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Welcome to the Good Morning America program. For ABC, this was a much more successful morning news series than A.M. America, which had lasted the first ten months of 1975. ABC looked at one of its affiliates, WEWS in Cleveland, and admired the station's very successful news/talk series called The Morning Exchange (1972-1999). Network programming president Fred Silverman oversaw ABC's using The Morning Exchange as a model for their new program. Today the show is anchored by Robin Roberts and George Stephanopoulos. Ginger Zee gives weather reports throughout the morning, Amy Robach does the news, and Lara Spencer does the lifestyle reports. The show is usally in a battle for #1 with rival morning news show "Today" START YOUR DAY GOOD TO GO!

Robin Roberts

Robin Roberts

Co-Anchor (2002-present)

George Stephanopoulos

George Stephanopoulos

Co-Anchor (2009-present)

Lara Spencer

Lara Spencer

Lifestyle Anchor (2011-present)

Amy Robach

Amy Robach

News Anchor (2012-present)

Ginger Zee

Ginger Zee

Weather Anchor (2011-present)

Josh Elliott

Josh Elliott

News Anchor (2011-2014)


Fan Reviews (198)

  • No longer a fan...

    I, like so many others use to love GMA but I can barely watch a whole episode anymore. Who cares about Dancing with the Stars and Shark Tank... and please get someone that can really do interviews and know what they are talking about it. Lara Spencer definitely does not need to be on a News show or is this even a News show anymore? Amy needs to get moved into a higher role, shes so much more personal and true. Robin and Lara just full of themselves where Amy and George and Ginger are truly themselves. They are the ones that make the show.moreless
  • Inspired by Robin's Book "everyone has something"


    From the time I opened the inside cover and saw your 6 or 10 year old picture I was in awe. It was like looking at myself with the big thick pig tails as they called them in the 50's. When you announced you had breast cancer I was undergoing testing myself. Thank God it turned out to be Fibroids. The Doctor said I just had Fibristic breast and he would check in 6 months. Well all was ok six months later. In 2004 I had a fibroid on my only ovary. I had a partial Hysterectomy removing the uterus and right ovary earlier in 1983. The fibroid was to big to remove through a laprascope so I was brought back to recovery and rescheduled to have it removed by going into the same scar. I never did have it removed. I still have it today ovary and fibroid. I have a new gynecologist female who feels it is not bothering me so no need to remove it at this time. In 2012 I had a heart attack on august 13th one day before Rosie O"Donald. I saw her story on Dr. Oz and was amazed how similar our experiences were. The difference I had 4 stents put in and she had one. 30 days later I experienced chest pain under the ribcage went to the hospital, everything checked out ok went home only to return 7 days later with the same symptoms. This time I refused to go home. They did an echo cardiogram and found an aneurism on the left side of my heart. It took my cardiologist group, the surgeon and my gynecologist 20 days to figure out how to remove it and keep me alive. The original surgery was scheduled for Oct 28, 2012 but could not be done because my heart was not fully healed from the heart attack. The surgeon wanted to wait until Nov 15, 2012 but on nov. 2nd I was in such pain they scheduled it for nov. 5th. I told the Surgeon that he was not going to be the main surgeon, he would be the attending. He asked who would be the main one. I said Dr. GOD. He reassured me that he never goes into the OR without DR. G. O. D. Then I knew I would be fine. Another remarkable inspiration from your book was the picture of your mother hugging Pat the Basket ball coarch. I thought I was looking at my foster mother who raised me since I was 2 years old. Like you I always talked things over with her before making any kind of decision. I still do and it has been since 1991 that I lost her to colon cancer but I go to her grave site and ask her what should I do and she send me an answer 2 to 3 days later. You are going to be just fine because you have Dr. G. O. D. on your side. God bless and keep you well. Keep on inspiring people I hope to get the opportunity to do so myself. Feel free to share this story with everyone. Love ya JUJU (Julia Santos, 108 Martin West Haven, Ct.moreless
  • a very disappointed viewer

    I use to love watching your show before going to work, but sadly,you have lost yet another viewer. In my opinion, Good Morning America has gone from a good news show to the television version of the Enquirer. It's not a show that I can turn on before work and find out what's going on in the world. Instead it's a show that tells me what George Clooney's future wife is wearing, or better yet, ridiculous take- offs such as Lara Spencer pretending to be Harrison Ford in Raiders of the lost Ark. Who was the idiot that hired Lara Spencer anyway! She is certainly NOT a reporter.

    She spends most of her time selling herself and the rest of the time talking about stupid, cutsie issues. The GMA executives should be embarrassed for keeping this junk on TV. It's pretty obvious at times that George Stephanopoulos and Robin Roberts are disappointed as well. I have actually seen them cringe at times. Someone needs to make a decision- Is it a news show, or a comedy show?

    I will not watch this junk again. At least the TODAY show or CNN can give me some insight into the news for the AM without all the slap-stick comedy.

  • Lara Spencer

    I always get so annoyed when Lara conducts an interview. I would like to know what the guest has to say and she ALWAYS cuts them off with something that makes no sense. I wish someone would talk with her to let her know that a good host allows the guest to speak. It seems she just likes to hear herself talk. Not a good host at all.
  • 5.0
    Can you give me address and information on Dr. Jeremy Rappaport on the issue of thinning hair?

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    News Briefs: Dr. Dre Is Developing a Crime Drama for FX

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