Good Morning, Miss Bliss

Disney Channel (ended 1989)


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  • I like this shw better than the High School Saved by the Bell.

    From the looks of it, when Disney Channel cancelled the show and NBC started there\'s, Probably what happened was almost a quarter through the High School version on SAved by the Bell, NBC purchased the rights of Good Morning Miis Bliss and just put the name SAved by the Bell on the show and reran it on the bi-seasons of Saved by the Bell, as on episodes where they showed reuns about it, Zack was in high school, likely a junior, and he would always give a introduction to the show and then it would come on with the name Saved by the Bell. Then they had the cast of Good Morning Miss Bliss on there when they were younger, so NBC has the rights to all the shows, or at least partial rights, but Peter Engel just removed Disney\'s show name and put his on there to show people the show for who didnt have Disney and it did make the show a lot more interrsting showing the reuns of Good Morning Misss Bliss under the name of Saved By th eBell.
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