Good Luck Charlie

Season 3 Episode 9

Welcome Home

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Jul 01, 2012 on Disney Channel

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  • Great episode! :)

    Loved it! Great episode! :D Very funny & highly entertaining.
  • Bob's mother comes into town to visit the family and see the new baby Toby

    Bob's mother comes into town to visit the family and see the new baby Toby. Things aren't so well when she drives Amy crazy. I thought that this was a superb episode of "Good Luck Charlie". I didn't enjoy it as much as the previous 1-hour episode "Special Delivery" but I still really liked it. My score is a little low, though, because the episode can be a little boring and I thought the Bob's mother in a few parts can get on my nerves just a little but she is a very nice lady for the most part. The A plot was OF COURSE Bob's mother coming into town to visit the family ESPECIALLY the new baby Toby. The B plot was Teddy and Spencer going on their 10-month anniversary date (although, that plot is connected with the A plot because grandma comes along on the date with them). The C plot was Gabe and PJ finding a letter about how Mrs. Dabney's son left her a letter about money being buried in her backyard which was never received to Mrs. Dabney so they want to sneak into Mrs. Dabney's backyard to dig the hole to find the money. A plot was a funny plot.... funniest part is probably Teddy in the makeover that her grandma gave her and same goes to Charlie. The B plot is pretty enjoyable to watch... can't think of the funniest part though since they didn't show much of the B plot and it was connected to the A plot in a way. C plot is probably the funniest plot of the episode even though in the end, it was very predictable. I knew that Mrs. Dabney was gonna trick Gabe and PJ and that there really is NOT money buried in her backyard... she tricked Gabe and PJ to dig the hole so she can place a hot tub in her backyard. It was hilarious, how in the end, they got revenge on her by putting coloring in her hot tub. I also laughed, how for once, Mrs. Dabney actually said "Good Luck Charlie" except her line was "You better wish your brothers a good luck Charlie" which we've heard lines like that. The show would either end with just "Good Luck Charlie" or "You better something something a good luck Charlie" which is cool. But yeah, just awesome how it was Mrs. Dabney that said "Good Luck Charlie" (in a sentence) for once. The last bit of the episode was pretty funny too. The storyline was handled well for the most part but the episode did feel a little weak and a little boring plus the grandma got on my nerves just a little in a few parts. For the most part, this was a highly enjoyable episode of "Good Luck Charlie". Overall, a superb episode of "Good Luck Charlie". 9/10
  • Nice and Funny

    Like the title says, it was nice and funny. Of course, like pretty much EVERY episode, Amy was a lil' vain at one point. Mrs. Dabney was funny as usual. Teddy's makeover...gosh! Lol. I also thought about the Grandma, she was funny and thought about how they made her feel. I think I've seen the actress before. PJ and Gabe was also funny. There were other things I thought about.