Good Morning, Miss Bliss

Season 1 Episode 10

Practical Jokes

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 25, 1989 on Disney Channel



  • Trivia

    • It is Hoosier Harvest Week. The term "Hoosier" is a nick name for those from the state of Indiana.

      In the Webster's Third International Dictionary, 1976, the definition of hoosier is:
      1: an awkward, unhandy, or unskilled person; especially: an ignorant rustic.

      In the Dictionary of American Regional English, the definition of hoosier is: A hillbilly or rustic; an unmannerly or objectionable person.

    • A goof with the trick Mr. Belding attempted to play on Miss Bliss.

    • Answer to above: If the Bliss character is Roman Catholic, then it is a logical response, as the RC enumeration of the Decalogue has the Murder Commandment as the fifth.
      The Jewish and traditional Protestant enumeration have the Murder Commandment as the sixth.

    • When Miss Bliss asks what the 5th amendment is, Screech replies "Thou shalt not kill" and Bliss responds with "That's the 5th commandment." Actually, it is the 6th commandment. The 5th commandment is "Honor thy father and mother."

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