Good Luck Charlie

Season 1 Episode 3

The Curious Case of Mr. Dabney

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Apr 18, 2010 on Disney Channel
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Junior detectives P.J. and Gabe try to track down the truth about their neighbor's husband. Teddy is mortified to learn that her Mom has developed a friendship with Ivy.

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  • To be honest, I think this was one of the weaker episodes of the season.

    First of all, I thought there could have been more depth to the main story of this episode. It was really easy to predict from the first minute that Mrs. Dabney hadn't really killed her husband and that there would be some explanation to all the things she had said. Teddy's subplot was a little better than the main one, but even that got a little annoying. There were some parts throughout the episode that made me laugh pretty hard, though, like Gabe telling PJ he wasn't very "thinky," the opening with Teddy and Ivy, Charlie with Mrs. D's underwaer on her head, and the ending. So, overall, this episode was good, but it felyt WAY too predictable, and it is a bit overrated in my opinion. Grade: C+. Marebear2009, out!

    ~dedicated to tigerdude22~moreless
  • Perfect Episode. This episode is downright hilarious, being that murder suspects (whether true or false) is rare for Disney in general. That's not the only reason this is hilarious, though. This is just brilliant.moreless

    It's a crazy day even for the Duncans. When Gabe and PJ here Mrs. Dabney yelling, and then that Mr. Dabney is gone, they suspect one thing; murder. Meanwhile, Amy has formed a texting-friendship with Teddy's friend, Ivy. So many parts of this episode made me laugh.

    This episode is also daring in a small way. Mentioning something like murder is not common in Disney. This episode is very original, with laughs at almost everything!

    We learn that Mrs. Dabney was actually yelling at one of her soap operas.

    The end when Amy got Texting Thumbs was great, and hilarious, and all of the rest was awesome! A very good episode, very funny.

    My grade: A+moreless
  • Oh crud this episode was so funny.

    Oh crud this episode was so funny. I thought this was an hilarious good luck charlie. The funniest part of the whole episode is when Mrs. Wentz was at Teddy's house. WOW! I also thought it was funny when Gabe and PJ have a skeleton and Bob says that Mr. Dabney use dto be a music teacher not a science teacher but he got confues by their neighbor next door. So 10/10 PERFECT! This episode rarely comeso n disney channel now so i have to make the most out of every time i see it. WOW! This episode ROCKED!moreless
  • A very funny episode.

    Junior detectives P.J. and Gabe try to track down the truth about their neighbor's husband. Teddy is mortified to learn that her Mom has developed a friendship with Ivy. This episode was super hilarious. It is one of the funniest GLC episode I ever seen. I liked the main plot than Teddy/Ivy/Amy/Mary Lou plot. In the Gabe/PJ/Mrs. Dabney plot, the parts that were hilarious were PJ climbing the fence and fell down while Mrs. Dabney heard someone, Charlie being at Mrs. Dabney's house and the last part. As for the other plot, the parts that were funny are the beginning (cold open), Teddy inviting Ivy's mom, and Ivy's mom trying to teach Amy how to text. Overall, it was a funny episode but not the best episode though. 10/10moreless
  • I LOVED this episode!

    I thought it was cool to have a mystery in this episode and it being hilarious at the same time!

    PJ suspects Mrs. Dabney of killing Mr. Dabney when he over-hears a conversation that sounds like she's killing him. Meanwhile, Teddy gets mad when Ivy starts texting and having fun with her mom, so she attempts to have fun with Ivy's mom, who turns out to be the worst nightmare since she's so boring.moreless
Ellia English

Ellia English

Mary Lou

Guest Star

Patricia Belcher

Patricia Belcher

Mrs. Estelle Dabney

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Raven Goodwin

Raven Goodwin


Recurring Role

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  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Goof: P.J. and Gabe try to get rid of Mrs. Dabney's underwear before she returns and it ends up landing inside the fireplace. Moments later it's in front of the fireplace, but when the trunk is opened, it's back inside the fireplace.

    • The soap storyline Mrs. Dabney was watching is the death of Adam Newman on the "Young and the Restless". Adam stole Sharon Collin's newborn baby girl and gave her to a woman who's baby he accidentily murdered. Adam married Sharon a few months later. Sharon's nemesis, Phyllis, became suspisious of Adam and investigated. She realized the truth and went to Sharon. Adam fled, but later returned. He picked up the baby Sharon just got back and forced her to listen to what he had to say. The baby's father, Nick, burst in and chased Adam away. Adam was later found dead in the basement.

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    • Mrs. Dabney: (about P.J. and Gabe) They should make a soap opera about you two, The Young and the Clueless!

      On March 26, 1973, CBS premiered a soap opera called The Young and the Restless. The show follows the Newman, Abbott and Chancellor families as they go through the triumphs and tribulations of life in Genoa City.

    • Episode Title: The Curious Case of Mr. Dabney

      In 1922, Colliers Magazine printed a story by F. Scott Fitzgerald called The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. The tale was set during the 1800's and it focused on a baby who was born with the appearance and intellect of a seventy year old man, but the older the boy grew, the more youthful his mind and body became. The story was made into a movie that starred Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchette in 2008.