Good Luck Charlie

Season 1 Episode 3

The Curious Case of Mr. Dabney

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Apr 18, 2010 on Disney Channel

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  • To be honest, I think this was one of the weaker episodes of the season.

    First of all, I thought there could have been more depth to the main story of this episode. It was really easy to predict from the first minute that Mrs. Dabney hadn't really killed her husband and that there would be some explanation to all the things she had said. Teddy's subplot was a little better than the main one, but even that got a little annoying. There were some parts throughout the episode that made me laugh pretty hard, though, like Gabe telling PJ he wasn't very "thinky," the opening with Teddy and Ivy, Charlie with Mrs. D's underwaer on her head, and the ending. So, overall, this episode was good, but it felyt WAY too predictable, and it is a bit overrated in my opinion. Grade: C+. Marebear2009, out!

    ~dedicated to tigerdude22~
  • Perfect Episode. This episode is downright hilarious, being that murder suspects (whether true or false) is rare for Disney in general. That's not the only reason this is hilarious, though. This is just brilliant.


    It's a crazy day even for the Duncans. When Gabe and PJ here Mrs. Dabney yelling, and then that Mr. Dabney is gone, they suspect one thing; murder. Meanwhile, Amy has formed a texting-friendship with Teddy's friend, Ivy. So many parts of this episode made me laugh.

    This episode is also daring in a small way. Mentioning something like murder is not common in Disney. This episode is very original, with laughs at almost everything!

    We learn that Mrs. Dabney was actually yelling at one of her soap operas.

    The end when Amy got Texting Thumbs was great, and hilarious, and all of the rest was awesome! A very good episode, very funny.

    My grade: A+

  • Oh crud this episode was so funny.


    Oh crud this episode was so funny. I thought this was an hilarious good luck charlie. The funniest part of the whole episode is when Mrs. Wentz was at Teddy's house. WOW! I also thought it was funny when Gabe and PJ have a skeleton and Bob says that Mr. Dabney use dto be a music teacher not a science teacher but he got confues by their neighbor next door. So 10/10 PERFECT! This episode rarely comeso n disney channel now so i have to make the most out of every time i see it. WOW! This episode ROCKED!

  • A very funny episode.


    Junior detectives P.J. and Gabe try to track down the truth about their neighbor's husband. Teddy is mortified to learn that her Mom has developed a friendship with Ivy. This episode was super hilarious. It is one of the funniest GLC episode I ever seen. I liked the main plot than Teddy/Ivy/Amy/Mary Lou plot. In the Gabe/PJ/Mrs. Dabney plot, the parts that were hilarious were PJ climbing the fence and fell down while Mrs. Dabney heard someone, Charlie being at Mrs. Dabney's house and the last part. As for the other plot, the parts that were funny are the beginning (cold open), Teddy inviting Ivy's mom, and Ivy's mom trying to teach Amy how to text. Overall, it was a funny episode but not the best episode though. 10/10

  • I LOVED this episode!


    I thought it was cool to have a mystery in this episode and it being hilarious at the same time!

    PJ suspects Mrs. Dabney of killing Mr. Dabney when he over-hears a conversation that sounds like she's killing him. Meanwhile, Teddy gets mad when Ivy starts texting and having fun with her mom, so she attempts to have fun with Ivy's mom, who turns out to be the worst nightmare since she's so boring.

  • This episode made me laugh so hard

    I thought that this was a hilarious episode of "Good Luck Charlie". I thought it was funny when Ivy is has been texting Amy lately and Teddy finds it weird and annoying. I thought PJ and Gabe's plot was even more hilarious when PJ thought that Mrs. Dabney murdered Mr. Dabney and tries to convince Gabe that it is true. Ivy teaching Amy how to text was very funny. I thought it was hilarious when PJ climbed over Mrs. Dabney's backyard to get the football and then PJ overhears Mrs. Dabney saying "and now you're dead" like she was murdering Mr. Dabney which she didn't. It was also hilarious when PJ jumped out of the backyard and then Mrs. Dabney says "Who's there?" and then pops the football. It was funny when PJ and Gabe are scared of Mrs. Dabney when she came to the house to ask Bob about "How does she get rid of the smell of death?" which made PJ and Gabe think that she murdered Mr. Dabney and was also funny when the spooky music would come on the television. It was very funny when Teddy invited Mary Lou (Ivy's mom) over to the house to make Ivy get annoyed. I thought the introduction of Mary Lou was very funny. It was funny how Mary Lou loves to knit and Teddy does understand why Ivy is texting Amy (Teddy's mom). It was funny when Amy was showing Mary Lou how to text and then Mary Lou says "I gotta get a cell phone". I thought it was hilarious when PJ and Gabe were inside Mrs. Dabney's house. It was hilarious when Mrs. Dabney tells both PJ and Gabe to open the box and the both of them got scared because they thought the skeleton was Mr. Dabney. The very ending was also hilarious when PJ and Gabe came home with the skeleton and then Bob mistakenly says that Mr. Dabney used to be a music teacher and then PJ and Gabe ran off screaming and then Bob says "Oh yeah, that's right, Mr. Dabney did used to be a science teacher". Overall, a hilarious episode of "Good Luck Charlie". 10/10
  • Murder and Texting

    PJ and Gabe think Mrs. Dabney (their neighbor) killed her husband. In the end it they learn she didn't and they feel dumb.

    Teddy's friend Ivy befriends Amy, via texting a lot. This makes Teddy feel awkward and so she tries to befriend Ivy's mom. But she's too boring to get to like.

    I knew that Mr. Dabney wasn't dead, but I thought it was clever and a fun episode nonetheless. The texting subplot was pretty fun and funny too, I thought. My overall grade for this episode, like pretty much every other episode for this show, is an easy A+.
  • Pretty great episode.

    I like watching that episode but it not always best. But it's kinda fun to watch this episode because "The Curious Case of Mr. Dabney" episode title sounds so original and that's kinda feel like that Charlie is already go back to old time. The Curious Case of Mr. Dabney episode is kinda weird but i like that episode. This is a little bit boring episode but not a lot. There's some scenes on The Curious Case of Mr. Dabney that is really interesting and sometimes boring. Baby Come Back episode is my most favorite ever written in Good Luck Charlie because this is awesome.
  • I normally don't rate this high but I really liked this one.

    Good fun. Something new, rarely seen on disney channel. Not very appealing to younger children. But I find it cute. It won't do well, but personally I think it's nice. Once again something new, and cute. I liked this episode because the texting part was extremely funny. I really enjoyed that because I could relate the way Teddy's mom texted, is similar to mine. But I found the murder part a bit unoriginal. Because of the unoriginaliss, I took away half a point. So 9.5 Superb
    Good fun. Something new, rarely seen on disney channel. Not very appealing to younger children. But I find it cute. It won't do well, but personally I think it's nice. Once again something new, and cute.