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  • A thought provoked viewer

    Dear Team

    After watching the news this morning regarding the young man who was radicalised so quickly, i felt provoked into putting pen to paper and writing the following appeal and would be very grateful if you could send out this message to all your family, friends and colleagues and that they might do the same.

    Kind regards

    Jane Talbot


    Radicalisation isn't pure,

    It most definitely is not the cure!

    Keep our young person's from harm,

    secure and safe, unfold your arm's embrace!

    Keep a person from disgrace, in harming, mutilating, devastating others!

    Life is a gift, life is precious!

    Capture that thought, for it is true.....

    We cannot turn to IS seeking security,

    nor for excuse in behaving surreptitiously!

    Life's failures our experience,

    to learn from and improve.

    Instead turn delightfully toward success.

    Pursue a life worthwhile, progress!

    Help other's don't destroy.

    Radicalisation isn't pure.

    It most definitely is not the cure!

    Learn from your mistakes, don't blame other's.

    Seek help, find direction & channel your anger!

    Follow a river that fills your soul and allows your heart and mind to flow.

    Don't cut your heart in hate!

    Live your life with faith in other's

    Offer instead, friendship, kindness and love of our brothers!

    . demonstration is not an interpretation,

    of love & understanding for our fellow man!

    How can it be good, to destroy in such a painful manner?

    To cause such suffering in other's?

    What path of reasoning in reaching a decision, to mutilate and devastate?

    The answer is conclusive, there has to be another way!

    Let member's of the world unite, add to the vote!

    No matter what your colour race or creed.

    Come on get together, let's take the lead.

    Pick up your banner, pen a quote!

    For radicalisation isn't pure!

    It definitely is not the cure!

    Remember Lee Rigby, those who suffered....

    miserably, for

    Remember their family and friends, where is their peace?

    Relate to your own, is this your expression of reasoning?

    This could be your Son, Husband, Brother, or Niece!

    This is not the future for the human race!

    Let the world unite, make a better place!

    For radicalisation isn't pure!

    it definitely is not the cure!

    Islam is to blame? Most definitely untrue!

    Muslim's of good nature, their action and intent...

    No! Definitely not to blame!

    Labels are misleading and cover up the truth!

    Why justify and give it a name?

    The heart of a man in feeling & their sense of reasoning.....

    their fair & true conscience we should promote!

    These our listening tools

    Say NO!!! to . work on your soul!

    Radicalisation is not pure!

    It definitely is not the cure!

    Brighten your future, don't dim your light, to follow hate!

    Love your fellow man, relate!

    Aid the human race, with a warmth of spirit.

    For radicalisation isn't pure!

    It definitely is not the cure!

    Use Facebook & Twitter socially, if you agree!

    Involve all your connections, in the poetry shared!

    'Post & Share', spread the word!


  • children on school holidays

    My sons own a indoor scate park some mothers drop children of in the morning pay for a whole day or week then pick them up at night as they say its cheaper than child care and they are in safe hands ,

    from Ipswich.