Good Times

Season 6 Episode 20

A Matter of Mothers

Aired Unknown Jul 18, 1979 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • When Willona and Mrs. Gordon are talking, Willona says 'you come barging in here, setting me up like I'm some sort of gangster', but when the tape is played back with their conversation on it, she says 'you come in here like I'm some sort of gangster'.

  • Quotes

    • Penny: (With tears in her eyes) It dosn't matter what you say, it dosn't matter what she says, it dosn't matter what anyone says, I will always love you mom (She says giving Willona a hug).
      Audience: Awwwww. (Applause)

    • Leona Gordon: Didn't you see the look in that kid's eyes? She WANTS to come home with me, it's all those expensive gifts, the tape recorder and the $2500 brass bed. What could you possibly offer to top that?
      Willona: Love, and you?
      Leona Gordon: I'm here aren't I?
      Willona: So's the garbage, it don't make no difference.

    • Florida: Willona what's going on? Who is she?
      Willona: She's Penny's natural birth mother and she had this whole thing pre-arranged.

    • Officer: Come along you two.
      Willona: Can't I just stay here and...
      Officer: I'm afraid not ma'am, you'll have to...
      Willona: Officer! I'm on the 17th floor, what do you think I'm going to do, fly out the window?

    • (the party's being busted by the police, who believe Willona's the head of it)
      Willona: This is a mistake.
      (Mrs. Gordon enters)
      Leona Gordon: That's right, Mrs. Woods, and the mistake seems to have been yours.

    • Michael: You know Sugarfoot?
      Florida: What?
      Michael: He's here with a couple of his ladies.
      Willona: Wait, wait, drugs, hustlers...Jeffrey said these were his friends.
      Florida: Well where did he grow up, on Death Row?

    • Florida: Willona, that woman over there is spiking all your punch.
      Jeffrey: What's the matter with that?
      Florida: With GOLDFISH?

    • Jeff: These are regular down to earth, normal, everyday people.
      Willona: Yeah, if everyday was Halloween.

    • Willona: Jeffrey, there are people here who don't know WHO they are, letalone WHERE they are, and that guy Worm has enough drugs on him to turn on Mount Rushmore!

    • (Penny offers Mrs. Gordon the tape recorder)
      Penny: Here, take it.
      Willona: Penny, baby, we need that for evidence.
      Penny: It doesn't matter! (starting to cry) No matter what the court says, no matter what she says, no matter what anyone says, I'll always be with you, Mama!

    • Willona: You know this proves that money can buy almost everything, lies, deceit, deception. Look, you get your actor and your props out of here before I break your neck.
      Leona Gordon: You're not serious.
      Willona: Oh yes I am, serious as suicide.

    • Willona: Your plan ain't going to work because I have too many people to back me up. People at my church, people where I work, and people in this whole neighborhood.
      Leona Gordon: And I have 2 policemen, pictures, and a dozen witnesses who will swear you were throwing a wild party in the presence of a minor. Add an upscale lawyer to that and you tell me who the judge is going to believe.

    • (After Mrs. Gordon tries to hit Penny because she wouldn't hand over the tape recorder)
      Willona: Now, are you going to tell me that all your violence is still in the past?

    • Willona: That child wakes up at night screaming thinking your abuse, the beatings, the bruises, the cuts, the burns with the hot iron. She ain't gonna forget it. You remember it, I remember it, I hope to God that one day she can finally forget.

    • Mrs. Gordon: She is not your daughter.
      Willona: She is too my daughter.
      Penny: Momma?
      Willona/Mrs. Gordon: Yes? What?

  • Notes

    • This episode was videotaped on February 01, 1979.

    • Even though Mrs. Gordon's confession to setting up Wilona is on Penny's tape, Wilona's words of threatening to break Mrs. Gordon's neck are as well. Wouldn't Wilona get in trouble for saying that, seeing as it fits the legal definition of assault?

    • The song playing at the party is "Shake Your Body (Down to the Ground)" performed by The Jackson 5.

    • This episode somewhat brings closure as to what happened to Penny's mother after she abandoned her.

    • Jimmie Walker, BernNadette Stanis and Ben Powers do not appear in this episode.

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