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Good Morning America

Weekdays 7:00 AM on ABC Premiered Nov 03, 1975 In Season



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Good Morning America
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Welcome to the Good Morning America program. For ABC, this was a much more successful morning news series than A.M. America, which had lasted the first ten months of 1975. ABC looked at one of its affiliates, WEWS in Cleveland, and admired the station's very successful news/talk series called The Morning Exchange (1972-1999). Network programming president Fred Silverman oversaw ABC's using The Morning Exchange as a model for their new program. Today the show is anchored by Robin Roberts and George Stephanopoulos. Ginger Zee gives weather reports throughout the morning, Amy Robach does the news, and Lara Spencer does the lifestyle reports. The show is usally in a battle for #1 with rival morning news show "Today" START YOUR DAY GOOD TO GO!

Robin Roberts

Robin Roberts

Co-Anchor (2002-present)

George Stephanopoulos

George Stephanopoulos

Co-Anchor (2009-present)

Lara Spencer

Lara Spencer

Lifestyle Anchor (2011-present)

Amy Robach

Amy Robach

News Anchor (2012-present)

Ginger Zee

Ginger Zee

Weather Anchor (2011-present)

Josh Elliott

Josh Elliott

News Anchor (2011-2014)

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Fan Reviews (220)

  • GMA Weekend

    Paula Faris is annoying, she talks too much and craves attention. Sarah Haines over does it when she laughs hysterically at anything that is remotely funny. Ron, Dan, and Rob are cool. I miss Ginger, she gave me a major weekend boner.
  • Concerns from a faithful Viewer.........

    I have been watching Good Morning America since the late 70's and have never changed to any other morning news show. I love watching Robin, George, Amy and Ginger and feel like they really connect with those that are watching. I am in several civic groups in Northern California and surprisingly they all feel the same as I do regarding your reporters on Good Morning America. I also feel that your new billing of adding Lara is unfair to Amy and Ginger. I find it easier to watch when Amy is taking Robin's place instead of Lara. I have hesitated saying anything negative however, I and many others find Lara extremely hard to connect with. She appears to be more concerned with getting camera time than humbly reporting. She even makes Pop news unbearable to watch. Watching her over talk guests she is interviewing, stepping in front of others to make sure she is in the camera is intimidating along with her aggressiveness which does not fit with the team that you currently have. To be honest, there are times when I have turned off Good Morning America just because Lara was taking Robin's place. All of that being said, I Love Good Morning America and do realize there is no perfect situation. Please keep the same level of honest enthusiasm, genuine reporting and humble presentation that you currently have in Robin, George, Amy and Ginger. I sincerely hope these comments aren't falling on death ears! Thank you for being a part of my life for over 30 years.moreless
  • Opening Title Forcing Me to Watch Today

    Why no Amy and Ginger credit in the opening of GMA? What a shame they are so shallow at GMA and let the first place ratings go to their heads -- And why include Lara? So sad -- gonna switch to Today and watch them raise their new puppy.
  • Amy and Ginger left out?!

    I am so surprised not seeing Amy Robach and Ginger Zee's names in the opening with Robin, George and Lara's. Are they not part of the morning team as well? I also don't understand why Lara fills in for Robin and not Amy. Amy is more about the news reporting and I feel you can take her more seriously than Lara. Lara reports on "pop news"and that's where she should stay. When Lara is reporting alongside George I just can't relate to her when it comes to serious news reporting. I have to turn the channel when she is filling in for Robin.

    Give Amy and Ginger the same kind of recognition as the other hosts, they deserve it. They are just as much the reason for the high ratings as well. It's a "team effort". The show is great, I just feel they should add Amy and Ginger" s names to the opening!moreless
  • LARA has to go!!

    I used to enjoy GMA.. News anchors should be professional. Adding personality and humor can also be done in a tasteful manner. Lara Spencer is by far, the worst tv anchor !! She makes it so obvious to the viewers that her main concern is herself! Constantly looking at the camera as if she is flirting with the cameraman or trying hard to keep attention solely on her. She is not easy on the eyes and lacks the credibility of what a respected anchor should be. The other team members are fabulous and apparently cannot mask the looks on their faces while Lara is speaking. NBC is my new morning news show.. Very disappointed that ABC would give Lara that position. Shows that it is not your talent but maybe who you know. NBC is now my channel.moreless

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