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  • Offensive comment about Pope Francis

    Today on GMA, Lara Spenser was highlighting a movie that Pope Frances would be in. She went on to make offensive comments about what his "Star" trailer would look like inside... white candles and maybe a bottle of water that may turn into wine. The other hosts looked shocked. I find it offensive that she said that considering she has no idea what she is talking about. Celebrating the Eucharist every Sunday is a gift. The bread and wine represent the body and blood of Christ and they are the consecrated elements of Holy Communion. It is not a joke you can use to get laughs, Lara Spenser!! I think you need apologize for that rude, ignorant comment!
  • Slamming the Pope

    I will never watch GMA again. I am Catholic and know that Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior. How dare you put the Pope's endeavors on POP News and scoff at the miracle that was performed at the Last Supper. You should all be ashamed for the words that were said and for your colleagues joining in to laugh at something that is sacred. KARMA
  • Fire Sara Haines

    PLEASE send Sara Haines to The View. She sucks, and will fit right in.
  • Please make it stop!!! Lara Spencer

    I am all for supporting women, but Lara is killing me. She thinks she is so funny and cute. She is NOT! She tries to steal the show then has her hair hanging in her face. If she doesn't stop... I will stop watching the show. Lara you are NOT funny. Stop laughing at yourself. You are the only one laughing
  • I'm done with GMA

    Wow you guys really are pushing for Hilary aren't you? I watched how you cut bernies explanation on how he would be saving working families a massive amount of money each year by getting rid of the private insurance industry so that it only showed him saying that he would raise taxes. You are manipulative and pathetic. As see through as the rest of the media.
  • We told you so!

    1/21/16: Lead story on today's version of "Entertainment Today" (aka GMA): Will Smith and his wah wah story about boycotting the Oscars. Lead story on NBC's Today show: the storm heading toward the East Coast, the Presidential Race (including the Trump/Palin freak show), and a third newsworthy story I can't recall. Although I only watched for ~30 minutes, never once did I have to listed to one of the black actors whining about not being "included" in the Oscar nominations. Really? Get over yourselves! Will Smith -- you, your wife and your bratty entitled kids have a multi-million dollar (if not billion dollar) empire. What - you need more money? In fact - I don't watch ANY of those award shows, as I'm sick and tired of seeing people who already have millions of dollars attend yet more parties and award shows that lavish them with more money, more glory, $100,000 gift bags, etc. Isn't it enough the general public has to pay $15-20 to see their movies??? And yet - there they are - in their designer gowns, with their diamonds and jewels, acting like the world should get down on their knees and worship the ground they walk on. It all makes me nauseaus!!! NEWS FLASH: there are people starving in this world and other travesties of justice taking place. And your biggest concern is how glamorous you are - wanting the world to revel in your wealth? Sorry folks - not me. I don't watch ANY of those disgusting displays of greed. The Emmys, the Oscars, the Golden Globes, and the bajillion other award shows that have been dreamed up to stroke the egos of these millionaire actors and actresses. And to the fact that GMA loves to publicize this crap - I don't watch them any more!

    12/14/15: One other comment: as much as I love Ginger, it's really time to lose the stiletto pumps. You're much too pregnant to be walking around on those. The juxtaposistion of your large stomach and those skinny little stiletto heels is not a pleasant sight.

    12/11/15: Dear GMA: I haven't posted to this site since September (as you can see from my last post) because, as I said, I am finished with GMA. I am one of the viewers who switched to Today for my morning show (and sometimes the CBS morning show). Why? Because, as the article in the Salt Lake Tribune today (Dec. 11) indicates - people are sick and tired of the constant hee-hawing your "news staff" (and I use that term loosely) engages in, the segments on cute animals, social media chit chat, Dancing with the Stars, celebrities - what they wear, where they go, who they dating, their fabulous lives blah blah blah, and that blasted Kim Kardashian!!! There is serious stuff happening in this world - but apparently GMA thinks she's news! And, personally, Lara Spencer is one of the main reasons I don't watch anymore. I cannot stand to watch her pathetic need for attention and camera time. I know she thinks she is "all that" - but many people don't. In any case, your fall in the ratings is a result of all of the above and more. Time to get back to more serious programming (a little fun is OK - but that's all your program is anymore) and a more professional crew. Maybe now that your ratings are falling you'll listen!


    For the past three days we have been subjected to gravel voiced Lara Spencer sitting in the anchor chair next to George and looking like the cat who swallowed the canary. What is wrong with you people at GMA? You have an authentic, professional anchor sitting in the side chair next to the blonde bimbo you insist on shoving down our throats! With that breathy voice and that tinge of excitement with which she announces everything, she sounds like she should be calling out bingo number. There is NO WAY Lara Spencer is anchor material. So folks, c'mon over to NBC, because - unlike GMA - they actually have more news and less fluff, and they have a professional, easy-on-the-eyes and ears team in their lineup. And while I'm at it - the NBC news website is heads and tails above the ABC site. My last day of looking at ABC was when I saw "Kim Karskankians pregnancy lips" touted on ABC's front page!!! How utterly disgusting. I'm sure this picture appealed to the 17 . males out there! On second thought, perhaps it is appropriate that the Disney corporation owns ABC, as most of the crap on their ABC site is suited for just that - hairbrained idiots. Buh bye ABC.

  • Losers!!!!

    I had banned your show this week (been watching forever) because I refuse to sit and watch/listen to actors complaining about the Oscars. If you don't make the cut. don't make the cut. You want to ban going to the Oscars because of this then I'm banning everything you are in. (which isnt much) Works both ways. I guess the bottom line is the TRUTH HURTS!!!
  • why micheal even on the show

    why they cast micheal when he not even there half the time he does fit in with gma they should find someone new
  • Lara is an infantile bag of bones

    If Lara gets any skinnier, she'll look like a concentration camp prisoner. OMG, if she bumps her shin the bone will splinter for sure.
  • Lara's dress

    Please let me know the designer of Lara Spencer's dress she is wearing today-red and black bodice and leopard print skirt. It is my favorite of all time! I'd love to know where to purchase....

    Your banners interrupt the whole show, can't see a person talking, the dresses, the news you're talking about. I left the TODAY show because of that and all they do is laugh and talk over each other. GMA is getting that way now, and its sad. I love the cast but you people aren't serious anymore. Fun and games is fine for a talk show! You are the news. Guess I'll be going to CBS!!
  • Spencer!!

    What are you thinking?? Get Lara off the show! The other day Lara was interviewing a lady that did a faux fireplace, Lara wouldn't let the lady talk about the project, the hidden space behind the fireplace, etc. Lara is so rude!!

    Tell Lara to stop standing with her legs crossed, it makes her look like she is about to pee in her pants, and tell her to stop looking for the camera and shaking her head, like she is the best thing since peanut butter! Make her shut up and get her off the air!!

    Also, stop talking and talking and talking about racism!! I was taught, growing up, if you do the crime, you do the time!!! A black gets shot by cops, you people air it for weeks, every day, on and on and on, weeks and weeks, which turn into months!! White girl gets raped buy gang members, from NY, haven't heard a word from GMA, or the news, for that matter!!!! WHY! Do white lives not matter!!! What the heck is wrong with you all!! You want racism to stop....... start reporting equally!!! Because of the way you report the news, you are the ones that cause the race issue to stay at the forefront. You don't mention in your reporting, that people need to turn their life around and do good, or that they get what they deserve. You don't mind throwing your political views in our face, you throw racism in our face, what' s next!!!

    I believe I'll start watching the food channel, way better!!!!

    A word for You can do way better!!!
  • GMA lineup


    Well I finally made the jump. Nbc not a whole lot better sooooCBS people. Watch CBS. I am totally done with GMA , loads of crap, tv's people magazine of crap.

    10/3-looks like GMA making Lara keep her mouth shut and sit on her hands- only until 8am-it's bearable now for the first hour, they need to work on the second.

    9/3-it's becoming my morning routine to read these reviews to see what others thought of the show. So we all need to flip the remote and stay there. All morning yesterday I switched back and forth because who gives a $&@@ about dancing with the stars and watching Lara kicking her legs up, flailing her arms and flirting with everyone- Jesse Palmer included poor guy- today I'm staying on cbs and enjoying it so much more. I think we all keep wanting to support our old fav but it's time to make a permanant change. I love ginger and Amy and I enjoy George on Sunday am. We all need to change the channel for good. At the end of the day WE ARE STILL WATCHING IT, which is what they want us to do and gives the execs the numbers. I said it before and I'll say it again. The STUPEFICATION of America. With networks shows like what we currently have on the pm lineups on all nwrworks, loads of crap, our country is spiraling. Lara is who she is, she's just not being promoted on the right avenue for her own particular talents.

    9/1. Geeze. Well the banner is gone, but lara in the anchor chair again, trying to keep her flailing arms in check but the sultry camera staring still, looks like she's trying though. She was quite out of control when she got back from vaca, I try to switch to other shows but they are all the same, full of pop news crap and dumb stories even CNN. why are we dumbing down America????? Looks like I'll just stick with TCM in the am and wait for David Muir to get the news

    Top stories today : turned on to try again: goonies? Beyonc, ?? Really? to CNN. THE STUPEFICATION OF AMERICA IS HAPPENING EVERY MORNING on GMA

    5/14 SHUT UP LARA. NOW changing channel

    5/4-Lara is out of control (again)!today. Plz plz someone tone her down-why won't execs listen? I'm checking out nbc today.

    3/24. YES!!!!! Finally GMA is worth watching today!!!! Fabulous without all that Pop news crap, sorry Lara but they really need to find you a different platform. Oh I'm loving my coffee today with GMA!!! Agree with previous poster 100%

    2-20-I'd rather see veronica corningstone....

    How rude, what is Lara's name doing on top billing? If you're going to put her name up there you can't leave out Amy and the incredible ginger zee... What are the execs thinking? Is Lara that self serving? Check out her facial expressions and interrupting, she's not genuine and doesn't care about anything in the conversation. And the gossip is not top bill-worthy. It's too weird and I might have to try NBC again. Aand I agree with the comment about the weekend show, really good dynamic there. Amy and ginger-revolt! It should be all or just robin and George. Half the stuff lara "reports"on is just not worth the breath. Oh, and Give ginger a chair!
  • Latest Apple Upgrade

    Where is the story of the latest cell phone Apple upgrade on the national news channels? Hundreds of dollars billed to unsuspecting customers bc of an upgrade? It's criminal and must be some big conspiracy. Has happened to almost everyone I know, but barely any news of it out there.
  • Give Lara Spencer permanent Vacation

    used to love GMA in spite of Lara Spencer. Now she has her finger into every pot and it is horrible. She never shuts up and makes sure she is noticed in all segments. Her interviews are not interviews at all. Just her jabbering away with interviewee not given opportunity to talk at all. She interrupts all others every day and since she has taken over Robins position when away I am almost at point of changing shows. You have Amy and she is excellent why are you even keeping this high schooler show off when Robin, George,Amy Snd Ginger have the chops!!! Lara only knows how to ham it up and act like a prima people to put coats on her ...
  • Time for new format and return of Sam Champion

    Over these past two years your show has digressed so much. Wayyyyyyyyyy too much Hollywood crap filler mixed in with real news and frankly I'm not alone on disgust and disappointment in the direction of GMA.. CBS is doing a much better job giving us news as intended. Many viewers, including myself, are so sick of Lara and her phony is not funny and she is so annoying. She is a weed in the news and should be pulled out. Please rethink of returning to a real news program and leave the Hollywood and Dancing with the Stars etc to Hollywood reports in the evening shows specific to that genre. The crossover to mixed show segments has become so tedious and frankly, boring. Also, though Ginger did a good job, I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see Sam Champion return. His enthusiasm is so contagious - he far surpasses Ginger in the weather news. Also Ginger all too often dressed like a teenager with leggings which is not professional.
  • I'm gonna puke.

    I was forced to sit through the first hour of GMA today, couldn't escape it. I'm a fan of CBS's morning offering of real news, topical discussions, etc. that are concise and to the point, and delivered with no screaming or stupid puns. GMA delivers 5 minutes of news, and then the rest of the program is all about the anchors, with maybe some reporting of some other actual news story if there's time. If you're a fan, I'm sorry, but GMA is really just an entertainment show for dimwits. Poor George Stephanopoulos, I feel sorry for him, he's the only real news person among them all, and all the chortling and stupid banter has got to drive him up the wall. It sure drove me up the wall. All the laughing, everyone talking over each other, acting outrageous and thinking that they are funny, or the least bit interesting. These plastic automatons represent everything that is wrong with American society today. 85% style, 5% substance and 10% stupid. There's no point involving these dummies in anything of any real consequence, it would all be lost on them. If this show is succeeding in ratings, that just shows how useless our society has become. GMA is basically just a live "PEOPLE MAGAZINE" for people who worship Kardashians and the like. By 25 minutes in I was just hate watching these dummies and laughing at the public gathered outside with signs, and yelling "WOOOOOOOOOO" when the barbie anchors walk outside near them, even though nothing worthy of "Wooooing" was happening. It's all just a big circus. Who would waste their time to go stand outside of a television show holding a sign and hoping to be seen? Only an idiot, with nothing better to do... much like anyone who would tune into this garbage on purpose. Ick, ick, ick. I would never watch this crap on purpose. I'll give it one star for the good makeup work on the chattering mannequins, since I can't give it zero. Not a fan.
  • Why not Rob Marciano?

    While Ginger is on maternity leave, why not have Rob Marciano fill in? Many of us viewers LOVE him for the neat guy he is! Sam Champion left for another show, so leave him there!!
  • Too many commercials

    Why are there so many commercials? There are more commercials than programming. Very frustrating to watch. I counted 15 commercials in between segments! I am going to have to switch shows!
  • Mean Moms

    Interesting story and I have certainly seen this happen while I raised my three kids (now in their twenties). However, it felt a lot like what I have been hearing my whole life - girls and women are bitchy. What about the dads? Do you have any idea how fathers manipulate their children getting on sports teams, playing specific positions, Let's stop bashing women. I have only been watching your show for a few weeks while on medical leave. Maybe most working women don't watch your show and you don't get that perspective. I would hope stay at home moms and retired women are also feminists..
  • Lara, Lara. Lara

    I thought she was going to jump through my TV screen today!
  • Miscellaneous comments

    I am a long time viewer and enjoy the show. I agree that there are too many commercials and always tape the show and fast forward through the commercials. I really like the weekend show and think that Dan Harris and Rob are terrific. I am really glad that Ron stopped grading Sarah Haines. I wanted to write in to tell you what I think Ron's rating should be for doing that. It starts with an "A" but I didn't want him to think it's a compliment.

    Amy is really professional and very nice looking but lately her eye makeup is very distracting. It does not look good and I think she needs a new artist. When she was in San Bernadino her makeup looked good and she was probably doing it herself!

    There are SO many really important things in the world that matter a lot so I hate to even mention this, but it is distracting ( to me anyway) and takes away from listening to her news report.
  • I can't take it anymore

    Please, allow Robin and George to speak. If you must parade Lara around and around, I will have to leave you. She is embarrassing herself and the network. She gushes over ANY MALE who comes on the show. Amy is obviously annoyed by her and George is going to walk. Amy was annoyed at something this morning and made no bones about it (while Robin was talking about the awards/alcohol). Careful Amy or you will end up with the bimbo. I have started muting the tv when Lara is crossing her pee pants legs and babbling on and on and on and smiling for any camera that catches her or vice versa. Very hard to watch.
  • Isis sensationalism

    You do not need to show Isis with their weaponry and show the fighters carrying out their terrorist exercises! All this is doing is giving them free publicity and encouraging young Americans and others to join their fight. Why do you feel the need to sensationalize them? I'm disappointed in you.
  • No Longer Classy

    What has happened to this show? Long gone are the class acts of Diane Sawyer and Charlie Gibson. They could have fun but also make the show enlightening and inviting. Can't stand the loudness of Lara and Ginger. So immature. Not quite sure why Robin and George are sticking around with this sinking ship.

    I am now channel surfing in the hopes of finding a nice way to start my day. How can a station fill several hours of such pure junk!
  • A Commercial Filled Trainwreck

    Unfreakingbelievable how many commercials they can pack into this mess. I mean it's nonstop ads especially near the top of the hour and half hour. Tried counting them one day, but got sick of it and changed the channel. I've never seen anything so crazy.

    This show has become the People Magazine show with Lara taking the lead. All these stupid segments on things nobody would care about, but since they're all celebrities..... And please stop showing all the "cute" animal videos. Don't need to see one every single day.

    Good Morning America gets worse every day and I really can't watch it anymore. The cast needs to replace Lara. Bring back Sam Champion. And stop all the stupid laughter. Everything is not funny.
  • Lara Spencer - WHY?

    Since when did GMA become the Lara Spenser show. Not good!

    10/6 Is Lara's dress short enough? She is such a mess. No class. I give up with her. Time for her to go.

    10/16 Shut up Lara. You think you're so cute. Not working for me.

    11/30 Thought I'd watch GMA this morning as I left your program for NBC. And there she was! Lara still there and acting as the star of the show. Back to NBC.
  • Why Our Entire Family and Friends Have Switched to NBC's Today Show

    We were always taught that if you can't say anything nice, do not say anything at all.

    Therefore we will cleverly not mention their names but we're sure Disney and ABC executives know the two main factors that are driving MILLIONS of viewers away.

    And the current November 2015 ratings do not lie.

    According to the majority of comments in this forum, Robin, George, Amy and Ginger are an amazing team during the weekdays and Dan, Ron and Paula do a fantastic job on the weekends.

    Our family and friends' ages range from 20 to 51 and our professions are students to engineers.

    We moved away from NBC due to the Ann Curry dismissal.

    However, it is astonishing how we ALL independently switched back to NBC Today's Show because the executives at NBC listened to the viewers, made changes to the staff, created informational topics and post relevant articles on their website.

    In addition, the advertisers match their audience too.

    Money talks folks and it starts with targeting your viewers problems and passions.

    Disney and ABC numbers continue to decline yet no action has been taken. Check the numbers. As stated earlier, number do not lie.

    In conclusion, all of the team members at ABC are extremely talented. Yet, they may not "mash" together on the same set due to their experience and personalities.

    This scenario exists at all work places.

    However, when changes are made, results are produced.

  • Immaturity at its best!

    GMA Weekend is by far the most immature news show on the air. Between Paula Ferris and Sarah Haines could they be anymore obnoxious!! Pulling Ron Clairebon and Dan Harris into their nonsense is nauseating. Went back to my local news to gain some sanity!!
  • Giving away so many Gifts and Nothing for Disabled Veterans?

    I think it is wonderful that GMA can have so many prizes for all their guests that can be outside their studio in New York City.

    But what are you doing for those Disabled Veterans and Wounded Warriors that can't afford to come to your show or visit you in the Big Apple?

    I don't mean to toot my own whistle but I know that I am a DAV and I have struggled for over 5 years as I was getting nothing from the VA because of a mistake in my paperwork after giving over 20+ years of service and became wounded and no longer able to work.

    The US Army forced me to retire and my night mare began.

    Now I live on Social Security Disability and I have a Trailer on a Lake so I am able to survive.

    But survive is all I am currently still able to do.

    January of 2015 the VA finally said I am 100% Disabled and I am now able to get my medical needs taken care of so each month I am doing better.

    But I still do not have many of the simple things that most people use daily and think nothing about it.

    A working Bathroom with running water, and proper toilet.

    I have a cell phone that is pay as you go, but where I live on the Lake there is no good signal as I often can not get a signal walking around in the yard.

    Do you have any idea on how many of our Veterans in this country are worse off than I am?

    Yet you can make such wonderful gifts to your visitors there in New York.

    And here I would be excited if I could afford a nice working double wide trailer to live in.

    But I would really like to build a home here so that I can create a home that is good for my disabilities, and make my life so much easier.

    But I will keep praying for my friends, and I also will continue to help support my fellow comrades that are worse off than I am.

    Well have a great 40th Anniversary.
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