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  • Most favorite Christmas Movie to watch

    It is a toss up between two movies as my most favorite Christmas movie to watch. Its between " It's a Wonderful Life " and Miracle on 34th Street. Both movies were in Black and white, yet have the most influential and heart warming story about it.
  • Christmas

    Im a sick grandmom, iam unable to buy my grands anything for chritmas, i have no income, please please can u help me i love the show i watch it everyday i love all you guys please help me
  • LARA has to go!!

    I used to enjoy GMA.. News anchors should be professional. Adding personality and humor can also be done in a tasteful manner. Lara Spencer is by far, the worst tv anchor !! She makes it so obvious to the viewers that her main concern is herself! Constantly looking at the camera as if she is flirting with the cameraman or trying hard to keep attention solely on her. She is not easy on the eyes and lacks the credibility of what a respected anchor should other team members are fabulous and apparently cannot mask the looks on their faces while Lara is speaking. NBC is my new morning news show.. Very disappointed that ABC would give Lara that position. Shows that it is not your talent but maybe who you know. NBC is now my channel.

    I cannot believe that you think if the royal couple kissed on the kiss cam was news, I tune into see news we have so many crises happening in the USA, please lets concentrate on the royal couple, did it occur to all of you that maybe to leave them alone would be a good idea. And really Hilary C is political royalty, since when, along with Lebron James and Jay Z. WAKE UP CALL- they are people just like the rest of us that just make more money. I like the royal couple, but what they do here while visiting I do not care.

    Please GMA get a adult staff that does not go GAGA over every democrat and people from other countries, I know how bias ABC is but back for awhile will ya.
  • Fed up with Lara in anchor chair

    The INSTANT I hear Lara Spencer's voice as one of the first voices on the show (often times when they're still showing the opening logo) I grab the remote. She is NOT a news person, nor is she even a very good addition to the show. Seeing her sitting there with that "cat who swallowed the canary" smile next to George (really George, get yourself out of that mess!) turns my stomach. You've got Amy - who is incredibly sharp, professional, and is a REAL news anchor - so why use the likes of Lara Spencer? She needs to go back to the garage sale show! Like so many others, I'm fed up with "Entertainment This Morning", and have been switching to NBC which is calmer, more news oriented, and doesn't use entertainment cast-offs as part of their main news panel. Whoever gave Lara the big raise, inflated her ego, and put the idea in her head that she is a news person ought to be fired!
  • alarm burgleries

    So glad Good Morning showed every criminal how easy it is to break into houses with alarm systems. Couldnt just tell about it... had to walk around with a computer and show everyone including criminals.. So stupid.
  • No longer a fan...

    I, like so many others use to love GMA but I can barely watch a whole episode anymore. Who cares about Dancing with the Stars and Shark Tank... and please get someone that can really do interviews and know what they are talking about it. Lara Spencer definitely does not need to be on a News show or is this even a News show anymore? Amy needs to get moved into a higher role, shes so much more personal and true. Robin and Lara just full of themselves where Amy and George and Ginger are truly themselves. They are the ones that make the show.
  • Inspired by Robin's Book "everyone has something"


    From the time I opened the inside cover and saw your 6 or 10 year old picture I was in awe. It was like looking at myself with the big thick pig tails as they called them in the 50's. When you announced you had breast cancer I was undergoing testing myself. Thank God it turned out to be Fibroids. The Doctor said I just had Fibristic breast and he would check in 6 months. Well all was ok six months later. In 2004 I had a fibroid on my only ovary. I had a partial Hysterectomy removing the uterus and right ovary earlier in 1983. The fibroid was to big to remove through a laprascope so I was brought back to recovery and rescheduled to have it removed by going into the same scar. I never did have it removed. I still have it today ovary and fibroid. I have a new gynecologist female who feels it is not bothering me so no need to remove it at this time. In 2012 I had a heart attack on august 13th one day before Rosie O"Donald. I saw her story on Dr. Oz and was amazed how similar our experiences were. The difference I had 4 stents put in and she had one. 30 days later I experienced chest pain under the ribcage went to the hospital, everything checked out ok went home only to return 7 days later with the same symptoms. This time I refused to go home. They did an echo cardiogram and found an aneurism on the left side of my heart. It took my cardiologist group, the surgeon and my gynecologist 20 days to figure out how to remove it and keep me alive. The original surgery was scheduled for Oct 28, 2012 but could not be done because my heart was not fully healed from the heart attack. The surgeon wanted to wait until Nov 15, 2012 but on nov. 2nd I was in such pain they scheduled it for nov. 5th. I told the Surgeon that he was not going to be the main surgeon, he would be the attending. He asked who would be the main one. I said Dr. GOD. He reassured me that he never goes into the OR without DR. G. O. D. Then I knew I would be fine. Another remarkable inspiration from your book was the picture of your mother hugging Pat the Basket ball coarch. I thought I was looking at my foster mother who raised me since I was 2 years old. Like you I always talked things over with her before making any kind of decision. I still do and it has been since 1991 that I lost her to colon cancer but I go to her grave site and ask her what should I do and she send me an answer 2 to 3 days later. You are going to be just fine because you have Dr. G. O. D. on your side. God bless and keep you well. Keep on inspiring people I hope to get the opportunity to do so myself. Feel free to share this story with everyone. Love ya JUJU (Julia Santos, 108 Martin West Haven, Ct.
  • a very disappointed viewer

    I use to love watching your show before going to work, but sadly,you have lost yet another viewer. In my opinion, Good Morning America has gone from a good news show to the television version of the Enquirer. It's not a show that I can turn on before work and find out what's going on in the world. Instead it's a show that tells me what George Clooney's future wife is wearing, or better yet, ridiculous take- offs such as Lara Spencer pretending to be Harrison Ford in Raiders of the lost Ark. Who was the idiot that hired Lara Spencer anyway! She is certainly NOT a reporter.

    She spends most of her time selling herself and the rest of the time talking about stupid, cutsie issues. The GMA executives should be embarrassed for keeping this junk on TV. It's pretty obvious at times that George Stephanopoulos and Robin Roberts are disappointed as well. I have actually seen them cringe at times. Someone needs to make a decision- Is it a news show, or a comedy show?

    I will not watch this junk again. At least the TODAY show or CNN can give me some insight into the news for the AM without all the slap-stick comedy.

  • Lara Spencer

    I always get so annoyed when Lara conducts an interview. I would like to know what the guest has to say and she ALWAYS cuts them off with something that makes no sense. I wish someone would talk with her to let her know that a good host allows the guest to speak. It seems she just likes to hear herself talk. Not a good host at all.
  • 5.0
    Can you give me address and information on Dr. Jeremy Rappaport on the issue of thinning hair?
  • Botox is extremely dangerous to your eyesight

    After my third time receiving botox around the eyes (I am 42) I noticed I couldn't see in bright lights and couldn't squint. I reported the concern and they tried to use this vibration tool to remove or dissolve the solution. My eyesight didn't get better I went to an eye doctor. Turns out that the botox killed the oil producing gland in my tear ducts and will never produce oil again. I have reported this but was blown off. I feel that your report that botox is safe is skewed by companies not documenting side affects and not researching optometrists. Optometrists say this is a common issue they are now seeing. I now have to use drops every hour and take fish oil at a very large dose. It has been a year and still trying to find a solution to fix this affect. When I get tired (driving) I get near sighted which I have 20/20 just no oils. Please check with optometrists.
  • Offensive


    I cannot believe the weekend cohost was mocking her cohost by saying he "runs like a

    I immediately turned your show off because my 8 year old daughter was watching it. I was so saddened by the ignorance.
  • fresh air with Lara NOT there!!

    The show is SO much better when Lara is not there. She always tries to dominate the conversation and add rude and ridiculous comments. She is ruining the show's credibility! She REALLY needs to GO!!!!!! I really do change the channel when she is on because she annoys me so much. I have been a faithful GMA fan for over 20 years and I am now considering watching CBS in the morning because of LARA!!!! DO NOT LET LARA SIT IN THE ANCHOR CHAIR!!!!!!! Personality is fine on the show but not the goofy and sexually perverse comments of Lara. Robin is supposedly starting an anti-bullying campaign and Lara is the quintessential MEAN GIRL. She is mean spirited, rude, and condescending. When she attempts to interview someone , she NEVER let's them even talk. She jumps in and hogs the entire segment ESPECIALLY if it is home decor! She does NOT have any interest in ANYONES opinion except for her own!!!!!!Ridiculous to allow her to interview anyone because she NEVER LISTENS to anyone!!!!
  • interview just bad

    Lara Specer's interview with Sarah Hyland was just horrible. Stick to the fluff Lara that is where you belong. When you tried to turn into a real journalist you failed, and only made your guest feel small and awkward at best. I truely feel your final question was out of line and you only victimized Sarah. I hope that was not intention.
  • Ginger, Please

    Ginger you are a gorgeous meteorologist and have a great personality. KUDOS to you. HOWEVER: Seriously - . - stop crossing your legs!! It looks like a woman who has waited way too long to go to the bathroom. Either that or you are constantly having that moment in the restaurant in the movie "When Harry met Sally" It is not just distracting, but it's poor body language. You can't stand anywhere for long that you aren't tightly crossing your legs. Now I don't know if it is a NERVOUS Tick or a WEAK Bladder, or a Harry Met Sally Moment, but STOP IT. It is unbecoming, irritating and totally unnecessary because it's distracting.
  • Not So Good Morning America

    I am in my late 30s and have watched GMA for as long as I can remember. From waiting for my bus to arrive when I was a school girl, to getting ready for work in the morning, to staying home with my kids as a stay at home mom and everything in between. I have enjoyed and stayed faithful to the show through so many changes throughout the years. Often disappointed at first with a new face, but then pleasantly surprised that the "new" person had now become a regular that I enjoyed delivering the news in the morning. I've been waiting to adapt to the new faces and format of GMA for some time now and I realize it is not going to happen. I do not know what has happened to GMA!! I miss my faithful morning companion. Robin Roberts and George Stephonopolous and Ginger Zee are solid, but everyone else makes me turn the channel. I often can't find my remote quick enough. First of all, what type of show are you trying to be? I feel like I am watching a mix of TMZ, Entertainment Tonight and a bizarre reality show with a tiny bit of news thrown in. Lara Spencer overload, pop news, and the continuous bantering among all the hosts is too much. I want news delivered with smattering of personal interest stories and the occasional helpful how-to segment with some celebrity/author/relevant newsmaker interviews. Isn't that what the morning shows always delivered? I REALLY miss the standard format. It is painfully obvious that the show doesn't know what it wants to be, nor do the hosts. George with his commanding presence and gravitas is so out of place on the show. I want more George, less Lara. Amy Robach had some clout as a newsperson when she first started, but all the giggling and commentary have worn her credentials thin. I'm all for some light-heartedness, but every delivery does not have to be punctuated with a laugh and an "inside By the way, how many hosts does it take to run a successful morning program? The answer has to be less than what GMA has!!! Thankfully, the show did part ways with Josh Elliott. I couldn't even look at the TV when he was on it. Can describing one as egomaniacal be an understatement? Anyway, I will end my review with my overall feeling of sadness - the type of sadness one feels when they haven't seen an old friend for a long time. I miss you GMA:(
  • Lara is vapid!

    I feel disgusted almost every time I turn on GMA and see how immature and childish these anchors are with the exception of George. I feel like I am watching a bunch of children always having to make jokes out of everything because they are too "bored" to report the often somber news of the day. It is soo annoying how they have to make a joke about is the deal with "magma" anyway??

    Lara remember watching her on Entertainment Tonight and at the end they had a segment on how to dress like her at which point she came out and modeled an ensemble and smiled like a 2 bit whore at the camera while we were told how we could find her clothes and what they cost. She is sooo needy for attention and stuck on herself; it was truly disgusting to watch.

    I cannot believe that GMA keeps renewing her contract when the evidence is clear that people do NOT like her on this show and find her a detriment to the credibility of a serious news show. She is making the show look like rediculous and helping to make America look like a joke! Sad..
  • hot anchor

    Who was the hot italian anchor on GMA this morning 10/14/14? I was working while having GMA on and I looked up to find the hottest guy on TV. They were talking about families sitting together on an airplane. I want to know more about him!!
  • Dispense Spencer

    I had been a GMA viewer since the Joan Lunden days. When Lara Spencer joined the team, I found that grabbing the remote remedied her segments, returning to GMA a few minutes later. Finally, I switched to NBC. I understand the fear of breaking up a winning team, but there is always a chance at improvement (Live With Regis & Kathie Lee - Kathie Lee). Spencer appears stiff, with a condescending smile and an overall phoniness. I was able to enjoy viewing GMA today with the absence of Spencer, which drove me to comment on this blog, an action I never do. I can not believe there is just a small group of viewers who find Spencer irritating. I believe that if ABC execs took a poll of GMA viewers on likes and dislikes, they would find Lara to be the weak link in their Spence.
  • Ron C. needler supreme

    Hey Ron,

    Good luck climbing out of your hole with Sarah! :)


  • Going elsewhere regretfully

    I am having a SERIOUS problem with the show lately.

    I am so sick of the obnoxious, rude, narcissistic Lara Spencer. She is killing this show.

    It is so sad and disgusting what this show has become. You used to have such a great blend of personalities, but now you seem to be on a suicide mission.

    You really need to get her off the show. I watch the show to the point of total disgust, then have to turn to one of the other networks.

    I used to be a fan of hers, but she seems so desperate for attention. She negates the positive points of the show. She is rude to not only her guests, but to the other hosts. (She needs to be ???

    Keep her off any and all serious news reports. She is okay with a FEW zany pop issues.

    I have been a faithful fan for at least 25 years until now. And she is what is killing it for me.

    My intent is not to bash her, but merely in requesting that you save the show and have only responsible personalities as main anchors.

  • Annoying Lara

    I like the show and almost everybody, but Lara doesn't fit in. She is very dumb, rude and childish. All she does is interrup people when she is interviewing. She wants all the attention to herself. She makes the questions and doesn't let the guests answer them. Talks too much without being necessary. That show should be called. Good Morning with annoying Lara.

    Have watched your show for years, love Robin and George, but as of late the show has been dumbed down. Lara Spencer belongs on entertainment tonight,or better still at home. Too many people on your panel. The show is becoming a joke. l'd be interested hearing an intelligent and informed guy,like George,discussing other things,then the foolish things he is forced to comment on from Lara Spencer's segments. I have stopped watching, so disappointed. Where are the classy days of Diane Sawyer?
  • GMA aka The Lara Spenser Show

    I think the saying "too much of a good thing" is appropriate here. To much Lara. I am really tired of seeing her, hearing her, and having everyone promote her book. Talk about ego. She has one in capital letters!!! Enough already. I am not longer a faithful everyday fan. Lets give the show back to Robin and George. Who ever gave her a contract should be fired (and take here with you)!

    George, Robin, Dan, Amy - These people are funny, friendly,and serious when necessary... and make me want to watch! I have loved GMA for a very long time. Even went to NYC for a visit to the studio but I am over a show that has lost it! I love Michael Strayhan but NOT on GMA. When I watch now I feel like I am STRAPPED TO A CHAIR ON A DISNEY WORLD RIDE (should I be surprised?) I only watch GMA now on the week ends. Its what week days used to be and why I became a fan in the first place. when I visited the set as part of a small VIP group Robin was so friendly, came over and spoke as did Josh Elliot and Tory Johnson, but Lara never even looked over. I was so disappointed to see her in person. She came within 4 feet of the people in the studio and never looked at anyone. I even took a picture of her behind the desk with a hand mirror fixing her hair during the commercials. VERY DISAPPOINTED IN GMA NOW.
  • News story about my grandson Dante Chiappetta


    The link above is a story about my grandson Dante Chiappetta. He is a six year old boy with special needs. We are so proud of him and his family and would love to see thee video aired on your show
  • jackie

    I love gma, my go to show, after work, I work midnights.. ginger is refreshing and Robin is it!! We need more of Ryan smith, did a terrific job on hln, his OWN show. Love that guy, very knowledgeable, George is bored, Michael doesn't fit, and Lara, too much, there I got it all out, thank you, I will continue watching!
  • GMA Background Music (Noise)

    Love your show but I hate the chaotic background music (noise). It is very disturbing. In fact, I stopped watching because of the background music.
  • GMA you all dropped the ball on Ray Rice story

    Why is the Ray Rice story only about Ray Rice? Why hasn't anyone interviewed his wife? After this why did she still marry him almost a month after this happened? Why are you not using this story to spreed light on domestic violence? Has this happened with other girlfriends? There is a lot more to this story and why are you not telling the whole story. Your lack of coverage of this issue tells me your staff condones this behavior as much if not more than the NFL and the Baltimore Ravens do. And yes I'm a huge Ravens fan that just bought a Ray Rice jersey for my daughter. I'm also a victim of domestic violence.
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