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  • How about more REAL news GMA!!

    I know this is a family show, but I care about real stories; and this is at times, is just shallow journalism. I don't give a crap about the Royals or the strange baby names of another Kardashian, but I do care about troop movements in the middle East. Also, how about digging a little deeper GMA. Like this recent abduction, where the community helped track this guy to a hotel and the kid was recovered. What was his motive? Often times I see things in the lower screen banner that I am interested in, but NO - we have to hear about what Beyonce' is up to. In Summary,,,, I think the POP news needs to be a much smaller part of the broadcast. Also,,, WAY too many commercials and the breaks are WAY to long.
  • Annoying background noise STOP STOP STOP

    GMA has been my go to early morning news The background NOISE is so annoying. Muting commercials is one thing. Muting GMA would be depressing. STOP THE BACKGROUND CLUTTER.
  • pathetic show

    I cant even stand the commercial, have to turn it and then come back after a minute or so. Same goes for GMA Strahan must have pictures.
  • What the h--- happened to The Chew

    Really, do we have to watch Michael and Sara love themselves and perform every day? I agree with "Bring back The Chew". I don't know what happened. I liked both of them before this show. They are both so ON all of the time that I stopped watching. Someone tell them they really are not that cute. As for "Not For Me", they should be as easy to watch as Kelly and Ryan. They are like Kelly and Ryan on steroids!
  • Bring back THE CHEW (PLEASE!!!)

    I like Michael Strahan but honestly, this show is not for because of his Co-Host. There seems to be a forced effort to be on the same stage on both sides. NO chemistry at all. This program is just a silly continuation of KELLY AND RYAN. How about a program for more mature adults???
  • Not For Me

    I've tried to like TJ but his delivery is so cocky - it's off putting. Not for me.
  • Painful to Watch

    Show is often on in my workplace cafeteria, and it so bad it makes me want to go find somewhere else to eat. It will never be on in my house.
  • Thank God for the mute button

    I've tried to like this show but I just can't . Thank God my remote has a mute button. It gets used twice a day, The View and now for Strahan & Sara (formerly known as GMA Good Day). Absolutely horrible. It is so bad that I usually have the tv on for background can't even tolerate the show as background. There is zero synergy between them. I liked Michael on Kelly and Michael, here he is a fish out of water. The segment for celebrity interview ambush is just cringe worthy. Neither Michael nor Sara are strong enough to carry this show. It's a trainwreck.
  • GMA Day must go away!

    GMA Day is awful! Why? Michael Strahan is LOUD, fidgety, awkward, continuously twisting his hands around and looks tremendously uncomfortable in his own skin!!! Sara is loud, wrong and is the antithesis of how well she presented herself on The View! It's like they think the audience is deaf! Please develop another format and different hosts for GMA Day!

    ABC when are you going to listen to your viewers?? GMA DAY/STRAHAN & SARA is just AWEFUL!! The CHEW was so much more entertaining. So many viewers loved the CHEW and miss it.
  • Just not working.

    I like both Sara and Michael, just not on this show. Sara is too silly and Michael is overexposed. I like the concept just needs reworked and toned down.
  • Bring back THE CHEW!!! What are you doing????

    Ok. I literally just created an account in order to voice my thoughts about this horrible decision made by ABC to cancel The Chew and replace it with this terrible show. This duo is horrible!!!! What was the point of replacing The Chew with this?? Strahan is obviously miserable. And Sarah Haynes is just too emotional. I'm similar so I get it and I'm not judging her but she's not a fit for this show! She internalizes things too much and makes it about her. I miss The Chew so much. This was such a huge mistake made by the network. Strahan shouldn't have been allowed to take this gig after what he did to Kelly Ripa who is a class act all the way. Ryan Seacrest is a million times better than him anyway. If they're grooming sarah to replace kelly I will boycott ABC completely. Shame on you ABC!! You finally filled a bad timeslot with a great show THE CHEW and you ruined it!!! Take these two off the air. They don't belong there!!
  • GMA DAY...

    GMA DAY Is still a disaster... I miss the chew so very much! The GMA DAY is a fail! Pls network cancel this show and give us back the harmony and variety of the Chew...

    Am appalled that your took the chew off. I learned so much and loved them all. STRAYHAN sucks. He thinks he's all that. Would love a cooking channel in that slot. Well Abc was reading other reviews of this show and too bad you are missing the boat. We all miss the chew. This show has no purpose. Again, strahan's sucks.
  • Margaret

    I give up on this show. Sara's clothes are usually too short . Both still use their note cards too much. Michael is over exposed on television. I think these latest reunions are a waste of money. They should have united some people that had meaningful separations. If it lasts another season I will be totally amazing. The set is not appealing either.
  • GMA Day disappointing

    I really like Sara and Michael and was hoping their show would be a success. Unfortunately, I am very disappointed. From the very first day until today it seems like they are struggling to create a chemistry that flows. I stopped watching for a couple of weeks and tried to go back to give them a second shot but I'm still disappointed. I miss The Chew. They had great chemistry and I couldn't wait to add new recipes to my cooking repertoire. Watching GMA day gives me a stomachache because I can't believe they walk off off the set and feel like the show was a success that day. Keep Michael as a sports caster and put Sara back on the view.

  • GMA Day

    I do not support this show. I tried, but i miss The Chew. I miss Michael and Carla and Clinton. I miss watching The Chew and them heading to the store with a recipe idea. I feel like Im watching Michael Strahan cheat on Kelly Ripa with his new side piece. I LOVE Sara think she is super cute and do not like this show at all. Bring back The Chew and add Sara?
  • I love

    I love Carla on GMA day she is so amazing and fun brings a whole new excitement to the show
  • I miss the Chew, it's that simple.

    I've given Gma many hoped I would like it but it's just too loud and busy for my taste. I miss the intimacy & chemistry of the chew crew, why didn't they address adding the right 4th person before chopping the whole show? I would be more than thrilled to see it return. Clinton, Carla & Michael were my favs when it came right down to it. Who can ever forget the Kreepy Uncle Karl's foot quip from several Thanksgivings ago.
  • GMA Day is boring

    Please get rid of this show and bring back The Chew... I enjoyed watching afternoon tv when The Chew was on.
  • Blah, blah blah

    I have watched a few minutes of different episodes and didn't like what I saw. I like Sarah, but she was way better on The View. I like Michael as a sportscaster. He is on way too many hours a week though. I watched The Chew every single day and miss it. I miss laughing, learning things, being tuned in and interested. GMA Day is blah blah blah

    Terrible show. Trying too hard to be Kelly and Ryan. Not funny, not interesting and not watchable. Used to love all things GMA. Now I turn off the TV rather than waste my time on mindless laughter and nonsense. I do like both Michael and Sarah but not together. Sarah acts like a dumb bunny and Michaele tries waaaaay too hard. Halloween show was a disaster, turned it off and will never turn it on again. Much preferred the Chew, at least they were funny and entertaining. ABC is aiming way too low for their viewers.
  • Get rid of GMA day.

    Terrible show. How many talk/ news shows does ABC need? I used to love Sara but, now they have dumbed her down. Bring back the Chew or even a game show. I used to watch ABC all day long but now I only put it on for General Hospital. Abc needs to start listing to their viewers
  • GMA DAY - No way

    First don't try and recreate Kelly and Micheal -

    Michael sorry to say - big mistake leaving Kelly- that was the only time I liked you, at first I didn't you were stiff and robotic but soon loosened up and I came around - told everyone - Hey that Michael S - I like him - Then you screwed yourself by going to GMA - which I never watched its like having coffee with a circus and clowns way too much going on - Tried to catch it because of Sarah - but nope - forced and ridiculous - both go back to were you came

    PS, Yes and though I didn't watch the chew religiously every day I caught it most days and miss the host hope you guys show up somewhere else - or yah bring it back somewhere else ABC didn't know what they had
  • GMA DAY-epic fail

    I realky like Sarah & Michael, and don't want to see either lose their jobs, but they've dumbed them both down for this show. Keep Michael at GMA, put Sarah back on The View, and bring back The Chew. Or better yet, bring back All My Children! GMA Day is a stupid, useless program adding nothing but fluff. If you add a 3rd hour (totally unnecessary) make it hard hitting news. Geesh-do I have to do everything for you people?! Ha
  • GMA Day fail

    Update 10/26: OMG!!!! Please make it stop!!!! For the love of God. It's painful!!!! I'm hopeful the network is listening folks! I saw Carla on Wendy Williams today & she said that she knows we want them back & she's hopeful. Wendy even mentioned to bring on Jeff Mauro (like I said here). Let's keep pushing because I just can't take another day of this stupidity. Today they did the friggin Nickelodeon slime thing! I find myself watching just to see how bad it can get. Ughhhhh!

    Previous review: just simply hard to watch. If I didn't know Sara from The View, I would think she is a complete idiot by the change in her mannerism on this show. She's a smart woman, and GMA is dumbing her down. I honestly feel so bad for her because I'm sure she thought this was a big promotion & would escalate her career. The show seems so forced & awkward. The topics are boring and skimmed over too quickly. The Chew was funny, engaging and full of useful cooking information. I always found myself laughing out loud watching that show. I see from other's reviews that I don't stand alone here. To be honest, I was happy to see Mario go, he was my least favorite character. Clinton, Michael & Carla were fine on their own. Why not just have a rotating guest co-host (Jeff Mauro, Katie Lee, Valerie Bertinelli). Bottom line put Sara back on The View (before you tarnish her with this crappy show) and BRING BACK THE CHEW!!!! There has never been any show like it. You will make many of your viewers very happy.
  • Bring back The Chew

    Watched 10 minutes and turned off the TV. We didn't need another hour of GMA and I have to agree the jocularity feels very forced. Loved Sarah on The View and Michael can stick to sports. Replace him with TJ and bring back The Chew!!!
  • GMA not Today

    I have tried and tried to watch & like GMA Day but sadly it is unwatchable. What about revamping it to GMA Chewday and morph back in Michael, Carla and Clinton. Michael & Sara are trying to hard - everything seems forced & when I do actually stay tuned in I'm always thinking "who cares".
  • GMA/GMA Day

    I used to be a fan of Good Morning America. But lately I find myself tuning out. It seems that all they talk about on a daily basis is Harry and Meghan. Am I the only one that is sick and tired of hearing about every single thing they do? There are other things in the world that are more important than Royal weddings and Royal babies. I'm also tired of Serena Williams. She is not the only woman to ever have a baby or have postpartum, yet they do a lot of stories on her too. It is to the point that I almost hate the show now. I have watched it for years and it has always been my go-to for morning news. But the Royal crap is driving me nuts and I'm sure I'm not alone. Now we have to look forward to daily commentary on the growth of Harry and Meghan's unborn baby. It's enough already!!! I won't even begin to think about watching GMA Day. Not a huge fan of either of those hosts. Michael is extremely hard to watch sometimes and I find Sara annoying.
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