Good Morning, World

CBS (ended 1968)





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  • A good show that could have been great.

    Good Morning, World had all the right ingredients. The creators (Carl Reiner and Sheldon Leonard) had just come off of several successful years on The Dick Van Dyke Show, one star (Ronnie Schell) was an up-and-coming comedian that had a supporting role on another successful series (Gomer Pyle, USMC), and the other star (Joby Baker) had been Elvis's second banana in the movie Girl Happy. Their supporting cast was just as talented, with the can't-miss Billy De Wolfe playing their boss and the beautiful Julie Parrish and future star Goldie Hawn as the female leads. Still, the show just didn't quite live up to its potential. My feeling is that the show was trying to straddle the gap between the old comedy of Milton Berle, etc., and the new comedy represented by George Carlin. It just couldn't make up its mind. Even so, it's an enjoyable show with some very funny lines. I just wish it had been given time to find itself.