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  • Changing the channel

    I have watched GMA for years. It has always been the show that I watch while getting ready for work. Lately, I find myself changing the channel. George is so biased. I am sad b/c I love Robin and Ginger Z. If I wanted to watch a politically biased news show I would switch to CNN or FOX.
  • Changing channels

    I can't figure out what ABC was thinking. Michael Strahan is clearly out of his that he has one off the football field. He simply cannot deliver "news" or bring anything to GMA. He just doesn't fit that kind of program. Looking for another morning news channel.
  • I've watched since its inception. I can't take it anymore!

    I don't want to quit you GMA but it's OVER! I fell in love with you during the Joan Lunden and Charlie Gibson era. I let you in my home every morning like an old friend. I trusted YOU to tell me what was going on in this crazy world. All I ever asked was for the reporters to appear neutral. Unbiased. PROFESSIONAL! Everything else I could pretty much tolerate. Then George Stephanopoulos happened. He's like a spoiled 12 year old kid! He is not capable of reporting the news without imposing his views/opinions on the viewers! He needs to go!!! He could learn a LOT from David Muir!

    I have a lot of respect for Robin, as an athlete. A reporter, not so much. And that moaning thing that she does when other people are talking gets on my last nerve!

    Finally, Michael

    He is awkward. He's uncomfortable. He is WAY out of his element!!

    So, for now I will be getting my morning news elsewhere.
  • Boooo! Two thumbs down . . .

    Have watched GMA every morning since 2011. Any shred of respect I once held for Stephanopoulos and radditz is GONE! There is so much more info out there to validate Trump's seemingly outrageous claims, yet GMA reporting is staggeringly silent on the evidence that has been presented. I can only assume that they are afraid of what will happen when their audience is given the opportunity to consider ALL of the facts and come to their own conclusions. Since GMA changed its format and their news coverage is biased more than ever, all I can see is a sinking ship. It's a shame, they had a great show.
  • Format

    I find the format of GMA now anoying. The constant noises from audience is distracting from guest. I think you should get the audience off the stage. I know othe shows do this but doesn't mean you should
  • Bye! Bye! GMA

    Was once my favorite, happy show. No longer!! The bias shown by ABC, George Stephanopoulos, Martha Raddatz, Cecilia Vega is just unacceptable. Michael Strahan adds absolutely nothing to the show.

    I've watched GMA ever since David Hartman - but I'm done. Sick of it all!!
  • Time For Change!

    Susan Rice??? Ring a bell??? She bold faced lied and said Obama did NOT wiretap President Trump knowing all along that he did!! Why are you not reporting on this??? NOT good news good for Democrats, a? Typical of GMA, SO BIASED!! Wish you were more professional and would tell both sides!
  • Goodbye GMA

    After starting my morning for years on the local ABC affiliate, I simply could not take it any more - for several reasons but primarily Michael Strahan. What precisely did the producers think he was going to add to the program? He certainly doesn't carry any credibility covering hard news issues and they have plenty of "reporters" to cover the soft spots. I hope the folks who monitor the ratings and/or public feedback checks a site like this as it seems I'm among the majority here in feeling this way.
  • "Good" Morning America??

    I am so sad for the decline of the GMA. As many others, I have been a loyal watcher for many years. I have watched the show become a confusing mess in the focus and production of what was a very well "put together" show a few years ago. The higher-ups responsible for the confusing and biased viewpoints and programming really should be fired. The last year has been awful. George and Robin start out the show in a negative, snobbish way and bounce from one reporter/segment to another. George's recent constant coverage on the "wire tapping" issue was a headline until there was evidence discovered of surveillance of Trump and then, only a brief statement on the matter. Fair coverage has ended and the show has become so unprofessional. George must always get the last word with his viewpoint evident. It really feels like a "gotcha" show rather than informative with a level of respect and emotional intelligence for those they interview. It is evident the show is losing the ability to have respected and informed guests due to their lack of professional behavior. The election and White House reporting was and is the worst I have ever seen in the negativity toward the Republican party. The day after the election was ridiculous in the tone of the entire show. Cecilia Vega is in way over her head as a White House Correspondent and frequently makes biased statements such as this morning about the ACA vote and how "it will set the tone of the entire term of the white house" (or something equally melodramatic) when she should be reporting the facts and quoting those that are actual players in the government. It only demonstrates her lack of ability to have those people talk with her to provide quotes. GMA has Lara and Sara Haines acting like a clowns and air-heads. Their roles are insulting and I'm sure they are far above the level of reporting currently present. George is not meant to be one of the first people seen first thing in the morning. "Good Morning America" just isn't "Good" anymore. Does anyone get a "Good Morning" vibe from him? I don't see how and his negativity, opinionated and condescending tone benefit the show. I turn the channel or fast forward past his segments. Robin appears robotic and has lost her authenticity. She seems as though she is too good for the show and takes a matriarchal tone with the others. This week, the joking and disrespectful lack of attention on Tory Johnson's segment was so sad. I bet the companies involved in the promotions were very disappointed. The slapstick humor is out of control. The news is incomplete and biased. The show is all over the place with an audience that looks out of place and distracting. GMA get over yourself and go back to the formula of fair reporting, hosts that are respected because they do their jobs well and earn back the trust you have lost. Get rid of George as a "anchor" and let him stay on "news only" venues. Dan Harris should replace him. Robin should transition out of the show and allow Amy Robach to take the anchor chair. Trahan should only cover sports and shouldn't be at the table looking awkward and out of place. CJ or Jesse are much more capable. Ginger and Rob do a great job. With Amy and Dan at the news desk, the other correspondents and contributors will raise the bar as well. Martha, Cokie, Ron, Geo and Jake (please move Cecilia to a secondary support role) are respected, fair and have the experience to do what they do best. Nancy Grace, Matthew Doyd, and the other dramatic people with little professionalism need to be removed. Allow professionalism, respect and compassion in all interviews with factual questioning. Get rid of the one-sided opinions and deliver fair reporting. Have a transparent and fair balance of conservative/progressive viewpoints, conventional/unconventional, Democrat/Republican. DO NOT have correspondents that overtly demonstrate their personal preferences without equal representation. If they cannot report both sides, they do not need to be considered professional reporters. Tell the truth, tell the story and leave the slanted, subversive brainwashing tactics to the junk shows.
  • Strahan, mehhhhh

    So after watching for a few weeks its clear that Michael Strahan brings nothing new to GMA. He says nothing does nothing. Bring back the original staff. In the meantime you'll find me at CBS.
  • Done with this staple in my morning routine

    I can't stand to listen to this anymore. This program has been a staple in my morning routine for so long I don't even remember when it started. However, the negative attitude towards the president I can't handle anymore. Why in the Hell would anyone be aggressively rooting against the success of the person in charge of our country? I understand you don't like him GEORGE and MARTHA but do your jobs and keep your tones and opinions to yourself. We are not a bunch of idiots out here. We need him to succeed. Whether you like it or not, he is in charge. Can you, GEORGE, accept that? Well too bad, it's happening and we need for him to be successful. For our sakes. You know, the rest of us out here in the US, the ones that own small businesses, farms, build highways, schools, work for the electric companies, gas companies, water companies, clean the streets, trim trees, build planes, first responders, etc. That's right, we exist and I really don't care about your personal agenda. I need you to report actual news and stop repeating yourself and badgering your guests. Enough already.
  • stephanopoulos has the golden spoon, "STOP THE SCREAMING"

    What used to be an unbiased respected news reporter resembles nothing more than a tabloid pot stirrer. What for ? Ratings? Attention? A fully biased tv personality. Difficult and painful to watch. The man that left the Clinton campaign years ago after much dirty laundry.

    You could count on unbiased reporting.

    Now he tries hard to start arguments and angrily antagonizes those he interviews.

    Stirring the pot of negativity and clearly reporting his personal view.

    Looking for his new reality show George? That may be a better fit for you now.

    Please help us.

    Another major tarnish on our news media.

    They make our country look so bad.

    Like every country in the world we make mistakes.

    But please how to stop the madness of the press. They are gas on the fire. They reflect so badly on our nation.


  • Where in the World is Lara Spencer

    I am a fan of GMA, and I have not seen Lara on in a long time. Is she still with the show? Enquiring minds would like top know

    ABC when will you learn. Viewers can't stand her. Same goes for George, Michael and Robin!!!!!!!!!!
  • This is not "This Week" with George!

    If we wanted to watch the political debates that are constant with George and who ever is on his list for the day - we would watch it on his Sunday program! This is ruining GMA!! Not so much political news!!

  • Michael Strahan

    Is ABC that desperate for talent to take Michael Strahan and give him such an important spot on GMA with his "less than" articulate ability? What is the real reason?

    I have been watching Today!!!!!!!!
  • Michael Strahan

    How does GMA figure their latest we are together promo will save their ratings. They need to move Strahan off the show and put Amy back.

    I have watched GMA this week because Strahan is not on show. The team synergy is so much better without him. ABC wake up and move him off show
  • Amy needs more exposure

    Amy is such a true professional journalist. Why is she not front and center the whole hour? Sad how much the show has changed and not for the good. What do you value? It's more entertainment than news. Give us more Amy!

  • Not a news show

    Really, GMA??? You spent the entire first segment on a Monday morning on the Oscars??? THIS IS NOT NEWS!!!!! With all the stories you could be covering this morning, political, social, weather, you think we want to hear about what overpriced, arrogant, Hollywood actors won a prize??? Is this what you've come to?? NEWSFLASH: This is NOT news. This is NOT reality. And, by the way, your disrespect for our president is DISGRACEFUL!
  • Michael Strahan makes GMA worth watching again

    Michael Strahan has been such a breath of fresh air at GMA. I was about to switch to Today. After Sam Champion and Josh Elliott left it got so boring. I LOVE the addition of Michael Strahan.
  • Real Life Interview with Raye Montague

    I am a native New Yorker who moved to Richmond, VA over forty years ago and return to visit family there often. I watch GMA regularly. I thought the interview this morning with Raye Montague was excellent and very humbling. I loved Janelle Monae's appreciation of the role she plays in Hidden Figures (my choice for movie of the year). Raye Montague was one of the most delightful celebrities you have hosted and so down to earth. When she stated her pride in being the first PERSON to have designed that submarine she brought me to tears. Kudos on a great show!
  • Sad to Leave

    Dear GMA, thank-you for years of news and entertainment. I began watching during the days of Joan Lundon and was hooked when you sent the GMA team to Europe - especially Scotland! I still enjoy most aspects of your show - especially most of your cast. Sadly, your recent coverage of the president has been so uncharacteristically negative that it has left me feeling depressed and even frightened. I am a simple person - a public librarian, mom, and grandma. I watched the president's recent press conference and found it to be inspiring. He doesn't always use the right words when he speaks because he is not a politician and sometimes I even cringe at his choice of words. But his good intentions were loud and clear. When I turned on GMA the next morning with a light heart, expecting to see an honest recap, I could not believe the negativity I saw. George's panel that politely mocked the president for his 'theatrical' performance was unprofessional. I have not always supported Donald Trump, but please give the man a fair shake! In addition, some of the positive things that the president reported on were news to me because I didn't hear about them on GMA. Even though Fox and Friends is an obviously biased show, at least I can start my morning without a knot in my stomach after watching them. Hatred is a toxin that poisons our language whether we intend it to or not. I don't need to start my morning with a cup of vitriol. So I am switching my morning show after almost thirty years. I will miss you Robin Roberts. :(
  • Hello

    When Michael goes on the TV goes off.
  • Robin Roberts- Complete Phony

    I believe that Robin Roberts comes off in an extremely phony, overly confident manner. I cringe when she interviews celebrities with her multiple, grandios, over the top compliments. Sometimes the celebrities just gaze at her with this look of wonder, because it seems even they think that she's sucking up to them. Her compliments really do seem fake and forced. It's her down-home, old timey, saccharine sweet dialogue that just really irks me.

    It's also clear that Robin does the same glad-handing with her co-anchors. She really has this forced, well rehearsed reaction to her colleagues' banter. Her incessant head nodding (as if she wants to appear agreeable to all, no matter what the subject may be) and "serious anchor face" are really produced and hard to believe. She's even laughed out loud at a quip or pun and you can just tell that it's all for the camera. She doesn't bring a uniqueness or a memorable personality to the news desk.

    I also don't think that a live television news show should be used to talk about the private lives of a host. A simple story to benefit the public is fine, but the incessant coverage of Robin's illnesses and family members and vacations and awards really don't belong on this show. This is not a daytime talk show. Her private life should remain private with the exception of one story to alert the public about prevention and/or alternative care options regarding health. We don't need or want constant coverage. Robin is not an She is a sports reporter and anchor. I really think ABC made a mistake with all of the coverage they have centered around Robin, as this is not well-rounded morning news.

    One final thought, because you're now going to notice this all the time and remember this op-ed piece. It seems to me that Robin will NEVER miss an opportunity to interject herself into a story to say, "I've done that, I've had that, I know him, I've been there, I have It's the most predictable aspect of the show. We really just need the facts, the story and the basic information. What we don't need is the Robin Roberts hour.
  • What happened

    GMA used to be our favorite morning show to watch. This has changed over the past couple of months. We tried to stay tuned in for a short period of time at the beginning but eventually had to change to other sources of morning news.

    1. George is very disrespectful to anyone from the Republican Party. I am not saying that is who we voted for but I don't tolerate disrespect to anyone. How he treats Kellyanne and others that don't agree with him or answer his questions the way he wants them to is outrageous. I am thoroughly ashamed that you call him an anchor and keep him on. I know the media has the right to voice their opinions but as an anchor for a major news station I would highly recommend someone talking to him and pretty much the entire staff (not all) about being non biased. Lately there have been times when he is done interviewing someone live that he actually makes a comment to the other anchors and national public about them and not providing truthful answers. The only one who is not being truthful with the public is him. I respect our President no matter who he/she is, and respect the fact that they want to obtain all the facts before making a decision. Something George has definitely lost over the past several months. We all have the freedom to speech, so I truly believe that GMA is tying to sway viewers one was (which is to the Left) since the majority if not all on the show are. It seems like they don't care if they are providing us the viewers the truth or not as long as they get the last word in.

    It is truly sad your show has sunk to this level of coverage. I enjoyed what you had going and now that is over. I hope you take these comments seriously because I do believe you can change the many beliefs listed below and mine to make a good morning news broadcast but for now, I can't watch with all the allegations without facts that your cast talks about.

    Thanks for allowing me the change to voice my opinion. Hopefully you can work with your anchors and make it worth watching again.
  • George Needs to Go

    I've been a faithful GMA fan since 1977. The last few weeks of George have done me in. Today was the last straw. I tune in to get my day started with what's going on in the world and his bias and tone are not what I'm looking for in a morning show. You're not going to raise your ratings with what has become another political show. He's taken the "Good" right out of Good Morning America.

    Bye Bye GMA.

    Heartbreak on Valentine's Day
  • George

    Get rid of George! He sucks! He's over paid!
  • Napolean GMA

    Any chance of getting Dr. Phil to help George with his Napolean complex? Whenever he is losing his bullying tactics he reverts to 'we will move on'. He needs to go. If you can't remember you gave $75K to the democratic party and can't understand how middle America lives, he is in the wrong profession. Even if he is the 1%.
  • Goodbye GMA

    So finished w/ GMA. Boring
  • No Longer A GMA Viewer

    I was a diehard GMA viewer going back to the Charlie and Diane days. When they promoted Lara I cringed but kept watching except the days she filled in in the lead anchor chair. On those days I would switch to CBS This Morning. I never understood why they would use Lara to fill in for Robin when they had a professional news anchor like Amy. If I was George I would be insulted having Lara next to me in the lead chair. Lara is a good trash reporter meaning she's good with stories on the Kardashians and such. And I hated when she would look at the monitor and watch herself. Really Larra?!? I thought that would be one of the first things they taught you in TV school NOT to do. When they brought Michael Strahan on part time I cringed again and would switch to CBS This Morning when Michael had a story (unless it was a sports story) but would end up switching back to GMA after a bit. When it was announced Strahan would be joining full time I had enough and now only watch CBS This Morning. Love the format they have. There's only 3 anchors so it easier to watch. No one is fighting for camera time and no egos. Their tag line is "The News Is Back In The Morning" which is what I'm looking for. Sorry GMA. I tried, but you lost me,

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