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  • Lara acts like a wanna be beauty queen

    But she comes across as a camera hogging loser. Why she's still on GMA is a puzzler. Her disrespectful smiling during the homicide story was inexcusable. She must be trying to get discovered for a motion picture role. Puke!

    The weekend anchors are so much more civil. Lara should watch them and get a clue on behavior.
  • No more Lara!

    I have been watching GMA weekend edition this morning. How refreshing to listen to Dan Harris respectfully report the serious news yet show just the right amount of humor with the lighter issues. And I didn't have to watch Lara "Bozo the clown, dancing queen, Miss America wanna be" Spencer! It would be so nice if he were selected to replace her during the week. He would be a welcome addition to Robin, George, Amy, and Ginger! Maybe put Lara on Access Hollywood Live to add to Billy Bush and Kit Hoover. That show could then be known as The Three Stooges!
  • What Is Wrong With Lara ????

    While George was giving gruesome details of a recent 4 person homicide, everyone at his side was solemn with the exception of Lara. Lara was giving the camera an ear to ear smile. WTF is wrong with that glamour girl personality that she couldn't give a moment of respect to the story instead of playing a wanna be beauty queen. (which she'll never attain) The only reason I can think of that she is still on GMA is the fact that she is probably sleeping with a higher up.
  • Boycott this show at all costs.

    I have been boycotting GMA for a while now.

    It has been a few years since GMA bullied Jenna Marbles on their show. However, that incident was great insight into how the people at GMA really are.

    If I see this channel on at any my house, or any persons house I know, I change the channel. I will continue to do so. I also make sure to inform people of why I am boycotting the show. While showing them Cecillia Vega's disgusting, ill-informed, unprofessional, portrayal of the famous Jenna Marbles.

    I hope this channel has suffered severely after they bashed our beloved youtuber. Jenna has more people who watch her than GMA does, hands down. Therefore, this infuriated message is brought to you by the x billion amount of followers and admirers of Jenna Marbles . If GMA is to stand a chance in the future, at all, they should formally apologize to Jenna Marbles.

    RIP GMA!


    Today, my friend and I went to the Dancing with the Stars after party. Got there 4:30 am because we wanted to see someone in particular. We were the first ones there and every time we asked someone who worked for GMA as to where to stand for the line, they had no clue what I was even talking about... Once we figured out on OUR OWN, the security guard started talking to us and the people behind us because we had a lot of questions: if we were in the right spot, where we'd go, etc. He was very nasty, and refused to answer a question referring to if we were even in the right spot. Later on, he started complaining to the coordinator about the one we wanted to see saying he'd 'spray these crazy girls if they don't leave him alone'- basically saying not to bother him with questions... Did I mention this was literally right in front of us? This took place not even two feet away from us. When the coordinator came back out hours later, the line was down the block and once again, she was NASTY. We asked along with some others and asked what we would do since we had tickets. She completely lied to our faces and basically told us we'd be directly in front of the stage and we'd be the VIP of GMA. Guess what. That was literally the opposite of what happened. We saw the stars come in and the workers made them all go directly to the dressing room to change- they weren't allowed to stop and talk to fans at all; not that I was expecting that but a picture would've been nice considering we'd been waiting for all that time. Everything was so unorganized and crazy. The entire staff was unacceptably rude, and I say this show needs to go. Let me just say; the finalists on DWTS tried taking pictures with everyone they could once we got outside, but even then, the staff was shoving them inside. Listen, this is New York City. I was born and raised in this city and I know when how we can be rude/nasty... But this was completely out of line. Come to this show if you want to be treated like a two year old.

  • Time to FIX Good Morning America !!!

    The show has gone to the dump, they need to get back to their roots the girls on the show are completely sicking they seem to be ingaged in more of a cutie factor thats absolutely sicking both the long hair blonde laura and the short hair girl suck big time and what they call news worthy stories like the zombie work out .Really !!! No one says that they need to be straight faced and Dull but come on, This has turned into a variety show and less of a news station, This main stream news show seems to defy news thats Important !!!, Political Issues, Government , Crime , Current Events, The cutie factor!!!! has to go and lay out a real news show, and get rid of the clinton hack George! !, oh yea laura your feet are not one of your better assets keep a shoe on!!! Nasty just plan nasty. Do the Producers ever read these posts? , They must not
  • Lost Viewer

    I have had enough! Switched to CNN today. I want to see news in the morning. Not Bruce Jenner, Shopping, beauty tips, modeling, music videos, Broadway shows, etc. Everything but news. I fully expect George to leave sometime soon, as I can't believe he is comfortable with the tone of the broadcast show. Terrible, just terrible. I am sure you could find stories of Veterans in need, hungry children, job trends, WORLD news. It is embarrassing to think your SHOW is posing as a news broadcast!
  • Kardashians!!!!!!

    Enough with the Jennar-Kardashian news please. That's not news, its a soap opera. There is more happening in the world other than letting people know money can buy sex change.
  • What happened to a dress code ladies?

    I am amazed at how the ladies of GMA dress or the lack there of. They wear sleeveless dresses with hemlines well above the knee and when they do interviews they sit with their legs crossed with their dresses half way up their thighs. Are the executives trying to draw a male audience? I really get tired of looking at armpits and thighs. The men of GMA are dressed to the nines in suits,dress shirts and ties covered from their necks to their shoes. I can see why men might make more money just from their attire. Can't the ladies dress a little more professional?
  • GMA lineup

    5/14 SHUT UP LARA. NOW changing channel

    5/4-Lara is out of control (again)!today. Plz plz someone tone her down-why won't execs listen? I'm checking out nbc today.

    3/24. YES!!!!! Finally GMA is worth watching today!!!! Fabulous without all that Pop news crap, sorry Lara but they really need to find you a different platform. Oh I'm loving my coffee today with GMA!!! Agree with previous poster 100%

    2-20-I'd rather see veronica corningstone....

    How rude, what is Lara's name doing on top billing? If you're going to put her name up there you can't leave out Amy and the incredible ginger zee... What are the execs thinking? Is Lara that self serving? Check out her facial expressions and interrupting, she's not genuine and doesn't care about anything in the conversation. And the gossip is not top bill-worthy. It's too weird and I might have to try NBC again. Aand I agree with the comment about the weekend show, really good dynamic there. Amy and ginger-revolt! It should be all or just robin and George. Half the stuff lara "reports"on is just not worth the breath. Oh, and Give ginger a chair!
  • Too many commercial s

    So I have been noticing that when I watch GMA you cover 1 story that lasts about 90 sec then you go to a out at least 5 minutes of commercials. Very annoying
  • LOVE Lara

    I LOVE Lara! GMA has more heart and warmth than any morning show! I enjoy Lara's personality and what she adds to the show! Personally, I don't want to watch a stuffy news program in the morning, how boring! GMA keep up the good work and KEEP LARA, don't listen to the "haters"!
  • Amy Robach - an excellent anchor!

    I think it should be called "LIVE! with George, Robin, Amy, Ginger, Michael and Lara" -- to be followed by the other "Live" show :-/. This no longer resembles a morning new show -- it is more like Entertainment This Morning.

    Clearly ABC-GMA is pandering to the 20-something audience. Their morning "news" show has hardly anything to do with news or what's going on in the world - and way more to do with celebrities, gossip, fashion and rap music (which is not really "music", but more of a blathering of words at a fast pace that you cannot understand). This is what GMA is all about. I wouldn't be surprised to see them start a slate of "celebrity anchors" - perhaps Kim Kartrashian would be a good fit for them! In any case, if you would like to see a calmer, more balanced morning news show I would suggest Today, CBS This Morning or CNN. Their formats are much calmer than GMA, their anchors are more polished and professional, and you don't have to put up with the gravel-voiced Lara Spencer (who the producers of GMA keep trying to shove down our throats as an anchor). Amy - if I were you I would extricate yourself from this pathetic excuse for a morning news show and align yourself with something worthy of your professionalism and poise. You and George are too good for GMA.

    Wonderful to see Amy Robach sitting in the anchor chair next to George this morning. A polished and professional news team Refreshing!

    Finally GMA - an anchor team worth watching! I loved seeing Amy and David together this morning! They are poised and professional, and really elevate the status of your show. Amy is an anchor moving up along the lines of Diane Sawyer - and David, well, what more can you say than perfect - Mr. World News Tonight! Thanks for finally giving us a team worth watching. I agree with the previous reviewer - a breath of fresh air without Lara Spencer oogling the cameras.
  • The Loud Mouth

    Why does Robin have a microphone in her hand when Laura keeps talking and talking and talking? Even when she asks Robin a question Laura answers for her! Fire Laura please or your just as bad as she bas been.
  • Strahan Spencer Need To Go

    Get rid of Strahan, Spencer-just awful; biggest idiots on tv
  • Poor Choice For Top Story

    Saturday morning, (4/25/15), I turned on GMA to hear about the earthquake and avalanche in Nepal. At the time, nearly 800 people were reported dead. You would think that would be the breaking top story news for all news stations. Not for GMA. For nearly 10 minutes their top story was the Bruce Jenner/Diane Sawyer interview. Why? The person(s) who decided to make that the top story over the crisis in Nepal made a very poor news decision. I've watched GMA for years, mainly because to the personal connection I had with Robin Robert's parents, but, in my opinion, their weekday and weekend programming continues to slide downward. Saturday was it for me. I'm done with GMA.
  • show going downhill

    I've been watching your show for a few years (taping then watching). It used to take me an hour to watch. Because of all of your commercials. Now, it takes less than ten minutes. You take way too long for some of your stories. Like Jenner for instance. Who cares. Then you have it on and on and on.

    GET RID OF STRAHAN. He doesn't add anything to your show. I'm quite sure he doesn't need the money.
  • Basic Bro Burger --- Are you Kidding?

    My issue is against GMA and "chef" Dan Churchill. My husband and I watched his segment earlier this week, and decided to have his Basic Bro Burgers for dinner tonight. I downloaded the recipe, purchased top-dollar ingredients vine-ripened tomatoes rather than the cheap ones, brioche buns) and followed the chutney recipe to the very letter. The very letter. I even watched the video twice over to make sure I didn't miss anything. I don't know what Mr. Churchill or GMA/Yahoo left out of or slipped into the chutney recipe, but my final product looks nothing like what was on the live segment. Add the 1/4 cup of balsamic to the "chutney?" See what happens to you. And the burgers? Well, half a bunch each of flat parsley and cilantro in a pound of hamburger produced mealy semi-veggie burgers that came complete with lots of green stuff in ours and our guests' teeth. Look, I get it. Mr. Churchill wants to peddle his cookbook. Is the idea that you have to pay to get the "real" recipe? Then just say so. And while I'm on the subject, this isn't the first time a downloaded recipe of a GMA cooking segment has produced a less-than-accurate result. Hello, ABC. If I can't trust you with a simple, end-of-the-show cooking piece, then why on earth would I trust you with real news?
  • Shameless Promotion Knows No Boundries

    Am I the only person who is tired, weary, exhausted of this constant promotion of the Bruce Jenner piece?

    If it isn't enough to have every other commercial promoting it, we now have to have Diane Sawyer and Chris Connelly promoting it DURING the broadcast! Enough already.

    Lara Spencer is a vapid airhead. Is it any wonder her husband is leaving her? Can you imagine having a serious conversation with Lara Spencer? The answer is no. No one has that level of imagination.
  • Enough is Enough!! Lara needs to go.

    Can't watch this any longer. Who in the world would take this show seriously! It's really sad to have to "dumb down" so early every day. I think Lara acts unprofessional and behaves like the most narcissistic personality on the planet! It's insulting and appalling to watch. I've been a viewer of this program for 30+ years and I've finally had it. I converted to watching Matt Lauer and company and they appear to be more on track with what a morning show should deliver and no one on the team attempts to grandstand like LARA!
  • Is anyone listening?

    Ok. Will someone PLEASE funeralize GMA because Lara has killed it for me. Today's show was IT for me. I'm finished! The interview Lara did today with Guillermo Diaz was terrible; he barely got a word in!! Who ever heard of the interviewer hogging the spotlight from the interviewee!??!!? That was so totally exasperating and I'm now too through with GMA. I know she has a binding contract, but pay her off already and Let Her Go so that she can be the legend that only she thinks she is!!!

  • PLEASEEEEEE LET HER GO! ...........

    I agree with so many of the comments below regarding Lara Spencer. Why isn't GMA listening? She is the most annoying, irritating person on the show. We are all so over her posing and acting like a silly teenager, and flirting for the camera! No one can get a word in from her continuous silly jokes that she thinks are funny. No one thinks she is funny but her. She just talks and talks and talks until I change the station. Enough already!!!!! UGH! How embarrassing for the other anchors. I will stay with The TODAY show until ABC wakes up.

    I have loved GMA for years but I literally check to see if Robin is there and if she is NOT I do not watch it. When I see Lara Spencer sitting in her chair filling in, I want to take an Aleve! She is such a camera hog and wants to be the top dog so bad it is nauseating. Why is her name on the opening of the show and not Amy Robach she does real news. Please GMA get her off the screen she is as annoying as fingernails on a chalkboard, when Robin is not there I turn to NBC and I loathe Matt Lauer but I would rather watch the female news people there than Lara Spencer!
  • Why is Lara still on GMA

    Well I no longer watch when Lara s siting in for Robin or anyone.

  • Time to change

    I have watched GMA for as long as it has been on, but I have now changed morning programs. Gma has turned into a Hollywood magazine instead of the news show it is supposed to be. Too much foo foo stuff. Also the news they do report is not consistent with what is taught in grade school which is when a story is written it should have the 5 W's What Where When & leaves out W's out of every story.

    I think George should have his own news program every morning and he should be the director of it. Goodbye GMA
  • Amy and Ginger

    Great seeing Amy in the anchor chair alongside George today! Amy does an excellent job filling in for Robin. Other's that fill in for Robin don't do as great of a job as Amy. She is professional and adds a breath of fresh air to the morning. When Lara fills in for Robin I have to change the channel, you just can't relate to her in a serious "news reporting" way. And PLEASE add Amy and Ginger's names to the opening of the show. They are just as much a part of keeping Good Morning America #1 in it"s rankings. It's a team effort, aren"t they part of the team?
  • Michael

    I think that Michael should be replaced full time with Dan Harris full time . He make the show shine. I mean on a weekly basis.
  • Lara Spencer

    All these negative posts about Lara Spencer. She wasn't brought on the show to be a news reporter you pinheads. She provides some lighthearted counterpoint to the usual rollout of grim stories that make up the "news" these days. As such, she's doing exactly what she's paid to do. To lighten things up. All you armchair critics might want to do likewise
  • People are mean.

    I think Lara is sweet. She makes me laugh and i enjoy her energy. I love the crew, they're quite enjoyable to watch i think. I don't really care about what they do with their personal lives hahahaha