Good Luck Charlie

Season 2 Episode 30

Teddy on Ice

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Nov 27, 2011 on Disney Channel

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  • Charlie learns a bad word?


    I thought that this was an excellent episode of "Good Luck Charlie". I laughed at so many parts watching this episode. It was better than the previous "It's a Charlie Duncan Thanksgiving" and it had twice as more humor than that episode. The plot with Teddy going on an ice trip with Ivy and her parents was very funny. I was laughing throughout that entire storyline especially when Mr. Wentz kept bringing up Teddy killing Grace the car from the episode "Amazing Gracie". Everything about the storyline was hilarious and it made me laugh very hard. The second plot with Charlie learning a bad word which makes Bob and Amy suspicious on who taught her that word was very funny. I laughed so hard when Bob and Amy were asking Mrs. Dabney about if she taught Charlie that bad words and then when Bob whispered the bad word in Mrs. Dabney's ear... Mrs. Dabney smacked Bob in the fact and then Bob told her "It wasn't meant for you" with Mrs. Dabney responding "And I won't be hearing it twice". It was also funny when they told PJ what the bad word is and then PJ asks "What does it mean?". The ending of this storyline with Amy being the one who taught Charlie that bad word was funny as well which puts Amy in time-out. As for the third plot, it was very funny when PJ and Gabe got hooked on Mrs. Dabney's soap opera "Tears of Tomorrow". The soap opera being canceled which made Mrs. Dabney sad was funny and it was also funny when Mrs. Dabney already found a soap opera to replace "Tears of Tomorrow". Overall, all of the three storylines made me laugh very hard and it was most certainly one of Season 2's best. 10/10

  • Okay, I shoot straight here. This episode was hilarious! Featuring a fishing pole, a bad word, a baseball, a satellite dish, and soap operas. This show is always breaking ground. Crazy episode, and downright hilarious! This could be emmy worthy!


    When Teddy is invited to the Wentz's lake house, she wants to go. The trip is annoying, but funny. When she gets there, it is a shack on a lake. Not what she expected.

    At the Duncan house, we learn that Charlie has learned a bad word. This show is always breaking ground, but in a funny and friendly way. They obviously don't mention the word, being a family show, but I guess that's half the fun of that plot. Bob and Amy interrogate the usual suspect, Gabe first. They believe he taught her the bad word. His argument was to teach her something, he had to spend time with her. He was let go. That was hilarious, also proving a good point. So, who taught her the word?

    At the ice shack, Henry shows Teddy his prized fishing pole. He is reluctant to let her have it, because she wrecked his car, Gracie (see another episode for that). That was very funny. He then relents, and lo and behold, Teddy loses it through the hole in the ice. And she is now dead to Mr. Wentz. But later she saves it after falling into the hole, and is now a part of the family again.

    PJ was then interrogated, which was funny, because he did not understand the word. While driving, Bob and Amy are driving, talking about it, saying it's not important where Charlie learned the word. Just then, a car pulls in front of Amy, and she shouts and honks, covering the bad word that came from her mouth. The funniest part of the scene was when Bob said, "Case closed." Then when Teddy was filming her video diary, we see that Amy was put on time out. That busted my gut/

    Meanwhile, when Gabe breaks Mrs. Dabney's satellite dish, she starts watching her soap operas at the Duncan house. Then, for different reasons, Gabe and PJ get sucked in by The Tears of Tomorrow.Then when the show was cancelled, a hilarious and clever parody of soap opera format is in play when they tell Mrs. Dabney. The best part was at the end when they were playing the parts in the show.

    This episode is one of the best they have to offer, and I highly recommend it to fans of this show.

    My Grade: A+

  • A very funny episode


    This episode has got a lot of laughs. In Teddy plot, I laughed at Ivy tricking that the house is full of ice instead of nice, Ivy's dad kept bringing out the part where Teddy crashed his car, Mr. Weintz yelling NOOO (later Teddy, although she made it more funnier), and Teddy falling down on a hole. n Amy/Bob/Charlie plot, I laughed at pretty much most of the part, but I LOL'd when Amy said a bad word (the honk censored it). As for Gabe/PJ/Mrs. Dabney plot, it was funny when PJ and Gabe broke Mrs. Dabney's satellite dish and watch opera. I laughed as well when Gabe and PJ told Mrs. Dabney that the soap has been canceled and then she fainted. Overall, a funny episode of Good Luck Charlie. This is my new favorite episode. 10/10

  • the episode when Charlie learns a bad word.


    the episode when Charlie learns a bad word. I thought this was an excellent episode of Good Luck Charlie. The plot Teddy/the Wentz was funny and MR. Wentz was hilarious. Now the charlie/amy/bob plot was freakin funny i laughed and laughed and laughed. HOLY CRAP! Now the PJ/Gabe/Miss Dabney was hilarious and Gabe was hilarious was well. the ending was so freakin funny HOLY CRAP! OVerall 10/10.