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  • Heaven help us, GMA seems to be pushing more of Lara on the public!!

    Despite reams of bad reviews about the awkward, goofy and narcissistic Lara Spencer, in apparent total disregard of the outcry by those who care enough to write in, ABC for some unknown reason seems to be determined to foist the very unprofessional and unpleasant personality of Lara Spencer on the viewing public. It seems unbelievable but true that ABC/GMA now has Lara sitting next to George S. for a special segment they get to share. Poor George must be apoplectic! How the poor gawky thing, with arms flailing, head tossing and the unending succession of very odd expressions and facial muggings manages to hold a spot on the show is very puzzling. The facial contortions designed by Lara to make her seem serious or cute or funny or adorable are so laughable as to be painful. Please GMA stop trying to bend the viewing publics will to your need to shelter the poor unfortunate woman.
  • Sneaky Pete

    6/20/16: It has become apparent that your new strategy is to "weave" Lara Spencer in and out of the first hour of GMA. A few minutes of George ... a few minutes of Amy ... and the some of Lara. As soon as I hear her voice I change the channel. I use to watch the first 20 minutes or so to hear some actual news from George and Amy ... but can't even do that now, since you insist on shoving Lara down our throats. I don't know when you people will get it - people aren't fans of Lara. As long as you insist on keeping her on your program, your ratings will continue to fall. You are nothing more than a morning entertainment show with a few minutes of news.

    4/08/16: To answer the question as to why Amy covers when Robin is gone, it is because Amy is a legitimate, polished, professional news woman. She also anchors the ABC Evening News from time to time. Her manner is more professional and her voice is much more pleasant than Lara's. With Lara's gravely, breathy, excitement-tinged voice, she sounds like she should be calling out Bingo numbers - not delivering real news. At least if she stays in the Pop News area I can turn the channel - but I cannot watch when she's in the anchor chair. Narcissistic personality to the max! Flipping that hunk o'hair that she likes hanging over her face, oogling the cameras, always trying to get her mug in the picture - ew! Cannot stand to watch her.

    1/21/16: Lead story on today's version of "Entertainment Today" (aka GMA): Will Smith and his wah wah story about boycotting the Oscars. Lead story on NBC's Today show: the storm heading toward the East Coast, the Presidential Race (including the Trump/Palin freak show), and a third newsworthy story I can't recall. Although I only watched for ~30 minutes, never once did I have to listed to one of the black actors whining about not being "included" in the Oscar nominations. Really? Get over yourselves! Will Smith -- you, your wife and your bratty entitled kids have a multi-million dollar (if not billion dollar) empire. What - you need more money? In fact - I don't watch ANY of those award shows, as I'm sick and tired of seeing people who already have millions of dollars attend yet more parties and award shows that lavish them with more money, more glory, $100,000 gift bags, etc. Isn't it enough the general public has to pay $15-20 to see their movies??? And yet - there they are - in their designer gowns, with their diamonds and jewels, acting like the world should get down on their knees and worship the ground they walk on. It all makes me nauseaus!!! NEWS FLASH: there are people starving in this world and other travesties of justice taking place. And your biggest concern is how glamorous you are - wanting the world to revel in your wealth? Sorry folks - not me. I don't watch ANY of those disgusting displays of greed. The Emmys, the Oscars, the Golden Globes, and the bajillion other award shows that have been dreamed up to stroke the egos of these millionaire actors and actresses. And to the fact that GMA loves to publicize this crap - I don't watch them any more!

    12/14/15: One other comment: as much as I love Ginger, it's really time to lose the stiletto pumps. You're much too pregnant to be walking around on those. The juxtaposistion of your large stomach and those skinny little stiletto heels is not a pleasant sight.

    12/11/15: Dear GMA: I haven't posted to this site since September (as you can see from my last post) because, as I said, I am finished with GMA. I am one of the viewers who switched to Today for my morning show (and sometimes the CBS morning show). Why? Because, as the article in the Salt Lake Tribune today (Dec. 11) indicates - people are sick and tired of the constant hee-hawing your "news staff" (and I use that term loosely) engages in, the segments on cute animals, social media chit chat, Dancing with the Stars, celebrities - what they wear, where they go, who they dating, their fabulous lives blah blah blah, and that blasted Kim Kardashian!!! There is serious stuff happening in this world - but apparently GMA thinks she's news! And, personally, Lara Spencer is one of the main reasons I don't watch anymore. I cannot stand to watch her pathetic need for attention and camera time. I know she thinks she is "all that" - but many people don't. In any case, your fall in the ratings is a result of all of the above and more. Time to get back to more serious programming (a little fun is OK - but that's all your program is anymore) and a more professional crew. Maybe now that your ratings are falling you'll listen!


    For the past three days we have been subjected to gravel voiced Lara Spencer sitting in the anchor chair next to George and looking like the cat who swallowed the canary. What is wrong with you people at GMA? You have an authentic, professional anchor sitting in the side chair next to the blonde bimbo you insist on shoving down our throats! With that breathy voice and that tinge of excitement with which she announces everything, she sounds like she should be calling out bingo number. There is NO WAY Lara Spencer is anchor material. So folks, c'mon over to NBC, because - unlike GMA - they actually have more news and less fluff, and they have a professional, easy-on-the-eyes and ears team in their lineup. And while I'm at it - the NBC news website is heads and tails above the ABC site. My last day of looking at ABC was when I saw "Kim Karskankians pregnancy lips" touted on ABC's front page!!! How utterly disgusting. I'm sure this picture appealed to the 17 . males out there! On second thought, perhaps it is appropriate that the Disney corporation owns ABC, as most of the crap on their ABC site is suited for just that - hairbrained idiots. Buh bye ABC.

  • Michael S. Why??

    I find it simple to watch the beginning as they put all the new I need. I don't need much more. The show is becoming a three ring circus. Adding Michael was the end of it for me. He's a former football player and not a George.

    20 minutes is the max foe me as I don't need another talk show.

  • Lara Spencer

    Is an idiot. Her feet are always pointed out as she stands blah blah for camera. I cannot stand to watch flea market flip because of her fake darling act. You stink'
  • Not real journalism

    GMA is all for Hillary they just trash TRUMP .They don't ever elaborate to the public about Hillary wrong doings throughout her political is being investigated by is important that the public is made aware that Hillary does not know how to protect our country with security measures that she was suppose to be aware of and use. I can't even stand the sound of GMA,NBC and all owned (supposingly) journalism shows that are working for billionaires n public figures and not working for the American for America media with all employees that call themselves journalists.
  • New Format

    Amy should be at the table with Robin and George not record this every day so I can watch but will be changing to the Today Show .. The new format is not working for me. I can only take Michael and Lara in small doses sorry GMA

  • Maybe it is time to change

    I have watched GMA for years since I retired. I was happy when Josh left as he needed a lot of attention. It seems everyone is trying to be funny. Wasn't Lara the only one who showed cute videos. Now everyone wants to get in on the act. Too Much. The show is becoming Variety Hour. If the show wants to get back on track, get back to news with minimal show time. These concerts do not interest me. Do they forget that the kids are in school at that time of day and it is mostly stay at home adults who are watching the show? Why did they add Michael Strahan to the show?. Also get a new lawyer as I do not like the guy you have. He has changed a little and is more tolerable but bring back Nancy Gray. She has some oomph (but a little over the top). I find I am beginning to switch to CBS this morning a lot these days.
  • It pays to ask maybe (?)

    Michael haters - Instead of leaving, he's actually going to be full time on GMA in the fall. On this one you'll have to review louder.

    Lara haters - On her need for attention, it maybe has worked! Pat yourself on the back for this one, too. Now, I don't have the numbers on how much time she spends needing or not needing the attention on her, but then again, no one else does either (and yes, I'm dangerously assuming here, I know). Shrug.

    Lara's voice haters - Really? This one won't work. No kudos for you. She was born with her voice, and for the small handful of you (out of millions) who appear to be really bothered by this, no one is going to fire her over it. Maybe you can go make your bed or do dishes; you decide. So, please put the brakes on this. Besides, you are bordering on bullying vs. reviewing on this one.

    Content haters - Remember the title of the show (I'll wait). [Insert tapping fingers on table here]. This is a good show, a morning show for America; it's a welcome to your day type show. It brings you a bunch of everything human interest. It's loaded with things to think about and talk about and cuss about during your day. You know you want it! So, there is good and bad of everything; the news; weather, categories galore of entertainment, and let me think. Oh, yes. Politics. Maybe this falls under entertainment this election year. I think the jury is still out on that.

    But, I digress.

    So, my, my. About George - on who he does or doesn't interview. Read up on George. I'm a huge fan. Read up, and don't stop with Wikipedia you won't get it. Like him or not, you'll know why he can (pretty much) do what he chooses. He's earned it.

    On the amount of commercials - GMA (or any other show) has absolutely no control over how many commercials are shown. There are no rules on it per the FCC. However, you can switch to children's shows. They are the exception with only 10.5/hr weekends, and 12/hr weekdays. So, there is that. Remember though, these are sponsors... cha-ching and all that.

    So, for those that aren't having a good morning in America, there are buttons on the remote. One will mute Lara's voice; one will possibly change your mood (or not) by changing the channel, and one will absolutely make your day so very much better! It's the one that says "power". Have a nice rest of your day!

    My motto: When your voice makes changes for the good, keep up the good work. When it doesn't? Shhhhhhhh.
  • Strahan

    I don't see the appeal. I don't get why GMA thinks he can help. I think TJ Holmes meshes much better with the crew. GMA has enough self-important personalities on set. Seriously, lighten up GMA.
  • Seriously GMA

    I have been a faithful GMA viewer for many years even after Sam and Josh left. But Strahan? I quit watching Live with Kelly when he joined the show and now I switched to the Today show and glad I did! Strahan is just not interesting and frankly he is annoying! Just saying!
  • Strahan, really??

    Why? It's difficult to understand this man and he has nothing to offer to the show. I actually caught myself going back and watching the Today Show for the first time in years. I guess that no one on staff cared to read the comments on all of the AOL articles covering this issue. Strahan is not considered a big draw, but rather a turnoff.
  • Hating on george

    I am so tired of the love affair between George and trump. Give some else some airtime. The public may want to here from other candidates. You have dumbed down our political process by not letting us here real news rather than entertainment.
  • Lara Spencer not good for gma

    Since Sam Champion and Josh Elliot left the show, I think it has gone downhill. Lara Spencer was only good with Josh Elliot by her side. She gets on my nerves! I love Robin Roberts, but she can't carry the show! I find myself watching Today Show more now.
  • Annoying

    GMA is getting hard to watch. Just give me the news not a circus. I'm not sure who is more annoying Lara or Robin with their strive to be funny, they don't know when to stop. I rarely watch the show anymore and if I do I can't watch the whole show. Too much nonsense.
  • Deals & Steals ???

    I have tried every where to find today's (5/3/16) deals & steals. No can do. Why? Was interested in buying some candles but no luck. I only use regular internet, no apps, no twitter. No deals & steals for me. Also, I used to watch GMA every day, but now, not enough news. I start my day with Morning Joe on MSNBC, then later switch to GMA to see what might be on of any interest. Today, no Deals &; Steals; for me, I have tried many of the sights which say GMA Deals & Steals, no luck. I give up on GMA, used to be much better, but I prefer real news, back to MSNBC for me.
  • More content

    I'd like more content, less commercials! And more news, less entertainment! 100 weddings in 24 hours?? Seriously?? I had to turn off the TV at that point. That's not what I watch the news to see. I do love the chemistry between the anchors and I sense that they are warm and genuine. That's what made me quit watching Today after the Ann Curry debacle - zero chemistry. The health, cooking, and inspirational segments are great. Just tone down the silliness, please.

    Whose idea was that? How does anyone not get how bad those banners are?! Producers? You there? Anybody home? They take up more than 25% of my screen.. and completely destory the visual story. The ticker tape at the bottom is bad enough! Second complaint: The genuine chemistry and playfulness between the anchors has always been a draw for me. However, that's all there is anymore! More is not better. There's no real news-very little worthy coverage and nothing of depth unless you count the hyper-dramatizations of sad events. There is no REAL substance anymore. Your ratings are DOWN! HEY PRODUCERS! You throw out peanuts.. you get MONKEYS!
  • what happened to real news?

    I watch about the first 30 minutes of GMA to get the news. The rest of the show is almost like a variety show! I sure miss Diane Sawyer, she was a real journalist! Something needs to change, losing my interest!
  • GMA not the same since Chris Cuomo, Sam and Josh left

    I have watched GMA every morning for years and I have to say ever since they made the change and added George Stephanopoulos and got rid of Chris Cuomo, the show hasn't been the same for me. Then Sam and Josh left. Bummer! I thought the chemistry between Robin, Sam and Chris was Great and then when Josh came along he fit right in with them. To me, George does not fit in AT ALL. He's corny and needs to go back to and stay on This Week. That fits him better. Michael Strahan is not going to make this show better. I mean really, there seems to be like 55 reporters on this 2 hr show and there is no more room at the desk as is. My goodness. Enough already. If they have all this money to give to Michael, then they should have given it to Josh. To be honest, they need to get Chris, Sam and Josh back, and get rid of George and Amy. I like Ginger Zee, no complaints about her but I love Sam more. And Michael needs to stay with Kelly. Their chemistry was Great! I understand Kelly's frustration about what happened but she should be more mad at the Disney CEO. Why mess up her show to save another smh. . I hope Andy Cohen gets the job with Kelly.
  • Shame on you ABC

    I had been a very longtime fan of TODAY (more than 40 years) but got so tired of the anchors, the talking over each other. the private jokes, and most of all Matt Lauer's and the network's treatment of Ann Curry. I started watching GMA about 6 years ago and it felt like a breath of fresh air. Then there was the deal with Josh Elliot and Sam Champion leaving. GMA has become like the TODAY show and deserve its drop in ratings. I completely agree with the previous comments ("consideration"). There are really only 2 legitimate news journalists - George and Amy. The rest - including Robin - are just "fluff". And that is where Michael Strahan will end up. GMA already has a football player (Jesse) on staff. I think Michael s delightful on Live! but he is NOT a journalist and should not pretend to be. He said it aptly this morning on GMA - the network makes him look better than he is! Gosh forbid - if there is a 3rd hour of GMA - I cannot even watch the first 2 anymore.
  • consideration would have been to inform Kelly and Gelman

    First off, GMA has gone so far down hill, I rarely watch it. They rush through each segment so you hyperventilate for the guest to stop talking before they are through talking ONLY TO HAVE TO RUSH OFF TO 20 COMMERCIALS. Way too many commercials on this show. For two hours it is 40 minutes of programing.

    George, the true professional, is flanked by all these woman in skinny dresses and looks silly. I just don't know why a professional like he is, accepts this. He kinda looks stupid sitting there with all those woman.

    Then someone is there one day and not the next, very un-consecutive. Journalist should be the same as much as possible. I understand they have to go away to do reporting, but it should be kept more consistant.

    Robin is a class act, but hearing her reporting about DWTS every day is demeaning for her. Enough with DWTS already.

    Unless the structure is going to be significantly repaired, Screwing Kelly to take Michael WILL NOT HELP.

    Michael lost a ton of stars on my list. Does he really think he is really going to save the day doing "Deals and Steals" which I hate more then anything anyway. Every darn show is doing that now and I hate it on all of them.

    I still believe y'all screwed Live and Kelly. DO NOT GO TO 3 HOURS, cuz I don't even watch two of them!!!!!!!
  • Strahan to go fulltime Please dump Lara the needy one!

    2/10/16 Lara , You don,t need to be the center of attention everyday.

    2/15/16 Lara, where did you buy those shoes with the thick black ankle bands? Shades of Grey shoestore?
  • Hello

    When Michael goes on the TV goes off.
  • Love Lara

    Why does Amy cover when Robin is gone. Lara is so much better! Amy seems way to full of herself. I change the channel when she's the host. Love Robin, George, Lara, and Ginger also miss Josh and Sam
  • What's Up Between Ron Claiborne & Sara Haynes

    What's the deal between Ron Claiborne and Sarah Haynes?

    There seems to be some sort of angst between these two. Sarah was very ugly to Ron the other day when they had her on air showing off her baby.

    I don't know what it is? I don't know if they think they're playing? But if it continues to need to get rid of Sarah.

    Ron has always been the kindest and sweetest individual.
  • Gma not the same SINCE SAM AND JOSH Left

    since Josh and Sam left the show went down hill I never understood why they hired Jessie and Michael when they know nothing about news and only sport why hired Michael when he there once a week and 30 min and he has his own show I feel like this cast does fit in while I do think Josh and lara robin sam George was a better fit together I do miss these days I feel they should fired Michael hired tj home tj home fit in better with the others he funny and a good looking guy I do like ginger zee don't know much about amy but don't hire people don't know any thing about news .g
  • Get rid of Lara

    refuse to watch because of Lara. there is nothing worse than someone who thinks they are important. She just needs to shut up or get her off the show. All these negative comments about her is the only reason I know she's still on the air. Take advice from the people who support you, or lose more ratings(GMA). GET RID OF LARA. IMMEDIATELY.
  • gma not the same anymore

    i visit gma couple time i can see the host for who they really are by the way i want to say robin robert is the nice person ever she so sweet with gma audience ginger is kind as while but lara and amy are not very sweet they give people evil look like a stuck up face i do miss kinda miss josh i just think they need to change the show a bit what make the show are the host and audience but if you get to meet these people in person you see who they really are if robin ever leave the show i do think the show be lost
  • GMA is fun to watch!!

    I don't know who would be grumpy enough to cut down a fun show like GMA. It is a news show but also they have fun and it is fun in the morning to watch.

    I wish you'd stop putting banners at the bottom of the screen! Can't tell you how many times the obscure the point of interest. The point of touchdown of a tornado, for example, and the latest the DCEagle (chick). They're unnecessary and often stack up to 25% of the vertical space. Your producers need to pay attention to what's of interest to the VIEWER! I submit I'm not alone.
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