Good Morning America

Season 32 Episode 43

October 25, 2006

Aired Weekdays 7:00 AM Oct 25, 2006 on ABC

Episode Recap

There has been a security breach in the Los Alamos Labs. Police raided a trailer home that was suspected of being a meth lab and also found classified documents from Los Alamos. FBI are wondering how these documents got there.

In Iran a US soldier of Iraqi descent is missing and believed to have been kidnapped.

In Sports the St. Louis Cardinals have won The World Series in game 3 with a final score of 2-1 against The Detroit Tigers.

In Weather there is a blizzard developing in Colorado and tropical storm Paul is weakening but his effects are being felt in some areas. In other Western areas, developing storms are giving rise to snow watches and advisories.

In New Mexico a bus driver saves a little boy who was choking on a piece of candy.

Segment: With 13 days left to vote, political ads are getting nastier and nastier. Some are ugly and brutal. Some examples include: 1. Rush Limbaugh's attack on Michael J. Fox saying that he was "acting" his Parkinson's disease when he was recently speaking before Congress. 2. The ads against (Dem-TN) Harold Ford Diane Sawyer talks with radio host Sean Hannity on this topic.

In other news, in Michigan a small claims court case against Ginnah Muhammad was dismissed because she was wearing a veil because of her religious beliefs and the judge could not see her face. Many times, body language and/or facial expressions play an important role in court cases. The question, "Do veils belong in the US," is being raised.

Segment: There is still a discussion as to what was the smudge that was on the hand of Detroit Tiger pitcher Kenny Roger's hand during a recent game. He says it was dirt, some say it was resin. The debate is still being held. In society, cheating has become dominant. In some surveys 1 out of 4 people say that they have stolen from a friend and 60% of High School students say they have cheated at some point. The baseball commissioner did not pursue the Rogers case but what if it was resin? Many feel that he should have gone further.

Segment: "Dancing with the Stars' Emmitt Smith and Cheryl Burke are spotlighted from last night's show, doing their Mambo.

Segment: In a GMA Exclusive, GMA correspondent Claire Shipman reports on a 3 day campaign with First Lady Laura Bush. With a 68% approval record, the question is being asked, "Is Laura Bush the Republican's biggest star?" She can appear to be apolitical even when she isn't and this is a plus.

Feature: Many of the new high tech voting machines have flaws and there is already anticipation of problems at the polls.

Segment: Holiday Travel Survival The holidays are just around the corner and it's time to prepare for traveling. This year, the likelihood of a passenger getting bumped from a flight, up 40% from past years. The cost of flights has risen an average of $60.00. At Chicago's O'Hare Airport, 38% of their flights are late. Looking for deals or seats? These are harder to find the closer you get to Thanksgiving. Chris McGinnis founder of "Travel Skills Group" offers advice. 1. Travel in off time. 2. Remember that there are still security alerts. 3. Start looking now

Around The Water Cooler: You Tube Video of the Week-Halloween Themes 1. Someone made a video of dogs dressed in costumes and made up a song to accompany it. 2. A time lapse of a Pumpkin collapsing over 15 days. 3. A dancing Mummy

Trivia: It's been 40 years since "It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown"

News: A new Federal law has been passed making it ok to have single sex schools. The wealthy have always had this. Some feel that this allows women to reach their full potential, especially in subjects like Math and Science. In Chicago, this has been done and thus far the results have been good.

News: In Philadelphia, a father, 41 year old Wayne Derkotch pulled a .357 magnum on the coach of his 6 year son when he felt that his son wasn't getting enough play time.

In other news, a toddler got stuck in a machine trying to get a Sponge Bob Square Pants doll.

Segment: Eyelash Transplants GMA weekend correspondent Marisol Castro talks with Dr. Alan Bauman about the new trend in eyelash transplants. A small incision is made from the back and hairs are taken out. These are then sewn into the lashes, 3,000 per eye and it takes 2 hrs. The hairs have to be trimmed because they do grow.

Other options: 1. False eyelashes- clusters that range in price form $15-20 3. Lash extensions- take about 2 hours to put in and last from 4-6 weeks 4. New and improved mascaras-range in price from $10-20

Wide open eyes are thought to be primal and alluring.

Special Guest Sarah Jessica Parker does a segment on UNICEF. Sara Jessica is an ambassador for UNICEF. UNICEF was started after WWII and the very first year, a total of $17.00 was collected. Generally children take the UNICEF boxes along as they go Trick or Treating. Here are just a few of the uses of the money that is collected. 1. $1.00 vaccinates a child against Polio 2. 60 cents purchases 50 water purification tablets 3. $10.00 can feed a child for a month.

Around The Water Cooler Sarah Evans has withdrawn from "Dancing with the Stars" due to complications from having filed for divorce. She feels that she needs to be with her children while they go through this. She filed for divorce on October 17th.

In other news the second exotic dancer in the Duke University rape case did not say that she was raped.

The Dow is 50 points away from the 13,000 mark.

2/3rd of Americans say that there life is not there own and are trying to get more flex time on their jobs. Workplace contributor Tory Johnson offers tips for the best way to ask your boss for flextime. 1. Persevere. Don't give up if you get turned down the 1st time. 2. Present a solution, not a problem. Bosses need to know how and why this will be beneficial to the company.

4. Set Benchmarks. 5. Be flexible

Segment: Author Stephen King discusses his new book "Lisey's Story"

Segment: Sixty years of American Bandstand memorabilia is going on the auction block.