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  • show going downhill

    I've been watching your show for a few years (taping then watching). It used to take me an hour to watch. Because of all of your commercials. Now, it takes less than ten minutes. You take way too long for some of your stories. Like Jenner for instance. Who cares. Then you have it on and on and on.

    GET RID OF STRAHAN. He doesn't add anything to your show. I'm quite sure he doesn't need the money.
  • Basic Bro Burger --- Are you Kidding?

    My issue is against GMA and "chef" Dan Churchill. My husband and I watched his segment earlier this week, and decided to have his Basic Bro Burgers for dinner tonight. I downloaded the recipe, purchased top-dollar ingredients vine-ripened tomatoes rather than the cheap ones, brioche buns) and followed the chutney recipe to the very letter. The very letter. I even watched the video twice over to make sure I didn't miss anything. I don't know what Mr. Churchill or GMA/Yahoo left out of or slipped into the chutney recipe, but my final product looks nothing like what was on the live segment. Add the 1/4 cup of balsamic to the "chutney?" See what happens to you. And the burgers? Well, half a bunch each of flat parsley and cilantro in a pound of hamburger produced mealy semi-veggie burgers that came complete with lots of green stuff in ours and our guests' teeth. Look, I get it. Mr. Churchill wants to peddle his cookbook. Is the idea that you have to pay to get the "real" recipe? Then just say so. And while I'm on the subject, this isn't the first time a downloaded recipe of a GMA cooking segment has produced a less-than-accurate result. Hello, ABC. If I can't trust you with a simple, end-of-the-show cooking piece, then why on earth would I trust you with real news?
  • Shameless Promotion Knows No Boundries

    Am I the only person who is tired, weary, exhausted of this constant promotion of the Bruce Jenner piece?

    If it isn't enough to have every other commercial promoting it, we now have to have Diane Sawyer and Chris Connelly promoting it DURING the broadcast! Enough already.

    Lara Spencer is a vapid airhead. Is it any wonder her husband is leaving her? Can you imagine having a serious conversation with Lara Spencer? The answer is no. No one has that level of imagination.
  • Enough is Enough!! Lara needs to go.

    Can't watch this any longer. Who in the world would take this show seriously! It's really sad to have to "dumb down" so early every day. I think Lara acts unprofessional and behaves like the most narcissistic personality on the planet! It's insulting and appalling to watch. I've been a viewer of this program for 30+ years and I've finally had it. I converted to watching Matt Lauer and company and they appear to be more on track with what a morning show should deliver and no one on the team attempts to grandstand like LARA!
  • Is anyone listening?

    Ok. Will someone PLEASE funeralize GMA because Lara has killed it for me. Today's show was IT for me. I'm finished! The interview Lara did today with Guillermo Diaz was terrible; he barely got a word in!! Who ever heard of the interviewer hogging the spotlight from the interviewee!??!!? That was so totally exasperating and I'm now too through with GMA. I know she has a binding contract, but pay her off already and Let Her Go so that she can be the legend that only she thinks she is!!!

  • Lara hogging the moment again and AGAIN!

    Yesterday morning on GMA, Lara did it again! A woman guest, famous for her "bongo" moves at a sporting event was upstaged by Lara's flailing arms as the woman demonstrated her moves in the studio. The woman was doing her bongo moves and here comes Lara, right next to her doing the moves, too! Lara, you ruined it for this woman who came to be on the show! What is wrong with you? Why must you steal this woman's thunder? GMA, get rid of this camera hog. She sits at her spot at the news desk with her elbows out and hands on the desk so she takes up more desk space than anyone else seated there. Is this so we all notice her duck lips and sleepy eyes? Please, this makes her look like a desperate woman seeking attention. She needs to become a clown!

    And she did it AGAIN, today! She was interviewing an actor from Scandal and the poor man could not even talk with her butting in. When he was able to speak, Lara's loud, obnoxious voice just overpowered him.
  • PLEASEEEEEE LET HER GO! ...........

    I agree with so many of the comments below regarding Lara Spencer. Why isn't GMA listening? She is the most annoying, irritating person on the show. We are all so over her posing and acting like a silly teenager, and flirting for the camera! No one can get a word in from her continuous silly jokes that she thinks are funny. No one thinks she is funny but her. She just talks and talks and talks until I change the station. Enough already!!!!! UGH! How embarrassing for the other anchors. I will stay with The TODAY show until ABC wakes up.

    I have loved GMA for years but I literally check to see if Robin is there and if she is NOT I do not watch it. When I see Lara Spencer sitting in her chair filling in, I want to take an Aleve! She is such a camera hog and wants to be the top dog so bad it is nauseating. Why is her name on the opening of the show and not Amy Robach she does real news. Please GMA get her off the screen she is as annoying as fingernails on a chalkboard, when Robin is not there I turn to NBC and I loathe Matt Lauer but I would rather watch the female news people there than Lara Spencer!
  • Time to FIX Good Morning America !!!

    The show has gone to the dump, they need to get back to their roots the girls on the show are completely sicking they seem to be ingaged in more of a cutie factor thats absolutely sicking both the long hair blonde laura and the short hair girl suck big time and what they call news worthy stories like the zombie work out .Really !!! No one says that they need to be straight faced and Dull but come on, This has turned into a variety show and less of a news station, This main stream news show seems to defy news thats Important !!!, Political Issues, Government , Crime , Current Events, The cutie factor!!!! has to go and lay out a real news show, Do the Producers ever read these posts? , They must not
  • Amy Robach - an excellent anchor!

    Clearly ABC-GMA is pandering to the 20-something audience. Their morning "news" show has hardly anything to do with news or what's going on in the world - and way more to do with celebrities, gossip, fashion and rap music (which is not really "music", but more of a blathering of words at a fast pace that you cannot understand). This is what GMA is all about. I wouldn't be surprised to see them start a slate of "celebrity anchors" - perhaps Kim Kartrashian would be a good fit for them! In any case, if you would like to see a calmer, more balanced morning news show I would suggest Today, CBS This Morning or CNN. Their formats are much calmer than GMA, their anchors are more polished and professional, and you don't have to put up with the gravel-voiced Lara Spencer (who the producers of GMA keep trying to shove down our throats as an anchor). Amy - if I were you I would extricate yourself from this pathetic excuse for a morning news show and align yourself with something worthy of your professionalism and poise. You and George are too good for GMA.

    Wonderful to see Amy Robach sitting in the anchor chair next to George this morning. A polished and professional news team Refreshing!

    Finally GMA - an anchor team worth watching! I loved seeing Amy and David together this morning! They are poised and professional, and really elevate the status of your show. Amy is an anchor moving up along the lines of Diane Sawyer - and David, well, what more can you say than perfect - Mr. World News Tonight! Thanks for finally giving us a team worth watching. I agree with the previous reviewer - a breath of fresh air without Lara Spencer oogling the cameras.
  • Why is Lara still on GMA

    Well I no longer watch when Lara s siting in for Robin or anyone.

  • Time to change

    I have watched GMA for as long as it has been on, but I have now changed morning programs. Gma has turned into a Hollywood magazine instead of the news show it is supposed to be. Too much foo foo stuff. Also the news they do report is not consistent with what is taught in grade school which is when a story is written it should have the 5 W's What Where When & leaves out W's out of every story.

    I think George should have his own news program every morning and he should be the director of it. Goodbye GMA
  • Amy and Ginger

    Great seeing Amy in the anchor chair alongside George today! Amy does an excellent job filling in for Robin. Other's that fill in for Robin don't do as great of a job as Amy. She is professional and adds a breath of fresh air to the morning. When Lara fills in for Robin I have to change the channel, you just can't relate to her in a serious "news reporting" way. And PLEASE add Amy and Ginger's names to the opening of the show. They are just as much a part of keeping Good Morning America #1 in it"s rankings. It's a team effort, aren"t they part of the team?
  • Michael

    I think that Michael should be replaced full time with Dan Harris full time . He make the show shine. I mean on a weekly basis.
  • Tone It Down Lara, Please!!!!

    Lara is talented but when others try and comment she acts selfish by stealing their thunder by talking over them and/or acting like a dancing clown. Tone it down Lara. And you are not a dance queen. Act like an adult. If we want to watch dancing we would watch Dancing With the Stars. Geesh.

    Came back to GMA after a few weeks and it appears Lara may have calmed it down a wee bit but she has a way to go before I become a regular viewer again.
  • Lara Spencer

    All these negative posts about Lara Spencer. She wasn't brought on the show to be a news reporter you pinheads. She provides some lighthearted counterpoint to the usual rollout of grim stories that make up the "news" these days. As such, she's doing exactly what she's paid to do. To lighten things up. All you armchair critics might want to do likewise
  • People are mean.

    I think Lara is sweet. She makes me laugh and i enjoy her energy. I love the crew, they're quite enjoyable to watch i think. I don't really care about what they do with their personal lives hahahaha

  • I loved GMA

    For years I have watched GMA , but I believe it is over for me. I love Robin and could put up with most of the changes. As much as I enjoyed Sam and Josh I could live with their leaving. Lara being made a co-host is another matter. Lara is fluff not a news person. She is fine on cat stories, but not on anything serious. Its time to look for a new morning show. I understand Josh's no compete time is up maybe he will be on Today!!
  • Lara has to go

    Show SO much better without her. Really notice while she was gone. Just too annoying
  • can't stand lara anymore

    I am done watching GMA every morning like I have been for five years until you get rid of Lara!! She's obnoxious, overly flirty with every man , and just plain annoying... She must go!!!!! Ps I feel so strongly about this I joined this group just to tell you about how much I hate her!!!
  • Love GMA

    I love this news show, and all the anchors. Lara Spencer is great, she always has the best comments and I always listen for what she has to say.
  • Lara needs to stop talking

    I watched your show today and I couldn't believe how much Lara talked over people. I could hardly stand watching. The poor girl trying to explain how to make her crafts, we at home couldn't even hear her. Lara, there's a way to engage in conversation and not take it over. ZIP IT Lara!
  • the Dog that could not catch a treat

    It was pretty disturbing to see what was going on - it is very possible the dog has eye issues - the owner should taken him to a Vet eye specialist - yes I am serious - not subject the poor dog to antics that seemed quite cruel.
  • Lara is great!

    Like all the gma hosts, including Lara. But we need more news and less about boy band losing a member. Geeze. Spent way too much time on that story and not enough about reports of Bowe Bergdahl deserting and putting his company in harms way.
  • Fire Lara Spencer Instead of Promoting Her

    GMA has a very qualified team in Robin, George, Amy and Ginger. For some reason, ABC has promoted Lara over Amy, and it's difficult to understand why. Although Lara is very comfortable in front of the camera, she is incredibly unprofessional in her actions by demonstrating scene-stealing moves such as talking over her colleagues, swinging her arms out over coworkers and flirting. If GMA want an entertainment reporter that will work well with others, they should replace Lara with Sara Haines. She possesses all of the qualities GMA needs without the drama.

    ABC generally makes good decisions about its news division, as evidenced by making David Muir the nightly newscaster, as well as keeping George S. on GMA and the Sunday political show. I have been watching GMA for many years, but am considering changing to another network. I am not employed by NBC or CBS, but rather a viewer who prefers high quality news.
  • GMA lineup

    3/24. YES!!!!! Finally GMA is worth watching today!!!! Fabulous without all that Pop news crap, sorry Lara but they really need to find you a different platform. Oh I'm loving my coffee today with GMA!!! Agree with previous poster 100%

    2-20-I'd rather see veronica corningstone....

    How rude, what is Lara's name doing on top billing? If you're going to put her name up there you can't leave out Amy and the incredible ginger zee... What are the execs thinking? Is Lara that self serving? Check out her facial expressions and interrupting, she's not genuine and doesn't care about anything in the conversation. And the gossip is not top bill-worthy. It's too weird and I might have to try NBC again. Aand I agree with the comment about the weekend show, really good dynamic there. Amy and ginger-revolt! It should be all or just robin and George. Half the stuff lara "reports"on is just not worth the breath. Oh, and Give ginger a chair!
  • Lara and Michael rock!

    After reading many of the rants against Lara and/or Michael, I can only surmise that the critics are somehow connected to NBC. Lara and Michael are literally "a breath of fresh air" on GMA.

    The chemistry that exists between Robin, George, Lara, Ginger, and Michael is undeniable. This chemistry is the reason that GMA continues to have higher ratings than NBC' s TODAY.

    Whilst I like Amy (and I'm so glad she won her battle with cancer), she is clearly "the odd man out" in this group. At times, Amy looks like "a deer caught in headlights;" when she so obviously doesn't comprehend a reference or joke, with which the rest of the group is in tune. The rest of the group comes across as being genuine; Amy does not.

    And, to all you naysayers who despair of not having what you consider to be "proper" news reporting by some of the anchors--wake up and smell the coffee! These morning shows are entertainment shows with a bit of everything thrown into the mix.

    Ever since NBC's TODAY unceremoniously dumped Jane Pauley for Deborah Norville, the pattern was set for the morning shows to become more entertaining for the masses and less serious for the intelligentsia. Even Jane Pauley is reporting on lighter fare on CBS's SUNDAY MORNING. I'm certain that the true intelligentsia get their news from other sources. So if that's all-important to any of you reviewers--go and do thou likewise! :-)

    Meanwhile (back at the ranch), I enjoy having lighter fare in the morning; it makes for a happier start to the ever-progressing, mostly serious rest of the day. Of course, I also like to play Trivial Pursuit!


  • Stupid antics

    Good Morning America especially the weekend edition have become the most annoying shows. Stupid jokes that are not funny, constant outbursts, and the loud annoying laughing at every stupid comment has become unbearable. Especially Sarah that practically throws herself on the table with her loud screeching laughs makes me ill. I finally changed the channel and am glad I did. This after 25 years of watching this show.
  • what has happened to GMA??

    I used to love to watch GMA, but no more. the only good anchors left are George and Robin, the rest act like bumbling idiots especially the blonde bimbo Lara ! Since Sam and Josh left everything has gone down hill Besides the few news updates, the show consists of interviews and segments to advertise new Disney movies, ABC shows, new song albums ETC, ETC. POP news is nauseating to watch. I am tired of watching these anchors who have no intelligence and love to laugh at their lame attempts at being funny I do not find it amusing Maybe this is appeals to the younger crowd which unfortunately reflects the direction our country is going. I on the other hand have decide to skip GMA and move on to something that will inspire me and not make me disgusted every time I watch it. Today show here I come.
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