Good Morning, World - Season 1

CBS (ended 1968)




Episode Guide


  • The Lady and the Pussycat
    Dave's widowed father plans to remarry. He just needs to decide which of his two fiancées he will wed.
  • Hutton's Mutt
    Hutton's Mutt
    Episode 25
    Dave and Linda are forced to care for Hutton's rambunctious prize poodle.
  • Here Comes the Bribe
    Dave and Larry try to avoid a crooked record promoter and his payola scam.
  • For My Daughter's Hand, You'll Get My Foot
    Mr. Hutton's beautiful daughter returns from Europe and shows an interest in Larry.
  • I Love a Charade
    I Love a Charade
    Episode 22
    Dave prepares for his surprise birthday party that he's sure is coming, but nobody is planning a party.
  • Pot Luckless
    Pot Luckless
    Episode 21
    Dave and Larry play poker with a Hollywood superstar, Duke Vincent. Midway through the game they find out that the stakes are higher than they can afford, but they don't want to back down, since Duke may help them get a television show.
  • Partner Meet My Partner
    Dave's old partner from his stand-up comic days wants to break up Dave and Larry's team so Dave will be his partner once again.
  • The Wedding Present
    The Wedding Present
    Episode 19
    Dave reminds Larry that he promised to buy he and Linda a chair for a wedding present. Larry will buy them the chair of their choice, as long as his Uncle Harry can get it for them wholesale.
  • I Want a Girl Just Like the Girl That Married Dear Old Dave
    Larry finds himself falling for another man's wife, and it's Linda!
  • First Down and 200 Miles to Go
    When the big game is blacked out in L.A. Dave and the others go to a Palm Springs motel to see it on TV, but the motel sets don't work because of atmospheric interference. David drives the 100 miles back home to watch the replay of the game, all the time trying to avoid listening to the game on the radio.moreless
  • Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep, Maybe
    David and Larry are asked to fill in for another DJ at the station, but doing two shows a day along with an hour commute each way takes its toll on Dave.
  • The Man Who Came to Din Din
    Hutton recovers from a back injury at the Lewis home, where he can't be moved for days.
  • The Voice of the Turtle is Better Than Mine
    Larry and Dave recall their first week as DJs for Mr. Hutton, when Dave lost his voice.
  • Don't Call Us and We Won't Call You
    Linda is asked to head up a charity benefit event for her Women's Club. David and Larry emcee'd the event the year before and vowed not to do it again. They change their minds when they find out who is scheduled to appear. Andy Griffith and Carl Reiner make cameo appearances.moreless
  • If You Marry Me Today, I'll Marry You Tomorrow
    On Dave and Linda's first anniversary they think back to their wedding in Hawaii. While having dinner with Larry and Sandy they explain to Sandy the reason why there's some confusion about which day is actually their anniversary.
  • The Return of Bibian
    Dave's annoying cousin visits. Vivian, or Bibian, as Dave has called her since they were children, is very nice. So nice that she get's on everyone's nerves.
  • Feet of Clay and a Head to Match
    Dave and Linda's weekend plans are ruined when a Palm Springs hotel loses their reservations. Mr. Hutton offers to let them stay at his mansion while he and his wife are gone, but Dave and Linda will have to follow a few rules.
  • Stan and Ollie Meet Larry and Dave
    A rare set of Laurel and Hardy salt-and-pepper shakers almost splits Larry and Dave.
  • No News Like Nude News
    The disc jockeys accept a free vacation and are surprised to find out it is at a nudist ranch.
  • Love at First Flight
    Larry fills out an airline insurance form, and names Sandy as his beneficiary. When Sandy finds out she thinks the playboy is ready to settle down. To avoid marriage Larry makes Sandy think he is dying.
  • Where Have You Been, Billy Boy, Billy Boy?
    Dave and Larry are hosting a telethon to send kids to camp. Several calls come in offering to plege large amounts of money if an entertainer named Billy Jones will appear. Dave and Larry have never heard of Billy Jones, but when they tell Mr. Hutton about the calls he vows that Billy Jones will never appear on the show.moreless
  • Buy Calimari
    Buy Calimari
    Episode 5
    Dave refuses to sell his car to Larry, but sells it to someone else, offending his friend.
  • If You Go Into the Wild Blue Yonder, I'll Go Wild
    Dave wants to take flying lessons, but Linda protests. He tells her he won't take lessons, then continues with the training without telling her. Meanwhile Linda feels guilty and is extra nice to Dave.
  • You vs. Me
    You vs. Me
    Episode 3
    Rivalry threatens Dave and Larry's partnership when they're both nominated for disc jockey of the year.
  • You Can't Say That About Me
    Linda fumes over on-air jokes made by Dave.
  • Knits to You, Sir
    Knits to You, Sir
    Episode 1
    The new sweater that Linda gave to David begins unraveling, but returning it gets complicated when Dave finds out the store where she bought it is one of his show's new sponsors.