Good Times

Season 6 Episode 1

Florida's Homecoming (1)

Aired Unknown Sep 16, 1978 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Goof: Willona tells Thelma and Michael that she was married to a man name Roger but in the 4th season his name was Ray, and in the first season, she called him Alvin.

  • Quotes

    • Keith: I'm not marrying Thelma for her cooking.
      Willona: Wh-wh-wh-would you re-re-re-repeat that?
      Keith: I said I'm not marrying Thelma for her cooking.
      J.J.: Is that a proposal?
      Keith: It is.
      Michael, J.J., Willona and Penny: We accept!

    • Willona: Penny, what're you doing up? It's 1:30, I tucked you in at 11:30.
      Penny: Yeah, and 10:30, and 9:30, I've been tucked in so many times I'm getting blanket burn.

  • Notes


      I have read many summaries on Florida's husband Carl.  Many state that Carl was never mentioned but that's not quite true.  The episodes of Good Times have be cut.  However, in the uncut version, when Florida arrived home from Arizona, Willona pulled her aside and mentioned Carl, to which Florida sadly smiled and shook her head as if to imply that he'd lost his cancer-battle. She later mentioned Carl's name when she told Michael about a book they'd both bought him.

    • This episode and the next one was videotaped on July 27, 1978.

    • It should be stated that the fate of Florida's second husband, Carl Dixon, was never revealed. From this point on, it's as if he never existed.

    • Esther Rolle returns to the series as Florida Evans.

    • The series is now airing on Saturdays.

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