Good Times

Season 2 Episode 14

Florida's Big Gig

Aired Unknown Dec 31, 1974 on CBS

Episode Recap

Breakfast is over, but JJ is still hungry and wants more. But his mother isn't going to give more. Michael says the paper says there's a big food price crunch in the country. Florida suggests he get a part-time job but he says there's nothing available. Florida says James may get a sales job in the department store and also that Willona will try to get her a job at the boutique. However, Wilona tells Florida that her boss can't afford to hire anyone so he brought in someone who will work for free--his mother. She says that the newspapers are putting the want ads with the obituaries, so employment is dead. They have a mock funeral for employment. After she leaves, James comes out ready for his interview. When he hears about the boutique job falling through, he asks Florida coming along. He is very confident because the hiring director all but promised him the job selling appliances. He wants to get her a 'woman's job' but both Florida tells him about Title VII. which prohibits job discrimination because of sex; JJ asks, 'For participants, or non-participants?' She dismisses the kids to get ready for school. James convinces Florida to go with him to the interview to see if she could get a job there also. At the store, James asks for a job for Florida with Ms. Rogers, the personnel director. However, the store manager, Mr. Bridges, insists she hire Florida because they could 'capture two minority butterflies with one net.' She says she can't tell him, so he does it instead. Florida insists she won't take it. but Bridges says he would offer it to another woman. James insists she take it, and she does reluctantly. Later, JJ tries to get the other kids to cheer up James, but it doesn't work. Florida comes home with a cake, but James is upset, thinking she is rubbing it in that she got the job and he didn't. She tells him about how she was laid off. He says they were playing their song; 'the Last Hired, First Fired Blues.' She said she bought the cake so she could bring some joy into the house. She asks how they will make it and he says the same way they always have: somehow. Meanwhile, the kids are having another argument. Florida and James come out and she says they'll make it because they have all the ingredients: family love and togetherness. They watch the kids argue and she steps between them to pour James a cup of coffee, then goes back and gives it to him.