Good Luck Charlie

Season 1 Episode 13

Teddy's Little Helper

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Aug 01, 2010 on Disney Channel

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  • I love "Good Luck Charlie" and it's BY FAR my favorite Disney Channel show but this episode was just bad


    I think if this episode showed more PJ than it would've been fine but this episode had less PJ so that's what made it bad. Both of the plots weren't good. One of the plot was like the most predictable thing in the whole world that even a 4 year old can predict it and the other one is just unacceptable and bad. I did not like Teddy's plot when she tries to get her teacher to like her. Also, I really didn't like the teacher. I just didn't find the teacher funny at all and he was irritating me when he would makes those remarks such as "Ugh" and all of those things. Teddy trying to get her teacher to like her wasn't doing any justice also. The only funny part in this episode was when everyone in the classroom threw up and then Teddy said "Now it smells like an Animal Farm".... that's one part in the plot that I just had to laugh hard at and it was impossible to not laugh at that part. As for the Gabe/Amy/Bob plot, it was just too predictable. This is the predictable plot by the way. I predicted that Gabe would fire Bob and hire Amy after half a second. Not even after one second, it was half a second. I just hated how Gabe fired Bob, hired Amy, and then (at the end) fire Amy and hire back Bob. The only parts that just had to make me laugh hard was PJ actually hanging out with Amy's friends and talking to them on the phone (it was ironic but gosh darn hilarious). If only this episode focused on PJ then my score would've been higher. So yeah, the only parts that made me laugh was that one part in Teddy's plot that I already mentioned and PJ actually hanging out with Amy's friends and then the elderly people at the end. Overall, despite 2 or 3 memorable and very funny parts, this was just a bad episode of "Good Luck Charlie" and I would even say it's worse than "Take Mel Out To The Ball Game" in my opinion. 3.5/10