully the show will still focus on Charlie since a new baby came now so a new baby might mean that they will pay less attention to Charlie which kinda worries me but we will see how it goes. I'm glad that the new baby finally came though. I thought that this entire 1-hour episode was handled very well. I loved the storyline and a lot of parts in this episode really made me laugh very hard. My only nit-pick about this 1-hour episode was Amy's nightmare with everyone neglecting Charlie and paying attention to the new episodes and Charlie walking away saying "I'm sad" was just very dumb and pointless so that really wasn't needed and my little brother (who doesn't watch this show with me that much) actually laughed at that part because he thought it was so freakin' stupid. But yeah, it's just a nit-pick and it shouldn't be something that bugged me that tiny tiny tiny little. I thought Teddy trying to relax Amy for the baby to try to come out so it won't land on Charlie's birthday was funny but unfortunately it worked. The plot with Gabe spending $50 on a video game instead of spending it on Charlie's baby doll for her birthday was funny too and I liked how Gabe actually felt guilty about it in this episode and was actually, for once, gonna at least try to be honest with his parents. It kinda showed a new side of Gabe and I enjoyed that. The plot with Bob and PJ finding a new car to make more room for the new baby was funny as well. There were more extremely or mildly funny parts throughout this entire 1-hour episode such as everyone not fitting in the new car and then Amy tells Bob "New car?" and then Bob responds "new car", Jake as a whole was hilarious this episode and probably his best appearance ever, Gabe trying to return the video game, Bob driving the truck into the kitchen and crashed (that part literally cracked me up), The Ice cream man was funny especially when he said "Okay, I'm putting this truck into turbo mode" (or something like that) and the ice cream truck just slows down, "Teddy, how could you be so irresponsible?" "Says the guy who drove the truck into the kitchen", and many more. The 1-hour episode, as a whole, was just unbelievably hilarious to watch. It was also heartwarming to see the new baby which happens to be a boy and the name of the baby is..... (drum rolls)............. Toby Duncan. That's right everyone, welcome the new member to the Duncan family Toby Duncan... welcome to the family Toby and I actually like that name. The scene where Teddy and the new baby Toby are looking at the family pictures near the end of the episode was very heartwarming and it also wants to make you cry. I can't wait to see the rest of the series with the new baby Toby Duncan and the middle name that Amy came up for Toby was pretty funny. I just hope Toby the new baby won't affect Charlie's show title so hopefully the writers know what they're doing and they don't lose their charms with this show. Overall, a perfect 1-hour "Good Luck Charlie" episode with both humor and heart and it's definitely one of my new favorites... I highly recommend you watch this episode, it's a must-see. 10/10moreless

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    • After this episode wrapped, Leigh-Allyn Baker announced to everyone on the set that she and her husband were expecting their second child. Her fellow co-stars and the "Good Luck Charlie" crew members thought that Leigh-Allyn was playing a prank on them at first, but they were thrilled for her once she convinced them that she was telling the truth.