Good Morning America Weekend

Saturday 11:55 PM on ABC Premiered Sep 04, 2004 In Season


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  • Sara Gaines

    Sara Gaines is annoying. I turn the channel when I'm surfing for news on Saturday morning. She tries to be funny, she is loud, and takes over the conversation. I don't watch the news to see a comedy show. I'm looking for professional, intelligent news anchors. I'll go with cbs.
  • Your news show totally sucks big time!!!

    I couldn't believe this so called news station actually did a story on that buffoon Bruce Jenner like news about some old piece of sht tranny is national news and people actually give a rats a$$ about some ***.

    By the way this lime light lizard family must pay a small fortune to the media because every day they are buying there way into news, total waste of skin , i am never going to be watching this show again, between the stupid camera grabbing no talent blonde's to the Hillary hack George the best thing that could happen is to trash the entire show,

    total waste of time! !!!

    oh yea i give it a -0 in ratings

  • Good Morning America Weekend News Show.

    This edition of the weekday news program airs on both Saturday and Sunday.
  • Athletes vs Actors-Music Groups

    Why is it that when athletes do something wrong there careers are on the line and they are put under the microscope. They loss money contracts and even endorsements. But when it comes to actors-music groups they get away with the things that the athletes get busted for and its ok? There all public figures so why don't the actor- singer/music group lose there tour or record deal over doing drugs and doing outrageous partying or letting people do illegal stuff at there concerts?
  • love good morning america

    I cannot stand Lara!! She thinks she is so wonderful. I would like her to not stare into the camera when it isn't even on her. I love everybody else on there but she ruins it for me.
  • Get it Right

    The score of the OSU vs Clemson was 40 to 35 not 45 to 30. If Lindsay Davis is going to review the game, she should at least know the correct score.
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