Good Morning, Miami

Season 1 Episode 14

Take A Penny, Leave A Penny

Aired Thursday 9:30 PM Jan 23, 2003 on NBC



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    • Jake: I was just wondering if you wanted me to rent any casual movies, or pick up any casual birth control.
      Penny: Jake!
      Jake: What? No one heard.
      Penny: I did.

    • Frank: What am I supposed to do? Go up and say Hey Gavin, will you be my friend? That is so lame! It's queer, it's weak... will you do it for me?

    • Penny: No, you're right. I'm not Dylan.
      Jake: No, you're Penny, and that's more than enough for me.

    • Penny: Do you want... all your saliva back?

    • Jake: Huh? Huh? Who's the man?
      Penny: Well apparently, I am.

    • Penny: I mean, I have thought about us a lot. And, yes, I mean, in my fantasies, you're not my boss or in love with Dylan… or such a huge fan of Bachman Turner Overdrive.
      Jake: Uh, you're thinking of ELO and they're musically interesting.

      Jake: We can't go back to the way things were. I mean, we – we – we can't be friends. We can't be more than friends. We can't not be friends. There's no good option.
      Penny: We could be friends who have sex.
      Jake: There's one good option.

      Jake: Tell me more about these, uh, these friends who have sex.
      Penny: Alright, here are the rules. Nothing changes. We don't get all weird. Just every once in a while, I rock your world in a way ELO never could.
      Jake: Wow, those are the rules to the best game ever!

      Dylan: I came in here last night and I saw Jake and Penny kissing.
      Frank: And?
      Dylan: Well, I - I just sort of assumed that a romance might be starting.
      Frank: Wow. Kind of a leap there, don't you think, Dyl? They probably just wanna be friends.
      Dylan: How do figure that?
      Frank: Because every girl I've ever kissed just wanted to be friends!

      Frank: Dylan, do you think Gavin doesn't like me?
      Dylan: What? Why?
      Frank: 'Cause we've worked together for seven years and in that whole time, the only complete sentence he's ever uttered to me is "keep your chin up and your eyes straight ahead."
      Dylan: That sounds kind of inspiring.
      Frank: We were at the urinals.

      Dylan: Well, I – I saw you guys kiss.
      Jake: No you didn't.
      Dylan: Yes I did.
      Jake: Liar!

      (Lenny emerges from the bedroom)
      Lenny: Vini Vidi Vicci. I came, I saw, I conquered.
      Claire: Fortunately, not in that order!

      Claire: You want a drink, Jake?
      Jake: Continuously. Until I obliterate the brain cells that contain this memory.

      Gavin: Why on earth do you think I would want to be your friend?
      Frank: Because we have stuff in common.
      Gavin: The only thing we have in common is we're both really looking forward to your retirement!

    • Jake: You and Lenny!?
      Claire: Well, what can I say? His pants were half-way down already.

    • Jake: Why do you have two drinks?
      Claire: Because God gave me two fists.

  • Notes

    • By now it has become obvious that Lucia (Tessie Santiago) and Brenda (Brooke Dillman) would not be returning to Good Morning, Miami. The producers fired the actresses so the show could focus more on the love aspect of the show. They were dropped without an excuse and were never mentioned again in the first season.

    • The opening credits are re-edited to remove Lucia (Tessie Santiago) and Brenda (Brooke Dillman), who also do not appear in this episode.

    • This episode set a show record by retaining 92% of it lead-in viewership.

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