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  • Good morning America

    Robin is overrated. Lara is an idiot. Michel is overexposed on Gma. Going to watch Fox.
  • Four women and a guy the new talk show.

    news here I come. I have been disappointed for a long time with Good Morning America. If I wanted to watch "The View" or one of those idiots women's show I could. I don't care to watch a bunch of people who think they are so important they are the news. I am sorry to see that George is still there. You are no longer a news show, you are a entertainment show. Good Morning and for me Good Bye!
  • Weekend weather girl

    Could her dress have been any tighter????? Has the weather report turned into a bad fashion statement.
  • What is the benefit of Michael Strahan?

    I've enjoyed watching GMA for years and cannot believe the decline in the show! How many stupid facial expressions does Michael have? How catty and self absorbed can Lara be? How does George put up with the comical tom foolery? Amy and George are the true stars of the morning show! Cut out the mindless idiotic Lara segments and get back to basic reporting. I switch the channel to Gayle King when Michael appears and they are serious minded broadcasters not bumbling attention grabbing talking heads!
  • Amy to the rescue!!!!

    Just love seeing Amy at the "head" chair!!! Lara really needs to go....
  • 4 Wather.

    If a monsoon het land on the west coast travail across the us east coast went into the Atlantic wood it be a hurricanes or a monsoon I don't know how to as Ginger zee Thank you
  • Change the Cast

    Please get rid of Lara spencer and have Amy on more and bring back Kris komo

  • UNBELIEVEABLE,!!!!!! You guys are a JOKE

    You condemn by Robin, George, and the other bimbos facial expressions the extravagance of the Houston socialite closet, but SAY NOTHING about the outrageous expenses of the likes of Beyonc, Hollywood idiots, and Hi profile athletes. REALLY!!!!?? Are u guys for real???!!! While I don't agree with the closet deal, u guys at GMA r all HYPOCRITES!!!!!

    I'm done with GMA---no more. FOX NEWS FROM NOW ON FOR REAL NEWS
  • More Amy Less Michael & Lara Please

    My title says it all. Thanks
  • Michael is overexposed!

    I don't know why Good Morning America thought they needed Michael Strahan. I don't watch the show on the mornings when he is on. He is definitely overexposed.
  • Enough Already

    Tired of seeing Michael Straham everytime I tune into an ABC show. He adds nothing to GMA.

    Please get rid of the entire panel except for Ginger Zee is only one there has a place there she does a great job, but all in all, the rest of panel from Robin 'It's all about me' Roberts, get some more plastic surgery and go out in the sun, maybe you will melt away permanently. Now she's come out of the closet and we can only hope that she goes back in, and stays there! Lara Spence doesn't even know how spell news, she looks hung over half of the time and ole' George is such an Obama sucker there's not a big enough box of tissues for him to wipe his mouth. Last but not least, Micheal Strahan ..... are you f__king kidding me? As a Giants fan, I'm embarrassed for him and that's not the arena for for him. Mike go to ESPN if they will take you and get off this endless candy-ass show! Again aside from Ginger Zee the entire cast just flat out SUCKS with cornball stories and no real news ....... and the worst one of all is Robin 'Look at me' Roberts she SUCKS!
  • Please don't let Lara sit in the top anchor chair

    Please, I beg you, do not let Lara sit in Robin's seat when Robin is not there! Lara is a joke!! She comes off as being phony, egotistical, self serving, insincere and just a bore. At best, Lara should only be allowed to do Pop News or anything Silly; she is not a serious journalist.

    Next, again I beg you, please let Michael Strahan go back to being with Kelly! He adds nothing of value to Good Morning America- NOTHING! If he comes off as being insincere and lacking knowledge on his own show with Kelly, what do you think he's doing for Good Morning America?

    I'm also asking you either let George talk and participate more or give Ryan Smith more responsibility; George's reputation speaks for itself and Ryan has demonstrated sincerity, knowledge and professionalism!

    Last but not least, Amy (in my opinion) is a top-notch journalist, right up there with Robin. She exudes kindness, humanity and doesn't come off as having the Big Head; like Lara!!!

  • GMA and Michael Strahan

    I like this show but there are just too many announcers!! The choice to bring in Michael Strahan was a big mistake!! He is NOT needed on the show. It's Micharl OVERKILL!! Get rid of him PLEASE!!!!!!!!!! I used to like to watch GMA, not anymore!!
  • Do The Producers Ever Watch Good Morning America???

    For years I was forced to watch the pompous Matt Lauer or the very plain Charlie Gibson, if I wanted to see anything close to an informative morning show before going to work. Then finally, they brought on Diane, who added professionalism, charm, style, and helped the show out of the ditch! Followed closely by Robin, who is a great second, but absolutely, NO first! Chris Cuomo came to the show with an absolutely dynamic style of journalism, Sam brought the fresh air, cold as it may be in some parts of the country! Then Chris left when his brother ran for Governor. Josh was spectacular; great journalism, style, and just plain made you feel the day was going to be alright. Then Diane leaves and they put George in the chair he was NEVER made for. He is great in his way, but host of anything other than political shows is out of his league. Who made the completely ridiculous decision to NOT put Josh there? Ok, I'll quit giving a timeline.. just ask.. do you producers and executives EVER watch this show.. FLUFF, GARBAGE, DISAPPOINTMENT every single day.... nothing but!
  • No longer real or unbiased news

    I would give this zero if I could. The crap they put out isn't even news half of the time. They talk about stuff I would see on E news and if I wanted crap news I could go there, I don't need it on national news. They refuse to interview any Israeli during this time and that's insulting since they give only one-sided news and make those who are used as human shields in Gaza as innocent people who Israel murdered on purpose. They make my entire family sound like terrorists.

    They refuse to do stories on black people who are racist towards whites. They won't do stories on anything Jewish if it makes Jews or Israel look positive in any way. I think they need to fire whoever does these stories for them to present on TV.

    George is boring as hell. Lara does a lot of trash interviews like Kardashian crap family. They do weird "open mic" stories. They copied the Today Show on so much, it's not even a unique show any longer. You might as well go to the earlier and better stations. They keep using musicians that are terrible and the same boring stuff in their music. They need to do more artists that are rising fast and recently found like Danielle Bradbery and so on. I miss having Josh and a real parent on there who has common sense.

    Michael Straham needs to leave. He's boring and thinks he is like the high school football player, all that basically. He needs to leave and not come back to the show.
  • king Gerorge, no longer Anchor Royalty.

    What a waste GMA is making of George. He just sits there while all this silly fluff news and celebrity stories go on around him. I thought he was a prize catch to the show but now with the addition of another "celebrity" anchor like Michael, who really cares anymore. If I want to watch any News story's I have to go to hln or cnn because its all fluff and bs and GMA anymore. Too bad because you have some great talent around you but you're wasting it. You weekend anchors could move up and I like your "tech bite" anchors as well. Sorry Michael is no replacement for Sam or Josh, but a viable candidate is within your reach, just look around better. Josh and Sam didn't start out as popular, but their talent and chemistry is what made the show great. There is so much talent out there. You got the ladies down, now focus on the men. SOME REAL ANCHORS. Hey you could check other affiliates, too.
  • GMA needs to find their identity again to keep market share

    I have been a long time fan of GMA - both weekdays and weekends.

    For the weekdays - Robin, George, Ginger, Amy are all great - personable, real, intelligent, likeable and quite frankly bring alot to the table. I am a bit puzzled as to why Lara remains on the show - she is irrating, condencending, has extremely annoying jestures & voice and comes across as though she thinks she is the "Queen Bee" and better than everyone else on set and in the world. In reviewing many feedback forums, it appears that the dislike for Lara, clearly out numbers the folks who actually like her.

    For the weekends - Love the relationship between Bianna, Dan, Ron and Sarah! In fact, if you ever think of promoting Sarah - she could take Lara's place and the fans would love her positive and real personallity. Ever since Ginger left, it has been a revolving door on the weather person - it would be great to have a consistent person there who melds with the group and the fans would dig!

    Producers - please listen to your audiences and the feedback they share. We the fans are ultimately the ones who keep shows on the air. I appreciate you taking the time to read my feedback!
  • Today's episode

    Today's episode was good, but the last 10 minutes was disgusting. The lead singer in whatever that group was, kept putting his hands down at his crotch like he was something exceptional! I had to turn it off. Not child friendly. We teach our children not to touch in public and this was not a good example.
  • GMA going

    Once Sam left and was replaced by started to get lukewarm on GMA. And it continues to go down is becoming the main host and then Michael is Gio smiles way tooooo much and toooooo big and now he's #28 and they keep going on about it. I really am not liking GMA. And what really UPSET me was the day they showed the clip where an 89 year old man flipped his car and his wife was stuck in the car (within the last 3 weeks --- today is 7/3/14). Someone took a picture of them----he was outside the car & she was stuck inside upside down. They (Amy & others) laughed hysterically about it and even called out the older gentleman and the fact his pants were pulled up to his chest!!! They and ABC should be ashamed of themselves. What a bunch of pompous JERKS!!!! Watch were soooooooooo disrespectful and should be reprimanded for that. I could NOT believe it. Who do they think they are??? Report the news and quit acting like we care about what you think. I certainly don't. I hope I can find a replacement for GMA. And I'm telling everyone about that clip and complete disrespect. Amongst my friends, there seems to be a consensus of unrest with GMA. ABC must know this. The changes that have been made are not working. Please fix it - it is so apparent. Robin and George must dread going on the air these days.
  • Breath of fresh air

    Ryan Smith is a wonderful addition to GMA. I hope we see more and more of him. Michael Straham is so interested in his own ego and does not fit in with the rest of the crew at all. Send him back to Kelly.
  • Lara has to go

    I found this forum when I Googled "Lara Spencer obnoxious". I used to watch the Today Show before work but I switched over to GMA about a year ago. But Lara alone is forcing me back to the Today Show. Her need to be the center of attention in EVERYTHING is so unwatchable. Today was the last straw for me. Did anyone else see the segment with a young boy (maybe 10 yrs old?) who sang a series of 6 second cover songs with Strahan timing him? Well after about 3 brief songs, Spencer apparently felt she had to do something to get the attention off the 10 year old and onto herself. So she started singing very loudly over the kid!! All the other hosts turned to her, and the kid stopped singing! Then she started hugging and putting her head on David Muir's chest! What is that about? Is that appropriate with a co-worker? She does the attention grabbing stuff every day. I don't find her funny at all yet we have to watch her laughing at herself and constant mugging for the camera. George and Amy seem much more genuine, interesting, and kind but they are always being run over by Spencer's need to be the center of attention. I don't normally write reviews but her ruining that segment for that young kid, and then laughing hard about it, ended things for me and GMA!
  • GMA Has Become a Joke! And It's NOT Funny!

    Get rid of Michael Strahand!!! He's not intelligent, he's not clever, he makes stupid remarks, and worse, he's not tuned into the news and you are supposed to be a NEWS SHOW, not "E" or Live with Kelly and Michael. He's as simple-minded and clueless as Kelly Ripa and that's why their show works for their audience / viewers that enjoy mindless chatter. He is the WORSE addition to GMA ever!!!

    George, why have you become such a mouse - speak up, give some real opinions and commentary... act like a NEWS REPORTER instead of a patsy to everyone else's stories.

    MUCH MUCH less Lara... she's starting to come off like a clown... it's NOT cute or cleaver anymore. And her constant goofy double-takes to the camera are insulting... as if we are impressed... we're not!

    Lose the gimmicky "Interactive Social Media Studio"... a fake slot machine of viewer tweets... REALLY? It's obvious the interviewees and celebrities you force to partake in the shenanigans are uncomfortable and feel silly... just watch their facial expressions and lack of enthusiasm when forced to stand in the middle of that ridiculous farce. Who came up with this... Universal Studios, Disney, Six Flags, Knotts Berry Farm???

    Lastly, you've lost two of your best assets... Sam and Josh and its obvious how the show has suffered as a consequence. The show has really gone downhill. I used to look forward to watching it every morning and now I just don't care if I miss it. It's basically no longer a morning news cast show with a little fun on the side, but is now ABC's morning version E Network. What a shame... what a disappointment!

    Whomever let this happen, needs to be fired immediately!!!

  • I did like them before

    Now they are getting in like the gossip sites having Kim K on
  • Interview of USA Soccer Team

    Whose bright idea was it to allow the soccer fans to chant during the interview of the USA Soccer Team this morning (05.30.2014)??? I watched to hear the interview, which was basically IMPOSSIBLE because the pre-organized group of soccer fans were standing at the edge of the stage chanting LOUDLY as if they were the ones everyone wanted to see. Only soccer fans would do that!!!! The next time, interview anyone that has something to do with soccer INSIDE or tell the fans to SHUT UP so everyone can hear the interview. That interview was a TOTAL waist of time.
  • Help Veterans

    The media reports on radio and TV that they want to help fix the broken down VA. However, all we are hearing is nothing but a bunch of hot air. Below is my link to a YouTube video or go to my Facebook and LinkedIn page and see and read it. If you're serious in fixing the VA then let the President know there is a solution to restoring the trust and welfare of our nation's Veterans by airing the attached video. All the talking heads need to step aside and get out of the way and let other people do the job. Grandstanding and political bandwagons need not to apply. Nothing was done before the VA atrocities did not just happen overnight and nothing was done, the issues effecting Veterans has been ignored and swept under the rug by the political hacks that were tasked with the sole responsibility of managing the VA. The current leadership of the VA has now lost the "Privilege" to serve our nation's Veterans. Veterans need to take back their VA. Our nation has many qualified Veterans ready to serve their country once again by taking ownership of the VA. Veterans across the nation and around the world are sadden that the current people in the place to serve Veterans have let our President down and most of all, have caused irrefutable damage to our Veterans and to our nation.

    I am not a politician, I know firsthand of the issues that will make the hair standup on your neck and would appall you. So if you're serious on this issue with the VA; then stand with me and Veterans. Our nation is to blame for the atrocities that have occurred in the VA. Veterans need to take our VA back and restore hope.


    Facebook: Kenneth Zierler

    LinkedIn: Kenneth Zierler


    Kenneth L. Zierler . Army Retired.


    To the President and the Media:

    I have said it before with many letters I sent to the President and the media, now 69 VA facilities are under Federal Investigation? This is why I am asking the President to appoint me. The people we elected appoint the individuals that want to push the VA atrocities under a rug; or they appoint people with money and name recognition or for what they can get out of them instead of appointing qualified and talented people that will clean the mess up.

    This needs to change, enough talking and blowing hot air; it is time that we do something about it with action. I know firsthand the issues in over 15 VA facilities, of abuse and improper management such as allowing Federal Employees to make policies for Veterans that make it hard and even reject Veterans the use of their VA facilities that are established for our Veterans. Now is the time to restore Veteran services and provide quality healthcare that Veterans deserve.

    Mr. President, we have serious issues within the Veterans Administration on all three sides of the house; . the VA Hospitals, Benefits, and Cemetery; we need serious individuals to clean and correct this mess that has accumulated by lack of oversight and accountability. We as Americans must not let this happen by pushing the incompetence under a rug! There is no way one can sit in Congress, Senate nor the White House and allow substandard service to our Veterans who served this Great Nation with pride and honor.

    Our veterans and our nation will not be justly served if you appoint "yes sir or no sir" kind of individual. I am not going to let this happen to our Veterans; they deserve more than this from individuals in the federal VA, the only mission the VA should focus on is to serve Veterans. It is obvious that somewhere, federal employees forgotten their role as public servants to our nation's veterans. Across the nation and around the globe the VA needs to be reminded that the VA mission is to serve the Veterans of United States with honor, courage, and commitment. The deaths, injuries, lack of compassion, substandard health care, long delays in access to healthcare and benefits needs to stop now. This current cycle of poor VA services needs to stop right now.

    Mr. President this is why I want to be appointed Secretary of the VA; our nation cannot allow this to happen to you under your watch and our fellow brothers and sisters that served this Nation. When are we going to change Mr. President, Our nation has been conditioned to worry about what is happening in Hollywood than the real issues affecting our Nation. As Americans we need treat our citizens with dignity, this includes our Veterans, it is wrong for a nation as great as ours to continue ignoring the issues our Veterans face, Not only is it wrong, as a nation we should continue to be outraged at ourselves to allow the atrocities to our Veterans. We need to restore the hope, pride and dignity that our nation's veterans deserve.

    There are three types of people in our Country, ones that sit and do nothing, those who will point fingers and blame others for the wrongdoing. Finally, there are those who are willing and will do anything and everything in their power with the help of the nation's citizens and all three branches of Government to correct this error.

    Mr. President, I'm calling on you to fulfill your promise to Veterans. I'm ready to step up to serve our nation's Veterans restore hope. When do I start?


    Kenneth L. Zierler


    Let's not hide the real issues, this has been going on for well over 25 years and it's not going to change until we force the issues and keep the issue in the fo


    George, Robin, Dan, Amy - These people are funny, friendly,and serious when necessary... and make me want to watch! I have loved GMA for a very long time. Even went to NYC for a visit to the studio but I am over a show that has lost it! I love Michael Strayhan but NOT on GMA. When I watch now I feel like I am strapped in a chair at Disney World (should I be surprised?) I only watch GMA now on the week end. Its what week days used to be and why I became a fan in the first place.
  • Ron Claiborne

    If I hear Ron Claiborne make one more negative comment or use the word "allegedly" again, I'll throw up. I thought personal comments doubting every story was off limits. Please just deliver the story and keep your remarks to yourself, Ron. They are not as funny as you think!
  • Where's the NEWS???????????

    GMA used to be my "go to" for the morning news, now it's "GME - Good Morning It's become a silly show for the intellectually deficient. Those who want to really understand what's going on in the world need to go to MSNBC where today's news is dealt with in depth.

    George, you were my man when it came to politics. I understand you may have wanted a break from all those years at the White House and the daily grind of political bickering, but even on "GME," you speak so little about politics, let alone give an opinion.

    Amy, I adore you. You're real, considerate and qualified. Glad to see you on ABC.

    Ginger, I miss Sam, but you're a breath of fresh air and a good fit for the show.

    Lara, sorry, but you need to go. Pop News is all you should do.

    I don't need cooking lessons, hair pointers or clothing options for any season. I WANT THE NEWS. I want it delivered straightforwardly, more than 5 seconds and on an adult level.

    Bite the bullet: State that CLIMATE CHANGE is REAL. Talk in depth about the . hospitals. Talk about the RACISM in congress. Talk about VOTER SUPPRESSION, fracking, the dangers of the keystone pipeline. Go out on a limb, lose a point or two in your beloved ratings.

    If you can't do that - BRING IN THE CLOWNS!!!
  • Strippers for college tuition

    I was very disappointed and shocked with your review of stripping for college tuition. To think that you would propose this as a viable and credible way for young girls to pay for college is very disturbing. The clubs strip girls of all dignity, the majority end up on drugs to cover their shame and end up in abusive situations. I believe you should do a follow-up with those who have finally gotten out of this industry and those who are helping them. Go to for some amazing testimonies.
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