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    The comments Sara made to Ron during a story about Pizza where very rude in my opinion. She made it clear that if you ate pizza with a fork like her you where considered warm. But if you ate pizza like Ron you where predictable. Then she states who wants to be predictable. Incidences like this is the reason everyone is trying to figure out why the guy killed the two reporters. All races perceive comments differently. Comments that don't seem offensive to you might be insulting to the next person. Mrs Sara that was not a good look for you this morning. Please apologize to Ron.
  • Really Sara!

    Over pizza personality!
  • What news?

    I have given up on the news . All major news channels have turns into variety shows. They are not reporting the news, but making the news. I want to here about what is going on nationally that is important. I do not think cooking tips, the Kardishians, Bruce Jenner, or actors and their movies you are promoting are worthy of being on every show. And finally, quit trying to push your political beliefs on your audience. I will still vote Republican no matter what you think or suggest.
  • Fantastic Two Days


    How wonderful no Lara. I have enjoyed the past two days. She needs to go!!!!
  • Gma news content co-anchors

    I used to love GMA. Love Robin, George and Amy. Dan Harris is fabulous. I have no interest in hearing about Bruce Jenner, oh sorry Catlyn or the Kardashians. Nobody really cares about any of them. They have done nothing spectacular or do you ever see them doing any charity work, it's always about me me me. Please make the news the news.

    I live Strahan but he doesn't need to be there. Get rid of Lara. She is useless.

    Love George and Robin and adore Dan Harris. He has a great sense of humor and who couldn't love that face.

    The sweet, happy blonde that fills in for Lara should be permanent for Lara, absolutely love her.

    Ginger is cute but get really sick if seeing the weather every 20 min.
  • Father, Tottler and baseball

    Your story was so biased and inaccurate I just had to comment. 1. The little girl was never pinned against anything. 2 She was not crying. 3 Her Dad put her down ball was handed to the same Father. Please notice that he had his glove, as well as his son on his lap. Also, a woman( probably his wife) was sitting next to him and the little girl was sitting next to her. I agree that this was not the smartest thing the Father could have done, but I'm sure the wife saw it all. This kind of poor reporting causes me to have little, or no faith in broadcast journalism.
  • Lara free day

    Another pleasant GMA experience! No Lara! Sara does a wonderful job in Lara's place. She is genuine, cheerful, and enthusiastic without being goofy and a camera hog. I noticed that there was no opening banner with George, Robin and Lara on it at the programs beginning. Could this mean Lara is out for good? One can only hope!
  • Story Line: "Consumers beware of national moving company hiding behind brand name with deplorable service"

    My mother recently relocated from Chapel Hill NC to Hamburg, NY at the age of 83. What should have been a seamless trip -- turned into a nightmarish series of events. This would be a great story line at a time when millions of American's are relocating across the country. Please feel free to contact me for a detailed account of the events which began in Spring of 2015 and move in June 2015 with North American Moving Services.

    Thank you.
  • I really can't stand Amy!

    Ever since she said "I wouldn't be offended if my husband gave me a gift certificate for personal training (or gym-I can't remember which) as a Valentine gift. Well, of course not, Amy, you skinny bitch! How about the woman who struggles constantly with her weight? You think she might be a bit sensitive to a gesture like that? For someone who's suppose to have her finger on the pulse of the viewers, she blew it! That was total ignorance which has cost GMA this viewer!
  • An Idea for Improvement

    I think getting rid of Lara Spencer may raise the ratings! She was not good on the Insider with Pat O'Brien and DEFINITELY NOT Good Morning America. She shows her "better than thou" attitude. As someone else said, she is NOT Good Morning America material. I love Ginger on there and happy when she started.

    PLEASE ABC listen to your audience and place Laura Spencer elsewhere where she's not so annoying (behind the scenes maybe???)

    . - not sure what the "Your Rating" means. Ratings for what?
  • what happened to real news?

    I watch about the first 30 minutes of GMA to get the news. The rest of the show is almost like a variety show! I sure miss Diane Sawyer, she was a real journalist! Something needs to change, losing my interest!
  • Weekend guest weather person

    The person on this weekend is horrible. She talks in a monotonous mumbling voice. I switched to local nbc new in ft. Lauderdale when she started at channel 10 in FTL. SHE IS NOT JUST UNIMPRESSIVE BUT IS ANNOYING TOO!
  • where is Robin Roberts

    Fans have a right to know where their favorite news anchor is. GMA is like a big joke with Lara, she is not morning news material. My entire family will band together and switch to NBC News, cannot take her serious and her voice is awful. Is ABC going through a melt down?
  • GMA Aug 7

    Oh help! She's back in the wrong seat and the wrong show! Please "Let her Go"

    the best GMA reporters today:george, amy, ginger, dan harris , and no Lara was heaven today. nobody trying to outdo anyone just to get attention. it was heaven. i actually watched the entire show. Maybe ABC is finally listening.

  • Lara Spencer can't deliver the news

    Being irritated isn't a good way to start the day. Lara Spencer needs to return to "pop news" and lifestyle correspondent. Keeping her at the anchor desk will keep me from watching GMA. Amy Robach has the right combination of intellect and personality. She is obviously the right person to fill in when George or Robin are absent. End the torture of Lara Spencer as GMAD anchor.
  • Enough is Enough!! Lara needs to go. WAKE UP ABC!

    SHRILLLLLLLLLLL voice/camera hog is on front and center. What the heck--VOMIT! Just happened to have this station on and had to quickly change. VERY poor voice quality and serious misfit personality. She is SO off target for audience demographics. I don't know how the other GMA members can be forced to go along with her degrading antics. Lara, what the XXXX don't you get??? You TOO ABC management! You need a serious wake up call or be replaced. This program is a bottom of the barrel joke! So sad where it's gone. Make it news worthy again. It insults intelligence.

    Can't watch this any longer. Who in the world would take this show seriously! It's really sad to have to "dumb down" so early every day. I think Lara acts unprofessional and behaves like the most narcissistic personality on the planet! It's insulting and appalling to watch. I've been a viewer of this program for 30+ years and I've finally had it. I converted to watching Matt Lauer and company and they appear to be more on track with what a morning show should deliver and no one on the team attempts to grandstand like LARA!
  • Where's the remote: Part II?

    8/06: Dear ABC/GMA: I don't think I need to belabor this anymore, so suffice it to say - when my local ABC news slid into GMA this morning and I heard "the voice", I picked up the remote. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about! By the way, does Robin still work there??? After her big raise/promotion she seems to be working part-time!

    7/29/15: I agree with so many contributors below. I thought ABC/GMA had finally figured out that Amy Robach is the right fit for the anchor chair when Robin is gone (which seems to be increasingly frequent). But yesterday and today - UGH! As soon as I hear that gravely voice, I reach for the remote! Lara Spencer is NOT anchor material. She belongs on a more entertainment-based (or gossip) type show, or perhaps she is also good on the garage sale show. I just do not care for her personality or her delivery style. Period. I think she thinks she is "all that", but if so, she's one of the few that feel that way. And, she needs to cut that long-dog hair of hers - it is not flattering to her face. Please use Amy when Robin is away (or Cecelia Vega or one of the other professional news women). Lara is just not the person to anchor your show, and if the "powers that be" at ABC don't get it, they must have their heads in the sand!

    I have to agree with the previous writer. Lara Spencer has never been - nor will she ever be - responsible for any of the success GMA has had. ABC can thank Joan Lunden and David Hartman, followed by Diane Sawyer and Charlie Gibson or the success of GMA. These anchors were/are solid, professional news reporters, and did not spend their time acting goofy or making stupid jokes and pouty lips to the cameras. Lara has never been anything on GMA other than an entertainment (gossip) reporter, and that's where her talent ends. Period. However, if GMA keeps trying to shove her down our throats as an anchor, she WILL be responsible for their crash in the ratings. Amy is right up there with Diane Sawyer. Her demeanor is polished and professional, her voice pleasant, and she exudes the class one would expect of a news anchor. I also like Ginger - who does a great job with the weather. You don't see ABC trying to make her a news anchor tho'. I have been pleased the last couple of days to see Amy sitting next to George (as it should be) in Robin's absence.

    I think it should be called "LIVE! with George, Robin, Amy, Ginger, Michael and Lara" -- to be followed by the other "Live" show :-/. This no longer resembles a morning new show -- it is more like Entertainment This Morning.

    Clearly ABC-GMA is pandering to the 20-something audience. Their morning "news" show has hardly anything to do with news or what's going on in the world - and way more to do with celebrities, gossip, fashion and rap music (which is not really "music", but more of a blathering of words at a fast pace that you cannot understand). This is what GMA is all about. I wouldn't be surprised to see them start a slate of "celebrity anchors" - perhaps Kim Kartrashian would be a good fit for them! In any case, if you would like to see a calmer, more balanced morning news show I would suggest Today, CBS This Morning or CNN. Their formats are much calmer than GMA, their anchors are more polished and professional, and you don't have to put up with the gravel-voiced Lara Spencer (who the producers of GMA keep trying to shove down our throats as an anchor). Amy - if I were you I would extricate yourself from this pathetic excuse for a morning news show and align yourself with something worthy of your professionalism and poise. You and George are too good for GMA.

    Wonderful to see Amy Robach sitting in the anchor chair next to George this morning. A polished and professional news team Refreshing!

    Finally GMA - an anchor team worth watching! I loved seeing Amy and David together this morning! They are poised and professional, and really elevate the status of your show. Amy is an anchor moving up along the lines of Diane Sawyer - and David, well, what more can you say than perfect - Mr. World News Tonight! Thanks for finally giving us a team worth watching. I agree with the previous reviewer - a breath of fresh air without Lara Spencer oogling the cameras.
  • george doesnt look like he fits in

    maybe a change of clothes is what he needs. his suits look like he is about to ask questions at the presidential debate. i think a polo or going without a tie would look better. maybe he is a better fit for prime time. he just doesn't match with the others on GMA. He also has this look on his face like i don't belong here or why are they making me dance with these fools again.
  • Lower Standards at GMA.

    One of the shining jewels in the crown of ABC News is tarnished daily with mindless chatter and fidgeting of Lara Spencer. Giving her star billing alongside Robin and George simply doesn't make sense.

    All of this points to show content decisions made at the management level of ABC News.

    The first half-hour is good hard news & weather. The second hour of GMA is turned over the Spencer breathlessly reporting on "Stars you love on the red carpet," promotional footage of a just-released movie, cute babies and puppies and other pulp magazine nonsense.

    You can trace this editorial decline back to the departure of Sam and Josh, both seemingly kicked off the boat by ABC management. (Too much 'bromance?')

    Up until that point, GMA had a real team that worked well with each other. They actually seemed to bond, especially during Robin's battle with cancer.

    While I confess that I love videos of cute puppies, GMA sure ain't what it was.

    One exception: Amy Rohrbach. A solid anchor who seems to avoid the nonsense at the other end of the desk.
  • Shame on you!!!!

    What is wrong with you Good Morning America? Shame on you for the way you are treating Laura Spencer. It is mean and cruel to treat any employee like you are. If you do not want her as a co anchor that is one thing but not letting her do any story not even Entertainment ones is just WRONG. She always has a great and enthusiastic personality and does so well covering those kind of stories. Again, shame you and I hope others notice how you are treating her and boycott you as I am. I have watched the show for many,many years. No more until you learn how to treat your employees better!!!!
  • Lara Spencer AGAIN in Robin's ON GMA????????

    After seeing Amy in Robin's chair the last couple of times she has been out, I thought for sure GMA and ABC finally came to their senses and decided not to let Lara Spencer make an idiot out of herself by putting her in that chair with her head cocking back and forth and panning for the camera and showing that she is nothing but a pop news does not belong as a co-anchor at all, but this week, 7/29/15, we are once again subjected to her immature when does this woman's contract run should go get her own antique buying show or go back to celebrity is not suited for the news or co the voice is so GMA make the right choice and put Amy where she belongs when Robin is the co anchor Spencer is sooooooo anoying..........
  • Can ABC really put Lara Spencer next to George S. and not expect George to leave?

    I usually have to leave the room whenever Lara is on camera for a "story". Putting her name on the shows opening banner is such an insult to Robin and George. What or who is she doing to deserve even a place on the show much less a banner spot? Amy is so much more polished and pleasant. Please ABC, put Lara back in her slot as a filler program/junk shopping show! She obviously offends so many people you really should act on your viewers reactions .
  • LARA?????????????????

    I have been watching this show forever. PLEASE, PLEASE get Lara out of the news seat. If you need someone to fill in, let it be Amy, she is polished, poised and beautiful and doesn't need to keep looking at the camera and making strange faces. Lara has a personality adjustment when she sits next to George. She doesn't have the experience and is not the right person to deliver serious news, it just comes out all wrong. I can't understand the producers of this show, get her out of that chair NOW.
  • Lara Spencer Annoyance

    GMA used to be a great start of a morning until Lara Spencer arrived. Her antics of trying to garner more camera time is deplorable. Where to has the professionalism gone? It's ,definitely, a struggle to watch GMA since her arrival. I now channel surf during Lara's segments. Bring back the professionalism and quality of GMA and . Holmes. . Holmes would be a great permanent addition to show, Michael Strahan ; not so much.

    The respectability of the show has slowly gone out the door, ie; Lara Spencer.
  • I loved GMA

    For years I have watched GMA , but I believe it is over for me. I love Robin and could put up with most of the changes. As much as I enjoyed Sam and Josh I could live with their leaving. Lara being made a co-host is another matter. Lara is fluff not a news person. She is fine on cat stories, but not on anything serious. Its time to look for a new morning show. I understand Josh's no compete time is up maybe he will be on Today!! Update!!! 7/29/2015 You know how they say once you have a customer you have to beat them away with a stick. Well they have beat me enough with that want a be anchor. Lara can have GMA , I'm going to CBS and get my morning news and not have to watch her antics. I hear a giant swoosh!!!!!
  • Cast 7/27/15

    Scanned past GMA, 7/28/15, saw Michael, didn't understand a thing he said.

    I see TJ Holmes has joined the ABC news team. They're starting to get something right. Now if they would please replace Michael with TJ as a permanent host they'd really have something.

    Very good cast on, Monday 7/27/15. Sorry all you Lara don't likes but I love her, especially compared with the part time Tuesdays & Thursdays cast member (I switch to Today on those days). I would like to see a specific African American that comes on the show once in a while as a permanent cast member but I can't find his name anywhere in my GMA searches. He's thin & very refreshing to watch & listen to. If someone could answer this I'd appreciate it. Thanks.

    I'm rating GMA for today's cast only.

    Must be mostly women in this forum otherwise there'd by no dislike of Lara. And Michael Strahan should stick with defensive tackle since entertaining he is not.
  • Have to be honest about most of the ladies ........

    When someone says something slightly comical, the ladies belly laugh so phonily it makes you wonder how George and Michael don't puke. The ladies have morphed into Lara wannabees. Don't need more of Lara clowns. One's enough.
  • WOW! GMA finally got it right with Amy filling in for Robin! Update: 7/27/15 I'm DONE! Lara Spencer in robins sear ugh cannot stand her

    I was just about to try going back to watching the Today show because I find Lara Spencer so grating with her narcsisistic antics and delivery but this morning GMA has paired Amy with George instead of Lara. I moved to GMA after being a long time Today show watcher but switched to GMA when Ann Curry was forced out. Unfortunately, I can barely watch some mornings because of the non- news, focus on celebrity and cat videos but recently, have been more impressed w GMA; having the professional David Muir and appealing Dan Harris this summer and now finally putting Amy with George I'm wondering if the executives are listening to their watchers. Honestly I don't want to be mean toward Lara but she just brings the show down to such an unprofessional level I would prefer not to have to listen, watch or see her in any capacity. I do like Michael Strahan just not on GMA- I'd REALLY like a professional show!

    Oh no.... I spoke too soon... Lara still on talking about Pluto- I guess at least she's not sitting with George.......
  • Lara Spencer needs to go!!!

    She is truly insincere and obviously annoying to her colleagues. Poor George, Robin, and Amy!
  • Morning TV should be safe for families

    Nikki Minaj does not belong on morning TV! There were so many bleeps, that should be a clue it was inappropriate. I was VERY offended that ABC applauded this performance!

    Pretty sad when a pretty girl has to do music and choreography like that to get applause and fans!

    Shame on ABC!
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