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  • I'm Gone

    GMA, your show is too hard to watch anymore. What are you thinking putting Strahan on the anchor desk so much? Maybe he should do more, I don't know, human interest stories or something? Seems like a nice guy but he is wrong wrong wrong for the spot he's in now. George doesn't look happy either, the show is too fluffy and entertainment oriented and whats with all the banners?? I have started exploring other morning shows and thats a first because I've watched GMA exclusively for as long as I can remember.

    Also, i don't think the hosts should be so obviously pro one presidential candidate (Clinton), sick to death of not being able to find real news people anymore!

  • Love the changes!

    I love Robin & Michael together! They are the perfect pair---easygoing, fun to watch, and able to handle anything that is thrown at them. They are the perfect balance to Grumpy George and Hyper Lara. Job well done GMA!
  • Goodbye GMA

    I have been watching GMA since Joan Lunden started and have adapted to every change you've made with personnel but right now, though I like George and Robin, the show seems to be getting sillier and fluffier. Michael Strahan and Lara Spencer are both silly and fluffy. Amy has been relegated invisible with real news. I will be finding another news and info source in the mornings that does not insult the intelligence of the audience
  • How many millions of dollars is ABC wasting on Michael Strahan?

    If he was being paid $10 million for 2-3 days a week, what must he be making now? He's just terrible and adds NOTHING to the show. I've gone through many changes through the years and have always gotten used to them. I hated it when Joan Lunden left, but when Diane finaly came it was alright. When Charlie left Robin was a great replacement. I truly love Robin and like George, but he should be doing Nightly News and they should have kept Chris Cummo or Josh Elliott, but such is life. This time however the new re-vamp of the show makes absoutley NO sense. Michael is not only trying too hard, not funny, sounds like he's reading, but he is like a fifth wheel sitting at the desk with Robin and George. And when they anounce their three names at the top of the show it infuriates me. I can't believe they don't announce the others at the beginning of the 8:00 hour like they used to... "Robin, George, Lara, Amy and Have they forgotten that Lara, Amy and Ginger even exist? At least they add something to the show. Also, why are they saying GMA instead of Good Morning America? Are they trying to make this the KFC of morning telelvision? I guess I'll continue watching and just high speed though anything that Mr. Strahan has to say. It's really too bad because he was great on Kelly and Michael.
  • What's going on? Oy!

    George Stephanopoulos brings substance but it's rarely given air time on GMA. At least, for the most part, the women leave him alone; must be in his contract. Watching Dan Harris get bullied by Sara Haines and Paula Harris was cringe-worthy. Watching Amy and others "mom-shame" the woman who dared to express an opinion about sabbatical for non-moms, listening to the ladies count their inside-joke puns; I don't know, it was actually on par with being in a gossipy corporate office. Not pleasant, not worth watching. Too painful. Tough trying to stay current in an uber-competitive news/entertainment landscape, but the outcome in what you're doing is putting the focus on you instead of the audience.

    Guess there is a reason I have never watched this show. I tried to watch for 5 minutes and couldn't take it. The constant "staged" clapping, oohing, and aweing was completely annoying, awkward, and stupid. Strahan fits right into that mess of a show.
  • Goodbye GMA

    GMA's new format is beyond awful and has lost a loyal viewer. I turned to it every morning for news and human interest stories and for George and Robin. The new format lacks depth and substance, the presence of an audience is distracting and disrupts any flow, and the pandering to the audience depletes any credibility the show once had. Please go back to a news/human interest format without all of the silliness and gimmicks! And, please get rid of Lara Spencer! Her flirty and narcissistic manner is beyond grating and makes me turn the channel during her segments. GMA, if this new format is the direction you have chosen, then I too am heading in a different direction and changing the channel for good. Sadly, goodbye, GMA.
  • I'm leaving GMA

    I have been a loyal viewer and fan of GMA for a long time, but am now going to move over to CBS morning show.

    I really like Michael Strahan, but he is so out of his element as news anchor I feel sorry for him. It is obvious he struggles through giving the news and even worse when he attempts an interview. He needs to stick to human interest and sports where he is comfortable.

    Bring Amy back to do the news and I will come back.
  • past loyal viewer

    I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who thinks Michael was a terrible choice for GMA. He's stiff and robotic and not a news person except for sports. I rarely watch anymore. I love George & Robin, so if they are on I will stop channel surfing but otherwise, I'm gone. Disney made a big mistake as this has also put a big dent in Live with Kelly - which I also don't watch anymore except for a couple guests hosts I like.
  • why Strahan?

    Bad choice. Love Robin and George but do not understand the choice of Strahan. He is no news person. I after years of enjoying GMA have left. I now go between Today and CBS This Morning. Why is it necessary to have all those people anyway? 3 is perfect- Robin, George and Ginger, but let the other riff raff go. A waste of network money! Bravo Robin, but Strahan has got to go. I was upset when you had Tebow as a regular, but adding Strahan after that was the straw that broke the camels back. A sad farewell to the show until things are revised to make it watchable again.
  • I agree

    I agree that Michael Strahan is not news anchor material. He is a personable person but should stick to sports reporting. I also agree that Amy should be in that chair. She is better suited for the job. ABC did do one thing right by downplaying Lara Spencer. I've noticed she's not been flailing her arms as much but she still flirts with the camera. Maybe the camera man is a hottie! Anyway, I'm so glad they took her name off the title of the show. Now, do the same with Michael and add Amy's name!
  • Michael Strahan on GMA

    You have lost another loyal viewer. ABC you botched it with Kelly and now GMA. I can not watch anymore as long a Michael is a co anchor. The show is not the same. You kicked Amy to the curb, Ginger seems to be heading that way as well. Looks like you're doing a talk show when you started bringing people in. It looks everything is revolving around Michael. How long before you kick George to the curb. I'm am so disappointed that would do this to such a good show.
  • I want AMY back.

    I always liked MIchael when he was with Kelly and I am okay with him at GMA. What I am not good with is the apparent move of Amy to make room for him. I was a loyal viewer who already struggled with George's apparent democratic loyalty, but continued to watch. This move has forced me to switch to Fox & Friends.
  • GMA - What have you done?????

    I have watched GMA since it began, but I have just stopped my daily recording. Michael Strahan is a nice guy, but we are drowning in him. Where is Amy in the rain or in NJ? ... big mistake!!!!! Also, I love Anthony Anderson, but the awkward scene with the three Africa Americans together seems to exclude the other two sitting at the table. GMA wastes a lot of time with nothingness. I swore I would never go to the Today Show, but I will start recording tomorrow. So sad.......
  • Losing another loyal GMA fan due to Strahan

    I can't stand Strahan's inability to conduct an interview any longer and have switched to the Today show. Even Lara (who can be annoying at times) can do a much better interview than Michael can. Is ABC trying to correct the diversity challenges in television by demoting Amy, Ginger and Lara to backseat roles and only mentioning Robin, George and Michael in the opening credits? Robin needs to get off of her high horse and quite being such a diva and George should put on his big boy pants and stand up to the ABC executives and get GMC back to the morning news and entertainment show it once was. So long GMA!
  • channels...

    I too have been a long time viewer. Went to the Today Show for a short time until Matt Lauer kicked Ann Curry to the curb with his bald head! Started watching GMA... Even tho at times it was difficult with all the estrogen and non-genuine women on the was better than the others. NOT ANYMORE! Robin Roberts acts like a diva! The other 2.. Amy and Lara.. Act like pri crazy that they get booted for the non-interesting-over exposed Michael! And... Can't get over Amy R. saying 'colored people' with noooo backlash! What the heck? Cuz her husband has money to cover it??? Not the network for me anymore! And while on the subject of the hell does Joy Behar still get on TV when she said so flippantly that she would like to be RAPED by someone good looking vs someone not! UNREAL ABC!!!
  • GMA - what happened?

    I've watched GMA since David Hartman and rolled with the changes in hosts but this last one may be the final straw. It's bad - No longer a NEWS program, GMA has decayed into a talk show of ADHD children, everyone on stage talks at once and suddenly everyone is roaring with laughter, using wild gestures - you never hear what is said in this uproar. I sat down this last weekend and enjoyed a cup of coffee while watching GMA but realize that, during the week, I read the headlines across the screen, catch the news and shut it off because it irritates me. The weekend format was understandable, the focus was news, the hosts were competent, the atmosphere was congenial. I miss watching while having coffee. The individual who should be replaced on GMA is the idiot that decided to go with this change.
  • My Mistake.

    So I've finally completely had enough of The Today Show. Tamron and Billie Bush was the final straw. So I decided last week to start watching GMA because I hear that's where all the disappointed Today Show viewers go to. I just can't do it, lol. I just can't handle Amy Roebaugh (sp?) and Michael Strahan. Amy because she's just a bubble headed goof that has no idea what she is doing. When I saw her doing the Today Show one day, she was interviewing the daughter of the woman who was attacked by a chimpanzee and her face had been ripped off. She was/is in really bad shape. So Amy asks the daughter, " So how does your mother like the way she looks? " The daughter replies," She doesn't know Amy, she's blind", to which Amy asks " Yes I know, but how does her new look make her feel, what does she think of it ?" The daughter starts looking like shes going to cry. " Amy, she is blind, she can't see ". That about summed it up for me. Amy is a moron. I can see why NBC sent her packing. And as I see her jabbering on GMA like she's queen crap of the crap heap, when in actuality she rates the lowest among her co-anchors, she just reinforces her ineptitude. The addition of Michael Strahan was what made my mind up on why I should just keep searching for a morning show. I don't think the guy should be covering news; sports? he's good with that and should stick with it. So my mistake on hoping GMA would be a show to watch in the mornings. Let's see how CBS Morning Show turns out.
  • MIchael Strahan on GMA

    Goodbye GMA. Love Michael Strahan but he is way out of his element. It is so painful to watch him deliver the news. I can't watch anymore. You Lost a long time viewer.
  • Michael VS Lara

    Would love to see Lara go but don't understand why they think Michael fits in on GMA.

    When Lara's segment is on I change the channel, however I do like her on her Flip Flea Market show.
  • Changes aren't working! Are you listening ABC?

    I like Michael Strahan, but he is a fish out of water! The dynamics were so great between George, Robin, Amy, and Lara. Michael isn't a news reporter. Amy fits that role to a tee. I know Robin doesn't like Amy, but that shouldn't interfere with how well the show worked! Sad!!

    I keep reading all the reviews yet you've let Amy disappear like a ghost. No one looks comfortable besides Robin and Michael together. Thought this was a serious news show first!! Today Show here I come!! Give AMY MORE NEWS TIME!!!
  • Get rid of STRAHAN

    After 20+ years watching GMA switching to TODAY!!!! GMA has become a joke after Michael Strahan was given a host role. He is unqualified and unbearable to watch and is ruining the show. If he wants to be on TV he might want to learn proper language skills. Robin is the only one that seems to like the change everyone else looks miserable. Not sure what the producers were thinking but this was a fatal mistake and everyone that I know is switching over to Today. Wake up and fix the show or just cancel it.
  • GMA is DOA

    After many decades of faithful viewing, I am defecting to the competitors of GMA due to Michael Strahan's inexplicable new role as co-anchor. Game show host ? Reluctantly acceptable. Morning news show anchor? Absolutely unqualified and uncomfortable to watch. GMA Execs -- what were you thinking?? Bring back Amy NOW.
  • GMA Stranghan

    I, like many of the viewer opinions I have read, am shocked, amazed and disgusted by the promotion of Michael Strahan to co-anchor. This man is a talented athlete, a decent sports commentator, an enthusiastic talk show host, but he is a poor news broadcaster. He garnered his television persona from his former talk show partner and her influence is still very much present on GMA. I do not understand this move by my previously go-to morning program. I have watched this show for decades, rolled with the changes and continued to enjoy. Since Mr. Strahan has been added, I now watch anything else, including Today, CBS Morning Show and repeats of old Western series. Bad move for GMA.
  • Disappointed with George

    It was so disappointing to see George lower himself to such a sleazy standard while interviewing Eric Trump this morning. He kept attacking him which summed up what Eric was saying all along about the media. Think they should move Michael up to Georges position and move him to the side. Thinking I may have to look at another morning show.
  • Who is George??

    What an embarrassment George was in his interview with Trump's son this morning! It was hard to watch... so maybe I won't watch in the future. He is definitely showing his true feelings which is totally inappropriate for a reputable journalist.
  • georgie boy

    9/16/2016 Georie boy or should I say Hillary's little boy really showed that he should not be in the position he is in. His interview with Trump's son showed he is ready to throw a tantrum if he does not get his way. He is not a news person heck he couldn't be a greeter at Walmart.
  • disappointed

    what were you thinking?. you had a great team, but now, not so much. I'll be watching another news program. see ya!
  • I am back watching the Today show!

    My title says it all! Not a good move at all GMA.
  • The Michael & Robin Show

    Been a fan forever but I am out of here. GMA has turned into a variety show and not an informative news show. Can't stand Michael on the desk instead of Amy. Can he not keep his hands still? Will be watching Today Show UNLESS YOU BRING BACK AMY ROBACH.
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