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Good Morning America

Weekdays 7:00 AM on ABC Premiered Nov 03, 1975 In Season


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Good Morning America
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Welcome to the Good Morning America program. For ABC, this was a much more successful morning news series than A.M. America, which had lasted the first ten months of 1975. ABC looked at one of its affiliates, WEWS in Cleveland, and admired the station's very successful news/talk series called The Morning Exchange (1972-1999). Network programming president Fred Silverman oversaw ABC's using The Morning Exchange as a model for their new program. Today the show is anchored by Robin Roberts and George Stephanopoulos. Ginger Zee gives weather reports throughout the morning, Amy Robach does the news, and Lara Spencer does the lifestyle reports. The show is usally in a battle for #1 with rival morning news show "Today" START YOUR DAY GOOD TO GO!


    Kelly Ripa Finally Returns to Live with Kelly and Michael

    "Our long national nightmare is over."

  • RIPA M.I.A.

    Kelly Ripa Bails on Live with Kelly and Michael to Protest Michael Strahan's Exit

    The perky host is playing hardball with ABC and all of America gets to see it.

  • Robin Roberts

    Robin Roberts

    Co-Anchor (2002-present)

    George Stephanopoulos

    George Stephanopoulos

    Co-Anchor (2009-present)

    Lara Spencer

    Lara Spencer

    Lifestyle Anchor (2011-present)

    Amy Robach

    Amy Robach

    News Anchor (2012-present)

    Ginger Zee

    Ginger Zee

    Weather Anchor (2011-present)

    Michael Strahan

    Michael Strahan


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    Fan Reviews (381)

    • More content

      I'd like more content, less commercials! And more news, less entertainment! 100 weddings in 24 hours?? Seriously?? I had to turn off the TV at that point. That's not what I watch the news to see. I do love the chemistry between the anchors and I sense that they are warm and genuine. That's what made me quit watching Today after the Ann Curry debacle - zero chemistry. The health, cooking, and inspirational segments are great. Just tone down the silliness, please.moreless

      Whose idea was that? How does anyone not get how bad those banners are?! Producers? You there? Anybody home? They take up more than 25% of my screen.. and completely destory the visual story. The ticker tape at the bottom is bad enough! Second complaint: The genuine chemistry and playfulness between the anchors has always been a draw for me. However, that's all there is anymore! More is not better. There's no real news-very little worthy coverage and nothing of depth unless you count the hyper-dramatizations of sad events. There is no REAL substance anymore. Your ratings are DOWN! HEY PRODUCERS! You throw out peanuts.. you get MONKEYS!moreless
    • what happened to real news?

      I watch about the first 30 minutes of GMA to get the news. The rest of the show is almost like a variety show! I sure miss Diane Sawyer, she was a real journalist! Something needs to change, losing my interest!
    • GMA not the same since Chris Cuomo, Sam and Josh left

      I have watched GMA every morning for years and I have to say ever since they made the change and added George Stephanopoulos and got rid of Chris Cuomo, the show hasn't been the same for me. Then Sam and Josh left. Bummer! I thought the chemistry between Robin, Sam and Chris was Great and then when Josh came along he fit right in with them. To me, George does not fit in AT ALL. He's corny and needs to go back to and stay on This Week. That fits him better. Michael Strahan is not going to make this show better. I mean really, there seems to be like 55 reporters on this 2 hr show and there is no more room at the desk as is. My goodness. Enough already. If they have all this money to give to Michael, then they should have given it to Josh. To be honest, they need to get Chris, Sam and Josh back, and get rid of George and Amy. I like Ginger Zee, no complaints about her but I love Sam more. And Michael needs to stay with Kelly. Their chemistry was Great! I understand Kelly's frustration about what happened but she should be more mad at the Disney CEO. Why mess up her show to save another smh. . I hope Andy Cohen gets the job with Kelly.moreless
    • Shame on you ABC

      I had been a very longtime fan of TODAY (more than 40 years) but got so tired of the anchors, the talking over each other. the private jokes, and most of all Matt Lauer's and the network's treatment of Ann Curry. I started watching GMA about 6 years ago and it felt like a breath of fresh air. Then there was the deal with Josh Elliot and Sam Champion leaving. GMA has become like the TODAY show and deserve its drop in ratings. I completely agree with the previous comments ("consideration"). There are really only 2 legitimate news journalists - George and Amy. The rest - including Robin - are just "fluff". And that is where Michael Strahan will end up. GMA already has a football player (Jesse) on staff. I think Michael s delightful on Live! but he is NOT a journalist and should not pretend to be. He said it aptly this morning on GMA - the network makes him look better than he is! Gosh forbid - if there is a 3rd hour of GMA - I cannot even watch the first 2 anymore.moreless

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