Good Morning, World

Season 1 Episode 1

Knits to You, Sir

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Sep 05, 1967 on CBS

Episode Recap

Dave enters the studio wearing a sweater that Linda bought for him. Larry makes fun of its strange pattern, saying Dave's "horizontal's out of whack." Dave doesn't really like the sweater, but he says he loves his wife more than he hates the sweater, so he's going to wear it. During a break Dave heads out the door to go to the newsroom, but a piece of yarn from the right sleeve of his sweater is caught on Larry's headphones and the sweater starts to unravel. Half the sleeve is gone before it stops. Later during the show the guys do a commercial for Elf Bread, with Dave playing an elf being interviewed by Larry. After they start a record Larry suggests Dave return the sweater to the store, but Dave doesn't know where Linda bought it. Dave asks Larry to help him explain to Linda that it was an accident. She is stopping by the studio so they can do some shopping. When Linda sees the sweater, she doesn't blame David, but she is upset that the sweater unraveled because she paid a lot of money for it, even though it was on sale. The guys suggest she return it, but she asks Dave to do it, since she's not good at getting indignant. She at least wants him to come with her. David suggests she bring Sandy instead and Linda agrees.

Later Linda and Sandy go to Johnathan Brown's, the men's clothing store where she purchased the sweater. They show it to Mr. Purvis, the manager, and tell him they want to return it. He sympathizes, but points above his head and says, "Don't you see the sign? There's no return on sale items." There's not a sign there, but he promises there will be one tomorrow. However, he says, they cannot return the sweater. The girls complain and Sandy tells Linda to tell the manager who her husband is. Linda says it shouldn't make any difference, but tells the man her husband is David Lewis of the Lewis and Clarke show on the radio. Immediately the manager changes his demeanor and offers Linda a more expensive sweater, saying it would be good for business if Dave would do some funny bits about the store on his show. Linda refuses the new sweater, saying she shouldn't be treated special. The manager tells Linda that the store is one of the sponsors of Dave and Larry's show, but she still refuses the sweater, because she doesn't like the way the manager treats people. The manager threatens to pull his sponsorship, but Linda vaguely threatens him right back. Back at their apartment, Dave is working on his model airplane when Linda returns and tells him what happened. He agrees that he wouldn't want to do commercials for a store that treats people badly and says he will go to the store to try to return the sweater without telling them who he is. Using a hillbilly voice, David speaks to the store clerk (the manager has left for the day), who states that a sale item cannot be returned. Dave reveals his real voice (the man still doesn't know him) and leaves. Back at the studio, Dave realizes he has to do the commercial for the men's clothing store because they have a contract. He decides he won't give them what they want (a funny commercial) and reads the copy in a boring voice. Immediately Mr. Hutton enters and tells off both the D.J.'s. He reminds them that they are to do what they are paid to do. Just then the phone rings in the studio. It's the owner of the men's store, Johnathan Brown. Mr. Hutton apologizes and promises that Lewis and Clarke will apologize on the air and do the commercial again. While he is on hold, Mr. Hutton continues to upbraid the boys, even threatening to fire them. When he returns to the phone he suddenly changes his attitude and tells Mr. Brown that he will not fire Dave and Larry and the station will no longer carry their commercials. After he hangs up and Dave questions his change in attitude, Mr. Hutton tells them that Mr. Brown called him (Mr. Hutton) a jerk for hiring Lewis and Clarke. Mr. Hutton won't stand for being called a jerk. Back at home Dave is thrilled when he sees the new sweater Linda bought for him, until he tries it on and it's way too small.