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  • Michael Strahan on GMA

    You have lost another loyal viewer. ABC you botched it with Kelly and now GMA. I can not watch anymore as long a Michael is a co anchor. The show is not the same. You kicked Amy to the curb, Ginger seems to be heading that way as well. Looks like you're doing a talk show when you started bringing people in. It looks everything is revolving around Michael. How long before you kick George to the curb. I'm am so disappointed that would do this to such a good show.
  • Interesting comment by Robin

    Did anyone else find it interesting when Robin said to Amy about her speaking engagements

    keeping her from the show? Seems like she must realize how much people are missing Amy. GMA, put the right people in the right place!!
  • Beyond Mediocre

    The two negroes (both like women) are pathetic, the blond is a butter face clown wannna be, the guy in the middle, Stephanopoulos, is exactly that, a guy in the middle. Their behavior or attitude sets them apart from each others in an uncomfortably conspicuous way.
  • No more!!

    I've been watching gma for years and now that your program has turned into a comedy show, I can't take it any more. Get rid of the audience! Doing nothing but distracting and make it back into a news show. I'm going to watch the today show from now on!!!
  • Michael

    Not feeling Michael Strahan on GMA. Loved him on Live with Kelly. The tension between him & Lara is very evident.
  • Nonstop propaganda

    This show is just nonstop Trump bashing and demagoguing. All week wikileaks is releasing so much information about the crooked things Clinton HAS ACTUALLY DONE, and there's not so much as a chirp. Other government employees are sitting in prison right now because they did 1/20th of what she did. How can this be completely ignored while they insult Trump and give credence to accusations with no evidence. I don't like either candidate, but geez this show just has no credibility.
  • The most bias new organization

    Please just tell the new without your anchors bias opinion. No wonder our country is so messed up. Nothing but lies from your news organization. I will never watch ABC again. Clinton is a liar get over it.
  • Either Strahan goes or I go

    ABC, please. Talk about pandering! Moving Strahan to the GMA slot was an awful decision and it seems that many other viewers besides me feel the same way. I'm not sure what research you based this decision on but if it was to improve your ratings against The Today show I think it backfired. Quite frankly your news segment has lost credibility in my opinion with him at the desk. I agree with many others on here that Amy Robach is much more pleasant on the eyes and ears and can deliver on the serious news stories as well. Also is it my imagination or has Ginger Zee been marginalized as well? Her weather segments seem to be delivered in a rush and I get the impression they just can't wait to move from her back to the Good Morning with Michael and Robin show. Maybe I am chauvinistic but I would rather look at and listen to Amy, Lara, and Ginger than the new guy.
  • Amy Replaced?

    What happened to Amy? Has she pushed aside for Michael Strachan? Another case like Anne Curry? Left Today for that.
  • Why Micheal

    Strahan should stay on sports .He has nom creditability on a news show. He should kiss his agents ring for what he did for him or he must have pictures of somebody. Bring GMA back where it was as I will start watching Morning Joe

  • What happened with Amy & Lara?

    I have nothing against Michael, but GMA is not where he belongs. I miss seeing Amy and Lara! I just don't understand the decisions that have been made regarding lead anchors and how each person is being "used". I switched to GMA years ago after the Today Show let Anne Curry go. I think I will be switching back. I will miss GMA but I just don't enjoy the anchors anymore. Amy and Lara are great! They belong front and center NOT Michael!
  • Audience has to go!!!!

    Like most of us feel, having an audience is a distraction. I feel like I'm watching a talk show like The View, etc. Also, where is Amy??? Did she leave the show???

    I really don't have a problem with Michael Strahan being there, it doesn't bother me.

    PLEASE get rid of the audience or you will get rid of me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Michael Strahan is out of his element!

    This show has no where to go but up and it doesn't look like they care what their fans say, so sad!
  • Don't blame michael

    I've been watching GMA for years, since David Hartman, I have been sad to see some of the best go, Sam, josh and Chris Cuomo and welcomed the new, including Michael. The reason I left is because of their blatant support of the democrats and Hillary. George interrupted KellyAnne today as much as Martha interrupted Trump. Be fair newscasters, not biased and opinionated. Till then, it's Fox and friends.
  • Time for a morning show that is

    I have watched GMA faithfully for the last 11-12years. I have always loved GMA and was a very loyal viewer, even defending them on social media. However, I have grown more and more frustrated over the recent years with staff changes and their political views being forced for us to hear!! First I think Amy Is better than Miachel S, he is nice and all but he isn't Amy or a good fit! Does make me wounded if Robyn didn't have a say in this decision?? George doesn't seem to impressed with him

    So I think it was all Robin! Very bad decision! Even though I dont like or agree with the changes I am more frustrated with the whole crew in regard to this year politics and the election. It is clearly obvious who they all support and I don't think that's fair, they put a reporter assigned to Hillary who is an obvious supporter of hers and who only reports positively on her, why didn't they do the same for Trump, why didn't they find someone who supports him and have that person report on his campaign, instead we get to hear positives on Clinton and constant negative on Trump, not right, unfair. Because their reporting on the election has been clearly obvious one-sided I am done with them!! Just watch one show and you will quickly see who they support because of the one sided reporting which is wrong on so many levels!! After all these years of watching one show every morning, a show that should try to achieve reporting from both sides and try to appeal to all their viewers and not just the ones who they support, I am very disappointed and feel my only choice is to give Today a try. :( Just a FYI GMA the reason you are losing viewers has nothing to do with Amy's age and everything to do with you guys picking a side (Clinton) and pushing away all the Trump supporters. Oh and let's not forget how obvious it is that you guys feel all those officers did something wrong and that GMA fully supports Black Lives matter"! I feel you guys have turned on our law enforcement by supporting individuals who feel it's ok to run from police, not keep your hands where they can see them, assault a etc Shame on you!! Yes you are losing viewer but it's because of your one sided reporting and not who is reporting it!! Today show here I come, unfortunately!! Leave Laura alone and bring Amy back!!
  • I miss Amy

    All of a sudden, it became clear that Amy is no longer there? Michael has taken HER place? I thought maybe she was on vacation but this seems to be the regular format as I hear the announcer introduce GMA with George, Robin and Michael?

    I liked Michael on Kelly and couldn't believe he would give that show up. I'm not liking this new format. I have been a GMA watcher since Charlie and Joan ~ through all the changes but this one? why?

    Amy is missed ~ Michael over Amy? I don't get it.

    It has gone from a news show to being silly and offensive.
  • Please make it stop!!

    I'm sure Michael is a nice . But isn't this supposed to be a morning news show? I actually catch myself cringing when Michael speaks. My mind is can do it Michael, you can do it". I feel like I'm a parent in the school audience watching my child in a play and mouthing the lines that you've practiced with them over and over. PLEASE make it stop.


    AND WHERE IS AMY??? Amy should be back at the desk. She is a went to college and studied jounalism! I'm afraid you're going to bring Donald Trump into the mix next!! Lara is just awful. She is trying so hard and she's just awful!I Honestly cannot watch GMA as it is any longer. Bring Amy back to the desk. Keep George and Robin.
  • No to the audience!!!

    Please get rid of the audience!! It is so disturbing! The show has lost credibility as a NEWS show. Amy, with such experience, should be at the front desk again. Michael is not polished enough to be on GMA. George is always a pro and it just doesn't seem right to see him in this new atmosphere. I feel that the show has lost its dignity and respectability. I am waiting and hoping that it will return to it's former format. If not, I too, will switch to Today.
  • Liked desk yesterday

    . Enjoyed last two days. desk is great with Michael, Amy and George. Michael is a better fit now. Like Robin but better chemistry. Michael still needs credibility.
  • Horrible new format!

    I have been watching ABC's GMA for as many years as it has been on and I am now switching to Today show. I want news and interest events not a live fake-clapping audience. Why has such a good thing been ruined? I love Michael Strayhan but not as a News informantseems uncomfortable. Stick to games and sports Michael!
  • Less Strahan PLEASE

    I have been a loyal viewer of GMA for years but the addition of Strahan has made my favorite morning show unwatchable. I stuck with you after Josh and Sam left but I'm done. Strahan is like a fish out of water. He seems awkward and unprepared at the news desk. Big mistake demoting Amy Robach. She is so much more appealing and professional. Strahan's speech impediment makes him impossible to listen to and all his fidgeting is distracting. I didn't mind him covering light stuff, but his new role is not a good fit. Judging by the reviews here and other feedback on social media, I am not alone in thinking that GMA needs to fix this Strahan debacle.

    (My original review above was written mid September)

    As an update - today I tuned in to see how things were going (10/5). Strahan was reporting on hurricane Matthew. He said "take a look at this 'pitcher'. Please get him speech therapy!! It is pronounced 'picture' How many millions are you paying this guy to butcher the English language? It's really quite pathetic.
  • Bye-Bye GMA, Hello CBS This Morning!

    Michael Strahan does not belong as a news anchor. What are you doing to GMA? You had such a perfect team. You can see the tension and if able, understand what Michael is saying. He is so animated that it is very uncomfortable to watch. Gave it almost all of September, but no longer. He did well with Kelly, but this was a mistake. A big one. Want news, not a comedy show with Michael as the diva star. The team doesn't work. Listen to your viewer. If you remove him or move him off the anchor desk we might come back, but have been watching CBS This Morning and well your going to have a problem getting us back, sorry. You have destroyed GMA, disappointed your viewers and continue to move forward with someone who doesn't work in this area. I have read that GMA and the Today show have dropped more than 5 percent while CBS has gained 11 percent. Take a look and you'll see why. All professional. No untrained anchors while interviewing people just hurts as Michael does. Shame Kelly doesn't want him back, but sure he doesn't either. How did your executives ever come up with this?
  • Goodbye GMA, Hello TODAY

    My husband and I have been watching GMA since David Hartman. We have been loyal fans of GMA and ABC. Today we found that we had to switch to the TODAY show. We enjoyed Michael Strahan on Kelly when he joked around. He is NOT able to deliver the news. His diction is not acceptable for this line of work. We cringe every time he speaks. Frankly, even the dynamics of the whole desk has changed. Robin Roberts now giggles at all Michael Strahan's jokes and doesn't seem to be a good fit with George Stephanopolis anymore. We turned the channel today and we were pleasantly surprised that on the TODAY show the reporters speak with less dramatic tones. I agree that GMA is becoming more of an "entertainment" show rather than a news show. Sometimes I feel that GMA is spending too much time promoting other ABC shows.
  • Please fix GMA!!

    I have been a viewer of GMA since the very beginning (David Hartman) It has had its ups and downs along those years but always remained professional and they worked hard to create great teams. I have no idea why they thought adding Micheal Strahan to this show would make it better?? It is so incredibly difficult to watch, this is NOT his area at all. He seems completely out of his realm and unhappy in this program. He does have a speech impediment which makes it incredibly hard to understand what he is saying and that is completely unacceptable for a news program. Although it does appear that GMA is moving more and more away from a reliable news program as it is becoming more and more like an entertainment news program. Sorry but you are loosing me and many others as very long loyal viewers. Fix your format and leads please, you can't call Charlie and Dianne back to fix this mess!!!
  • Miss Amy Robach

    Please put Amy back at the desk the way the format was before

    Michael Strahan came aboard full time. It is so uncomfortable watching Michael at the desk. He doesn't seem confident when telling the news or doing interviews or even asking follow up questions of political guests. I"ve stopped watching and now flip between the Today show and CBS This Morning. Why change up the show when there was nothing wrong? Your ratings were good. Amy is so professional and is so good at telling the news and doing interviews. Put her back where she belongs and let Michael do other stories. TJ Holmes has it all over Michael as does Jesse Palmer. I hope "the powers to be" see all of these comments left by viewers and make some changes. I even went to ABC's website to leave a comment hoping someone would listen. And don't even get me started on poor Ginger. Unless there is a major weather story, you hardly even see her.

  • Try the CBS morning show, it's professional.

    I have watched GMA for decades. Stopped the morning Strahan joined permanently. Loved him with Kelly but he is not news anchor material. Have been watching the CBS program & thoroughly enjoy it as it is professional. Will say, IMHO, that Charlie can be pushy at times in interviews.
  • You're Losing VIEWERS

    I want to start by Saying I like Michael Strahan on Fox Sunday Morning Football, He's Awesome & comfortable in that format. But I do NOT want to see him struggle to bring something more to the table... You need to look at that desk, when you lost Josh Elliott & Sam Champion, (although I love Ginger Zee) that was the beginning of your demise people loved them and the chemistry between them & the rest of the news cast was undeniable.

    So here it is!!!

    1. George should go back to the nightly news, he's amazing & Non-Bias.

    2. David Muir should be sitting along side Robin.

    3. Amy & Lara should be back on the desk from the start, it adds an element of unpredictability which is GOOD!! That's why we Loved to watch! It was fun! Look at your Happy Morning Video that didn't air because You had to tweaked it due to you abruptly LOSING Josh! NOT SMART BUSINESS... I don't know who's making the decisions but they Need "A Good Ole Fashion A** Kickin'"

    4. . Homes & Jesse Palmer are a great tag team addition!

    You Thought you had the Answer plucking Michael off of "Live" & that worked for that show, it was still an odd match for me But It Worked!
  • GMA ruined a great thing

    I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who doesn't like the new anchor format on GMA. Michael Strahn might be nice guy, but a news anchor he is not. Sports announcer, great, and I'm sure he was fine on Live, but good lord he is terrible on GMA. Robin, Amy and Lara are great, and I love George, he's the primary thing that has kept me there, but I can't stand it anymore. If you needed to add another full time male correspondent, what was wrong with TJ Holmes? Way more talent than Michael. Time for me to find

    another morning news show. We'll come back when you fix your serious goof...
  • I miss Amy 1

    I agree with other writers. I use to love to watch GMA but now I am watching the Today show. Do not like Michael on GMA. He was good with Kelley. Miss seeing Amy at desk. She is very professional and enjoyed her filling in when Robin was out.
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