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Good Morning America

Weekdays 7:00 AM on ABC Premiered Nov 03, 1975 In Season



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Good Morning America Fan Reviews (241)

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  • I loved GMA

    For years I have watched GMA , but I believe it is over for me. I love Robin and could put up with most of the changes. As much as I enjoyed Sam and Josh I could live with their leaving. Lara being made a co-host is another matter. Lara is fluff not a news person. She is fine on cat stories, but not on anything serious. Its time to look for a new morning show. I understand Josh's no compete time is up maybe he will be on Today!!
  • Good Morning America or The Weather Channel

    I switched from The Today Show to GMA due to all the "Matt Lauer bullying Anne" rumors. (I hope they aren't true, but I couldn't look at him the same after that. However, I am now looking for another show I can watch in the morning to get actual national and world news. "It's snowing in Boston" is not news. It's called WINTER! And even if there is a weather disaster that is affecting me, I would want to hear that from the local meteorologist, who is on the scene. This morning, not only did you spend your normal 10 minutes (out of the first 20 minute segment) on weather, but part of it was REPEAT weather news. The weekend anchors had already informed us that people had had to spend the night at the Dallas airport due to canceled flights. If that had impacted us, we would have known about it the day before from a friend or relative that would be delayed in his or her arrival, so now it was OLD weather news. There is a plethora of news in this world. Cars sliding on ice, weather anchors standing in rain or wind to show me that it's wet or windy is not news. The worst one of all is the anchor driving around in the car reporting on the terrible conditions, and telling viewers not to drive because it will make it harder for emergency vehicles and cars who must be out, to get through. Do none of the producers see the irony in that? So are you going to be a news show or The Weather Channel?
  • Lara Who?!!!!!!!

    Whatever her name is, that chick is so annoying!!!!! I love GMA but when it's her turn to talk I switch the channel! I can't stand her! Ughhhh!
  • Give Lara Spencer permanent Vacation

    used to love GMA in spite of Lara Spencer. Now she has her finger into every pot and it is horrible. She never shuts up and makes sure she is noticed in all segments. Her interviews are not interviews at all. Just her jabbering away with interviewee not given opportunity to talk at all. She interrupts all others every day and since she has taken over Robins position when away I am almost at point of changing shows. You have Amy and she is excellent why are you even keeping this high schooler show off when Robin, George,Amy Snd Ginger have the chops!!! Lara only knows how to ham it up and act like a prima people to put coats on her ...
  • Lose Lara and the background music

    I am a regular viewer however as of late two things really bug me about your broadcast.

    One: Get rid of Lara Spencer! She is a horrible fit for the show. Unskilled as an interviewer

    and too frenetic in her approach to EVERYTHING! Second: Please lower the volume or

    eliminate the background music on the various segments such as Pop News and others.

    The music is so loud one can't hear what is being said. One last point, Don't the producers

    read these comments? It Is amazing there are no positive comments for Lara. Doesn't that

    tell you something?

    Seriously, you need to keep Lara out of the news spot, she becomes a different person, and its not a good fit. She speaks differently and if this continues, not only will you lose me as a viewer, apparently many of us are fed up. Keep her doing Pop News and that's it. Also why do I not hear Amy Robach's name in the initial announcement when the show first comes on. Amy should fill in for Robin, not LARA. Please start listening to these reviews.

    Wednesday, 2/18 - Turned on my TV and on and once again Lara is on. Her personality changes and it made me change the channel. Executives, watch this woman and you will see how she is ruining your show.
  • Lara Spencer, ugh!

    Lara Spencer is on my nerves to the point I can hardly watch GMA any longer! She does love herself too much and can't interview to save her life!
  • "it girl"

    do you guys watch the show Maddy is on??? Abbey Lee Miller is mean to the children and to the parents. so dis-respectful. Teaching the children horrible manners. Abbey Lee would be no where if she wasn't on the show. She's made no one famous. Putting Maddy as the "it girls" is saying "keep up the meanness Abbey, keep treating people horrible". You guys should be ashamed of yourself
  • Is ANYONE from GMA reading these reviews?? LARA'S GOT TO GO!

    PLEASE listen to your viewers! Lara Spencer does not fit the bill. She is impossible to listen to, she interrupts the guests, and she is so stuck on herself! She poses for the camera like she is some kind of model, NOT!! Why WOULD YOU USE HER? Amy Robach is so much more capable as an anchor and an interviewer. We don't tune in to hear what Lara thinks or be subjected to that voice or what she thinks she looks like. Lara has got to Go!!
  • GMA Lara Spencer

    While I do like Lara ,it seems as though she has taken over the entire show. I don't know what the executives are thinking but I can no longer watch GMA for longer than 15 minutes as it is all about Lara. GMA has turned into nothing more than a tabloid TV show. What a shame.

    I agree with so many of the comments below regarding Lara Spencer. Why isn't GMA listening? She is the most annoying, irritating person on the show. We are all so "over" her "posing" for the camera! No one can get a word in from her continuous silly jokes that she thinks are funny. No one thinks she is funny but her. She just talks and talks and talks until I change the station. Enough already!!!!! UGH! How embarrassing for the other anchors.
  • GIO - CAN YOU BE MORE DRAMATIC???!!!!!!!!!

    I used to watch this show with my wife and think -"cool these are really nice people all around" NOW - its painful! George - do you feel your brain cells dying when you sit with these people and discuss shallow pop news and listen to the overexposed Michael S. lisssp. Do we need a hour for the oscars that were OVER the day before and then immediately followed by the big news of who is dancing with the some D-list ex-celeb. (or wanna be celeb)You seem like intelligent people - can you start acting like it a little more? just a little.. have fun but please please - drop some of this shallow garbage. And finally Gio B... PLEASE for the love of GOD! STOP being SOOO overdramatic in your reports - i have to turn the channel when "Adjective Boy Gio" comes on. Ted Night would be proud! Robin - love ya - really - but was a sit down with the trashy soccer player to discuss what probably wouldve fit better on Gerry Springer worthy of your experience and class? Ginger - some weather - the hokie -pokie you do EVERY time you stop your "report" makes me laugh. DO you notice youre doing it every time you stop speaking? Lara - be a reporter - this isnt TMZ gossip trash. Youre adorable - but it comes across as immature and is tiring to take you seriously. MikeS - please just go home.
  • Lara Spencer is NOT a real journalist and should be fired!!!

    I was sick with a little bug recently and watched GMA b/c the remote was too far away from me! Any who, Lara Spencer was in Robin Roberts seat filling in during the Oscars. Her laugh and every word that came out of her mouth made my eye twitch, no lie! I have ranted before about this and I feel as though I want to get it all off my chest regarding the 'new' Good Morning America. I would like to see the credentials of Lara Spencer. She has a good future on TMZ's televised show but she is not and never will be a news caster. Robin Roberts has been doing it for awhile- for several decades to be exact and maintained a very human attitude during some of her darkest days! I will say that at one point she, Lara Spencer, did have herself in check by biting her lip when different guests coming on GMA and she's not over talking but it didn't last long. She still thinks she's on some fashion show every flipping time she gets a camera in her sights.. she acts as if she has to 'make love to the camera'. She's too old to be acting that immature. She can NOT interview to save her life... unless it's someone who wants her to talk for both herself and the guest! She acts as if something is wrong with her, and she just got a case of the extreme bitchness!! Please leave the interviews to everyone on the show besides the dumb blond bimbo named Lara Spencer. She obviously doesn't want to have any of the fans in the back ground nor does she want her co-hosts... so she can make the show all about her!! Lara Spencer thinks she's nice, sweet and genuine she comes off as a middle school girl who will backstab you and set you up whenever possible. I will not lie, I have switched from ABC to Today show once they fire Lara Spencer I will return to ABC. Someone please fire Lara Spencer hell there are plenty of people to get a petition signed and have her casted off the island.
  • Lara Spencer Hard to Watch

    Please take her off the air! She is not "smart" enough to be in the role. After seeing her interview Melanie Griffith and Dakota Johnson on the Oscar show, it just made it obvious that she can't interview. She had no idea what she was asking and caused a serious embarassing moment for the station. Please get ride of her she's obnoxious!!!
  • GMA lineup

    2-20-I'd rather see veronica corningstone....

    How rude, what is Lara's name doing on top billing? If you're going to put her name up there you can't leave out Amy and the incredible ginger zee... What are the execs thinking? Is Lara that self serving? Check out her facial expressions and interrupting, she's not genuine and doesn't care about anything in the conversation. And the gossip is not top bill-worthy. It's too weird and I might have to try NBC again. Aand I agree with the comment about the weekend show, really good dynamic there. Amy and ginger-revolt! It should be all or just robin and George. Half the stuff lara "reports"on is just not worth the breath. Oh, and Give ginger a chair!
  • Never minded any AM show hosts until LARA SPENCER

    and now I switch to nbc. No matter what she is talking is disinterested, cuts them preens for the camera. What "in" does she have with aBC "bosses"? Must have some or wouldn't use her all the time as the lead... UGH!
  • Lara: You're not in high school anymore!

    I usually keep my opinions on television personalities to myself, but Lara Spencer is just over the top. Lara, please grow up and stop acting like a 15 year old flirt. It's enough already. Thank goodness you're not a representation of mot women.
  • Lara Lara go away!

    I couldn't agree with the previous reviewer more!! As I have stated before, I always watch my local ABC new station at 6 am, and then wait to see who GMA parades out for their daily anchor d'jour. BUT, the INSTANT I hear Lara Spencer's voice - even before they show her face - I pick up the remote and flip to NBC. How disgusting to put that dancing clown next to David Muir! There is NO comparison between the two of them. As so many people have said, Lara is not anchor material. If she would just keep her mouth shut until pop news - and then shut it again once that's finished - she might be bearable. But she seems to have no idea of how stupidly she comes across. Trying to make those "cutsie" faces at the camera. Really girl, you're not 20 anymore - so stop acting like your some cute little thing we all find adorable. Your act is really pathetic and as you can see from these reviews, people find you obnoxious!
  • Done!

    Today is officially my last day of watching GMA. Your choice to put Lara in an anchor position was a poor one, and obviously many people agree with me. She is so irritating and reminds me of an 8th grade girl who strives more nothing more than to be pretty and popular. So, I'll periodically check back to se if you have at all listened to (former) fans of the show to see if you've made a better choice by promoting Amy to the anchor seat. Bye!
  • Thank goodness for DVR

    I now record GMA so I can fast forward whenever Lara appears. She could be interviewing the Pope and she would interrupt him. She is an egotistical, scene stealer, reader who thinks she is the star. Just please get rid of her.
  • Good Morning America News Show.

    This is a morning news show. The news show also includes national and international news headlines, in - depth interviews with newsmakers.
  • I miss the real news

    I hate the fact that the show is centered around pop news. How the hell is that even relevant at all. Me knowing that Kim kardassians ass has broken the internet doesn't help me prepare for the day. Lara needs to go she is KILLING the news!!!!!
  • What Happened to the Real News?

    I have been watching GMA every morning for over 5 years until now. I can't stand the mindless tabloid news that has been increasingly polluting the show.
  • GMA Weekend

    Paula Faris is annoying, she talks too much and craves attention. Sarah Haines over does it when she laughs hysterically at anything that is remotely funny. Ron, Dan, and Rob are cool. I miss Ginger, she gave me a major weekend boner.
  • Concerns from a faithful Viewer.........

    I have been watching Good Morning America since the late 70's and have never changed to any other morning news show. I love watching Robin, George, Amy and Ginger and feel like they really connect with those that are watching. I am in several civic groups in Northern California and surprisingly they all feel the same as I do regarding your reporters on Good Morning America. I also feel that your new billing of adding Lara is unfair to Amy and Ginger. I find it easier to watch when Amy is taking Robin's place instead of Lara. I have hesitated saying anything negative however, I and many others find Lara extremely hard to connect with. She appears to be more concerned with getting camera time than humbly reporting. She even makes Pop news unbearable to watch. Watching her over talk guests she is interviewing, stepping in front of others to make sure she is in the camera is intimidating along with her aggressiveness which does not fit with the team that you currently have. To be honest, there are times when I have turned off Good Morning America just because Lara was taking Robin's place. All of that being said, I Love Good Morning America and do realize there is no perfect situation. Please keep the same level of honest enthusiasm, genuine reporting and humble presentation that you currently have in Robin, George, Amy and Ginger. I sincerely hope these comments aren't falling on death ears! Thank you for being a part of my life for over 30 years.
  • Opening Title Forcing Me to Watch Today

    Why no Amy and Ginger credit in the opening of GMA? What a shame they are so shallow at GMA and let the first place ratings go to their heads -- And why include Lara? So sad -- gonna switch to Today and watch them raise their new puppy.
  • Amy and Ginger left out?!

    I am so surprised not seeing Amy Robach and Ginger Zee's names in the opening with Robin, George and Lara's. Are they not part of the morning team as well? I also don't understand why Lara fills in for Robin and not Amy. Amy is more about the news reporting and I feel you can take her more seriously than Lara. Lara reports on "pop news"and that's where she should stay. When Lara is reporting alongside George I just can't relate to her when it comes to serious news reporting. I have to turn the channel when she is filling in for Robin.

    Give Amy and Ginger the same kind of recognition as the other hosts, they deserve it. They are just as much the reason for the high ratings as well. It's a "team effort". The show is great, I just feel they should add Amy and Ginger" s names to the opening!
  • LARA has to go!!

    I used to enjoy GMA.. News anchors should be professional. Adding personality and humor can also be done in a tasteful manner. Lara Spencer is by far, the worst tv anchor !! She makes it so obvious to the viewers that her main concern is herself! Constantly looking at the camera as if she is flirting with the cameraman or trying hard to keep attention solely on her. She is not easy on the eyes and lacks the credibility of what a respected anchor should be. The other team members are fabulous and apparently cannot mask the looks on their faces while Lara is speaking. NBC is my new morning news show.. Very disappointed that ABC would give Lara that position. Shows that it is not your talent but maybe who you know. NBC is now my channel.
  • Why is GMA leaving Amy name out of the intro?

    I HATE the idea of GMA adding Lara and NOT Amy in the INTRO WTH!! I don't understand why they allow Lara Spenser to replace Robin when she is out instead of Amy!! WTH!! with all do respect Lara Spenser is not solid business news reporting material, Amy is an experienced professional news reporter and Lara Spenser is POP NEWS material ONLY. What is GMA Thinking!! Whoever is making the decision to put Lara Spenser out there instead of Amy is CRAZY or they owe Lara Spencer a favor. WTH!
  • GMA pop new has to be tempered!

    I have been a faithful follower of GMA for many years -- and even record it so I can watch it if I'm not available. I find the news team led by George S to be top notch. So I am extremely disappointed with the "lets just be silly blonde girls" attitude started by Lara Spencer that seems to be in full bloom, especially on the weekend with Sara Haines, who brings absolutely NO VALUE to the show. I was highly insulted this weekend with the "it's OK I'm stupid, because I'm just a ditzy blonde" moment of not knowing what an abacus is and then the comment about no one being born before 1962. If she's that ignorant and disrespectful of team members, such as Ron Claiborne and Gio who actually have the ability to report serious news, she needs to be removed and maybe put on a show that value the airhead mentality.