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  • An Idea for Improvement

    I think getting rid of Lara Spencer may raise the ratings! She was not good on the Insider with Pat O'Brien and DEFINITELY NOT Good Morning America. She shows her "better than thou" attitude. As someone else said, she is NOT Good Morning America material. I love Ginger on there and happy when she started.

    PLEASE ABC listen to your audience and place Laura Spencer elsewhere where she's not so annoying (behind the scenes maybe???)

    . - not sure what the "Your Rating" means. Ratings for what?
  • if i could i would give it a zero

    this infotainment crap has strayed so far from the actual news it cannot be categorized as a news program.

  • You reward thugs????

    I was absolutely appalled to see the two thugs that attacked that referee on your program this morning. They committed a crime and for it earned an all expense paid trip to New York and a national television appearance? This is part of what is wrong with our country.
  • Get Lara her own show!

    I am so glad to see less and less of Lara Spencer and her antics. Some people say those of us that write in about our dislike for her clownish behavior are haters. That is not true. TV shows and their hosts and actors are what make people watch. Forums that encourage reviews usually rely on these reviews to either keep people or replace them. I don't hate anyone. It is my opinion that she acts too goofy and loud, hogs interviews, and flirtatious for a news program. She needs "The Lara Spencer Show" starring Lara Spencer and then she can make duck lips for the whole hour! She can dance to her heart's content and choose not to have anyone else share her space. I believe this woman is insecure and feels she needs to act like a stooge to get attention. Too bad it is the wrong kind of attention. Please replace her, GMA!

    I also agree with the previous poster in that there is way too much fluffy stuff on a morning news program. While I don't want a show that is all the bad stuff going on in our world, Ms. Spencer's stupid antics almost make a mockery of the serious news. Get rid of her and MAYBE the show will improve. Yes, we need some feel good stories but I don't care who is divorcing who, how to plump your lips, how heroic Caitiyn Jenner is and all the rest of the crap they try to stuff down our throats. If it concerns our safety, our health, our children, our aging population, and true heroes who defend our rights everyday, protect our freedom, and catch the bad guys then bring it on.
  • Lara Spencer?!? REALLY??

    Lara Spencer?!? If THAT is your focus, YOU'RE FALLING FOR IT!

    "They" must absolutely LOVE it that so many reviewers are focused on something so trivial as Ms Spencer. As long as no one notices that viewers are being fed a steady stream of useless, mind numbing garbage like Dancing With the Stars and celebrity 'news', then Lara is a TOTAL SUCCESS!

    WAKE UP! It's a puppet show and every anchor is a puppet whether you love them or hate them. Pure and simple.
  • Lara is a bag of bones

    She has gotten so thin she looks like a skeleton. Still as annoying as ever too.
  • Oh God, the socks!

    What is up with the guys on GMA wearing clown socks! It seems Jessee Palmer started this trend and now the other guys are jumping on board. Can we not get past the high school need to fit in and do what everyone else is doing? Those socks are tacky. Especially with a suit. And Jesse, try wearing a suit that actually fits for a change. The one size too small jackets are not hot! And neither are the flood pants to display the clown socks.
  • GMA lineup

    9/3-it's becoming my morning routine to read these reviews to see what others thought of the show. So we all need to flip the remote and stay there. All morning yesterday I switched back and forth because who gives a $&@@ about dancing with the stars and watching Lara kicking her legs up, flailing her arms and flirting with everyone- Jesse Palmer included poor guy- today I'm staying on cbs and enjoying it so much more. I think we all keep wanting to support our old fav but it's time to make a permanant change. I love ginger and Amy and I enjoy George on Sunday am. We all need to change the channel for good. At the end of the day WE ARE STILL WATCHING IT, which is what they want us to do and gives the execs the numbers. I said it before and I'll say it again. The STUPEFICATION of America. With networks shows like what we currently have on the pm lineups on all nwrworks, loads of crap, our country is spiraling. Lara is who she is, she's just not being promoted on the right avenue for her own particular talents.

    9/1. Geeze. Well the banner is gone, but lara in the anchor chair again, trying to keep her flailing arms in check but the sultry camera staring still, looks like she's trying though. She was quite out of control when she got back from vaca, I try to switch to other shows but they are all the same, full of pop news crap and dumb stories even CNN. why are we dumbing down America????? Looks like I'll just stick with TCM in the am and wait for David Muir to get the news

    Top stories today : turned on to try again: goonies? Beyonc, ?? Really? to CNN. THE STUPEFICATION OF AMERICA IS HAPPENING EVERY MORNING on GMA

    5/14 SHUT UP LARA. NOW changing channel

    5/4-Lara is out of control (again)!today. Plz plz someone tone her down-why won't execs listen? I'm checking out nbc today.

    3/24. YES!!!!! Finally GMA is worth watching today!!!! Fabulous without all that Pop news crap, sorry Lara but they really need to find you a different platform. Oh I'm loving my coffee today with GMA!!! Agree with previous poster 100%

    2-20-I'd rather see veronica corningstone....

    How rude, what is Lara's name doing on top billing? If you're going to put her name up there you can't leave out Amy and the incredible ginger zee... What are the execs thinking? Is Lara that self serving? Check out her facial expressions and interrupting, she's not genuine and doesn't care about anything in the conversation. And the gossip is not top bill-worthy. It's too weird and I might have to try NBC again. Aand I agree with the comment about the weekend show, really good dynamic there. Amy and ginger-revolt! It should be all or just robin and George. Half the stuff lara "reports"on is just not worth the breath. Oh, and Give ginger a chair!
  • I am done with GMA!

    I cannot stand Lara Spencer!!! The fact that the top execs refuse to listen to what viewers think about her speaks volumes! I stopped watching GMA months ago when I realized the reason I had a headache in the morning was from Lara's nauseating voice!! I miss the days when GMA had good solid news! To tell you the truth, I also grew tired of George and Robin. You can just tell that George would rather be somewhere else! But Lara? She is a joke!! I see by these recent reviews that they (the idiots who run GMA) are still using Lara as an anchor in the morning, when Robin is away. Big mistake!!! HUGE MISTAKE!!
  • It's totally my fault :o/

    It's my fault for defining news too stringently. Perhaps I should learn from GMA which has a different concept of what constitutes an important, newsworthy story.

    Foolishly, I considered the flood of refugees clawing their way out of Syria as a story worthy of significant coverage. GMA saved me from myself by giving it a passing nod whilst focusing on the much more important and crucial topics like:

    - Dancing With The Stars

    - Summer Concerts Series

    - Recipes, fashion and make up tutorials

    - The Bachelor/Bachelorette latest melt downs

    - Sales on your favorite crap you don't really need to buy

    - Interviews with celebrities

    - Celebrity feuds

    - Celebrity fashion

    - And generally ALL pop news

    - And DANCING WITH THE STARS (oh wait. I already said that one)

    Dispensing with the sarcasm: It's all puppetry. GMA is owned. The rich and powerful control the information we get through major networks. You'll find better, more truthful coverage of events on Periscope or Reddit.

  • GMA and ABC - for Disney fans!


    For the past three days we have been subjected to gravel voiced Lara Spencer sitting in the anchor chair next to George and looking like the cat who swallowed the canary. What is wrong with you people at GMA? You have an authentic, professional anchor sitting in the side chair next to the blonde bimbo you insist on shoving down our throats! With that breathy voice and that tinge of excitement with which she announces everything, she sounds like she should be calling out bingo number. There is NO WAY Lara Spencer is anchor material. So folks, c'mon over to NBC, because - unlike GMA - they actually have more news and less fluff, and they have a professional, easy-on-the-eyes and ears team in their lineup. And while I'm at it - the NBC news website is heads and tails above the ABC site. My last day of looking at ABC was when I saw "Kim Karskankians pregnancy lips" touted on ABC's front page!!! How utterly disgusting. I'm sure this picture appealed to the 17 . males out there! On second thought, perhaps it is appropriate that the Disney corporation owns ABC, as most of the crap on their ABC site is suited for just that - hairbrained idiots. Buh bye ABC.

    8/06: Dear ABC/GMA: I don't think I need to belabor this anymore, so suffice it to say - when my local ABC news slid into GMA this morning and I heard "the voice", I picked up the remote. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about! By the way, does Robin still work there??? After her big raise/promotion she seems to be working part-time!

    7/29/15: I agree with so many contributors below. I thought ABC/GMA had finally figured out that Amy Robach is the right fit for the anchor chair when Robin is gone (which seems to be increasingly frequent). But yesterday and today - UGH! As soon as I hear that gravely voice, I reach for the remote! Lara Spencer is NOT anchor material. She belongs on a more entertainment-based (or gossip) type show, or perhaps she is also good on the garage sale show. I just do not care for her personality or her delivery style. Period. I think she thinks she is "all that", but if so, she's one of the few that feel that way. And, she needs to cut that long-dog hair of hers - it is not flattering to her face. Please use Amy when Robin is away (or Cecelia Vega or one of the other professional news women). Lara is just not the person to anchor your show, and if the "powers that be" at ABC don't get it, they must have their heads in the sand!

    I have to agree with the previous writer. Lara Spencer has never been - nor will she ever be - responsible for any of the success GMA has had. ABC can thank Joan Lunden and David Hartman, followed by Diane Sawyer and Charlie Gibson or the success of GMA. These anchors were/are solid, professional news reporters, and did not spend their time acting goofy or making stupid jokes and pouty lips to the cameras. Lara has never been anything on GMA other than an entertainment (gossip) reporter, and that's where her talent ends. Period. However, if GMA keeps trying to shove her down our throats as an anchor, she WILL be responsible for their crash in the ratings. Amy is right up there with Diane Sawyer. Her demeanor is polished and professional, her voice pleasant, and she exudes the class one would expect of a news anchor. I also like Ginger - who does a great job with the weather. You don't see ABC trying to make her a news anchor tho'. I have been pleased the last couple of days to see Amy sitting next to George (as it should be) in Robin's absence.

    I think it should be called "LIVE! with George, Robin, Amy, Ginger, Michael and Lara" -- to be followed by the other "Live" show :-/. This no longer resembles a morning new show -- it is more like Entertainment This Morning.

    Clearly ABC-GMA is pandering to the 20-something audience. Their morning "news" show has hardly anything to do with news or what's going on in the world - and way more to do with celebrities, gossip, fashion and rap music (which is not really "music", but more of a blathering of words at a fast pace that you cannot understand). This is what GMA is all about. I wouldn't be surprised to see them start a slate of "celebrity anchors" - perhaps Kim Kartrashian would be a good fit for them! In any case, if you would like to see a calmer, more balanced morning news show I would suggest Today, CBS This Morning or CNN. Their formats are much calmer than GMA, their anchors are more polished and professional, and you don't have to put up with the gravel-voiced Lara Spencer (who the producers of GMA keep trying to shove down our throats as an anchor). Amy - if I were you I would extricate yourself from this pathetic excuse for a morning news show and align yourself with something worthy of your professionalism and poise. You and George are too good for GMA.

    Wonderful to see Amy Robach sitting in the anchor chair next to George this morning. A polished and professional news team Refreshing!

    Finally GMA - an anchor team worth watching! I loved seeing Amy and David together this morning! They are poised and professional, and really elevate the status of your show. Amy is an anchor moving up along the lines of Diane Sawyer - and David, well, what more can you say than perfect - Mr. World News Tonight! Thanks for finally giving us a team worth watching. I agree with the previous reviewer - a breath of fresh air without Lara Spencer oogling the cameras.
  • Lara Spencer

    Lara Spencer has been a great pop news commentator. I am sorry but I absolutely cannot watch her delivering next to George. Why not Amy? I have watched this show for the past 25 years every morning. Now I am changing over to NBC. Please have Lara do what she does best. Not the news!
  • Lara delivering news next to George!

    Lara's strength is pop news. When she is sitting next to George (which I can't believe he tolerates since they aren't even in the same league) I must switch to NBC. LOVE George, Robin, Amy and Ginger. Your bench strength in reporters in strong enough to have a real news person fill in for Robin. And her name on banner in intro??? Really?
  • I am done with GMA

    Geesh I am officially done with GMA, Lara is so unprofessional ! I turned over to the TODAY Show and now I am officially a follower! ABC just won't take the hint!
  • Can ABC really put Lara Spencer next to George S. and not expect George to leave?

    I usually have to leave the room whenever Lara is on camera for a "story". Putting her name on the shows opening banner is such an insult to Robin and George. What or who is she doing to deserve even a place on the show much less a banner spot? Amy is so much more polished and pleasant. Please ABC, put Lara back in her slot as a filler program/junk shopping show! She obviously offends so many people you really should act on your viewers reactions .
  • Little League World Series! Not Kanye!

    I usually LOVE GMA, but I can't understand why they would put a self serving awards show ahead of acknowledging the highest scoring LLWS game. We did not win but those boys played one Hell of a game!! Please, think about priorities. These "Rock Stars" behave like the fake wrestlers. Its all contrived and not the least bit NEWS!

    The comments Sara made to Ron during a story about Pizza where very rude in my opinion. She made it clear that if you ate pizza with a fork like her you where considered warm. But if you ate pizza like Ron you where predictable. Then she states who wants to be predictable. Incidences like this is the reason everyone is trying to figure out why the guy killed the two reporters. All races perceive comments differently. Comments that don't seem offensive to you might be insulting to the next person. Mrs Sara that was not a good look for you this morning. Please apologize to Ron.
  • Really Sara!

    Over pizza personality!
  • What news?

    I have given up on the news . All major news channels have turns into variety shows. They are not reporting the news, but making the news. I want to here about what is going on nationally that is important. I do not think cooking tips, the Kardishians, Bruce Jenner, or actors and their movies you are promoting are worthy of being on every show. And finally, quit trying to push your political beliefs on your audience. I will still vote Republican no matter what you think or suggest.
  • Fantastic Two Days


    How wonderful no Lara. I have enjoyed the past two days. She needs to go!!!!
  • Gma news content co-anchors

    I used to love GMA. Love Robin, George and Amy. Dan Harris is fabulous. I have no interest in hearing about Bruce Jenner, oh sorry Catlyn or the Kardashians. Nobody really cares about any of them. They have done nothing spectacular or do you ever see them doing any charity work, it's always about me me me. Please make the news the news.

    I live Strahan but he doesn't need to be there. Get rid of Lara. She is useless.

    Love George and Robin and adore Dan Harris. He has a great sense of humor and who couldn't love that face.

    The sweet, happy blonde that fills in for Lara should be permanent for Lara, absolutely love her.

    Ginger is cute but get really sick if seeing the weather every 20 min.
  • Father, Tottler and baseball

    Your story was so biased and inaccurate I just had to comment. 1. The little girl was never pinned against anything. 2 She was not crying. 3 Her Dad put her down ball was handed to the same Father. Please notice that he had his glove, as well as his son on his lap. Also, a woman( probably his wife) was sitting next to him and the little girl was sitting next to her. I agree that this was not the smartest thing the Father could have done, but I'm sure the wife saw it all. This kind of poor reporting causes me to have little, or no faith in broadcast journalism.
  • Story Line: "Consumers beware of national moving company hiding behind brand name with deplorable service"

    My mother recently relocated from Chapel Hill NC to Hamburg, NY at the age of 83. What should have been a seamless trip -- turned into a nightmarish series of events. This would be a great story line at a time when millions of American's are relocating across the country. Please feel free to contact me for a detailed account of the events which began in Spring of 2015 and move in June 2015 with North American Moving Services.

    Thank you.
  • I really can't stand Amy!

    Ever since she said "I wouldn't be offended if my husband gave me a gift certificate for personal training (or gym-I can't remember which) as a Valentine gift. Well, of course not, Amy, you skinny bitch! How about the woman who struggles constantly with her weight? You think she might be a bit sensitive to a gesture like that? For someone who's suppose to have her finger on the pulse of the viewers, she blew it! That was total ignorance which has cost GMA this viewer!
  • what happened to real news?

    I watch about the first 30 minutes of GMA to get the news. The rest of the show is almost like a variety show! I sure miss Diane Sawyer, she was a real journalist! Something needs to change, losing my interest!
  • Weekend guest weather person

    The person on this weekend is horrible. She talks in a monotonous mumbling voice. I switched to local nbc new in ft. Lauderdale when she started at channel 10 in FTL. SHE IS NOT JUST UNIMPRESSIVE BUT IS ANNOYING TOO!
  • where is Robin Roberts

    Fans have a right to know where their favorite news anchor is. GMA is like a big joke with Lara, she is not morning news material. My entire family will band together and switch to NBC News, cannot take her serious and her voice is awful. Is ABC going through a melt down?
  • GMA Aug 7

    Oh help! She's back in the wrong seat and the wrong show! Please "Let her Go"

    the best GMA reporters today:george, amy, ginger, dan harris , and no Lara was heaven today. nobody trying to outdo anyone just to get attention. it was heaven. i actually watched the entire show. Maybe ABC is finally listening.

  • Lara Spencer can't deliver the news

    Being irritated isn't a good way to start the day. Lara Spencer needs to return to "pop news" and lifestyle correspondent. Keeping her at the anchor desk will keep me from watching GMA. Amy Robach has the right combination of intellect and personality. She is obviously the right person to fill in when George or Robin are absent. End the torture of Lara Spencer as GMAD anchor.
  • Enough is Enough!! Lara needs to go. WAKE UP ABC!

    SHRILLLLLLLLLLL voice/camera hog is on front and center. What the heck--VOMIT! Just happened to have this station on and had to quickly change. VERY poor voice quality and serious misfit personality. She is SO off target for audience demographics. I don't know how the other GMA members can be forced to go along with her degrading antics. Lara, what the XXXX don't you get??? You TOO ABC management! You need a serious wake up call or be replaced. This program is a bottom of the barrel joke! So sad where it's gone. Make it news worthy again. It insults intelligence.

    Can't watch this any longer. Who in the world would take this show seriously! It's really sad to have to "dumb down" so early every day. I think Lara acts unprofessional and behaves like the most narcissistic personality on the planet! It's insulting and appalling to watch. I've been a viewer of this program for 30+ years and I've finally had it. I converted to watching Matt Lauer and company and they appear to be more on track with what a morning show should deliver and no one on the team attempts to grandstand like LARA!
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