Good Luck Charlie

Season 1 Episode 9

Up a Tree

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Jun 06, 2010 on Disney Channel

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  • Are you guys serious? This episode wasn't good at all!!


    Are you serious? This episode wasn't good at all!!! OK this episode is about Teddy and PJ trying to save there old tree house but Bob wants it down so he could have some sleep. I'm sorry but this episode was annoying and irritating. OK a lot of the charact4ers annoyed me but Mrs. Dabney annoye dme most of all. I mean she was being mean to the Duncan family and as a Christain i didn't like that. Also Amy annoyed me at the beginning when she was fighting with the family. Teddy was annoying at the beginning being disrespectful to her own mom. Bob was annoying throught the episode. Like he was trying to destroy a tree house just so he could get some sleep. an at the end when he encouraged Gabe to throw a water balloon at Gabe. What the heck as a Christain again that was so annoying. I mean that's teaching kids to throw water balloons at their neighbors. OK the posisitivees I thought it was funny when Gabe kept saying that he was a fraid of mom and the ending was pretty funny, and the part when the tree house fell and charlie fell between a giant rubber band thingy between a piece of wood. But the jokes were kind of cheezy like when Bob said Well i have a dream to, to get some sleep. I'm sorry that was corny i came up with this line Well i have a dream too, to have a dream. That's the line i came up with. Overall a bad Good luck Charlie 3.5/10.