Good Morning, Miss Bliss - Season 1

Disney Channel (ended 1989)


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  • The Mentor
    Episode 13
    Having no time to write finish her school reports, Miss Bliss becomes static when an old teacher and mentor, Mr. Lyman comes by for a visit. After hearing rave reviews about him from Miss Bliss, Mr. Belding hires him as her substitute in order for her to get her reports done. However, it doesn't take long for Mr. Belding and Mr. Lyman to disagree on their respective teaching styles.moreless
  • Clubs and Cliques
    Episode 12

    Zack is flattered to be chosen as a pledge by the Rigmas, an exclusive club. Zack is willing to do just about anything in order to get the red jacket that is a sign of club membership. Most of his friends agree that it's worth it, except for Nicki. He has to do some embarrassing tasks and eventually even his friends think it's gone too far.

    Meanwhile, Miss Bliss is acting principal for the week, while Mr. Belding takes over her teaching duties, so that she will have the experience necessary to take over if Mr. Belding is ever not there. Miss Bliss loves the job and seems to makes it look too effortless, handling every problem that arises with ease. Mr. Belding, on the other hand, has a lot of difficulty with his teaching duties. He feels even worse when he sees Miss Bliss handling his job so efficiently.

    Zack is told that his one last task is to ditch his friends and be friends only with members of the Rigmas. Zack stages a sort of public humiliation for his friends, thinking they will understand. He thinks that once he's securely in the club, they can go back to being friends. However, Zack angers each of his friends to the point of losing them altogether. In their anger with Zack, his friends end up with Zack's jacket and begin tossing it about in the classroom. Mr. Belding takes the entire class to the "principal," who, in this case, is Miss Bliss.

    Miss Bliss gets to the heart of the matter. After listening to everyone's stories, she sends them all back to class except Zack. He tells her it's all worth it. She hands him back his jacket saying it's a very expensive jacket since it cost him five friends.

    Mr. Belding also discovers that Miss Bliss has been making decisions without seeking the approval of the school board and that's why things have been running so "smoothly." As this is all catching up with Miss Bliss, Mr. Belding is somewhat cheered.

    Zack thinks this over what Miss Bliss said to him about losing his friends for a jacket and decides to apologize to his friends. He tells them that he's decided not to be a Rigma if it means he has to give up being friends with them. However, they are all still so angry with him, they won't forgive him. Zack then goes back to the Rigmas and sits with them; however, they then tell Zack that his pledging the Rigmas had all been a joke. In fact, he had never really been pledging the Rigmas at all. They told Zack that in order for them to get into the Rigmas themselves, they had to choose an 8th grader and make him think he was pledging the Rigmas. Zack says, "Who's the poor sap?" but by the looks on their faces he realizes that he's the "poor sap." Zack's friends overhear this and they all make up. Zack realizes what an even bigger mistake he made than he thought. The episode ends as Zack tosses his red jacket into the garbage.

  • Stevie
    Episode 11
    The students are in a frenzy when they learn Stevie (a popular female rock star who was a former student at JFK) will be coming to perform for the kids at the school. Zack makes a bet with the others that he can get a kiss from Stevie. Stevie wants to sing to one special student at JFK. Zack, using his usual sly ways, starts a scheme that leads many, including Stevie, to believe he is dying, so that Stevie will choose to sing to him. Stevie does choose Zack, but when Zack is caught in his lies by Miss Bliss, Screech is given the chance to have Stevie sing to him. Zack, feeling bad about what he has done, goes to Miss Bliss's house to apologize. There he meets Colleen, who is actually Stevie without her rock star get-up on, and who is staying with Miss Bliss while in town. After talking to her for awhile and confessing about his bet, Zack earns a kiss from Colleen. However, Zack leaves Miss Bliss's not knowing he has actually kissed Stevie! During the concert, Stevie approaches Zack and sings the remainder of the song directly to Zack. After the song is over and Zack has said a few words to her, Stevie tells Zack, "My friends call me Colleen." Zack pauses for a second as Stevie leaves. After a few seconds of shock, Zack leaps up and tells the gang he actually won the bet! The guys just laugh at Zack and tell him he lost and he knows it. Zack, upset that they don't believe him, says he can prove he kissed Stevie, and charges onto the stage and behind the curtains as the show ends.moreless
  • Practical Jokes
    Episode 10
    It's Hoosier Harvest Week and in Miss Bliss's words: "...a time for hay rides, bonfires, and practical jokes." In her eleven years at JFK, nobody has ever been able to play a successful prank on Miss Bliss, so all the kids want to be the one to get her this year. After a few unsuccessful pranks, someone does manage to get Miss Bliss. All evidence points to Screech as the culprit. Miss Bliss decides to use this as an opportunity to show how the judicial system works by putting Screech on trial. Zack is Screech's defense attorney, Nicki is the prosecutor, and Miss Bliss is the judge. Screech is found not guilty, but then who is the real culprit? It turns out that Miss Bliss played the prank on herself. Nobody was paying attention in class so she staged the prank in order to have an excuse for the trial. Everyone would have to study the chapters of their textbooks on the judicial system in order to learn the procedures for having a trial. After class, while she's talking to Screech about the trial, she helps Screech open his locker and is bombarded with paper snakes, silly string, and confetti. Screech has played a successful prank, after all!moreless
  • Let's Get Together
    Episode 9

    Zack and Nicki are in the middle of an argument when Miss Bliss assigns them to work on a project together--to convince people to buy a telephone as though it were a new invention. They do not want to cooperate with each other. Nicki is insistent that they do it her way so Zack backs off and lets her do it her way.

    Tina's boyfriend throws her out so she moves in with Miss Bliss temporarily. However, she's driving Miss Bliss crazy and when Miss Bliss tries to hint at this, Tina assumes she wants to make this living arrangement permanent. Finally Miss Bliss tells her she can't stay. Tina is hurt and angry with Miss Bliss which carries over into school. When Miss Bliss tries to convince Zack and Nicki to make up, they bring up the situation between Miss Bliss and Tina (Miss Palidrino).

    Meanwhile, Zack and Nicki give their presentation. All of Nicki's research and facts and figures does not get the point across. Zack saves the day with a little skit. He pretends to call Nicki on the telephone and talks about their friendship. At first Nicki doesn't' want to play along, but she realizes that it's working. She and Zack end up with a good grade--and friends again.

    Miss Bliss apologizes to Tina and Tina apologizes to her. Tina gets her own apartment nearby, and they are friends again, too.

  • 2/11/88

    Zack's father promises him a ski trip if he can get a B on his history midterm. He's studying, but he knows he won't be able to do it so he comes up with a plan to release Screech's pet rats in the school so that the school will have to close for a few days. The test will be postponed and he will have more time to study.

    Meanwhile, Miss Bliss is up for Teacher of the Year. The person coming to observe her classes can only come for one day. When the school is closed, it looks like Miss Bliss will not be considered for the award. Zack finds out about the award, though, and confesses. Mr. Belding lets him and Screech off if they promise to help make Miss Bliss look good to the observer. However, Miss Bliss realizes what's going on and finally tells the observer she will have to leave because the classes are being disrupted.

    Miss Bliss is sure that she won't get the award, but surprisingly, she does!

  • 2/4/89

    The kids convince Miss Bliss to ask Mr. Belding to bend the school rules and allow them to have an 8th grade dance. Mr. Belding reluctantly agrees if Miss Bliss will chaperone the dance. She says she can't as she already had a date for the evening. Mr. Belding won't allow the dance unless she agrees to chaperone so she finally says she will. When she tries to break her date, he assumes she wants him to come with her, so she ends up bringing him to the dance with her.

    Meanwhile, Mikey likes a girl and finally works up the courage to ask her to the dance, but Zack already asked her and she accepted. Mikey is angry with Zack and they get into an argument, which is not resolved until the night of the dance. Mikey confronts Zack at the dance and they almost get into a fight, but Zack backs down and apologizes and asks Mikey to take the girl home. The show ends with Miss Bliss and her date "getting down" and dancing.

  • The Showdown
    Episode 6
    A new guy named Deke comes to school. He's a tough guy, and immediately begins scaring Screech into doing his homework. Although he keeps getting into trouble, Miss Bliss works to get through to him and eventually discovers that he never learned to read. At the end of the episode Deke asks Miss Bliss to help him get into a class where he can learn to read.moreless
  • 12/28/88

    It's Parents Week at JFK Jr. High. Lisa is worried that her parents will find out she wears makeup at school. Miss Bliss assures her in a roundabout way that she won't tell. Nicki is worried that her parents will be disappointed in her and Lisa reassures her that they'll always be proud of her. Screech is worried that his parents will find out that he's not the coolest guy that he's told them he is. Miss Bliss reassures him also. He tells his parents the truth and they understand.

    That afternoon, Zack's father shows up to meet Miss Bliss and it turns out that they've met each other before on a special weekend trip on which they exchanged first names only. They are surprised and pleased to find each other again until Miss Bliss discovers that he's Zack's father. He tries to charm her and even kisses her--and just then Zack walks in. They try to explain and Zack's father invites her to go out to dinner with them. She is reluctant, but Zack says he doesn't mind.

    In the next scene, we see Zack talking to Mikey, telling about how horrible it was to see his father kissing his teacher. In class that morning Zack tells Miss Bliss he couldn't do his homework assignment the previous evening because he was up late talking with his dad, "if you know what I mean." Everyone is astounded when she accepts this excuse.

    Zack and Mikey cut school to go buy concert tickets. Miss Bliss corners Screech and he tells on them. She catches them just as they are coming back to school. She sends Mikey back to class, but tells him she'll see his parents later that evening. She and Zack talk things out. He tells her he doesn't like it that his teacher is dating his father and she apologizes. She says that she knew it was wrong and she's sorry for hurting him.

    Miss Bliss tells Zack's father that they can't see each other as long as he is her student. He tries to change her mind, but she is adamant. She does say that maybe they can try again after Zack graduates.

  • 12/21/88
    When the kids have to dissect frogs for a biology class, Nicki says no way! Not only squeamish about the dissection process, but she also doesn't like the idea of all the innocent frogs being killed just for a class activity. She attempts to rally everyone's support to her campaign to free the frogs, but no one is interested. However, Zack and the others say they'll cover for her if she wants to skip class. Nicki then approaches Miss Bliss and she then tries to talk the biology teacher into allowing Nicki to abstain from the dissection process, but he refuses. Seeing no other way out, Nicki frees all the frogs.

    Meanwhile, Miss Bliss receives a letter from an exclusive private school and Mr. Belding assumes they are trying to lure her away to a new job. He then begins his own campaign to keep Miss Bliss, acting extra nice and giving her all sorts of visual aids and extras (a globe, and encyclopedia set, a VCR & TV, etc). When Nicki is brought to him to receive her punishment for letting the frogs go free, Mr. Belding sees that Miss Bliss supports her position, so he tells Nicki, "Don't do it again," and that's it.

    The science teacher gets in a new batch of frogs and the day of the rescheduled dissection class, they all disappear again. Nicki is suspected, of course, but she surprises Miss Bliss and the biology teacher by bringing all the frogs back except one - the one that would have been hers. She says that if she doesn't respect the rights of others, then she is as bad as what she's fighting against. She says that she will take a zero for a grade. However, Miss Bliss provides the biology teacher with an alternative for Nicki, a computerized dissection program which he allows her to use. Before episode's end, Mr. Belding learns that no school was trying to take away Miss Bliss after all.moreless
  • Wall Street
    Episode 3
    Everyone in the class contributes $2.00 each to invest in the stock market as part of Miss Bliss' new class project. Zack is interested in the concept of earning a lot of money with only little effort. He learns just enough to convince everyone to change from investing in an airline to investing in potatoes. His plan backfires however when they buy on margin. At first they make a lot of money but soon lose even more. Since it is all on Miss Bliss' actual account, she is responsible for paying back the green. Miss Bliss then loses her temper and scolds the class. She reveals that she was just about to buy a new car, but now can't afford to after paying for the lost investment.

    The entire class feels bad and tries to think of a ways to repay their teacher. Miss Bliss comes up with an idea herself and brings the potatoes they purchased to the school. Their new project is to sell them and earn back the lost funds.moreless
  • Love Letters
    Episode 2
    Zack makes an arrangement with Screech that if he helps get Screech a date with Lisa, Screech will write a history report for him. Zack then pens love letters to Lisa from a secret admirer, and eventually arranges a meeting between Lisa and her admirer.

    Meanwhile, Lisa winds up in a crash hallway collision with Miss Bliss and the new handsome teacher and accidentally drops one of the love letters. Miss Bliss assumes it was to her from the handsome teacher and all but asks him out on a date! She is embarrassed when she discovers that he didn't write the letter--but then starts to wonder if Mr. Belding wrote it to her. Later on, Mr. Belding ends up with one of the letters, and thinks that Miss Bliss wrote it to him. They are both embarrassed and relieved when they discover that neither of them wrote letters to the other.

    After getting that settled, Miss Bliss becomes pretty sure that Zack wrote the letters. She corners Zack and Screech together and Screech spills the beans. Zack then confesses that he took advantage of Screech and he apologizes. Screech decides to meet with Lisa anyway. We hear Lisa scream as Screech enters the room...moreless
  • Summer Love
    Episode 1
    Zack gets a surprise on the first day of school when he runs into the girl he had a summer fling with. She was a year older than him, so he lied and told her that he was going into the 9th grade as well. Upon reuniting he continues his lies, telling her that he has a driver's license and is in a special 9th grade homeroom. He even resigns from his position as an elected class representative, so that he will not have to appear in front of the assembly as an 8th grader. Miss Bliss catches on and urges him to tell her the truth. He finally comes clean, but only after she guesses most of it for herself. She is angry and refuses to have anything more to do with him. Later in the evening, Miss Bliss is finishing up a dinner date when she is surprised to find Zack Morris at her back door. She lets him in, telling him to stay put in the kitchen. She attempts to juggle Zack and her date, but soon her date catches on and has to leave. Miss Bliss thinks it's because she is "on call" with her students, but he explains that it is because he is a doctor and "on call" with his patients. Zack and Miss Bliss end the episode eating pie and sharing a nice moment.moreless
  • Pilot
    Miss Bliss helps a new student come to terms with his brother's death.