Good Morning, Miami

Season 1 Episode 15

Mutt And Jake

Aired Thursday 9:30 PM Feb 27, 2003 on NBC
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Episode Summary

Mutt And Jake
While Dylan and Gavin make another step towards commitment by planning to adopt a dog together, Jake and Penny realize -- after trying to share a romantic evening in his place -- that they can't move forward in their relationship until Jake resolves his feelings towards Dylan. Meanwhile, Frank accuses Claire of stealing clothes and jewelry from her dressing room.moreless

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    Jere Burns

    Jere Burns

    Francis "Frank" Alfano

    Suzanne Pleshette

    Suzanne Pleshette

    Claire Arnold

    Matt Letscher

    Matt Letscher

    Gavin Stone

    Constance Zimmer

    Constance Zimmer

    Penelope "Penny" Barnes Barrington

    Mark Feuerstein

    Mark Feuerstein

    Jacob "Jake" Silver

    Ashley Williams

    Ashley Williams

    Dylan Messinger

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (1)

      • Dylan obviously knew that Jake and Penny were in a relationship, so why did she give Loretta his number? It's doubtful she knew that Penny had just ended the relationship.

    • QUOTES (7)

      • Jake: I'm the mutt! And she's the lab!
        (Claire hits him)
        Claire: Gavin is the lab! Follow me, Fido!

      • Jake: I had a good time last night.
        Penny: Me too.
        Jake: Walking along the beach...
        Penny: Ooh, digging through the sand in the dark looking for your keys... then calling the cops, having them break into your car to find your keys were in your fanny-pack!
        Jake: Hey, it's called a waist-wallet. And I always forget I'm wearing that thing.
        Penny: Really? 'Cause I can't.

      • Jake: Let's make a little rule, okay? When the pants come off, the jokes stop.
        Penny: And the giggling begins?

      • Claire: Jake, I need you to sign my paycheck.
        Jake: Claire, this is my paycheck.
        Claire: You sound just like that bitchy teller.

      • Penny: (about the champaign) Mind if I crack this open?
        Jake: As long as I can watch you do it.
        Penny: What?
        Jake: 'Cause you're pretty, and when a pretty girl opens something it's... good. Mind if I turn on the music?
        Penny: (mocking Jake) Only if I can watch you do it.

      • Jake: Penny, I'm not being completely honest with you. I went down to the pound to talk to Dylan.
        Penny: And...?
        Jake: And nothing. It's done.
        Penny: Mmm hmm...
        Jake: What? Look, I've packed up all her stuff and am getting it out of here!
        Penny: Yeah, well it doesn't matter.
        Jake: Why?
        Penny: (pointing to his heart) Because you will never get her out of here.

      • Penny: So where were you all afternoon?
        Jake: I was, you know, at a meeting.
        Penny: Oh. Because you smell like dog.
        Jake: The meeting was with dogs, Penny.
        Penny: Oh really. So what'd you talk about?
        Jake: Cats, mostly.

    • NOTES (2)

      • This episode set another show record by retaining 95% of its lead in audience, a mark which had not been accomplished since April 19, 2001 (when Just Shoot Me! retained 96%).

      • For no apparent reason, the entire storyline where Frank accuses Claire of stealing was cut out.

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