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  • Chew on this

    Since the Chew has been canceled, I no longer watch ABC in that time slot. I watch another station until GMC is over, then return to ABC. Keep Michael on in the morning & return the Chew. It's fun, funny & educational .
  • ABC made a mistake.....

    I watch GMA everyday and now GMA Day as it replaced The Chew. I keep waiting for it to get better but it just really the worst day time show and has little to keep your worse the Pickler and can't understand why these shows keep aiirng and they take away a good, funny, happy show like The least you could laugh out loud with The got it all audience is bored silly!
  • Disappointed in GMA Day

    It seems very scripted not spontaneous. Both hosts are usually good but they're trying too hard. And yes Michael seems very loud!!
  • While I have your attention...

    Will get to review in a sec, but GMA's 'Make over' Deals/steals, or the cooking segments are very dull. And I want my news to be without a celebrity guest's guidance, advice or reassurance on any important matters. Especially politics. Unless of course they are spending some of their money to help underprivileged children/elderly, educational opportunities and dwindling infrastructure. Then, I'll watch them publicize/advertise how great they are. I might even agree. I have watched GMA to start my day throughout my entire adult life (I'm 52) and will continue to do so, but really do not like so much info on the aforementioned topics. I need a reason to watch. Ok, now for my GMA days review:

    I probably won't be watching. It just seems like a program that someone would watch if they were in a waiting room somewhere and didn't have access to the remote control. What about extending GMA with more political news and/or 'on the road' in America to talk to the average 'Joes' about what's going on in their neck of the woods. I like those stories. Lisa Ling does a similar program, but she's not on tv enough. Bring her to GMA for a 3rd hour. I like more serious news with content. Info that will enrich, inspire or help me be a better person. The only thing I can think of to help this show is if George hosts. I like his no nonsense approach and he's engaging. Sara and Michael contribute positively to GMA, but just not with this show. Maybe if content was of substance, such as political education for the 75% (my guess) of Americans who don't understand. Somebody with resources/forum needs to start teaching/educating children and adults on the power of understanding every single aspect of Government/politics/voting, etc. I believe that's why so many don't vote is because they just simply don't understand the very basics of the process and why each American's vote is important. The only thing worse than people who don't vote, are people who vote, even though they have no clue about who they are voting for or how their life will be greatly impacted. Thank you and have a great day!
  • GMA at 1 PM Not Off to a Good Start

    I am not liking GMA extended third hour. Sarah and Michael are trying too hard. Nothing special. A mistake.
  • What's the story with Strahan?

    Nice guy, good football player but horrible host.

    Why does he shout allll the time. I have to turn him off as soon as he comes on any show, and he seems to be on a lotttt of shows.
  • GMA Day

    Ugh. Michael Strahan is an idiot. What a stupid ass during Pharrell segment. He doesn't even listen !! Get rid of him !!
  • What is the deal with favortism with Michael

    Update on an earlier message I posted. It looks like Michael will still be on GMA. I was really hoping that they had cut his time on air to one hour of doing silly things with Sara Haines. Doesn't look it tho. Does management read the reviews on this guy? Hint - read the reviews and see how many times someone asks that exact question. Instead of cutting back, they give him more air time. ABC tried Laua out as a morning host. It was the wrong position for her to be in and management recognized it. What is the holdup with Michael ?
  • Michaels is not my favorite

    All negative news. New format is too much of a bad thing.
  • Because Michaels on the show

    Get rid of Michael and you will see your 10 star review
  • Got to go

    Please do not give Paula Ferris a seat at the GMA table. This is not the job for her. She reports a sad story and then moves on to a light-hearted story without taking a breath. Her comments often fall flat and she has absolutely no sense of humor. Her voice is annoying. An occasional single topic might be best for her if she stays. Hint: she is no longer a regular on The View!

    Apparently ABC/Disney does not read or care about viewer comments, as Michael Strahan is still there with his absolutely no journalistic talent!
  • Good Night Good Morning America

    Well - I never thought I would see the day when I would return to the Today Show. However - now that Matt Lauer is gone (I found him just a bit too arrogant) and now that GMA has changed its format a bit - I am returning to the Today Show.

    I am tired of smirking and rolling eyes and HMM HMMs to comment on news during what is supposed to be the straight news segment of the program. Now - I expect that there are choices to be made in terms of which stories to cover - given an extremely short time frame devoted to actual news - compared to fluff and fillers. However - I just want straight facts without hearing about whether Robin likes what the news is about, or hearing Michael Strahan make a comment or smirk, and same with George. I especially hate watching the person supposedly doing reporting from the White House smirking, or rolling eyes, or laughing at something during their reporting segment. There is a woman (whose name I do not know) that is a particular offender.

    Anyways - I feel certain that people don't need this divisive commentary first thing in the morning. I noticed that on the Today show - they just give the facts on the news without the commentary. I feel the same way watching CBS. So - GMA is by far the biggest offender.

    I will guess that many have turned off GMA - and most will not write a review - so I felt like I should.
  • Hey Mike, did that contestant ever give you her present?

    You know, the contestant in the Christmas costume contest? She was very attractive, but looked a little embarrassed when you asked her if 'she had a present for you under her tree'. Her dress was a costume made to look like a Christmas tree with small presents glued to the outside. Laura looked shocked, while she laughed at your comment.

    Guessing you can make lewd comments and get away scottfree for the same reasons that Al Jackson can ask a married co-host if 'she would put something cool on him if he had something swollen and inflamed'. You even have your own new show coming out! You'se guys are just too cool!

    Update; Wow! Your interview with Carlos Watson really brought everything into focus when he talked about how exciting it is that specifically "white women" are getting up and tuning in to see a "strong black man" in the morning. Wonder how black women may feel about being excluded by this comment? Is this the discerning factor for a black man to be 'Breaking Big' as he noted?

  • Talk to camera!

    George,why do you always talk to Michael and Robin when doing the news instead of looking into the camera? The camera in on you and we are out here. You never talk to us . Go sit in another room and have your conversations with other people. You are suppose to be reporting to us. Look at the camera once in a while.
  • NO MORE!

    GMA is no longer my news show in the morning.

    It's way too biased. Talk about 'fake news' the news portion is totally liberal leaning. Why they pay Georgie the salary they do proofs Disney has more moolah than sense.

    What ever happened to reporting the news impartialy?

    Terrible show!

    Way off track IMO.

    So done w/ it...
  • GMA has reached new lows!!!

    I remember watching GMA with David Hartman and Joan Lunden in those earlier years, whenever I had time off from work and was able to be home in that 7:00 am to 9:00 am timeframe. Once I ultimately retired, and was able to watch GMA at that early daily timeframe, I really enjoyed watching this show when Charlie Gibson and Diane Sawyer were the co-anchors. Their GMA was fun, entertaining and they were NOT hell bent on attacking everyone who was a Republican or a conservative, each and every single GMA moment!!!

    Now I do think it would be fair to say all four of these anchors were slightly to the left, politically, and were probably Democrats. However, when on December 2009 Robin Roberts and George Stephanopoulos made their debut together as the anchors of GMA, the show took a drastic, dramatic change.

    Robin and George are unequivocally ultra left-wing, flaming liberals and Lara Spencer, Amy Robach along with Michael Strahan not far behind. Ginger Zee is, I think, somewhere middle of the road, but must say I really miss Sam Champion and his laugh, big time!

    Cannot stand watching Robin when she closes her lips and utters that sound ... mm, mm ,mm ... it is the most annoying sound! And she gets paid $14 Millions to sit there and utter that stupid sound??? And that little shrimp, George with the Napoleon complex, who is literally CHOMPING AT THE BIT, waiting to attack Trump as mercilessly as he can, EVERY SINGLE DAY! I mean he is NON-STOP hell bent on attacking Trump over, and over and over!!!

    And cannot figure out why ABC would hire Michael Stra-shits after he clearly did NOT make it with the Kelly show. What substance does he bring to GMA???

    By the way, I do agree with the comments by "condorchristi" ... I also suspect strongly today's GMA watchers are "stay-at-home moms" and that speaks volumes as to the targeted audience ABC wants for this GMA show.

    I do occasionally watch GMA maybe for the first hour, but I immediately change the channel as soon as the shrimp begins regurgitating with his "Russia collusion" nonsense!

    Watching GMA now is as bad as watching the Rachel Mad Cow show ... WORTHLESS as tits on a bull!!!

    I am done, I am done, stick a fork in me, I am so done!!!
  • worst morning show

    Why does everybody think Michael Strahan should be on any tv show, he can't put a sentence together, even when all he has to do is read it, he wasn't any good on live with Kelly now he is ruining gma along with Lara spencer, these two need to get their own show so they can cancel it after one episode , please let Robin and George do all the talking, Michael Strahan should stick to football announcing not gma!!!
  • Goodbye GMA!

    GMA has been my "go to place" for morning news for many years - until now. After President Trump was elected the tone of GMA changed. Knowing that George is a professed Democrat, as was I, I expected him to be disappointed. However I mistakenly assumed he would stand up like a man and accept that we have a President, working for all Americans, that needs our support, not constant back-stabbing. The fact that the producers allow this to continue shows a total lack of respect for the Office of President, and for the humans that actually support President Trump. Some of the supporters voted him into office, and others have grown to appreciate him because of the things he has accomplished in just over one year.

    I can no longer stand to watch GMA, or even look at George. I want news that is unbiased, honest, and points out the good things rather than digging for dirt that most times cannot be found. GMA is more like a tabloid magazine than a news show now! The entire Stormy Daniels fiasco is immaterial to the job President Trump is doing. We all have made mistakes and done things in the past that we may not be proud of. We all have the right to forgiveness, and to not be judged unfairly. And we certainly don't need things from the distant past to be brought up repeatedly when it has no basis in our lives today.

    Goodbye GMA.

  • Where Did the Professionals Go!

    I have been a GMA loyal watcher for a very long time. As of late it has become very disappointing to watch Michael Strahan be allowed as a key anchor on the show when he does not present as a professional journalist. It must be distressing to his co-anchors with professional education and experience to hear his poor pronunciation, horrible interviewing skills and apparent lack of education. I support a diverse team with men and women of different cultures and background. However, his poor journalistic skills will eventually cause me to change the channel. ABC should change this team soon. It isn't what it used to be with Charlie and Diane.
  • George Stephanopolous; An opinionated journalist/reporter

    First, I want to say that this is not about my opinion about whether-or-not Bill Cosby is guilty (Because I truly don't have an opinion about it), it's about this morning on Good Morning America when they decided to put 'Bill Cosby's Team' on after having the 'Cosby Accusers' from the trial on the show. Ok; I would assume that Good Morning America's Purpose for having 'Bill Cosby's Team' on immediately after having 'Cosby's Accusers' on would be so that they too would have their turn to speak their minds as the 2 women had just done, but George Stephanopolous apparently had a different agenda in mind! He empathized with the 2 women (I'm not saying that they didn't deserve empathy, only pointing-out that George had a different agenda than Good Morning America intended) then immediately after the interview with 'Bill Cosby's Accusers', George Stephanopolous thanks 'Bill Cosby's Team' (2 of Cosby's Publicist, Ebony Benson & Andrew Wyatt) for joining the show, then asked, "What is your response?" Ebony Benson was defending Bill Cosby (I had thought that defending Cosby was the reason she & Andrew were invited onto the show) but apparently, the journalist/interviewer, George Stephanopolous's felt it necessary to be incredibly RUDE to them. 15-20 seconds into Ebony answering George's first question (What is your response?) George felt it necessary to interrupt her with the question, "Are you really going to go there?(" & RUDELY) The statement Ebony was making was relevant in Cosby's defense! And this is coming from a neutral party (Me)! George then told 'Cosby's Team' that a jury of his piers found him guilty; Ebony then began to explain that a juror had stated that her mind was made up that Cosby was guilty before the trial even began. Then George told her that 60 more women had claimed the same thing about Cosby & asked her if she believed they were all lying too; She (Ebony) replied that people do lie. Ebony mentioned that there was no evidence to back-up the allegations against Cosby, & that women that weren't even part of the lawsuit were allowed to testify that Cosby had done this to them also. Which was another valid point in Cosby's defense. I've witnessed a couple of murder trials where the judge didn't allow testimony from a person claiming that the defendant did the same thing to them,& 1 of the 2 I'm referring to had actual legal proof; The prosecutor stated that she wanted the testimony in to show a pattern, but judge said, "No" because it would prejudice the jury against defendant. From Ebony's statements this morning, it sounds like the judge may have allowed a few things to happen that shouldn't have, & George tried to defend the verdict, but wasn't very successful (If it had been a debate between George & Ebony, she definitely would have WON!) I know that I do "NOT" watch Good Morning America to hear George Stephanopolous's opinion. Why was George defending 'Bill Cosby's Accusers' in the first-place? Again, he is a journalist who's supposed to interview people for us viewers. I'm curious why he would feel that it's ok to treat guest's the way he does at times; Like today! I don't know who his boss is, but I wish they would quit letting him go rogue like that! His head must be awfully BIG!
  • What does GMA stand for?

    Get More Africans? I have noticed that staff is slowly becoming all Black. I'm not a racist, but why are they leaning to all black? Michael doesn't bring in viewers as Amy does. When the show goes from "News" to beauty tips, I turn it off. Also, it appears all are liberals and hate Trump. Sad for unbiased reporters.
  • WHY????

    Why would you ruin the Oscars by having Michael Stra-shits big face who can't speak clearly on there? It's bad enough you've ruined GMA, now the Oscars? I guess ABC wants to alienate all its viewers.
  • GMA... I AM DONE!!!!!!!!!!

    After watching GMA every morning for years I am DONE!

    Watching how they spun and cut out important parts of these kid debates on this Horiffic shooting infuriated me to know in.

    You are the real problem FAKE NEWS! Quit politicising every damn thing you report!

    This should not be Democrat vs Republican. But you ABC NEWS just confirmed how biased you are.

    Shame on you exploiting these kids and not showing what really happened!

    And for you George... you are a sawed of weasel!

  • GMA? I'll Sleep

    Poor George. I doubt he would have joined this comic troupe had it presented this structure in 2007. I'm not sure what it was then but it had to have been more newsy and important because today with Robin Roberts at the helm, the show couldn't matter less. And please, it's not a black thing or a white simply not compelling to watch "news" stories about bullying or the pressure that kids feel or the "shocking" practice of people using misleading photographs on Tinder. I would guess their target audience is stay at home mothers who need a distraction. I would also hope that SAHM's would demand something that doesn't insult their intelligence as this show does constantly with the simplistic reporting, the dumbed down "remedies" and the faux heartwarming stories they conjure up from other news outlets.


  • Finally done.....

    Didn't think I would ever be saying this, as I have been a loyal GMA watcher for 25 years. But I have been getting more and more disgusted and disgruntled with GMA for the last year. GMA used to have the best reporting, hands down, but it has turned into nothing but the anchors spewing their personal biases. Call me crazy, but I thought it was an anchor/reporter's job to report the facts and keep their personal opinions out of it. George is the absolute worst, taunting and bullying anyone and everyone that comes on that doesn't agree with him. And I never thought I would be saying this, but Robin is right there. She has gotten where she can't keep her opinions to herself, whether it's the look of disgust on her face or her body language, and I guess she doesn't think we can hear her when she mumbles disgusting words under her breath. But guess what? WE CAN HEAR YOU!!! I deleted The View off of my TV when Megyn Kelly's show started because I couldn't watch the view without feeling like I was going to lose my breakfast because of Joy and Whoopie and how rude and obnoxious they were to their guests. Now that Matt Lauer is gone and they have moved Hoda into his spot, as of today I deleted my daily recording of GMA and starting tomorrow I'm giving Today a shot. Love Jenna Bush, not sure about Savannah Guthrie, but what I do know is this ... it can't be worse than GMA ... therefore, it has to be better. Hello, TODAY show!
  • Turned off GMA permanently due to a lack of Journalistic objectivity

    Long time viewer finally fed up! Report the news fairly instead of catering to the bias of your anchors.
  • lara spencer is annoying

    I used to like this show, I guess I've watched for close to twenty years or so! I can't stand the shows left leaning spins they put on stories anymore, and Lara Spencer is just outright obnoxiously annoying! She acts like a 9th grade cheerleader who cares about "pop news"? I can't watch this show anymore!!

    When last I visited this site I was begging for Lara Spencer to be gone :), that was almost 2 years ago. I was so furious at that time that I gave up on the show. Haven't been back since, but caught a glimpse of Jesse and wondered if you all knew that he is hosting a food competition. Guess they figured they could not cut Lara, so good bye Jesse. Here's a link:
  • I Miss amy robach want Old gma back

    What heck happened to amy robach she never there i dont see her no more i Miss her thank god Michael not there on monday at least we have one day with out seeing his face and listening to his voice i want the Old gma back where amy lara was there first hour no wonder why people leaveing gma choose others job to work like Jessie palmer i heard he left gma to do other show he wont be comeing gma no more also gma also take up stair away go back 2 hour down stair like Old days. Beause will start going some where robn Robert should retire
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