Good Luck Charlie

Season 1 Episode 1

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Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Apr 04, 2010 on Disney Channel
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Teddy is surprised when her crush asks her on a date. Amy worries about how the kids take care of Charlie while she and Bob are at work.

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  • Excellent start to the show!

    Overall I thought this was an excellent start to "Good Luck Charlie." It was a nice introduction to all the main characters, and it had a good share of funny moments like Bob and PJ's parts throughout, especially PJ's "My Butt is on Fire" song and the ending with PJ giving the guy a sponge bath. We also got a very heartwarming moment near the end with Teddy and Gabe. This is overall one of my favorite episodes of the whole show, I would have to say, and m yoverall grade is definitely an A+! Marebear2009, out!

    ~dedicated to tigerdude22~moreless
  • Perfect pilot for a perfect Disney Channel show called "Good Luck Charlie"

    I thought that this was very done start for a perfect Disney Channel show. This pilot made me laugh so hard. My first impression of this pilot was that "if this pilot was perfect then this show is gonna be a huge hit and I'm gonna enjoy this show very much". The pilot is about a beautiful girl named Teddy Duncan who invites her crush Spencer. Amy is going to be back to work at the hospital and Teddy is in charge of Charlie. I thought the introduction of Teddy doing her video diary was very funny. I thought it was hilarious when Teddy and Spencer were about to kiss and then Gabe interrupts them by saying "what are you doing?". I thought it was hilarious when Bob fell off the stairs and Charlie was flying as Bob is falling off the stairs and Bob catches her. It was hilarious when Bob had to go to the hospital because he burned his butt after falling off the stairs. It was hilarious when PJ kept smacking Bob's butt and making it much worse. It was hilarious when PJ pretended to be a doctor and his patient was the kid with a fish hook stuck to his lips. I thought Teddy and Gabe's conversation about how Charlie is new and Gabe feels like he's invisible was nice and funny because Charlie threw up on Teddy and then Gabe responds "I like her already". I thought it was hilarious when Bob came home from the hospital feeling loopy and thought that Teddy was Spencer and that Spencer was Teddy. The very ending was also hilarious when PJ gave that patient a sponge bath. Overall, a perfect start for a perfect Disney Channel show called "Good Luck Charlie". 10/10moreless
  • Perfect start on a hilarious show

    This was a perfect start for a funny show called Good Luck Charlie.The first part was pretty good.It was super funny that Gabe told Bob what's his birthday and the school that he goes. It was very scary that Bob accidentaly drop Charlie on the stairs...that would have been a near death experiment for her. Teddy and Spencer trying to kiss while getting interputted a few times was funny. Emmett's part in this episode was funny. It was hilarious that PJ and Emmett were playing the music so loud. It was also funny that PJ pretend to be a doctor. Charlie splitting on Teddy was super funny though a bit gross. Gabe complaining about being ignored was funny as well. The end credits was hilarious when PJ took a man a bath. Overall, a very funny and oerfect start of Good Luck Charlie. 10/10moreless
  • ALMOST perfect episode, but it was the perfect way to begin the series.

    I thought this was a perfect beginning to the series. Amy is going back to work the FIRST time since Charlie was born. That's REAL family situations there, unlike the situations seen in Shake It Up, or Wizards of Waverly Place. Teddy isn't allowed to go on her study date with Spencer at the library, so she changes the location instead to her home. Gabe seemed to hate life ever since Charlie was born, he even looked and felt like it. Later, it's Teddy and Spencer's "study" date and they keep getting interrupted. It was funny when Bob fell down the stairs on his butt and ended up having to go to the hospital. I loved it when PJ had to pretend to be a doctor at the hospital and came across some strange patients. When Amy found out PJ and Bob were there, it was funny. The conversation with Amy, Bob, and PJ near the end was very sweet, and it wasn't something that you would see in ANY series these days. When Bob came back from the hospital, he acted really funny. I think the funniest part of this episode is when he says to Teddy "Nice to meet ya, son." and then he says to Spencer "Ahh, good night sweetheart" and kisses Spencer. The reason my score is a little lower is because there wasn't really any development into Spencer's character. Overall an ALMOST perfect episode!moreless
  • Great Premiere For A Great Show

    This is a great premise for a show on disney, and as this is the pilot, i really think this show has potential. this is probably my new favorite show on disney, it's not really like other shows. in this episode teddy must take care of charlie while bob gets hurt and has to go to the hospital, where mother amy works.

    overall, this episode gets an A+, and I really do believe that this could be one of disney's best shows. just don't get rid of any characters and keep the ideas as original as they can make themmoreless

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