Good Luck Charlie

Season 2 Episode 22

The Bob Duncan Experience

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Aug 28, 2011 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

The Bob Duncan Experience is the twenty-second episode in the second season of Good Luck Charlie on Disney. P.J. breaks Bob's record, the only record ever made by Bob's band, The Bob Duncan Experience. In hopes of making it up to his dad, P.J. reunites the band and encourages them to make another record. Gabe and his buddy, Leo, work together at a homemade lemonade stand, but end up breaking up and competing against each other instead.moreless

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • I enjoyed this episode of Good Luck Charllie

    I enjoyed this episode of Good Luck Charlie i liked how we got to see the Bob Duncan Experience Band in action and Leo was so funny i think whoever plays him is an awesome actor and i liked howLeo and Gabe made their Lemonade Stands i would buy from both of them:-)
  • Very interesting episode.

    I thought the episode was interesting and amazing. These are the parts I laughed/liked. It is listed by plot.

    Bob/PJ's plot: Most interesting plot. Amy part was really funny when she got in the way while the guys are recording.

    Gabe/Leo's plot: This plot was the funniest. It was funny to see them battle against each other. Leo's lemonade stand part was hilarious.

    Teddy/Emmet's plot: The very beginning (including the video of them when they were younger), Teddy to impress Emmett a girl, Emmett (later Teddy) crashing the plates, and a couple others.

    Overall, anexcellent/ interestingepisode.moreless
  • Awesome, well thought out episode!

    If I had to pick something I didn't like about this episode, it would probably be Amy. She just kinda got on my nerves a little bit being so controlling and taking over Bob's band. The rest of this episode was fantastic, though. It was interesting to find out that Bob used to play in a band, and the other plots were pretty great, too. In Teddy's plot, I loved how we saw the video of her promising to take Emmett to the homecoming dance when they were little, and the ending when Emmett showed Teddy the rest of the videos he made of her saying yes to him was hilarious! As for Gabe's plot, I liked how it came together with the Bob/PJ plot in the end, and Leo's rap was very funny. The closing bit with Leo and Gabe arguing until they died was also hilarious. So, overall, this was an excellent episode, and my overall grade is definitely an A+! Marebear2009, out!moreless
  • Perfect episode!

    After accidentally breaking the one and only record made by Bob's old band, PJ gets the Bob Duncan Experience back together. PJ also learns the real reason why the band broke up. Meanwhile, Emmett tells Teddy that she said she would go to the Homecoming Dance with him if he didn't have a girlfriend, she disagrees, but he has proof. Teddy then tries to find another girl for him, so she doesn't have to go. Gabe and his friend Leo make a lemonade stand, but then have a disagreement, and each make their own stand. They turn their lemonade stands into a competition against each other.

    PJ/Bob/Amy's Plot: I thought this plot was great! I thought the picture of the CD was hilarious, especially Bob. Amy's part was funny as well. PJ was kind of smart to me in this episode, I don't know why.

    Emmet/Teddy's Plot: I think the plate crashing was hilarious! If I were that new girl, I really would have thought Teddy and Emmet were crazy. I loved how Emmet made a video where Teddy asked her to marry him, which didn't happen at all.

    Gabe/Leo's Plot: I think this was a great plot. Rico Rodriguez played Leo very well, so he really brought up the score well. I thought the conclusion to the plot was funny, where they fight again. I loved when Leo was fighting for a penny.

    Overall, a perfect episode! This show has showed MANY times they can really bring a perfect episode!moreless
  • Rico Rodriguez (from the hit ABC show "Modern Family") guest stars in this episode as Gabe's friend Leo

    I thought that this was an excellent episode of "Good Luck Charlie". This episode was very funny and had a very good and impressive premise. Also, Rico Rodriguez (from the hit ABC show "Modern Family" guest stars in this episode as Gabe's friend Leo. Rico Rodriguez's part in this episode was very good and hilarious. He sure impressed me in tonight's NEW "Good Luck Charlie" episode just like he impresses me in "Modern Family". Anyways, The Gabe/Leo plot was very funny when Gabe and Leo have an argument and have a competition of which lemonade stand is better. Leo's Lemonade Lounge was very funny especially when he was rapping. Gabe and Leo getting competitive with each other was definitely hilarious. It was also funny when Gabe let Bob's band "The Bob Duncan Experience" (which is a plot that I'm gonna get to right now) was very funny. Next plot is the Bob/PJ/Amy plot when PJ reunited Bob with his old high school band friend Ricky (I believe that's the name). PJ being in Bob's band since Bob's other band member is in a book club is very funny. Amy also singing in "The Bob Duncan Experience" (the name of Bob's high school band) was funny. It was predictable that Ricky is talking about Amy (the girl who ruined Bob's band in high school). Last plot is the Teddy/Emmett plot, I thought it was interesting to not see PJ and Emmett not interact with each other once and it only focused on Teddy and Emmett. Although, I felt like Teddy is kinda being mean to Emmett in this episode because she rather get a girl to go to the homecoming dance with Emmett than for her to go to the homecoming dance with him. Teddy trying to help Emmett talk to that girl but fail miserably was funny. Emmett (and then Teddy) crashing the plates was also funny. Teddy going to the homecoming dance with Emmett at the end of the episode was funny though. Overall, an impressive episode of "Good Luck Charlie" that has yet brought another strong installment tonight. 10/10moreless

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