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  • Dan Abrams is dreamy

    Thank you for adding Dan to the show. Just another reason to watch GMA (as if another reason was needed).

  • Michael Strahan

    Could you please not have Michael Strahan on Good Morning America. I have watched this program for years and if he comes on - what do I do now. He is on Kelly and Michael show and I don't watch that program either. Please - Please find someone else.
  • GMA not the same fake

    Today's my last day. The show looks like fake people trying to pull something off not sure what they hope to gain. All I can say ABC u already lost two wonderful people.. Sick of the fakes u have on now. U really r strictly living in Disney Land.
  • GMA has gone down the toilet!

    I have watched this show for years! Still trying to get over Sam leaving, can't believe they paid him so little. Josh now MIA and I haven't seen Robbin all week! There is NO rapport with this group now. Amy drives me nuts, she never shuts up and believes herself to be a very important didn't bother me in the past- because when Sam was there and the others- there was a place for her. Now though with this group, she seems out of place. If they lose George - I am finished with GMA. I hate to admit it but there are too many women and they are behaving unprofessionally and catty. People say Sam wasn't that important - well he was because the group were perfectly balanced and when you lose one, it changes the entire group dynamics. So each chosen replacemnt needs to be decided on carefully but when you have two leave and Robin isn't there many days- the entire group is off-kilter! It's a mess now and we just turn the tv off! ABC - get the producers back in line!
  • NO Nancy Grace

    Every time you allow Nancy Grace on the show we turn it OFF!

    She does not fit with real journalism and it is a shame you allow it. Otherwise like GMA and I would be giving a much higher score if you remove her completely.
  • Why GMA Lost Us

    FYI Ipad wouldn't let me submit my review. 1) The 10 year change/slide to political new focus vs news and light entertainment 2) Robin Roberts is not a national hero. think she's okay, but I wouldn't even have her on the show 3) All the crap about other ABC shows - bachelor, dancing with the stars, if I wanted to watch that stuff I could - instead every day something or another which is boring or annoying leads us to change the channel. We start with GMA because we love our local news folks. Remember, I can see a lot of the fluff you cover on facebook, twitter, etc.. Too bad about Josh - you really screwed up.
  • Josh Gone!

    Sorry to see Josh gone. No to Michael. He already has a gig. Put someone else in his spot just not Michael. There's got to be some new talent out their somewhere. George needs another guy on the show. He has a hard time getting in the conversation. Your show was #1 Now Who Knows? It was bad enough to see Sam leave now Josh.

  • Not important anymore

    So sorry to see Josh go. I loved the quick wit. The show now has way to many women and poor George is stuck in the middle with idle chatter. Love Robin and I think George is very smart. Ginger is sweet but putting Amy in Josh's place does not do it for me. For whatever reason Lara is just not likeable. The show is not the same anymore and whether I watch it or not is just not important anymore. It was the first thing I turned on in the morning but no longer care. Rating will be going down ABC
  • Way to go GMA, lost another fan

    Love George. He is a smart guy, but pretty dumb sitting up there with all that mess. When you add Lara to co anchor with George, that is a slap in his face. She is a loud mouth no body. She makes the show very trashy. I have to turn the channel when she starts talking. If you are making changes like loosing Sam and Josh, she needs to be next on the list. I think you would get your fan base back. Very disappointed.

  • Way to much chatter

    Our family is really get tired of watch a noisy hen house each morning. It is turning into a giggle fest of the worst kind. They need to listen back to their show and put a muzzle on Lara! Ridiculous for an audience to have to listen to over talking each other and giggle chatter. Time to back out of GMA. Get a handle on it quick or many will be leaving to go to Today or CBS morning show or Fox! It is terrible folks, TERRIBLE!!
  • Goodbye Josh Elliot

    I have been watching GMA for years and years. Now the Josh Elliot is gone, I will not be watching anymore. First Sam Champion, now Josh Elliot. Why dont you get over your payroll tightness and pay Josh what her wants??? Obviously your spending all your salary on Robin Roberts, whom I love. However Josh offered soooo much to the show, I WILL NO LONGER WATCH GMA. VERY SAD, JOSH ELLIOT MADE THE SHOW. SHAME ON YOU ABC.
  • Lost me as a viewer!

    Just tuned in after not watching GMA for a few days. And sadly, today will be my LAST day. George is a true newsman and I respect him. Robin Roberts is a true newswoman and I also respect her. I was thrilled when Josh Elliott came on board. He fit in immediately. Really miss Sam Champion doing the weather. Sadly, GMA has taken a direction I just can't stomach. The Pop News segment is fluff and crap. We could all live without that. And the new person doing it is just plain annoying. Her voice is totally irritating. Word of advice, GET RID OF HER. I'll be searching for another morning news show without the silly fluff and crap.
  • Four women and a guy the new talk show.

    news here I come. I have been disappointed for a long time with Good Morning America. If I wanted to watch "The View" or one of those idiots women's show I could. I don't care to watch a bunch of people who think they are so important they are the news. I am sorry to see that George is still there. You are no longer a news show, you are a entertainment show. Good Morning and for me Good Bye!
  • (GMA)GrossMash-upAmerica

    Previous negative reviews of GMA correct. !. Stop talking over each other! 2. Bring back the news content. 3. Stop beating us over the head with Robin's and Sam's gayness. (And you can quit interviewing Ellen Degenerate 3. Throw Lara Sputzer under the bus. What a vapid, shallow, phony yuckster! And what's with her voice? She sounds like she gargles with old razor blades! Oh yeah, tell Josh Elliot to stop banging the table every time he finishes a sentence! Whew!
  • Parenting threw

    If you are parenting and miserable you are probably doing something wrong. My husband and I have 6 kids 4 from my previous and 2 together. Our sons are almost 17 and almost 18. These kids are awesome yeah they have their quirks but let them grow they are becoming what you taught them to be adults. Now is the time for you to sit back and watch them bloom. My teens make us laugh every day. Just remember they are not 2 anymore and you can't just say no because I said so. Have a conversation with your kids. You may be surprised who much they can teach you. I know we sure were. Don't be a stick in the mud parent go with the flow and learn with and from your kids.
  • The Josh Elliott Show featuring Lara Spencer

    A few news stories by Robin Roberts and George. No thanks. I have been a loyal fan for more years then I care to say but I am done. I will miss Robin and George. I am very sad but I guess it's CBS for me. :(

  • Disappointed!

    I have watched GMA for several years - not consistently, but frequently enough to see the trend. Recently I've been very disappointed and begun to explore other morning programs to find NEWS. GMA has deteriorated - too much fluff, not enough news and thoughtful discussion! Especially disappointed that George Stephanopoulos would continue in such an environment - he's much too smart for the nonsense that is GMA.
  • Lara Spencer Is Absolutely Awful

    Hate, hate, hate this stupid idiot. She adds NOTHING to the show, unless you want to call mugging for the camera, checking herself out in the monitor and fake banter "adding" something. So shallow and obviously not at all intelligent. And that accent - UGGHH... it grates on the ear. She is an annoying detraction from an otherwise pleasant morning show. I wish they would send her back to entertainment-news-land where she belongs - or better yet, she should get off TV entirely. I actually watch GMA until about 40 minutes in; when she starts her stupid schtick, I switch to Today or CBS.
  • I love this show I give this show a 100+

    Ya know forget all the negativity people want to give this show. You don't like it watch the today show. This show shows compassion. It shows that the news doesn't have to always be serious. It can be fun and if they interrupt each other who cares, its like being at a family dinner when your siblings interrupt you when you talk. They are one big family and the love between them shows. I for one love my Good Morning America. I feel like I watch my family in the mornings before going to work, Keep Up the good work Everyone that has to do with putting the show together, I love you all.
  • GMA weekends: Giggling idiots

    Soooooo tired of the giggling, giddy cast on the weekends, Bianna and the blond entertainment reporter especially. As others have mentioned, they all talk and laugh over each other and leave the rest of us out in the cold. Bring back some professionalism to this show. Miss the days of Diane Sawyer and David Hartman.
  • Unbelievable!!!!

    I can't believe you would waste viewers' time by showing such a pathetic interview this morning!! Do you honestly think that we want to see Honey Boo Boo and that thing she calls a Mom on national television?! If so, then your producers have no idea what interests your viewers. They are a sorry excuse for a family and entertainment. I refuse to let my children watch that show and belittle their intelligence. That family is only surviving by the tuning in of low intelligence beings. They are no example of how to raise a family and the fact that it is being dramatized and praised is such an insult to anyone with an education. Please find something/someone worthwhile to have on your show or you will continue to lose loyal viewers.
  • Interupting each other .

    when every one is talking over each other it makes me turn to another station. you talk over when someone is singing or giving a receipt and you also laugh over something we know nothing about. please watch some of you shows and you will see what I mean. I have read some of the comments other people wrote in, and they say the same . I love you show but you need to let people talk. When you are interviewing you talk so much that we never get to listen to you guest.
  • I want more of Robin an George!

    It seems as though Josh & Lara are trying to take over the show. Please bring back the engaging News stories. Robin and George are excellent anchors; however, they are being downgraded to just sit in the background to laugh and observe. There's a lot of good stories that need more time, but all we get is about 30 seconds. They don't even say Robin and George's names during the shows opening anymore. What are they trying to tell us? I love George and Robin, but with deep regret I'm moving on!
  • What happened to journalism?

    Seriously... do we really care about your "partner" Robin? What about all the other people on the show? Why not show their "partners" or "spouses". Give me a BREAK! I am so sick of having this manipulative way of supporting this issue on television. I'm done with watching your show!
  • what have you done to my show?

    For decades I was a loyal GMA viewer, way back to Joan and Charlie, what a class act. Loved Diane and Robin together. But now, it is just stupid banter and talking over one another.

    Count me in as another new CBS this Morning viewer.
  • what will i shop for on black friday? Will i spend less than last year? yes yes but unique

    My shopping plans for today is to shop around our very small town in NW Minnesota looking for lost cats and dogs and checking live traps for them to be rescued as they will freeze in the next upcoming week and to see an animal suffer like that is too heart wrenching waiting for Christmas to Come.

    Last year i spent $50.00 on Printing charges for a picture i painted and pencil colored of four birds, a Nuthatch, a American Gold Finch, a Rose Breasted Grosbeak, and a Downy Woodpecker all birds i saw at my old Apartment window feeder. I Mailed them all out to my 3 siblings and 3 nieces an one nephew, mom and dad, my 7 children and my ex, my 5 cousins and 3 aunts and 3 uncles, and handed them out all numbered to my neighbors who were kind or who were alone for the holidays, a few shops that help me get along in life.

    This year i am going to the towns new Free store where i can find used items and freshen them up or make them special items with things i have like bottle caps, carved crosses which are lackored. Any food gift i can afford with my Snap food card. Unfortunately i wont be able to buy store items this year i have been waiting on my disability to release my funds hopefully it will be before Christmas. A few free things i am doing for the community as a gift is run my Rescue for Animals by sheltering them and bringing them to the humane society once they have had therapeutic intervention here with my friend who is also disabled and waiting. Nare a scrap of food is ever wasted here. We have lots of visitors over the holiday season and by Christmas we usually have only 1 awaiting adoption which is also free. Though money is scarce the holidays are de-vine as dogs and cats dine warmly in our home until their new home arrives, that is my Christmas Plans of shopping........ shopping for homes for animals and companions for the elderly and lonely who have lost their loved ones, So that their Christmas will be full to the brim with little chinny chin chins leaning into a new mom or dad, for them to be tucked underarm with love just like Christ would do yep i know him. Happy Holidays to all Frankie
  • Insult to our intelligence

    GMA has really no respect for the American public or it's intelligence! What happened to tv journalism? I have been watching this show for over 30 years and would never have switched! However, there is now no NEWS presented in a manner that can be watched! The silly bantering among the anchors is ridiculous and obnoxious to listen to! Who really cares about the insignificant and silly talk among them? Josh Eliot is self centered and rude! They are too loud and too silly to listen to. I only kept watching hoping it would get better and it hasn't! Everyone I talk to has switched to another network. Perhaps abc should listen to some comments and take heed!
  • Finally quitting!

    Sorry, GMA have watched you for years. Switching to FOX. Tried to watch for information. But all we get is silly little stories of Pop news. No real items of interest anymore. Can't understand you half the

    time for all the silliness. No meat to your stories anymore. When you showed Mylie that nearly did it for me. But tried to stay. No class anymore. Could give some heartwarming stories that are real and some real news about what is really happening in the world. . Whoever your producer is now has ruined you!
  • I can't hear you!!!!!

    GMA cast like to joke a lot at different clever remarks, which might be very they so rudely laugh and talk over each other that I can't understand any one person. It sounds like a lot of loud gibberish. I'm sooooo tired of this! It's a waste of my time when I'm trying to leave for work but want to get a bit of national news before I leave my home. I agree with PeytonJ's have been reduced to this yackity yak talk show that has very little to do with creative mstjohn

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