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Welcome to the Good Morning America program. For ABC, this was a much more successful morning news series than A.M. America, which had lasted the first ten months of 1975. ABC looked at one of its affiliates, WEWS in Cleveland, and admired the station's very successful news/talk series called The Morning Exchange (1972-1999). Network programming president Fred Silverman oversaw ABC's using The Morning Exchange as a model for their new program. Today the show is anchored by Robin Roberts and George Stephanopoulos. Ginger Zee gives weather reports throughout the morning, Amy Robach does the news, and Lara Spencer does the lifestyle reports. The show is usally in a battle for #1 with rival morning news show "Today" START YOUR DAY GOOD TO GO!


    Young and the Restless and Steve Harvey Win Big at the Daytime Emmy Awards

    Trophies were also awarded to Katie Couric, Good Morning America, and Days of Our Lives.


    News Briefs: Dr. Dre Is Developing a Crime Drama for FX

    Plus: Fox is headed to The Beach, Sharon Osbourne is threatening to leave AGT, and Parker Posey will be stopping by New Girl.

  • Robin Roberts

    Robin Roberts

    Co-Anchor (2002-present)

    George Stephanopoulos

    George Stephanopoulos

    Co-Anchor (2009-present)

    Lara Spencer

    Lara Spencer

    Lifestyle Anchor (2011-present)

    Amy Robach

    Amy Robach

    News Anchor (2012-present)

    Ginger Zee

    Ginger Zee

    Weather Anchor (2011-present)

    Michael Strahan

    Michael Strahan


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    Fan Reviews (361)

    • Offensive comment about Pope Francis

      Today on GMA, Lara Spenser was highlighting a movie that Pope Frances would be in. She went on to make offensive comments about what his "Star" trailer would look like inside... white candles and maybe a bottle of water that may turn into wine. The other hosts looked shocked. I find it offensive that she said that considering she has no idea what she is talking about. Celebrating the Eucharist every Sunday is a gift. The bread and wine represent the body and blood of Christ and they are the consecrated elements of Holy Communion. It is not a joke you can use to get laughs, Lara Spenser!! I think you need apologize for that rude, ignorant comment!moreless
    • Slamming the Pope

      I will never watch GMA again. I am Catholic and know that Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior. How dare you put the Pope's endeavors on POP News and scoff at the miracle that was performed at the Last Supper. You should all be ashamed for the words that were said and for your colleagues joining in to laugh at something that is sacred. KARMA
    • Fire Sara Haines

      PLEASE send Sara Haines to The View. She sucks, and will fit right in.
    • Please make it stop!!! Lara Spencer

      I am all for supporting women, but Lara is killing me. She thinks she is so funny and cute. She is NOT! She tries to steal the show then has her hair hanging in her face. If she doesn't stop... I will stop watching the show. Lara you are NOT funny. Stop laughing at yourself. You are the only one laughing
    • I'm done with GMA

      Wow you guys really are pushing for Hilary aren't you? I watched how you cut bernies explanation on how he would be saving working families a massive amount of money each year by getting rid of the private insurance industry so that it only showed him saying that he would raise taxes. You are manipulative and pathetic. As see through as the rest of the media.

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