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    George, Robin, Dan, Amy - These people are funny, friendly,and serious when necessary... and make me want to watch! I have loved GMA for a very long time. Even went to NYC for a visit to the studio but I am over a show that has lost it! I love Michael Strayhan but NOT on GMA. When I watch now I feel like I am STRAPPED TO A CHAIR ON A DISNEY WORLD RIDE (should I be surprised?) I only watch GMA now on the week ends. Its what week days used to be and why I became a fan in the first place. when I visited the set as part of a small VIP group Robin was so friendly, came over and spoke as did Josh Elliot and Tory Johnson, but Lara never even looked over. I was so disappointed to see her in person. She came within 4 feet of the people in the studio and never looked at anyone. I even took a picture of her behind the desk with a hand mirror fixing her hair during the commercials. VERY DISAPPOINTED IN GMA NOW.
  • News story about my grandson Dante Chiappetta


    The link above is a story about my grandson Dante Chiappetta. He is a six year old boy with special needs. We are so proud of him and his family and would love to see thee video aired on your show
  • jackie

    I love gma, my go to show, after work, I work midnights.. ginger is refreshing and Robin is it!! We need more of Ryan smith, did a terrific job on hln, his OWN show. Love that guy, very knowledgeable, George is bored, Michael doesn't fit, and Lara, too much, there I got it all out, thank you, I will continue watching!
  • GMA Background Music (Noise)

    Love your show but I hate the chaotic background music (noise). It is very disturbing. In fact, I stopped watching because of the background music.
  • GMA you all dropped the ball on Ray Rice story

    Why is the Ray Rice story only about Ray Rice? Why hasn't anyone interviewed his wife? After this why did she still marry him almost a month after this happened? Why are you not using this story to spreed light on domestic violence? Has this happened with other girlfriends? There is a lot more to this story and why are you not telling the whole story. Your lack of coverage of this issue tells me your staff condones this behavior as much if not more than the NFL and the Baltimore Ravens do. And yes I'm a huge Ravens fan that just bought a Ray Rice jersey for my daughter. I'm also a victim of domestic violence.

    Today is the final day I will watch GMA . This morning Robin was quite rude to Amy ( love Amy)which is not the first time, silents Amy as if she is a child . Also Lara is so full of herself. Lara always has to get her 2 cents in no matter what the story is. When will Lara learn it is not all about her! I will watch when Robin and Lara are not present.
  • Good Morning America/Weekend

    Dan Abrams isVERY abusive and RUDE. Some of his comments are Very derogeratory. Ron Claiborne should be recognized and treated with more respect! This Abbrams guy is obriously very afraid of his job and thinks he's all "IT" and ---- Some of his remarks are VERY rude. I believe he is jealous of Ron - who is a "Work of Art" and very professional.
  • Congrats to Robin!

    Congratulations to Robin on her new production Company. Now if they just ditch Lara they'll be doing something!
  • Good Morning America!

    When Good Morning America (GMA) made the decision not to honor the salary requests of their Weatherman Sam and Josh, GMA took an incredible hit.

    I belueve Robin and Muchael are good friends, but convuncing GMA execs to add him to the show just isn't working. He does Sports news and helps Kelly Rippa out nicely, but fpr GMA, they dob't need him.

    I think he hates it already, he helped Robin and the show out, but I prefer him on ESPN where he belongs or LIVE with Kelly and Michael. Now for the rest of the is a number 1 professional news journalist, actually love her.

    The rest I am just not sure. While I am happt for Sam, bringing in Ginger was necessary bit serioualy tone done the legs in short, shorter, shortest dresses ladies.

    It is incrediably unprofessional especially since we can all now see under the table. Was happy for Robin to get a raise that puts her in the category of a professional journalist and not a sportscaster. However, she sets the wrong example to earn now still have to show

    up at least more than 75% of the time or she quite personally is no longer needed.

    I get the impression there could be friction betwern Robin, George, and Ms. Lara.

    There shouldnt be; tacky Lara does not have near enough background or experience as Robib, or George for that matter. Letting her sit in Robin's chair as if they are equals in order to justify her getting a raise is not right. The public does not like or appreciate Lara. She has been mean,rude, nasty, intolerable. She can not relay the news properly, lara is immature, unprofessional, and needs a little help dressing. To make her feel younger, I am sick of seeing all of the women wearing heels, and too shorr if dress on television. Sorry know that technique too. You may execs get more men watching because of the younger women and shortest little tight dresses, but if you were like NBC that is never the way to Matt over and let him get these women to quite with all of his "stab you in the back tricks" to get ahead.

    Now, lets talk George who is a professional polital news journalist. To allow Robin so muxh time off produces the wrong impression to the outside viewers. Robin, gets a huge probation and her mouth should have been closed. If its one thing I learned working for State government in California for 32 ones salary with others was a BIG NO NO? Who talks about raises on the job anyway Robin? How did Josh Lara, and George know how much she made? Is not that information in the real world of business and finance kept confidential?? (I remember Robin's magazine covers with Diane! Let me guess, it started with Robin telling too many about it. So much so that Josh felt that he at least should get the same raise/ the same amount as Robin R. even with less time on the job?), sorry exec's, being

    male and white no longer cut the mustard anymore. Experience and who you know is a start. Robin at least has paid her dues.

    George is a walking time bomb. He IS now extremely grouchy, nick picky, and he despises Lara. Hanging on by a thin thread is putting it mildly. Without Robin, at least knowing she is earning more is not a constant reminder with her being there, but giving him Diane role is wrong. He can't go to NBC, Matt is not leaving and is there for another two years.

    He is so unhappy that between his and Michaels grouchy stares I am not sure who is worse! Hi insurity about his job, his jealousy over Robin denotes his insecurity on the show. It is for these reasons salary is never discussed Robin.

    Keeping George in this environment is cruel. He has also paid his dues at the White House political circuit. Today, behind closed doors he is becoming an incrediably insecure grouch and whinner. I admit he was a lead sitting next to Robin anytime they discused the real news. George, over rated Robin with a juicy raise, and dumb and dumber blonde Lara, and the added bunch of unnecessary women. Why give golden girl Robin a raise when she is hardly ever there?

    Keep Amy, when Robin isn't there instead of Lara please!!! Get rid of the too short dresses, and the glass table!! When dresses are too high with nothing underneath, it leaves nothing to the imagination. Please stop the shortest dresses and skirts for all on the panel of GMA!!!

    GMA does not need Michael S. His job is brilliantley working with Kelly R. Sorry GMA execs, but Laura is annoying, rude, and an absolute *itch on GMA!! She needs to go, (you are using her like you did the even tackier co-host Sherri Shepard on the View by sticking her in Robins hope is not her justification in order to get a raise?).

    In truth, Lara IS jealous of the younger women on the show. Not to mention, her nastier and condescending attitude, her greedy, and whining attitude? Both she and George want Robin Roberts raises!! What is wrong with these people all of a sudden???

    Michael is a great contender to backup the male testostrone, but not necessary on isbfantastic on Football, ESPN,

    LIVE with Kelly and Michael, but he for whatever reason doesn't work for GMA.

    These young married women, all wearing no stocking, heels, and short, shorter, and shortest dresses are inappropriately dressed no matter how hot it is at 4:00 they need to dress more professionally on the job or move on. It is unattractive, not professional and I feel are used to raise the level of male viewers. I don't care why they are being used, they are just inappropriate on live television!

    I stopped watching this show; if you want to be number one get back to acting like NBC. If you don't want to do what was working two years ago, you are no longer number one, and I can go back to Matt

    These GMA women are not even attractive viewers NBC raises back to the top position.

    I loved the show with the original crew wirh Sam and Josh, however, Sam got a new pisition and bragged about his raise and then greedy Jish didn't get his or Lara get their raise. Josh ended up leaving on the pretense of getting Matts job and George and Lara lost it. Ni one is settled anymore, and the "all about the money" is huge in GMA. While I like Amy, the rest areto provacative on GMA, where shortest

    dresses and heels too much, and where the heck is Robin?

    Because of this nonsense, with everyone all about greed in America, I am literally sick of GMA with at least two trying to get to Robins salary level? If you have no years of are out Lara. Robin got what she asked for, because black and female she bring in mote yhan George and Lara. No one that greedy will catch up to Robin with less experience and time. Banking on just being young and white, like I said before being White is not a privilege. Sucg gaul and arrogance (typical really), the show has taken a HUGE hit.

    It is drowning and no longer at the level it used to be. They are no longer number #1. I and my coffee group no longer talk among out 13 about this show because the political news articles are no more. The executive team, have missed the point, America is no longer watching GMA.
  • Lara, Lara, Go Away - Don't Come Back Another Day

    If I were the producers of GMA -- after reading the endless negative reviews of Ms. Spencer -- I'd seriously be thinking of sending her a one-way ticket back to a local affiliate to learn some humility as well as to take a mandatory course in "How to Make Myself Not Seem Like Such a Self-Centered Phony Anymore... And if you think she's bad on television, you should see her in person -- she may work hard, but is so condescending and full of herself there doesn't appear to be anyone there to actually want to know or like. Sad.
  • Tired of the mess

    I am so done with that Lara Spencer, I had to change my channel on Wednesday morning when the segment came on to save on deals and she took that segment over. Then the young lady was doing a segment on house inprovements well she did not even let her get a word in, it became another Lara segment. Just take it over why don't you why are thy allowing this. And today August 29, 2014 she decided she was going to give David Muir a Rub down right on the morning show. Can youal please just let Amy, George do the news and Ginger the weather. I am so tired with the GMA. and for some reason Robin decided she want to put grease on and put her clothes on toooo tight. These people have no class.
  • Robin needs to go

    Robin makes so much money, but she is hardly ever their, Just get rid of her and let Amy take over. Get rid of Lara and Micheal is so overrated. George is way to good for the Show.
  • Dress Attire/Professionalism

    I enjoy watching this show everyday. Lara needs a little help with her dress attire, I think she can be a little rude at times, cutting people off when they are speaking. Nice show
  • HAIR BRAIDING - 8/27/14

    NEWS FLASH!!! HAIR BRAIDING IS NOT NEW! Women of color - Africans, African Americans, Native Americans, Spanish (to name a few) have been braiding hair in beautiful designs and patterns for thousands of years. I can't believe you all are making such a fuss over two little white girls who posted something on Instagram that they learned how to do on a school trip.
  • annoying phony bunch

    I wish there was more competition in the am. What an annoying group.
  • Good morning America

    Robin is overrated. Lara is an idiot. Michel is overexposed on Gma. Going to watch Fox.
  • Four women and a guy the new talk show.

    news here I come. I have been disappointed for a long time with Good Morning America. If I wanted to watch "The View" or one of those idiots women's show I could. I don't care to watch a bunch of people who think they are so important they are the news. I am sorry to see that George is still there. You are no longer a news show, you are a entertainment show. Good Morning and for me Good Bye!
  • Weekend weather girl

    Could her dress have been any tighter????? Has the weather report turned into a bad fashion statement.
  • What is the benefit of Michael Strahan?

    I've enjoyed watching GMA for years and cannot believe the decline in the show! How many stupid facial expressions does Michael have? How catty and self absorbed can Lara be? How does George put up with the comical tom foolery? Amy and George are the true stars of the morning show! Cut out the mindless idiotic Lara segments and get back to basic reporting. I switch the channel to Gayle King when Michael appears and they are serious minded broadcasters not bumbling attention grabbing talking heads!
  • Amy to the rescue!!!!

    Just love seeing Amy at the "head" chair!!! Lara really needs to go....
  • 4 Wather.

    If a monsoon het land on the west coast travail across the us east coast went into the Atlantic wood it be a hurricanes or a monsoon I don't know how to as Ginger zee Thank you
  • Change the Cast

    Please get rid of Lara spencer and have Amy on more and bring back Kris komo

  • UNBELIEVEABLE,!!!!!! You guys are a JOKE

    You condemn by Robin, George, and the other bimbos facial expressions the extravagance of the Houston socialite closet, but SAY NOTHING about the outrageous expenses of the likes of Beyonc, Hollywood idiots, and Hi profile athletes. REALLY!!!!?? Are u guys for real???!!! While I don't agree with the closet deal, u guys at GMA r all HYPOCRITES!!!!!

    I'm done with GMA---no more. FOX NEWS FROM NOW ON FOR REAL NEWS
  • More Amy Less Michael & Lara Please

    My title says it all. Thanks
  • Michael is overexposed!

    I don't know why Good Morning America thought they needed Michael Strahan. I don't watch the show on the mornings when he is on. He is definitely overexposed.
  • Enough Already

    Tired of seeing Michael Straham everytime I tune into an ABC show. He adds nothing to GMA.

    Please get rid of the entire panel except for Ginger Zee is only one there has a place there she does a great job, but all in all, the rest of panel from Robin 'It's all about me' Roberts, get some more plastic surgery and go out in the sun, maybe you will melt away permanently. Now she's come out of the closet and we can only hope that she goes back in, and stays there! Lara Spence doesn't even know how spell news, she looks hung over half of the time and ole' George is such an Obama sucker there's not a big enough box of tissues for him to wipe his mouth. Last but not least, Micheal Strahan ..... are you f__king kidding me? As a Giants fan, I'm embarrassed for him and that's not the arena for for him. Mike go to ESPN if they will take you and get off this endless candy-ass show! Again aside from Ginger Zee the entire cast just flat out SUCKS with cornball stories and no real news ....... and the worst one of all is Robin 'Look at me' Roberts she SUCKS!
  • Please don't let Lara sit in the top anchor chair

    Please, I beg you, do not let Lara sit in Robin's seat when Robin is not there! Lara is a joke!! She comes off as being phony, egotistical, self serving, insincere and just a bore. At best, Lara should only be allowed to do Pop News or anything Silly; she is not a serious journalist.

    Next, again I beg you, please let Michael Strahan go back to being with Kelly! He adds nothing of value to Good Morning America- NOTHING! If he comes off as being insincere and lacking knowledge on his own show with Kelly, what do you think he's doing for Good Morning America?

    I'm also asking you either let George talk and participate more or give Ryan Smith more responsibility; George's reputation speaks for itself and Ryan has demonstrated sincerity, knowledge and professionalism!

    Last but not least, Amy (in my opinion) is a top-notch journalist, right up there with Robin. She exudes kindness, humanity and doesn't come off as having the Big Head; like Lara!!!

  • GMA and Michael Strahan

    I like this show but there are just too many announcers!! The choice to bring in Michael Strahan was a big mistake!! He is NOT needed on the show. It's Micharl OVERKILL!! Get rid of him PLEASE!!!!!!!!!! I used to like to watch GMA, not anymore!!
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