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    Does anyone know if this show is gonna come out on dvd?
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    The series is out on DVD now, but as the retooled "Saved By the Bell" with Zack doing the prologues before each episode and the SBTB theme song, instead of the Good Morning, Miss Bliss theme. Also missing is the Original Pilot that featured Jaleel White(Steve Urkel on Family Matters), Brian Austin Green(David on Beverly Hills 90210)and Jonathan Brandis(Ladybugs)in early roles and no Zack, Screech or Lisa. The original pilot also featured a different setting for the school and someone else as Mr. Belding. Miss Bliss is newly married in this pilot as well and there is no Max. The Original Pilot was also featured a more mature subject matter, while GMMB did feature mature subject matter as well, this was a bit ore so in this first pilot. I really hope one day they re-release this series in its original form and with that Original Pilot, but with Disney co-owning the series with NBC, I don't see that happening. You can watch the original pilot though on youtube, the quality is a bit off, but still watchable.
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