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UPN (ended 1998)


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  • My family and I feel that Good News is a comical introduction to how church goers have changed over the decades. The world need laughter and this sitcom is funny and family entertaining. We're searching for dvd or vhs release but have not been successful.

    A year later and we are still searching. I have searched the web relentlessly for this release. I have written UPN 9 for any information leading to a link or production company for help in finding this comedy, but I have not received a response. There are TV comedy shows much older than "Good News" and yet they are available every and anywhere. I am at wits end but I keep searching in hopes that I will come across a network that will lead me to find this 1997 comedy sitcom. My family and I are hanging in there.
  • bring back rerun of good news.

    I Think this show was great. they had great singers. Bill Preston, Carol Dennis, Shirley Ceaser. they need to do reruns of this show. There was a message to live on each time you turn in to watch this show. there was laughter in each show. this show made you what to go to church and get some things right in your life. the music and singing was/is off the hook.if there are any of the shows on dvd i would like to buy them. good news is/was a great show.
  • Not the best, but good.

    I was a fan of this show back when it was on. I thought it was funny, and I liked seeing something with a religious point of view on TV. This show also reminded me of "Amen," which was on a decade before this show debuted. However, I think this show just lost its flair after a while. There weren't many things the writers could come up with since they copied so many storylines from "Amen." Also, there wasn't much on this show to keep the audience interested. So I think it was rightfully cancelled after just one season, but it was a good show while it lasted.