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    Who is more annoying to watch?

    Al roker, tamaron or Hoda and kathy lee who have to talk in unison - la la la la la.

  • ABC shoots themselves in the foot again.....

    Taking on Michael Strahan along with Lara is too much for their normal staff, George,Robin and Amy is plenty enough for the has turned into a circus watching the egos of Michael and Lara that I'm returning to NBC where I vowed to never return to after Ann Curry it simple ABC and you will always win the hiring and firing at will and we lill stay with let go of a hell of a weather man and also a favorite co host and just kept it to three with a occasional fill had it with Michael and Lara.....
  • All about Lara!

    It's really not all about Lara, much to her disappointment. On today's show, she was watching herself in the monitor when she noticed her chair was a bit lower than everyone else's. I'm sure not many people in the audience noticed or even cared. But, of course, Lara called attention to it, made sure she was the center of attention for a few seconds, and adjusted her chair. Then she sat there watching herself on the monitor for the rest of the segment with her arms spread, elbows out like a chicken so she would draw the attention to herself. Lara, please, you are a fairly attractive woman, but your arms are like skinny toothpicks. Maybe keep them a little closer to your body.
  • Sorry Got To Go

    Cannot take Michael Strahan and the changes around him. He is not qualified to be handling any news. You really messed up a good thing! I am now going to Morning Joe, many more interesting and intelligent guests and verbiage!! Will miss Lara Pop News and will never leave Weekend GMA! Don't mess with that group
  • Gone for Good

    I have tried to stay loyal to GMA but since they kicked Amy into never never land and brought Michael Strahan aboard I am pretty much done. Also the love fest between Robin and Lara really is sickening, this use to be such a wonderful morning show now it's a joke, guess I will try the Today Show, may be back when they kick Michael, send Lara to an Antique show and maybe she can take her best friend Robin with her!!
  • Repeat of first hour

    Why during the second hour of GMA it is a repeat of the first hour? What's going on?
  • very unproffesional

    No more GMA for me! The rude, angry, biased and downright hateful attitude of George and Robin have me a Today show viewer. I started watching the election coverage out of curiosity not because I am a huge political follower. It was VERY obvious after about 2 minutes on election night that George was a Hillary supporter. The more votes and states Trump won, the more disgruntled George became. I changed stations right then. As many years as George has been on TV he should have learned to be more professional. For the record, I'm not a trump fan nor a republican! NBC and the Today show from now on!
  • Strahan, mehhhhh

    So after watching for a few weeks its clear that Michael Strahan brings nothing new to GMA. He says nothing does nothing. Bring back the original staff. In the meantime you'll find me at CBS.
  • You Ruined A Good Thing

    The GMA crew was great and all very involved. Strahan is not a fit for this show and in fact I have switched to the Today show because he has crowded the field and offers little, Too bad because I could listen to George's analysis anytime. Hopefully, he wont be diluted on this show.
  • I'm a believer now

    I have watched GMA for over 30 years. I'm not a political person, nor boast about any candidates. The days leading up to the election the GMA cast was jovial and excited on air. They had a gentleman stating the odds and how Trump wasn't going to win by a slight margin. Okay. Here comes the 'ah ha' moment. The morning after the election (now let's not blame it on staying up late - I've seen shows where the cast has done that), it was as if a major storm hit and thousands were injured and killed. I couldn't believe my eyes. No smiling, they were obviously not happy. I thought, 'was it true? was the program that bias?' I gave GMA more credit. WOW! I didn't even vote for the man.

    One more "Wow" and shame on me. I guess I got sucked in after 30 yrs. I will not be watching any longer. BBC has unbiased reports and reporters. Shame on you GMA!
  • Robin Roberts Racist and Rude towards Trump

    The rude expression on Robin Roberts face last night when Donald Trump was made President of the United States. Thank God we did not get her loud roar and big mouth and rude comments if Hiliary had become President. She would have taken over the show running Donald down. Someone needs to get her a book on manners same as her friend family.
  • Is this news?

    It's a good think I don't rely on GMA as my news source, otherwise I would have no idea what was going on. It blows my mind how they pick and choose what they report, or how they report a story. Very disappointing...
  • Completely disgusted

    It's so obvious that this show and the rest of the media is bias. I can't believe they get away with it!. I thought news programs were supposed to be subjective. Instead they are shoving Hilary down our throats. Ridiculous! I wish there was a score lower than zero!

  • Michael Strahan ruined your show

    I have always liked GMA, but will no longer watch as Michael Strahan has ruined your show for me. Strahan is difficult to understand, has no depth and can not be taken seriously. I am guessing he was chosen simply because he is a sports "hero". No sports figure is a hero in my opinion and he is certainly not one that adds any broadcasting skills to your show.
  • Bias Hosts

    Most of the hosts are politically bias, they talk about Trump being a bully? Why don't they watch their own recordings of the show and maybe they will see that they are the bullies. They are always laughing and making snotty jokes. George is nothing but demeaning, his nose is always up in the air. Clinton has been in the headlines but notice how little air time they have been doing on politics, if it was Trump's email scandal, they would be talking about it for an hour!
  • Where is Jessie Palmer????

    I feel bad for Amy they just put her on the back burner to give Micahel in the front. And where is Jessie??? He is so nice and I him so down to earth.
  • Where is Jessie Palmer????

    I feel bad for Amy they just put her on the back burner to give Micahel in the front. And where is Jessie??? He is so nice and I him so down to earth.
  • Done!

    I'm done with GMA. Your credibility is laughable. Your political bias is shameful.

    Michael Strahan? Really?
  • angry

    I've stop watching GMA after watching for many years. It's so sad how they handle this election all one sided for Clinton. For the time being I've started watching Fox. America wake up!!!!
  • Separate Dan Abrams and Nancy Grace

    Could GMA please separate Dan Abrams and Nancy Grace! Viewing the two of them and their point/counter point bickering has no entertainment value AT all!
  • Get Rid of Michael Strahan!

    It is painful to listen to him attempt to provide news or other information when he can barely speak clearly. As a loyal fan for decades, now I turn off your show and go to the net because he is unbearable. What were you thinking? Pandering to demographics because of his past successes is one thing, but you obviously are trying to pound a square peg into a round hole. FAIL.
  • Big Mistake!

    I stopped watching GMA and Live with Kelly, best decision ever!
  • too much laughing not enough news

    Too much advertizing, too much laughing and joking around among the hosts (by the way the hosts should realize the show is not about them) and too much pop news. Viewers want headlines and hard news. We don't care if Justin Timberlake took a selfie in the polling booth. We want to know if ISIS is losing in Mosul. Understand? Be serious. Quit mugging and laughing! We don't tune in to see the hosts, we want to know what happened in the world overnight. Sorry to pop your bubble.
  • Media is biased.

    The media is so biased (for democrat) in this election. Donald Trump is the the least of the 2 evils . He's not perfect but a lot better than his opponent. The media should be ashamed but i guess they do it to keep their jobs. I would bet not all on ABC feels the same way.
  • Get rid of the banners

    It seems like every newscast has a huge banner covering half the screen. I miss so much of the picture because of this banner. Please get rid of them, they are useless and only distract from the topic.
  • Strahan is terrible

    Lara needs to go-head back to your antiques. Michael? What is he saying? He is a joke. You need to remove him. Surely an athlete but not educated enough to speak about politics or current events. Its bad when your weekend crew buries your Monday thru Friday. Your cast is so bad GMA. There are tons of choices, what were you thinking?????? Strahan as an anchor is desperate.
  • Strahan has to go

    Strahan looks out of place and looks awkward on your show. What were you thinking? Why is Amy gone? Didn't like Strahan on Live either. He looked awkward at the Oscars too. He needs to stick to sports.
  • Michael Strahan on GMA

    You have lost another loyal viewer. ABC you botched it with Kelly and now GMA. I can not watch anymore as long a Michael is a co anchor. The show is not the same. You kicked Amy to the curb, Ginger seems to be heading that way as well. Looks like you're doing a talk show when you started bringing people in. It looks everything is revolving around Michael. How long before you kick George to the curb. I'm am so disappointed that would do this to such a good show.
  • Interesting comment by Robin

    Did anyone else find it interesting when Robin said to Amy about her speaking engagements

    keeping her from the show? Seems like she must realize how much people are missing Amy. GMA, put the right people in the right place!!
  • Beyond Mediocre

    The two negroes (both like women) are pathetic, the blond is a butter face clown wannna be, the guy in the middle, Stephanopoulos, is exactly that, a guy in the middle. Their behavior or attitude sets them apart from each others in an uncomfortably conspicuous way.
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