Good Luck Charlie

Season 1 Episode 9

Up a Tree

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Jun 06, 2010 on Disney Channel

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  • One of the funniest episode I've seen from season 1

    Teddy and P.J. hatch a plan to keep Bob from tearing down their cherished childhood tree house.I thought this episode was perfect. It was very funny and the plot was very great. It had a lot of funny moments such as the beginning when that dog kept barking, Gabe found out that the family went to Hawaii, Teddy and PJ fighting at the the tree, Bob trying to get them out of the tree by various things, the tree falling down, and a few more. Overall, a funny episode of GLC.
  • Are you guys serious? This episode wasn't good at all!!


    Are you serious? This episode wasn't good at all!!! OK this episode is about Teddy and PJ trying to save there old tree house but Bob wants it down so he could have some sleep. I'm sorry but this episode was annoying and irritating. OK a lot of the charact4ers annoyed me but Mrs. Dabney annoye dme most of all. I mean she was being mean to the Duncan family and as a Christain i didn't like that. Also Amy annoyed me at the beginning when she was fighting with the family. Teddy was annoying at the beginning being disrespectful to her own mom. Bob was annoying throught the episode. Like he was trying to destroy a tree house just so he could get some sleep. an at the end when he encouraged Gabe to throw a water balloon at Gabe. What the heck as a Christain again that was so annoying. I mean that's teaching kids to throw water balloons at their neighbors. OK the posisitivees I thought it was funny when Gabe kept saying that he was a fraid of mom and the ending was pretty funny, and the part when the tree house fell and charlie fell between a giant rubber band thingy between a piece of wood. But the jokes were kind of cheezy like when Bob said Well i have a dream to, to get some sleep. I'm sorry that was corny i came up with this line Well i have a dream too, to have a dream. That's the line i came up with. Overall a bad Good luck Charlie 3.5/10.

  • One of the best episodes ever.


    Bob makes a deal with Mrs. Dabney that if he chops down their tree that blocks her sunlight, she will keep her barking dog in her house. The tree, which houses PJ and Teddy's childhood treehouse, has sentimental value, so they stage a sit-in protest to prevent it from getting chopped down because they want Charlie to experience it, and Gabe and Amy join the strike. But Bob wants the yapping dog in the Dabney house permanently. But when Mrs. Dabney reveals the dog isn't hers and she's watching it for a neighbor, they launch a water balloon at her.

    I thought this was one of the best episodes of Good Luck Charlie. It had all the family love in this, and it was great. There's one thing that bugged me, which was how did Amy get into the treehouse so fast? Maybe the time difference between the lunch scene and the water balloon fight was about 5 minutes (since Bob would be preparing the balloons).

  • Teddy and PJ try to save the treehouse for Charlie by keeping Bob from using the chainsaw to cut it down

    I thought that this was an excellent episode of "Good Luck Charlie" and it's definitely one of Season 1's best episodes in my opinion. Teddy and PJ going inside their treehouse which they been in years was very funny. Teddy and PJ trying to keep the treehouse for Charlie by keeping Bob away from it and not chainsaw the tree was good to see. Mrs. Dabney's barking dog keeping the Duncan family awake was very funny. Teddy and PJ taking a stand and staying in the treehouse was very good to see. Gabe saying that he is more scared of Amy also made me laugh very hard. I also loved that Teddy, PJ, Gabe, and Amy were taking a stand and throw water balloons at Bob. The entire Duncan family being on the treehouse and then it falls apart because none of them have never gone up on the treehouse at the same time. The very ending of the episode with Amy scaring Gabe when she "Gabe, go do your homework" was funny especially when Amy told Bob "You either got it or you don't". Overall, an excellent episode of "Good Luck Charlie" and definitely one of the best episodes that Season 1 has to offer. 10/10
  • The evil Mrs. Dabney tricks the Duncans once again!

    Once again, this episode of Good Luck Charlie did not disappoint. I was glad to see scenes between PJ and Teddy; we haven't seen much of them since the show started. The situation in "Up a Tree" brings up a conversation parents can have with their children about standing up for what you believe in. I appreciate Good Luck Charlie for teaching the life lesson in a humorous and entertaining way, and children can really learn from the teenage characters. The mood of the family with the dog barking is completely realistic, and the family chemistry between the actors on the show makes every interaction in this episode and the whole show believable. The comedy was above par this episode, especially with comic relief Gabe, who in a good way resembles Alex Russo on Wizards of Waverly Place. Overall, Good Luck Charlie pulls it off again with fun comedy, great acting and excellent storytelling.
  • Weaker Than The Other Episodes So Far, But Still Great

    PJ and Teddy do not want their dad to cut down their treehouse because they want Charlie to be able to use it someday. So they stage a sit in. Eventually, Amy and Gabe join them, and in the end so does Bob. Unfortunately, all fo them are in the treehouse and it collapses. But, they work to rebuild it.

    I liked it somewhat, I consider it probably the weakest episode so far, it just wasn't as good/funny as the other episodes that have aired. It was alright, above average, I would give it a B+ or so as a grade